2009-10-27: Micah's a Little Liar

Starring: Charlotte and Micah


Date: October 27, 2009


Charlotte nurses Micah from the exhaustion of the train rescue. She asks him some questions. He lies.

"Micah's a Little Liar"

Micah and Cam's Room, Orphanage, Germany

It's been a couple of days, and Micah is still in bed. He'd been feeling better, even managed to get his laptop back after much begging (he'd pilfered someone else's phone, and has since returned it). Regardless, he doesn't have any technology out at this moment. His laptop is tucked safely underneath his bed and his phone… underneath his covers. More people could be texting him about Peter, and he absolutely doesn't want to cause more pandemonium than he already has.

Despite all of this his expression is some odd mixture of horrified and contented. His eyes are droopy, but his lips curl upwards slightly. He'd managed to recruit more people to their cause, establish a pre-scheme with Cam, and even get his own aunt onboard (finally!). It's been a good week in some ways and negative in others.

"Hey there, handsome fellah." The voice comes from the door following a series of taps - knocks. The kind that says 'I'm coming in'. Not the kind that asks. He's 13, she doesn't have to ask! It's Charlotte Corday, with an eat-in-bed tray with soup, crackers, juice, tea and water. She didn't teleport, she walked all the way up those steps. Because that's what normal people do, right? "I brought you something, how are you feeling?" Real, and deep, lines of concern cross her face.

Eyebrows are raised as Charlotte knocks at the door. Fortunately he's not busy putzing away at his computer or working on his cellphone. His eyes are heavy with exhaustion as he peers at Charlotte and straightens to a sitting position in his bed. "Hi, Charlotte," he smiles faintly, forcing his lips upwards into that happy-ish curl. "I'm… I'm okay. Been better. Been worse." He flashes her that same weak smile. "How are you?"

"Fine fine," Even if she weren't, that's what she'd say. "Here, sit up so you can eat this without sloshing it everywhere." She moves to perch her rear on the side of the boy's bed, laying out the food before him. "I'm really sorry you aren't feeling well. It used to happen to me when I first started. Change in weather, climate, cuisine…you'll be back up in no time," she promises, giving him a hopeful smile as she reaches up, making sure his blankets are tucked in nicely.

"Yeah. It's been an adjustment," Micah agrees. It's not entirely a lie, right? He's had to do a lot of adjusting here, although this isn't why he's feeling unwell. "I think I'm getting better though," he says with a sly half-smile. "I really am okay though. Just tired with the time change and stuff." He'd adjusted to the time change weeks ago, but he won't admit this, instead he just picks up his spoon and slurps his soup. It's at this moment a warmer smile spreads on his lips as if he's remembering something, but it fades quickly into a frown as he continues to eat his soup silently.

Charlotte remains perched bedside him, thorwing her arm around him in a half-hug and pulling him close. Her lips place a soft kiss on the boy's hair. She's going to protect all her children to the death. And maybe even she won't admit it, but this boy…who knows how much further beyond that she'd go. "What do you need? I'll get you whatever you need to feel better."

As Charlotte wraps her arm around him, Micah stiffens ever-so-slightly, but he doesn't pull away. There's something reassuring about having a mother-figure here, even if it's not his mom. He considers the question carefully and then shrugs his shoulders, "To get better? Rest, I guess. Just… a lot's being going on lately with the move, and …" his parents. "… and school." He forces that same weak smile. "And it's just hard to keep up with it all." He purses his lips together as if considering the question further, before wrinkling his nose, "Beyond that…" the next words are weighed carefully before they're uttered with a smattering of hesitation. "I think… I think I'd like to meet my Aunt Tracy." The words hang in the room as Micah stifles an odd sigh.

"Of course," Charlotte sits back, not quite letting go of the boy as she considers. "I understand that entirely. She's your family - it's silly of me not to have thought of it sooner. As soon as you're better, I'll arrange a nice, safe place to meet with her. Perhaps she can come back here and stay with us while all of this blows over. As soon as it has, I promise, you'll have a very normal life."

Micah nods a bit before he adds somewhat uncomfortably, "I just… I just want to know if she's anything like …" he shrugs as he cuts himself off. "I could… go to New York to see her. Just for a little while." The suggestion is left lingering. "I'm just not sure she'd come here. She's all important in the government and all." He frowns a bit as he shovels another spoonful of soup into his mouth.

