Mikhail Himura
Portrayed By Shun Oguri
Gender Male. Yes. Male.
Date of Birth May 19, 1988
Age 21
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Height 5' 8" (176 cm)
Weight 145 lbs (66 kg)
Aliases Miki (given by Elena Gomez), Mik (Everyone Else?), Mike (Gene), Stalker (Fenton)
Place of Birth ???
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Art Major at NYU
Known Relatives Nobuo Himura (father), Nadine Firova (mother)
Significant Other None (FOREVER)
Known Abilities Psychic Voodoo
First Appearance The Great Lecture On Takezo Kensei

What can one expect from an artist? Although he's not full-time, Mikhail Himura is working on improving his natural talent at NYU. He'll be able to figure out what exactly he is doing sooner or later.


Living by New York's standards didn't take too long to figure out to those who found themselves within the state's borders. Between city limits and open countrysides, all things had a certain sense of normalcy to them. That's what it was - unspoken rules to set an order of normalcy. No questions asked.


Whenever the word "artist" comes up, it just screams "stereotype." Mikhail doesn't fit in with every single detail listed, but he is not immune to having at least some of them attached to his personality. Still, he makes up for it.



A very strange name, but very fitting. Psychic Voodoo: the ability to mentally dominate a person's physical movements by acting out the same movements or having enough experience to control the target with simple thoughts. Technology, other non-organic items, and those who have already expired are exempt from control; all three lack a mind and soul in order to make a body react accordingly. Animals, while simple-minded, do have complex workings of their own, setting a different level of technicalities and understanding needed to be able to use and control. Plants are also living things, but they have no mind to help achieve full possession.


  • MARIONETTE: With the newfound ability to "puppet" a person, Mikhail can only do low-level forms of control. He can only use it on one target at a time; his focus needs some fine tuning and adjustments, but he will be able to do that as he goes along. Although subtle movements are ideal, Mikhail takes it a step further. He will literally hit himself in order for the mental connection to click and manipulate his opponent's motor skills. Maybe just tap his own body in certain places, implying the voodoo doll part of the ability's description. A tap on the face, and the controlled target punches himself there. If he does it harder, then it will bring pain to both parties. Hopefully he will be able to stop injuring his own body once he has gotten a better grip on his ability.

Must have a +roll of GOOD or greater to succeed. To defend against it, opponents must +roll WILLPOWER GOOD or greater to break away from it.

  • SIMON SAYS: When focusing the ability on a singer target less physical action is required. Mikhail is able to influence a person's actions without having to force them mirror his own movements. Verbal commands can be said to reinforce the thought and Mikhail may resort to repeating it just like the leader in the children's game. His focus is a little better but he still gets distracted fairly easily. It can be improved upon as he progresses.

A +roll of GOOD or greater can enable the act to work properly. However opponents can +roll WILLPOWER of GOOD or greater to resist the command.

  • THRILLER: Useful during musical numbers. If he can Mikhail will use it on a target to set up his own mental music video. Backup dancers are a must. The Michael Jackson group routines are prominent but it doesn't stay within that particular style of dancing. Whatever moves he pulls the other dancer will do the same. Or to the best of their abilities anyway. He'll probably just use it to screw with people's sense of pride if they have any . It's another way of telling them to loosen up? Maybe even 'anytime's a great time for a musical break!'

A +roll of GOOD or higher will suffice unless the target's -stubborness- WILLPOWER wins over it. SPECIAL NOTE: _This is just there._



Mikhail's Collage


  • "…I was sitting here the whole time."
  • "…It's not what it looks like."
  • "…And to think that everyone was normal."

An Artist's Playlist

Mikhail's Magical Wardrobe

Everyone has different tastes in fashion, but they usually stick to certain standards. Mikhail just goes on ahead and blows everything up on the conventional level.

  • He likes jackets. And coats. And he has enough for 18 people. All of them vary.
    • 8 Sweat jackets (5 hooded, 3 unhooded, varying colors and designs)
    • 3 Military-esque peacoats (2 black, 1 navy blue, different trimmings)
    • 2 Down Jackets (1 black, 1 gray)
    • 2 Blazers (black, different trimmings)
    • 3 Trench coats (1 beige, 2 black, varying lengths and styles)
  • Must-haves: long sleeves, gloves, fingerless arm warmers.
  • Silk-screened short sleeve shirts and random tank tops are usually worn over the long sleeves.
  • Jeans, slacks, parachute pants - whatever works.
  • Shoes, boots, sandals (?)
  • Distinct traits: street, punk, goth, gansta (?)
  • He can do preppy and "nice" when it's necessary.
  • Accessories:
    • Sunglasses (2 pairs)
    • Assorted wristbands (3, various)
    • Pendants, chokers (5, various)
    • Rings (4, various)
    • Hair clips (?, various)
    • Headbands (?, various)
    • Earrings (3, various)
    • Scarves (5, various)
    • Gloves/Arm Warmers (5 fingerless, 3 regular)
  • Hats: Beanies (1 black, 1 dark blue), newsboy cap, fedora (1 black, 1 plaid), baseball cap, bucket hat
  • Store Hitlist
  • Costumes?!
    • Goth Dandy Pirate
    • Shredder/The Burger King (w/ light saber and Ringwraith sword)
    • Santa Claus (modified)

…On second thought, the youth has so much more on hand. It's not on purpose.


  • Mixed heritages: Japanese and Russian. Asian features dominant. Exceptions: eyes and nose.
  • Mikhail may be ambidextrous.
  • Can stare at something or someone for long periods of time. It's like he forgets to blink.
  • Fact: once an idea pops into his mind, it takes a while for it to go away. This can be good or bad.
  • He likes to sit or perch on…almost anything, no matter where it is. Sitting properly is fine, but sitting comfortably is another.
  • Mikhail is a bishounen - "Pretty Boy." (sob) BUT IT'S UNINTENTIONAL.
  • He also looks like a delinquent. It's also unintentional.
  • The boy can dance. He's never really shown anybody he could.
  • He'll wear long sleeves no matter what the weather is like outside.
    • It's because he likes A) wearing long sleeves and B) is hiding that scar on his left arm.
  • Nicknames help him remember people better. So do faces, but it's a strange mental connection. Or something.
    • Mikhail also sounds like a stalker. But he's not. Not really.
  • Deny Mikhail of any meat or meat-related product and it's all over. MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT
  • Mikhail can also live off of liquids. He's like a camel when it comes to gulping down soda, water, juice, and tea. Soup is a different story.
  • Number of times Mikhail has been nudged: Many (Actual amount unknown)
  • Mikhail is straight. This is true.
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