2007-12-17: Minds of the Future


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Summary: As the city is attacked by wintry weather, people huddle inside — many at the screens of their computers, but it's not all about fun and games. Gene digs deeper into a technologies company and encounters another intruder, Micah; Evie appears with encouragement of a new sort and opens up to Gene; meanwhile, Niki questions Cam out of concern for his safety and talks to her son about summer camp. Oh, and there's hot chocolate.

Date It Happened: December 17th, 2007

Minds of the Future

Sanders-Dawson Residence

Queens, New York

Winter, still technically days away, nevertheless attacks the city of New York today, making the streets unnaturally empty as people hide inside, away from the snow, freezing rain, and chilly, sharp winds. The most activity out there comes from taxis and the people running, bundled up, from checkered cab to checkered cab to get where they're going. In Queens, the Sanders-Dawson house particularly, the snow day has called for an afternoon of relaxation and hot chocolate. In the kitchen, Niki looks out the window above the sink at the raging weather.

Oh sure. A snow day is called and Micah can't even go out and play in the snow. Thanks New York! So instead, the youngster is content to sit on the couch with his mug of cocoa and laptop. The computer makes the usual chirp as it's powered on and the boot sequence starts. "Mom? do we have any marshmallows left?" Seems the cocoa was lacking one small detail.

Cam gets his hot chocolate, but instead of following Micah out to the couch right away looks outside a moment too, "Wow… should be fun out there once it stops blowing and stuff." He then starts to make his way out too, though pauses at Micah's call in case he's recruited to take out the marshmallows.

Gene's Apartment

New York City

"The man in the black motorcycle helmet moves through the corridors alone. His leather pants are loose, with red and orange flames at the bottom of the pant legs. He opens doors and peeks inside them, moving through the green and black hallways with a calm stride. After checking the last door on the hallway, he straightens out his black gloves and leather jacket and moves on. Prometheus is on the hunt. He travels alone, in a awesome yet graceful way, looking for truth and maybe some cheesecake. Because Prometheus would like a nice cheesecake. Or some Key Lime cake. Mmmm, Key Lime."

Actually, there is no man in leather named Prometheus, nor is there a hallway. The person speaking is the young geek genius known as Gene, currently seated in his apartment which has become a hacker haven. Dressed in his peacoat due to the chill of the room, the somewhat pale man continues his work, typing away on his nice top of the line laptop (the desktop computer near by is for more causal internet surfing).

The Redwood website is up on Gene's screen, the young man scanning through it, trying to find any leads. He isn't doing anything illegal yet, but just give him a bone to go after… He has his mission and he won't stop until he finds out the truth behind Pinehearst the girl that claims to be in their grasp.

Niki, Micah & Cam

The radio plays from the kitchen counter at a low volume, the local station currently playing a holiday song in-between its typical rock. Niki turns away from the window, the sight of it still fresh in her mind — she's not in the desert anymore, that's for sure. "Let me check," she calls back to Micah. Instinctively drawing the unbuttoned halves of her soft, white sweater together over the blue shirt underneath, even as she reaches one hand up to open a cupboard looking for marshmallows. "Bingo!" she exclaims, triumphant for Micah's sake, grabbing a bag from a high shelf. "Hey, Cam," she says with a playful smile and tosses the marshmallows at him. "Catch!"

Cam's eyes widen, but he quickly moves to catch the bag without spilling more than a few drops of his hot chocolate. He grins though, nodding, "Got it." He takes them out to Micah, handing him the bag.

Micah sets the laptop aside while it finishes loading up and turns to look over the sofa just in time to see the spectacular catch by his friend/cohort/partner in crime. "Nice catch." he says, grinning as the back is passed to him. "Maybe it'll clear up soon and we can get out in the snow." Turning back, he opens the bag and places two of the sugary puffs into the cocoa before picking it up for a sip. His hand drifts over the laptop and a moment later there's a website on the screen. REDWOOD. Seems to be a technology company.

