2007-10-25: Millstones


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Summary: Vincent and Cam meet again, joined by Kory. Vincent helps Kory with a family issue.

Date It Happened: October 25th, 2007



Cam is out in front of Monica's House. He seems to have picked up a baseball somewhere, and he's in the process of seeing how high in the air he can toss it and still catch it. He looks a bit more warmly dressed this time, though still lacks an actual coat. His clothes look cleaner than last time Vincent saw him too.

Vincent just finished walking one of his parishioners home after the early eavning mass. Sure it wouldn't really do much good if someone did try to mug the old lady and her daughter on the way home. But at the very least when the mugger tells them to pray for their lives, they would have the services of a professional at hand. Besides, celibate or not, the daughter was nice to look at, shame he didn't visit America BEFORE he became a priest. Vincent sighs and shakes the thought out of his head, giving a quick sign of the cross. Great, he can't even do a simple good deed without racking up sin for it.

The man blinks as he spots the kid from the park and he stops a moment and offers him a smile before saying in a rich baritone british accent. "Hey there kid…good to see you got yourself a proper sweater. Hows it doing?"

Kory is strolli- okay, no, that walk has too much purpose to be a stroll. She's striding, rapidly, with shopping bags in her hands, and having a very spirited conversation with someone - apparently over the Bluetooth headpiece at her ear. "No, okay? I'm sor— No, I'm sorry, Zeti, but not this week. " She sighs, casts her eyes skyward, and stomps a foot as she pauses for a light. "It is not going to kill you to pay to get in. I thought you would be happy for me! God! I would be happy for you!" She resumes walking, gesturing angrily, which sets the bags swinging. She nearly tags a mother with a stroller and calls out, "Sorry!" sincerely. "No. No, you can't meet him if you're going to be a monkeyhead about it." She blinks rapidly, and heads toward the subway.

A closer look, and it might be noticed that Cam is only using one hand to catch. He seems able to move his other arm, but doesn't seem to want to. He blinks, missing the ball and having it land in front of him as he hears Vincent's voice. He quickly reaches with a foot to keep it from rolling away, and then says, "Hi! I'm doing ok, mostly. Shoulder hurts." Then he hears the yell from Kory, looking in that direction and giving a big wave, calling, "Hi Kory!"

Vincent gives a small chuckle as the kid catches the ball. "Good to hear…sorry about your shoulder. Its not broken or anything is it? If it is you should likely see a doctor." he says before he follows Cam's eyes to spot the aproching Kory and his brow raises for just a moment before he gives a small nod to her. "Eavning."

Kory is silent for a moment, then mutters into the phone, "No, and if that's how you feel about it, skip it!" She blinks around, as she hears a call. It takes her a minute to spot the source as Cam, and the dark cloud vanishes from her face. "Well, hey, Cam. How you doing?" She changes direction to meet up with him. And as she approaches, she smiles faintly, tightly, at Vincent. "Hullo."

Cam looks back up to Vincent, and says, "Burnt. In the park last week. And already been." He pulls back the neck of his sweatshirt to show Vincent the bandages on his shoulder. He looks back up to Kory and smiles, "Shoulder still hurts but doin' ok. Think it's gonna take a long time to get better."

Vincent gives a small wince though he takes a deep breath to quickly calm himself down. "Damm..er um.. I mean….well wow. I heard about the thing in the park but I didn't know it was that bad. Well God will give out the right justice in the end….you know millstones and kids and drowning and the like. Though hopefully the police met out some justice first." he says before he gives Kory a calm and relaxed sort of nod in return. "You a freind of his family or family Miss Kory?"

Kory's affection and concern for Cam is visible, as the young woman schools her face to something more companionable. "You're gonna have to move it eventually or it'll be stiff when you heal up," she warns the boy, patting his good shoulder. "And yeah, the police will handle it," she adds to Vincent, though without much conviction. "Yeah. We kind of adopted each other. He's a better little brother than my blood one." At this, though, her smile brightens. "It's just Kory, father, okay?"

Cam looks a bit blank at Vincent's mention of millstones and the rest of that sentence, but shrugs (wincing as his bad shoulder moves too), "Hope someone does, anyway." He smiles back up to Kory at the compliment, and then looks back to Vincent.

Vincent blinks then he gives a small sheepish smile. "Sorry… Kory then…and you can just call me Vincent. To be honest never really got used to the whole Father thing, I keep looking behind me to see who they are talking to.," he says with a bright charismatic smile before he looks over to Cam. "Well yeah, someone will…..but um… Millstones.. its.. its a biblical verse. Pretty much says that God gets really pissed off if you do stuff to hurt kids your age. Said if you did it…you might as well put on some cement shoes and jump in the thames cause your done."

