2007-08-19: Mind Your Manners


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Guest Starring: Kitty

Summary: Manuel goes to a coffee shop and encounters an old friend, in Ophelia. Slightly awkward reacquaintance happens.

Date It Happened: August 19, 2007

Mind Your Manners

Common Grounds

What a slow day. Pushing the hair out of her eyes, Ophelia leans on the counter, waiting for customers. She definitely appears to be bored as she stares at the teabags and cookies, pondering if she should grab herself a snack. Idly, she moves to make herself a mocha. Best part of working at a coffee shop is the free drinks.

Entering the coffee shop, Kitty walks in and stands for a moment looking at the menu. She tilts her head and studies it for a while. She is wearing a black pair of jeans with a red tank top and black fingerless gloves. Today her hair is in a ponytail. She has been working on Roxanne today and she is in for a quick break. She walks up to the counter, "Hi, can I have a mocha please?" she smiles and tilts her head.

Hair in his eyes, Manny (for once) walks around in a shirt not covered with car grease. It helps when you don't have a car. As such, the young man's been walking a lot more, and today carries him, for some reason, to a coffee shop. He pushes the door open, running a hand over his head and looking around.

"You're in luck. I was just making one." Ophelia states, smoothly moving over to grab the mocha that just came off the machine and handing it over after ringing Kitty up. "Cute gloves, by the way. Where'd you get them?" Her distraction by Kitty's gloves is enough to cause Manny to be almost completely unnoticed. Or rather, he's noticed merely as a customer in the back of her mind, but she doesn't really pay much attention to him at the moment.

"Sweet" Kitty says as she pays for the mocha and grabs it. The young woman looks down at her gloves and grins, "At this biker store. I love them. I have so many pairs of them, it's crazy" she thinks for a moment before she takes her gloves off and hands them over to Ophelia. "Take em. I have another pair exactly like them at home" she winks and holds them out.

The voice surprises Manny. Quirking an eyebrow upward, the young man folds his arms across his chest, "She always was able to get things." He grins a little bit, looking over Kitty's shoulder to finally flash a smirk at Ophelia, "Hola, O. How ya been?"

Ophelia raises an eyebrow as she takes the gloves. "Hey, thanks! Seriously. You're welcome in here anytime. I might be able to hook you up with a free mocha or something." Then she hears that voice. Taking the gloves and carefully setting them aside, Phi leans against the counter. "Well, well, well. Manny Gomez. Of all the coffee shops in all the world, you happened to walk into mine." She raises an eybrow. "Don't get /everything/ I want. Anyways.. I've been alright. Living. Scraping by."

Kitty chuckles and nods, "Alright. That sounds good" she looks down at her phone and shakes her head, "I gotta go. Have to get back to work" she winks and begins to leave with her mocha. "And I will be back to talk again! The name is Kitty by the way!" Kitty smiles at Manny as she passes by and exits the coffee shop.

Manuel smirks a little bit, tucking his hands into his pockets and lifting a shoulder, "Felt the need for a drink." The corner of his mouth curls into a smile, "Scrapin' by? Everything cool?" There's a touch of concern in the voice of the young man, one that doesn't exist with many people. But, hey…everyone has SOMEBODY, right?

"What kind of drink can I get you?" Ophelia asks, glancing back at the menu for a moment before looking at him. "Yeah, everything's cool, I guess. Finally got out of the house. Just working to make some money and get out in the 'real world' without falling flat on my face, you know?"

Manuel shrugs a bit, ignoring the drink request, "Got outta the house, mm? Where ya livin'?" He leans on the counter, propping an elbow right beside the register and glancing over at the woman.

Ophelia shrugs. "Wherever." She states vaguely, moving to go make two mochas, regardless of he fact that he didn't ask for anything. "Whomever has willingly let me take over their couch and doesn't currently wanna kick me off of it, really."

Manuel raises his eyebrows, "Mm…that ain't exactly nice t'hear, O." If the young woman's looking, she'd probably notice a fairly…fresh scar on the arm of Manny, fairly long and not exactly totally healed still. "Might be able to take care of that for ya, though…"

"You don't have to worry over me, Manners. I figure once I've been working here long enough I can earn up enough money for a month of rent. Don't care how long I have to work. Better than home anyways." Ophelia lets the machine worry about making the mochas, while her gaze shifts to Manny's arm, eyeing it carefully. "Looks like I'm the one who should be worrying. What happened there? And don't make up some bullshit story about 'falling' or something like that."