"You should play baseball in the summer," Niki praises with a smile and good-natured wink to the kid. As she starts to pad out of the kitchen herself, she casually swipes her Super Mom mug from the countertop — her own hot chocolate, pitifully sans marshmallows. Just as she's about to step into the living room, something catches her eye underneath the table. She backtracks slowly, crouching with an arm still wrapped cosily across her body until she reaches for Cam's backpack. It's not the backpack that drew her eye, though, but the vaguely familiar blue book poking out of it. She pulls it out a little further until she's sure of the title: ACTIVATING EVOLUTION.

Cam smiles at the praise and says, "Thanks." Then he nods quickly to Niki's suggestion, "I pay pickup games every summer, in the park. Never been on a team or nothing." He's oblivious to Niki finding his book, watching what Micah's doing on the computer.

Sipping casually, Micah overhears the conversation about sports and baseball. "I bet you'd do pretty good though. I've never been that good at sports myself." he comments, setting the mug down on a coaster. "Always been into electronics and stuff." But then, they already knew that. "Check this out. These guys are doing some heavy duty research and design into the latest technology out there. " The screen flickers and jumps to a research project page with basic details about whatever project they are working on.


A computer company that is supposed to have links to a biotechnical company… And Gene can't find anything to link the two together. Redwood is a natural match for Compusure. He tries to see if there are picture of employees, trying to see if he can get a match for the man he saw awhile ago trying to make the delivery. Maybe if he can get into his e-mail, he can see what the link is between the man and the Compusure pair. Opening up a second window, Gene begins to scan the social networks for a Redwood group. Hopefully, he can start getting some names to faces and move in with the serious hacking (if it comes to it).

While Redwood seems to be extremely private as far as social networking on the internet goes, there is a list of more prominent employees on their website. Gene's delivery man isn't one of them, but the credentials for the Redwood employees is impressive. They only accept the best, it would seem. Near the profiles is a box that says, 'Want to be part of the most cutting edge technology in the business? Apply to Redwood today!' — it's also on the front page. They're hiring. Links to 'Scholarships' and 'Youth Program' are also among the navigation, above a banner that says 'In partnership with Pinehearst Research'.

Niki, Micah & Cam

Setting the book on top of the backpack, Niki thumbs the cover open. No notes or doodles inside from Enlightenment Books employees… it's not the copy she knows. "Cam, did Monica get those books from the lady at the university already?" she asks from the kitchen, only having to raise her voice just a touch, since everything is so close by in the cozy living quarters.

Cam blinks at that and says back towards Niki, "No, I forgot to ask her. I'll ask her tonight." He looks back to Micah then and says, "Yeah, and I'm no good at that stuff. I mean, 'sides from searching Google and that kinda stuff."

Micah grins and nods at Cam. "Hang around me enough and I can teach you." he says, glancing towards the kitchen at his mom's question. It's not directed towards him, and Cam's answer seems innocent enough. "Hey, they have youth programs. And something about partnering with Pinehearst Research. I should go look them up too." He tilts his hand just a bit and another browser window opens.

Micah is directed to http://www.pinehearstreserarch.com. Should he investigate the Youth Program back on Redwood, he'll find lots of smiling faces and information about a technology camp for ages 8-11 and 12-16 that explores future careers in technology and involves hands-on experiences and insight into the field. The theme is "Minds of the Future".


There is a long pause as Gene looks into the 'Apply to Redwood'. Would plunging himself into a company linked to Pinehearst bare fruit? He has to try other venues first There is no telling what would happen if his gifts were discovered while working for people that seem to want the death of Evolved.

Getting the name of one of the primary owners, Gene grits his teeth. "This is all the mighty Prometheus had to go on. The heads of the mighty hydra. But the loot within the beast needed to be within the grasp of the mighty hacker, so into the fray he went. If he were to come out with info in hand, the mighty Prometheus would feast well on Key Lime pie tonight."