Charlotte shakes her head. "Not going to happen. I'm not letting any of you guys near U.S. state lines or…wherever they're allowed to take you. No, here we're safe. She'll understand. I've met her before, she seems alright." Of course, Tracy was scared out of her mind when she met Charlotte, but still. Charlotte once more gives Micah a little bit of a hug. "Don't worry, I left some tea downstairs for Molly to bring up later." She winks, playfully. Nothing encoruages love like a nurse!

Micah blushes involuntarily at the comment about Molly. "But Charlotte - when I agreed to come here, you promised that I could go back to New York if I needed to! Cam could come with! We'd be totally safe. And with my Aunt. She's like genetically the same as…" Niki. And Jessica. But mostly Niki. But as he objects, he feels slightly dizzy and scooches back down in the bed to regain his bearings.

Charlotte nods, letting out a soft sigh. "I know that's what I said. But things have become more complicated. There's been a rescue of some of the people on the trains, that were taken. Which is excellent, wonderful, but…I think those men on the train will be a bit more eager to capture or…potentially hurt people in order to make up for it. And I'd die before I let that happen to you. But I promise, you will see your Aunt."
Frowning, Micah snuggles further into his blankets as he wrinkles his nose, "What happened?" Good one, Micah. Play dumb; always be innocent. "I don't know why anyone would be after me." Except his name is on the list and he's been purposely undermining the Protocol - any way he can - at their every turn.

"Well, that's one thing I've meant ot ask," charlotte says, being extremly cautious on broaching the subject. "Micah, both of your parents had abilities. From what Lee has said, it's possible you inherited something similar as well. Have you…noticed anything?" She asks, petting his hair in a motherly fashion while she asks. "You know you can tell me."

Oh no! She suspects something! Micah's palms feel sweaty beneath his covers and he shifts uncomfortably as he blinks a couple of times. He wrinkles his nose and continues with the dumb act, "Do you mean am I super strong or can walk through walls? Not that I've noticed. Although I've never tried lifting a car or walking through a wall. Just doesn't seem like a smart thing to do." He purses his lips.

It's not a long streach to suspect something. "Well I don't just mean that. From what I'm told, your own ability could be…entirely different. Just promise me you'll tell me if you do feel something…strange like that? We'll work on it together." She's trying so hard to make the boy not feel scared or anxious. "It can be difficult when it first starts."

He swallows. "I'm just normal. I'm not super strong, don't walk through walls, don't teleport, can't find people with a map, don't control ice or anything. Just normal -" ish. Micah closes his eyes and nods. "I'll tell you if I notice anything unusual." He's been doing this for years, that makes it normal-ish, right? Besides he's getting good at it! He forces a smile. "When did you first teleporting?"

"Teleporting?" She chuckles, kicking her legs up to sit beside him on the bed. She wants so much for this boy to be safe, and happy. "I was 25, walking home from work. Some drunks turned down the alley I was cutting through - by the way, never take a short cut home, I don't care how short - and just before the car hit me…I was gone. I was on a rooftop." She shrugs a bit. "Few months later I Was in New York. It's pretty simple, really."

"Huh," Micah says with a slight shrug of his shoulders. "Sounds… interesting." And then he adds for good measure with a playful smirk, "I'm pretty sure that would freak me out." He grins as he peers at her. "And you've come to control it since?"

Charlotte nods. "Pinehearst helped. For all their faults, they did help in some cases." She smiles softly to the boy. "Make sure you eat your soup, Micah. You need to make sure you get better. Soon as you are, you and Molly and Cam can take trips into town again!" He liked that, right?

"Yeah, trips into town," Micah smiles weakly. Yes, that's the reason to get better. To go to town. Not to save Peter Petrelli and the other people with abilities. He wants to tell her, but if he doesn't she'll probably go all motherly on him. No, it's best to keep it a secret for now. "I think I'm done for now," he motions towards the soup and he closes his eyes. "I just… need more rest." That same weak smile plays on his lips.

Charlotte frowns, reaching forward to touch the boy's forhead. "You didn't eat very much. I think you might be getting worse. I'm going to see about arranging someone to come and see you," she explains, leaning over to give him a kiss on the hair again, after she's lifted away his tray. "Just rest, alright? Don't worry - I'll take care of everything."

With another frown, Micah nods and makes himself comfortable on the bed, he can feel the cellphone touch his fingers underneath the sheets. Everything will be fine. He just needs rest. "I think I'm getting better," he yawns as his eyes close drearily. A moment passes and he adds with a faint smile, "Thanks. For the soup. And the chat."

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