A tiny chuckle escapes the young man as he looks down and rubs the scar on his arm, "Want the truth?" He knows he's going to scare the girl, but hey…she said don't lie, "Car bomb. Some fuckin' /pendejo/ kidnapped my sister, blackmailed my father, and tried to kill me. All in one day." Manuel shrugs, obviously living by the 'what doesn't kill you' mindset. After a minute, he has to add, "Hate that nickname, by the way…"

There's a blink. "You serious?" Ophelia eyes the scar. "And I thought my life was fucked up." She shakes her head for a long moment before looking over at him. "Well, it sticks until you stop calling me 'O'. What am I, Oprah?" She turns for a moment, grabbing the two mochas and offering one over at him. No, she doesn't plan on making him pay, either.

Manuel smirks and takes the drink, setting it on the counter, "Mm…worst part about it? It was /my/ car…" He knows he doesn't have to add anything to that. She knows what he means by /his/ car. The crack about the nickname, though, draws a little grin from the young man, who asks, "And you'd prefer…?"

"Shit, I liked that car." Ophelia whines, playing with the lid on her cup. Noting the question, she takes a sip of the mocha thoughtfully before continuing. "Don't know. You're creative, Manners. I'm sure the awesomeness of the nickname will be directly proportional to how annoyed you're getting by me calling you that."

Manuel smirks and folds his arms back across his chest, shaking his head, "Yeah…" He leans back against the counter, breathing out a sigh before saying, "So, we moved…got out of that apartment." He doesn't mention that Elena opted to stay in town for the most part…not something he's fond of, not something he's mentioning.

Ophelia laughs, looking back over at him. "Well.. other than the getting blown up and shit, sounds like your life is looking up. Well, that and the car. And the blackmail and kidnapping."

Manuel shrugs a shoulder upward, "S'pose so." He stops and thinks for a minute, not used to running into people he actually cares to talk to. "…House's upstate, though. Hate livin' out there. Nothin' to do without my car…" He finally relaxes a little, pulling a char over and taking a seat, crossing his right leg over his left in a 4 shape, muttering, "Least it's out of Armando's eyes…"

"Kinda glad that I never really got into all that. Just knew people. Makes it a lot easier, though people've nagged me before. Not sure I like the 'business propositions', though. I think I'll stick to making coffee." Ophelia moves from behin the counter, taking a seat next to him. No customers anyways.

It's instinct…Manny doesn't even totally realize he does it, but when Ophelia pulls a chair up next to him, an arm goes around the young woman's shoulders. Manny breathes out a quiet sigh, shaking his head, "I…mm, let's put it simply. I was Armando's best driver…but he started makin' demands I couldn't follow. He put Elena at risk. He threatened me on so many occasions I can't count them." Manny stops for a second, shaking his head, "I owed him money…well, him and te gang…" He runs a hand over his head, leaning back in his chair, "One of Elena's friends raced him for my debt, but…it ended in a way Armando didn't let it go…"

"Sounds kind of like a mess." Ophelia smiles. "But you're safe. You got a new place.. you'll be alright. I sense a happy Manny in the near future, so long as the boredom doesn't get you first."

Manuel grins a little bit, leaning his head back a little bit and closing his eyes, "Yeah…I guess." He turns his head over, opening his eyes again and mentioning, "If you need a place, I could maybe talk to Papa…" Whether Ramon ever knew Ophelia, Manny's unsure…but with the crew already taken in at the Gomez residence, if Manny shows trust to someone? He might could get it to work.

"Worrying over me, Manny?" Ophelia grins in response. "I'd almost think that you cared, with that attitude. Don't get a girl's hopes up." She sips the mocha. "Don't worry about it though. I've kinda had it up to here being around father figures. Another would probably drive me nuts."

Manuel chuckles quietly and shrugs, "Call me a heartbreaker." He can't help but grin at Ophelia's objection, looking over, "Mm…Guess you got a point. Not a big fan of bein' looked over myself…"Warning 'my-desc' for

"I'm sure you don't mind it when it's a girl fussing over you." Ophelia grins, leaning back in her chair a little. "Just not sure I like the whole 'family' atmosphere so much right now. Living on the streets is a lot easier than that whole pot of crap."