With that, Gene tries to find Internet e-mail for the website and if he can't get into that, he tries to use the online application of Redwood to try and get in as a webmaster in charge of the applications. Hopefully he won't get caught… And if he does, Gene just prays that Senator Petrelli can have enough sway to get him solitary confinement.

As for Prometheus… the thing about sneaking into the website of a company all about cutting edge technology: it's hard. They have more precautions in place than the Pentagon. Well, maybe not quite, but by the look of things, they might work for the Pentagon — that's the level of safety they shroud even their e-mail system in. But our seasoned hacker can work through anything. Right?

"I'd be careful if I was you," Evie says, suddenly beside Gene peering at his computer screen.

Niki, Micah & Cam

Huh. Niki guesses Cam just picked up the book at the school library or something, but … she spent enough time working at Cass's bookstore to know how infamous the book is in certain circles. The feeling nags at her until she stands up, book in hand, to appear in the living room brandishing it. "Where'd you pick this up?" She tries to pose the question casually.

Cam looks at Micah's screen, at the information on the camps. "That looks cool. Didn't know there were camps for anything but.. well, camping." He looks up to Niki then and says, "Oh, Mr. Church gave that to me. After I mentioned what Flick's doing at the university. Looks really hard, but gave me another book too."

Micah looks intently upon the Redwood site, particularly under the Youth Program. Having been distracted by the smiling faces and promise of a technology camp…mention of Pinehearst is momentarily forgotten. "Cool! They teach you all about the latest technology and even give you a sneak peak of their projects." he says, sounding quite excited. "I wonder what they are working on that is cool." he adds, surfing back over to the projects page and clicking on a 'More details' link. Only he's met with a login and password box. Odd, there doesn't appear to be a link to register either. Quirking a brow, Micah looks to delve deeper and find out why the site requires such a login.

Gene & Evie

"The gates to the Badlands seemed to be guarded valiantly. High level encryption enforced the ominous steel firewalls. Even the mighty Prometheus wondered if he should head into a charge that would change his life forev-AH!"

Gene's monologue is swiftly interrupted by the appearance of a young girl that he is becoming slowly familiar with. Well, save the seemingly sudden entrances which seem to always take the slightly jumpy Gene by surprise. As he tries to withdraw the taser from his desk drawer, he falls out of his seat and the drawer he pulled out on the way down titters a little before falling, the corner digging into his chest. "Ow…" Gene states as he rubs his chest. "Think we can try and give a little warning? At least in the animes they have creepy flutes or ringing bells." Putting the drawer away, Gene moves back to his seat, the application to Redwood still up. Giving a weak smile to the child, Gene shrugs. "Well, if we are operating under a time table, I can't really be as careful as I'd like, now can I? I have friends, I have plans… I'll make it work out somehow." Is he entirely convinced of himself?

"Whoops, sorry," Evie says, shuffling backwards after Gene's little encounter with the floor, surprised. The lights in his apartment flicker, but the apparent lapse in electricity doesn't seem to be enough to interfere with his internet connection. Evie giggles at Gene, because he is oh so silly, and says, "I know you will, Gene!"

Yet, as if on cue with the warning of the mysterious little girl who appeared out of thin air (isn't that always the way…), extra security suddenly pops up in front of Gene's efforts, trying to shut him down. It's not a default precaution. Someone in knows Gene is in there, and it's not Micah, who, as he logs onto the network and does trick it into thinking he belongs there, is met with a flashing admin box about there being an attempted security breech.

Niki, Micah & Cam

Of all the possibilities, that wasn't the one Niki was expecting. Her brows instantly knit together. It sounds like totally innocent academic stuff, a counsellor encouraging a student to learn and all that, but… "Cam," she says with a tone of cautious forewarning, walking close to the couch the boys occupy. Micah's excitement over the website draws a small smile, she'll look at it later, but for now she focuses on Cam. "I know the son of the author of this book. He's a geneticist too. It's all about people who are special— how their abilities work. You didn't tell Mr. Church or Flick about what you can do, did you?"