Kory grins at Vincent. "Fair enough, then. Nice to meet you, Vincent." She smiles more brightly still as he describes the millstone idea to Cam. "From your lips to God's ears," she says, earnestly.

Cam looks a bit skeptical at the explanation, and says, as he crouches to pick the ball up again, "They just drop dead or something?" He stands back up, tossing the ball between his hands.

Vincent shakes his head. "Eh.. not really, but when they die they go to hell. Especialy if they weren't sorry about what they did." he says with a small nod before he looks over to Kory. "Eh… well hopefully im good at doing that. But well they don't drop dead but God works in weird ways you know… he might punish them in another way that nobody but them notices. Like that chinese parable thing."

"'May you live in interesting times'," Kory quotes, nodding. "Although that isn't always a bad thing." She smiles down at Cam, as if shaing a private joke with him. "Did I interrupt you two guys at something? Male bonding?" She takes her turn being sheepish.

Cam ohs, and says, "I guess that's good." He still doesn't look like he's quite sure he believes. He looks back up to Kory and grins a bit at her comment, nodding quickly. Then he shakes his head again, "Nope! Just talking."

Vincent smiles. "Actualy I was thinking of that one with the farmer and his son but that works too." he says with a bright smile before he shakes his head. "No.. just checking up on the kid after taking the Menendez women home. Poor Consuelo was worried she would get mugged on the way home so…" he shrugs. Of course he buttchers the pronounceation but he tries at least.

"That's nice of you; that sort of thing doesn't happen very often in this day and age," Kory replies, looking impressed. "Whatcha doing down this way, Cam?" she asks the kid, curiously. She shifts the bag, glances at her cellphone, and puts it in her pocket with extreme predjudice.

Tossing the ball in the air again, though not nearly as far this time, he says, "Probably safe, most muggings happen at night. Unless they walk through alleys or something, where nobody'll see." He looks up to Kory again and laughs a little, indicating the house behind him, "This is Niki's place."

Vincent gives a small raise of his brow. "Oh… Nikki another freind of yours?" he asks before he sighs. "Well, figure might as well calm her down. But eh.. I do my best." he says with another bright charming sort of smile before he looks over to the house. "Well good thing this belongs to someone you know."

Kory glances over to the house, and then nods at Cam. "Ah. I see. I should say hi to Niki one of these days, so she doesn't wig out you're hanging out with another grownup she doesn't know well. I know how protective I am, and I'm not even anybody's mom." She glances at Vincent through her eyelashes. "Well, it's good somebody is, Vincent. Believe me."

Cam grins up to Vincent, nodding quickly. "I'm staying there, for a few weeks anyway. She's really cool." He looks back up to Kory and nods quickly, "Yeah, when I first mentioned you she was kinda weird. But after I said Cass is your friend, she seemed cool. Hers too."

Vincent gives a small nod though he looks confusedly between the two as they talk, his hands move to rub his arms slightly, to help fight off the bit of cold that they were having before he smiles at Kory. "Well… everyone can do good by God if they try, no matter what they call him."

Kory gives Vincent's remark a pained smile in response, and then raises a brow at Cam. "Was she? I'm glad knowing Cass gives me some 'Niki cred.'" She makes air quotes with her fingers, grinning. "At least she won't tackle me into the sidewalk if she sees us hanging out together."

Cam looks back up to Vincent and explains, "Niki saved me, that day in the park. Took me to the hospital and then let me stay after." Then he nods quickly with a laugh at Kory's statement, "Yeah. Bet she wouldn't've anyway."

Vincent blinks lightly before he nods. "Ah.. well send her my thanks." he says before he raises a brow at her seemingly confused by her reaction to his comment.

"Sorry, Vincent," Kory tells his confused expression, without explaining. "I hope not," Kory tells Cam. "I don't customarily wear football padding." She plucks the phone out of her pocket, glowers at it again, and actually shuts it off altogether before putting it back in her pocket.

Cam looks back to Vincent and says, "Um… ok, I guess. I already thanked her tons. And for letting me stay too. Dunno where that social worker the hospital called woulda sent me if she didn't." Then he asks Kory, "Something wrong?"

Vincent gives a small shrug. "Um.. Its alright I guess." he says with a small chuckle before he offers another small smile at her and he nods. "Ah.. its good she is looking after you… im glad to hear it."

"Just my stupid other brother," Kory tells Cam. "He's being a pain in the neck." She glances from Cam to Vincent. "Yeah. I have to agree. I'd worry lots about Cam if somebody wasn't helping him out."

Cam looks up to Vincent, and smiles a bit again and says, "Thanks. She is really cool, not giving me too many rules or anything, just a few like doing homework and stuff. And it's nice to have better food. Sometime shelter food sucks." Then to Kory he says, "Oh," nodding a bit.

