Micah Sanders
Portrayed By Noah Gray-Cabey
Gender Male
Date of Birth December 12th
Age 14
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Aliases Mic, REBEL, Mike, Libertad
Place of Birth Las Vegas
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Niki Sanders (mother), D.L. Hawkins (father), Monica Dawson (cousin), Cam Reynolds (foster brother), Tracy Strauss (aunt)
Significant Other Molly (It's a Sekrit!)
Known Abilities Technopathy
First Appearance It Sure Beats Rehab


Micah has grown up his entire life in the city of Las Vegas, where things can change as easily as walking down the street, or throwing some dice on the table. Having been raised most of his life by his mother, Niki Sanders, he tried his best to live a normal lifestyle by focusing on studies, and his computers. His father was not around much, mostly because he was accused of murder and grand larceny, but also because his mother refused to allow him any contact, and kept the two of them on the move constantly. Despite Micah's protesting, in which he claimed his father was innocent, it seemed that adults 'always know better.' In the back of his heart, he knew the truth. It seemed that from that point on, he would just be any other normal child prodigy with a stripper cam whore mother, and a black father that lived behind bars. If anything, he fit right in with all the other kids at his school.


One day, D.L. came back, and that was when shit hit the fan. The two adults got into an epic fight, both showing the other they each held a personal talent. D.L. can slip through walls, and his mother pretty much became an amazon who can throw cars around like She-Hulk. His father grabbed Micah up, and headed out, trying to find a place for the two to hide out in. His father claimed that Niki was dangerous, but of course, being the devoted son, Micah had his doubts, and tried to convince his father that he was wrong, and the two needed to reconcile. It almost worked, until Jessica showed up, his mother's alter ego, and put a bullet in his father's back. From there, Niki came to her senses, and gave herself up to the police, after having found out that it was Jessica who framed her husband from the start.

Living with his father was difficult. After all, he spent so much time away from him, and with all the dramatics that surfaced over the last few weeks, his life was turned upside down, and he found himself aching for his mom desperately. He and his father quarreled constantly before, and after his classes. Nothing seemed to be normal. His lunch was packed differently, his father sometimes wasn't home until late at night, and he was forgotten to be picked up after school, and frankly, he missed the chance to curl up with his mom at night, and fall asleep during TV. He struggled hard to stay strong, but he longed for this family to be complete, like anyone else's.


When his father was unable to find a 'legit' job, and bring in the money, it was then that Micah decided to take control of the situation, and steal money from an ATM, by convincing it to hand him over the Benjamin's. His father was in shock, and that was when he came clean about his own gifts, that of taking control of machines. Soon after when his mother was released from prison, thanks to the efforts of her alter ego, Jessica, Micah found his family once more reunited, and he was more than happy, finally. Now things can go back to normal, right? … Right?

After the family reunion, things were looking up for Micah, that is, until he was kidnapped by Jessica's former boss, Linderman, and forced him into creating a huge voting scam involving Nathan Petrelli, in which he manipulated all the voting machines across New York to allow the flying Petrelli to wing by a landslide, and achieve a place in the government rankings. While captured, he was taunted by an illusionist by the name of Candice who was parading about as his mother, soon rescued by his real mother, and then met up with Mohinder, and who would soon become his best friend, Molly, and they all escaped, which led them into a confrontation with the villain Sylar, who was in an epic showdown with Peter Petrelli, and Hiro. When the dust, and smoke cleared, he was finally sent home to Las Vegas, then soon after moved to New York to stay with his cousin Monica.


Life in New York was fun, and exciting. Now back in school, Micah has been plowing through his classes easily, and practically achieving the highest marks in his class. His mother finally got a job, sort of, then lost it after she beat the crap out of her boss, and nearly blew the place up, and his father, well… he's dead. That's a long story in of itself. Thanks Jessica, you bitch. Despite his high grades, and the friendship which only grows stronger between him and Molly (Who also lives in New York), Micah has shut himself in a bit. He's not the happy, chipper little tyke anymore these days, and there is a definite hardness in his eyes that wasn't there before. Life has finally got to him, and he's taking it at a slower, easier pace. Right now, he's at an all time low, and who knows what it will take to perk him up. Maybe an X-Box 360 for Christmas?

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