Cam hesitates a moment, biting his lip, at the question. Of course, he knows instantly that that hesitation gives him away, so he just gives excuses, "Flick figured it out, but I still didn't tell her until after she said she had one too. And I accidentally made some ice the day Marshall got caught, and Mr. Church saw." He fidgets just a bit, putting down his hot chocolate.

"Hrm." Micah mutters softly, as he manages to establish a communication dialog with the website's server and network. As he queries the system about the required dialog box, the code looks different. Almost as if…yup, there's the breech warning. /query.ip.secent1/ He queries the IP address of the breech, but it doesn't match the one that he's connected from. So someone else is in the system. Someone who doesn't seem to belong there. /msg.send.whoareyou/ Let's see if they want to play. His concentration is more focused on the machine now, that he's missing the conversation between Cam and his mom.

Gene & Evie

"Thanks for the vote of -Oh Snapple!" Gene's attention is soon turned to his computer, who appears to have issued the 'Red Alert'. His computer, made to be as geeky as he, gives off Star Trek klaxons as it seems that he has 'incoming fire'. Despite this high tense moment, Gene continues his monologue. "The mighty Prometheus found that a simple scouting machine turned out to be all out war. After sending a message to the opposing force…" Gene sends over a simple file that reads 'LEAVEMEINPEACEANDWECANBOTHWALKAWAYUNHARMED.dat'. He knows it will be deleted by whoever is representing Redwood, but it will send the message across. If the guy doesn't focus on locking Gene out and begins to trace, Gene merely decides to tries his best to simultaneously cut any attempts to be tracked as well as get into through the system. "…Prometheus waited for the reply of the enemy."

Of course, it is not Redwood security that comes up, but rather Micah. "A third party?"


A glance is given toward Evie, Gene wondering if she had anything to do with either the Redwood coming down or the mysterious third party.

Evie's childlike face is the picture of innocence. She simply blinks her lively eyes at Gene, clasps her hands behind her back, and rocks back and forth on her heels.

Gene's message of peace is met with the same attack of sudden layers of firewalls that leads to one thing: get out. There's nowhere to go from here, the only accessible venue being the conversation with the other intruder, as Redwood's homebase in California gradually tries to lock Gene out.

Niki, Micah & Cam

Niki sinks down on the arm of the couch furthest from the kids without a glimpse of the computer screen. She twists to put her cup down on the end table and folds her arms loosely over the copy of Activating Evolution, over the helix and the bold text. "You have to be careful, Cam." Which means-is she telling him he should lie? "Everyone can't be trusted. Not everyone's gonna keep your secret like us."

Cam nods a little again, looking down, "I know… but… I trust Mr. Church. And Flick, if she tells anybody, I can tell on her just the same. She quit the Olympics to hide her powers, she's not gonna tell. All she wants to do is help us.. sorta like Monica said she's doing. Maybe they're doing it together, dunno."

Since we're mentioning Star Trek, Micah's brow quirks up a la-Spock style at the response he gets. Whether or not his mom and Cam clue in on his newfound silence is up to them. But for now, Micah's intent on finding out who exactly would breech the system of what appears to be a legit company. Competition perhaps? /msg.send.mmouse/ Whether that stands for 'Mighty Mouse' or something else, remains unknown. /msg.send.iwouldgetoutbeforetheytrace/ is also sent as a warning.

Gene & Evie

The young genius appears unhappy when he gets the look of innocence, not entirely sure what the young girl's angle is. He hopes that she is sincere in what seems to be a desire to be freed and possibly to have the company taken down. If not, well, he'll take things one step at a time. Averting his attention to the screen, Gene finds himself watching as the firewalls that appeared open once shut. Gene tries to log out, hopefully severing any ties between himself and the attempted hack. After all, if they get an address, it is possible they could trace it back to him. Normally, he would just shut it down and wipe the machine, destroying the physical evidence as well from such a botched attempt. But, oddly enough, despite his browser being down and most of his tools closed up, there is still a message coming up about leaving the system. Odd.