Vincent gives a small frown before he cocks his head and looks to Kory. "I um… hey, well im sure no matter what happend between you and your brother…family will win out in the end ok? I mean me and my brother had some rough things to say to each other and we are just fine. And uh…well… keep up the hope and faith." he says trying to offer Kory and encouraging smile.

"You know you're always welcome to come over if you want something to eat, Cam, right?" Kory says to the boy. "I've always got stuff in my kitchen. I should get you my spare key, and—" she trails off and turns to give Vincent an intent look. "…wh-what?" The intent look becomes wide-eyed startlement.

Cam nods quickly to Kory and grins, "I know. Don't really need to now. Just said it since that's what me and Vincent talked about first time we met. That and my not having a sweater."

Vincent gives a small nod. "Which again, im glad to see you wearing." he says before he blinks lightly at her. "Was..was it something I said? Just seemed like you could use some encouragment was all." he says pleasently.

"I'm sorry, I'm just all distracted lately," Kory says, apologetically. "You're just trying to be nice. Thank you. I didn't mean to snap." She glances at her feet, thoroughly shamefaced. "We're usually so close, so I guess that's why it's getting to me so much."

Cam looks up to Kory a moment, and then asks, a little softer, "He ain't mad about me, right? I mean, he's your real brother, and…" He bites his lip.

Vincent gives Cam a small chuckle. "Im sure he isn't mad at you. Brothers can just be a little mutton-headed some time. My brother is a rich barister…he and I fight all the time because we think the other made bad choices in life. But I still love him like my own skin and bones."

"Oh, no, honey," Kory drops to one knee to gather Cam into a hug, careful of the bad shoulder. "He's mad because something he usually gets free from me I gave to a new friend instead, so he has to pay for it for a change." She smiles up at Vincent. "Yeah. I love Anzetei even when he's acting like he's got nothing but beans in his head. I guess that's why I get so mad at him when he acts like that."

Cam looks relieved at that answer, leaning into the hug and returning it after a moment, "Ok." He steps back a bit then and says, "I never had any real brothers and sisters. You and Micah kinda are, though dunno if I'd ever fight with either'f you." He looks back up to Vincent then and comments, "Sorta like with parents then, huh?"

Vincent gives a small nod. "Well yeah kinda…but just remember, if your parents have whats best for you in mind…to listen even if it sounds hard." he says before he frowns and turns to Kory. "And I guess…always trust that they will be supporitng us and with us, even if we don't see them doing it." strange, sounds almost like he is confused by his own wording.

"Yeah. Guess it's human nature to fight sometimes with the people who mean the most to you," Kory sighs, letting go of Cam and looking up at Vincent. "I expect, now that you've given me a minute to calm down and think about it — he's probably just worried about me. I'll call him back before I go on tonight. You're good at this." This winsome smile is entirely genuine.

Cam nods a bit to Vincent at that, though just stays quiet about parents. He looks back up to Kory then and says, "Hope things go ok when you talk to him." He tosses the ball between his hands again.

Vincent gives a small nod before she flashes Kory his bright toothy grin. "Thanks…. I do my best to foster harmony….or at least make up for my multiple..multple sins." he says with a small chuckle. "Im guessing thats why God had me become a preist… he knew I would mess up so much that I couldn't help but try and stick my nose in everyones problems."

Kory laughs. "You're all right, Vincent," she tells him, getting to her feet. "I'm sure things will work out after we've both had a chance to cool off." She takes up her shopping bags again. "I should actually head home and change for tonight. You need anything before I go, Cam?"

Cam looks up to Vincent, and asks, "You help everybody? Even people who might never believe in God?" He then shakes his head to Kory and grins, "'Less you wanna tell me what's in that secret room at the Lair?" He says it as if he expects full well that she won't. Then he adds, "I'll ask Niki if she wants to come meet you sometime. You already know Micah I bet."

"Hahaha," Kory gently teases Cam. "Not my secret to tell," she advises him. "You'll have to wheedle that out of Mr. Jones." She grins at Vincent apologetically; long story. "I'd like that. And if Micah's been in the lair, I probably do know him."

Vincent gives a small chuckle. "Sure…why not. I mean they might belive in God…and even if they don't, I at least helped ease their burden before they die." he shrugs then looks over to Kory. "Im sure it will…." he says with a chuckle. "Hey…you ever need to drop by …St Agnes is my parish. Even if its not to worship, I am usualy there." he says with a nod before he shoots the two of them a freindly wave and begins to walk off. "God bless the two of you."

Kory waves after Vincent, and turns to head toward the subway herself. "I'll see ya at the Lair tomorrow, Cam," she tells the kid, and turns to head for the subway herself.

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