"Mm…sometimes, I agree…" He keeps his eyes on Ophelia this time, clicking his tongue, "Sometimes I wish I could find a way to make life easier. Too much shit's happenin' at once…"

"Sometimes you just gotta have people to rely on. And sometimes people are just shit. People are what keep you going, though. They're interesting. Some are predictable.. some are really secretive, and then there are those like you who look real tough but have a nice, soft, candy-coated core of good stuff. I can tell."

Manuel nods a little bit, staying quiet for the moment. That's a pretty accurate description of EVERYTHING going on right now. He just looks over at Ophelia, head bobbing up and down just a little bit.

There's a bit of a grin, and Ophelia sips from her mocha again. "What're you thinking about now, Manny?" She murmurs, curiousity getting the better of her. "Anything good?"

Manuel shrugs a bit, "Not thinkin'…well, not MUCH." He grins a little bit, closing his eyes again before realizing he never did ask: "So…what got you working /here?/"

"Needed the money." Ophelia murmurs, poking at her mocha cup. "This was the first job I could find that was… legitimate." She frowns at the idea of some of the other job offers she got.

"I don't even wanna know, do I?" It's all the young man says, finally reaching over and grabbing his own cup, taking a sip of the drink. He was never big on coffeeor, for the matter, coffee housesbut it's not bad.

"Probably not. There's a lot of things you're better off not knowing about." Ophelia murmurs, finishing her own mocha before throwing it away. "But they're not nearly as interesting as getting blown up. You're not allowed to do that again, okay? I'll fight the whole damn universe to enforce that."

Manuel shakes his head. He has a vague idea, and that's enough. There's a flash of a grin, tohugh, when Ophelia threatens him over the whole blowing up thing, to which Manny responds by just hugging the girl a little, "I'll keep it in mind."

A simple hug is nice, and Ophelia seems to enjoy the gesture. She clears her throat after a moment. "So. If you don't get to do anything fun anymore.. what /would/ you like to do?"

Manuel shrugs, "Man, at some point…replace my car. But I had so fuckin' much in it, I don't have the money…" Well…not for what he wants. All he NEEDS is a car. "Far as what I want to do…I dunno.""You better come pick me up in it then. Miss driving around, even if it isn't sitting in for a race." That causes a grin from Ophelia.

Manuel chuckles quietly, "Oh, man…been forever since I've really raced…" He grins a little bit, nodding, "Hey, if you get a day off and wanna try and find somethin' with me…"

"Name the day and I'm there, Gomez." Ophelia grins, leaning back a bit in her chair. "Seriously. I'll make sure I have it off. It'll be nice. Hell, I'm technically off pretty soon, actually, if you're game for waiting around for me."

Manuel chuckles quietly, "How much longer?" He leans back, taking another sip of his drink and looking over at Ophelia again, tapping his foot against the ground.

Glancing at her watch, Ophelia grins. "Actually.. about two minutes until I can clock out. Then just lemme grab my purse and we can get out of here.

Manuel chuckles and nods, "Cool." He slides the cup onto the table, yawning a little bit and closing his eyes.

Moving towards the back, Ophelia grins as someone comes in to take over her shift. She speaks to the co-worker for a minute, just filling him in on what he might need for the next shift, and proceeds to clock out, snatching her purse from the back room and tossing her apron on the counter before heading towards Manuel. "Miss me?"

Manuel chuckles, getting up to his feet, opting to mess with Ophelia, "Was I supposed to?" He winks playfully, grinning and stretching his arms over his head, rolling out his neck a little bit.

As Manny gets to his feet, however, Ophelia gives him one of those playful socks to the shoulder. The ones that really hurt if you know what you're doing. "I don't know, Manners, why don't you tell me?" She states, folding her arms over her chest.

Manuel snorts at the nickname, shaking his head and starting to make his way out of the coffee shop, rubbing his arm, "Hey, watch it…" He wasn't too worried about the shot, but Ophelia certainly caught him in a good spot. He gets out of the way of the entering duo, holding the door open for Ophelia, "Shall we?"

"I thought as much." Ophelia smirked, moving for the door and outwards, avoiding the few customers that just entered. "At least you still know how to be /somewhat/ of a gentleman." She retorts just before exiting the coffee shop.

Manuel smirks and closes teh door behind him as he heads out of the coffee shop behind Ophelia, replying, "Mm, now if only I had a lady." Manny winks and laughs, tucking his hands into his pockets.

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