Gene would type more, but trying to have a conversation over the Internet after a failed hacking attempt? The young geek is trying to figure out if that is more or less awkward than accidentally running into a cute girl and knocking her over. The first is not face to face… But the second isn't illegal.

Evie strolls around behind Gene's chair silently 'til she's on the other side. "Why don't you talk to them?" she suggests — and she's not talking about Micah. "They'd love you— those technology people. You can't do everything from hiding, Gene."

Niki, Micah & Cam

Any number of people could be lying to Cam, Niki thinks, but she doesn't say as much. Instead, she chooses her words carefully. "Just … don't tell anyone else." Call it an order, call it a request; it sounds like a bit of both, spoken firmly but with an imploring gaze. "Okay?" She glances over at Micah. Her son being completely engrossed on something on the computer is hardly anything unusual, but she quirks a curious look his way. "What's this about a camp?"

Cam bites his lip again, but nods a little, "Ok, I'll try. Like I said, I didn't tell Mr Church, he just saw. Sometimes happens when I don't want it to still."

Micah for a moment remains engrossed in the land of computers. Except that the screen hasn't really changed from the camp information page. But, it's obvious to him that the person on the other side is a hacker, or geek of some sort. /msg.send.iwillbuyyoutime/ is sent, as Micah start to initiate a sequence designed to cover any tracks of breeches. Including his own. /msg.send.letstalksometimeifyoucancrackthis/ and /sendfile.email.256encrypt/ are added as well, in the hopes that if the person on the other side can decrypt the file, he'll be able to email Micah. Once the trace-wipe is initiated, Micah turns to look at his mom and Cam. "Huh? Oh…ummm….it's like total technology immersion. Everything under the sun. And a sneak peek at the latest stuff they're designing."

Niki manages a small smile for Cam. "We should get you practicing soon so that doesn't happen." She slides off the arm of the couch, leaving the book behind. She flashes a brighter smile to Micah. "That sounds pretty cool." …And expensive. "Where is it?"

Cam nods quickly to Niki at that and says, "I'm supposed to be able to practice at Bat Country, but it's never open.. first the whatever it was I got and now dunno why." He looks back to Micah at the description of the camp, and says, smiling for his friend's luck at finding such a thing, "Sounds cool."

Gene & Evie

"You're kidding me? You are telling me these guys would burn me at the stake if they knew I was Evolved and you're telling me to ask them for a job?" Gene turns around to see that there is a new file waiting for him and the source of it apparently disconnected. "What the?" Gene begins as he tries to run his usual decryption programs on it. Nothing seems to stick, but he lets them run and try just the same.

The computer doing its job, the web warrior glances to Evie, swiveling in his chair. "Besides, we don't have months for me to slide in. Who knows where I will be in three months, much less a year." Gene's lips twitch in a frown at the thought. As time goes on, his thoughts go more and more toward his demise which currently seems unavoidable. The Gene in the future survived three years, there had to be a reason for that, but unless that reason is found… "If you're sick like me, you have to think about that too."

Evie looks down at her tasselled winter boots, looking quite pensive. "What if they don't wanna burn you?" she suggests hopefully, peeking up. Knowing she sounds confusing and contradictory, she goes rapidly goes on. "I mean… when you think about it… how d'you know the whole company's bad?" she asks with seemingly sincere curiosity. "What if they're victims too?"

Niki, Micah & Cam

The laptop makes one quick beep through the speakers. An indication the trace-wipe was a success for both parties. A smile flickers on his face as he nods at Cam and his mom. "I don't know yet. It looks like I have to email them for more information. There's no address listed on the website." He glances to Cam quickly. "I could practice with you if you want. I'm not the best, but I can operate a pitching machine." And then a hopeful glance to his mother. "Do you think I can go?"

"I'll talk to Cass," Niki offers readily, unaware what's being held in her friend's labs, the reason it's been closed off. As for Micah, and the camp… "Print off some stuff and I'll get back to you," she says with a grin. "It sounds like the kind of place that'd be a little out of our range."

Cam grins at Micah's offer, "Thanks! Were talking about practicing my power, though. But practicing baseball too'd be fun." He looks back up to Niki and adds another, "Thanks. Hope it's not another disease or something." Looking back to Micah he says, "Saw the webpage mentioned scholarships, didn't it? Maybe there's one for going to the camp too."

Well, that shows how much attention Micah was paying. Zip. Zero. Zilch. "Well, I can….hold a hose of water to freeze then?" he says, cracking a grin and trying to play it off like he was really paying attention. Oh, right. SCholarships. "I think I saw that too! Maybe I can get on that, mom, and then it'd be paid for."

Scholarships! Niki's brows lift. That would definitely make it a lot easier, and Micah should have no problem getting one — a technology guru at age twelve who needs financial aide… "Well, if it's something you really wanna do, we can look into it," she says, giving her head a little shake, then, as she smiles. "Unless it's across the world. 'Cause I'd miss you."

Cam grins for Micah at Niki's answer, and says, "Know you could get it." He picks up his hot chocolate, which now would be suitably cool for his taste, and takes a drink of it. Then he nods, "Yeah, where is it?"

Micah watches the screen flash as an email requesting an information packet is sent out. "The company says they're based out of California. But it doesn't say if the camps are held at the company headquarters in Redwood City, or they're elsewhere." he says, shaking his head. "But it'd be worth it just to see what stuff they're working on."

"California, huh?" Niki raises an eyebrow. She grabs her cup once more and sips from it as she winds around to lean over the back of the couch, looking over Micah at his laptop screen.

Automated, Redwood e-mails Micah back almost immediately with a graphics-filled, brochure-like information packet. The logo, a dark red-brown tree with many reaching branches and roots, is prominent. The Redwood "Minds of the Future" Camp //is based in California, as it turns out, right at the headquarters and starts in the summer. There's section on day camps and information presentations about the camp that take place in various locations across the country. The closest is New Jersey.//

Cam blinks, eyes widening a little, "Oh, wow, that is really far away." He quiets again as his friend gets the email so suddenly. "How long's the camp last?"

"Wow. That was fast." Micah admits, as the automated response comes back in. "It looks like they have the main camps at their headquarters in California." he says, scrolling through the brochure. "Ah, but they have other locations across the country. Looks like…..New Jersey is the closest." Cam's question results in more scrolling. "It says three weeks."

"Jersey for day camps," Niki notes, managing to glean that much info between the quick scrolling through of the e-mail. She stands up out of her lean. "Anyway, it's not like we have to decide right away," she reminds Micah lightly.

Gene & Evie

The technogeek is becoming frustrated. "Last time, you said they were dangerous people that wanted to hurt people like us. Want and need are two different things." He folds his arms as he slinks down in his seat. "If I went in there, I'd have to have some sort of insurance plan to keep me safe. After all, if they decided to burn me, I'd need something on them or some sort of threat that I could make good on if needed." The young man looks at Evie with sheer determination in his eyes. "No one orders Gene Kensington what to do. They can ask. They can request. They can bargin. But I didn't fight for my freedom from The Man this long just to give it up now." Yes, he actually used the term 'The Man'. No, he isn't black (though whenever he's alone with a bandanna, he has been known to pretend to be a Crypt member from time to time… One that fights for justice though).

The little girl holds her hands up in supplication — or defence — but doesn't otherwise seem perturbed by Gene's outburst of determination. She stays calm. "I'm not asking you to give up, Gene. I'm asking you to look deeper. Someone's the bad guy," she says in an agreeing tone. "We don't wanna burn someone who doesn't deserve it neither, do we? Then we'd be just as bad! I'm just saying… how's it go… the saying about bad apples in a bunch… and the part isn't the whole… or the whole isn't one… um…"

Niki, Micah & Cam

Cam, at Niki's last comment, says, "Oh, guess they'll be in the summer anyway, huh?" He grins and says, "Still sounds cool. Hope ya get to go."

Micah nods to both parties questions. "Yeah, we don't have to decide right yet. So long as we pre-register a month in advance according to the brochure." he replies, glancing at Cam. "Yeah, it sounds cool. But….what will you do besides baseball?" There a hint of concern about leaving one of his best friends behind for three weeks.

Niki hesitates on the verge of suggesting Cam join the camp too, but it looks like a pretty selective program, and so she just smiles. "I'm sure we could keep him entertained for a few weeks," she says — before heading on back to the kitchen.

Gene & Evie

"I think the phrase 'Don't shoot the cow when the fox steals' would be more fitting," Gene replies calmly. "Working for these people though, it encourages them to look into me and my life. Maybe there are some good people, but what happens if the bad people find out I'm trying to be a mole?"

Fear. It all comes down to fear. Forced to decide between curiosity and justice… and a life of freedom. He has few close friends… few family that cares for him…. If there is someone that can do this, someone that has the traits needed to succeed, it would be him. Someone careful, someone earnest to do the right thing, someone with little to lose.

"I'll talk with some people," Gene says with a sigh. "I'll see what I can do." If it's so noble and bold to plunge into the lion's den, Gene wonders, why does he not feel like a hero?

Evie doesn't exclaim a thing right away. She's quiet, looking up at the young man with a deep understanding in her eyes that almost belies and age much older than her appearance. She gives him a tender smile and lays a delicate hand on his. Real contact… but it feels more like the light pressure from static electricity, tingling energy, more than flesh and bone. Unlike the wise look in her eyes, her voice is childlike, lyrical, and guileless. "I won't let anything bad happen to you. I'll be there. Watching."

Micah & Cam

Ok, so there's hope that it will all work out. Micah nods and smiles at Cam. "Maybe I can find a souvenier or something to bring back for you." he offers, hoping it's some consolation. Then again, he may not even get in and may end up swimming with Cam.

Cam nods quickly to Micah at that, grinning, "Yeah." He finishes his hot chocolate then and says, "Bet you'll get to go. There's no way they'd turn you down."

Micah chuckles. "You never know." he says, sipping from his now lukewarm mug of cocoa. The marshmallows have pretty much melted and dissolved. "But you're probably right. It sounds interesting."

Cam nods quickly again and asks, "What were you looking up for them anyway, when you found that? Just looking at the stuff they make or something?"

"I actually found them looking for news on the latest processor chips that are supposedly coming out." Micah answers, still working on his beverage. At current temperature, he's able to down it in a few gulps.

Cam ohs, nodding a little, "Cool." Speaking of cool… he hops to his feet, quickly moving to the window to check the weather outside, seeing if it's cleared up at all.

Gene & Evie

Gene's smile is weak and unsure, the hand placed over his causing it to twitch a bit. "I appreciate the thought. Thank you, Evie." Relaxing even more as he stares up at the ceiling, the young man lets his arms hang from his side. "So when am I going to learn more about you? I'd offer to share about myself, but if you know I'm sick, I guess I don't have much to share."

"Once upon a time…" Evie begins with a cheeky expression that fades almost as abruptly. She pivots and strolls slowly in the other direction. "I was taken away from everything I knew just 'cause some people thought they were doing the right thing. People're silly. I was silly 'cause I believed them," she confesses. "But… then I was saved."

'Prometheus' glances over, not expecting an answer at all. Using all his self control just to keep his jaw from fallowing to the floor, he sits up in his seat a little before letting out a single word that doubles as a question. "Saved?"

Evie turns around in time to nod solemnly at Gene. But that stoicism is replaced by a bright, cheering smile. "By people like you," she says. "People who really want to make the world a better place. That's why I came to you, Gene! 'Cause I know you can make a difference. You 'n' me, right?"

"I'll do what I can," Gene offers awkwardly with a small smile, finding himself a little cheered by the youthful positive energy given off by Evie. "I mean I'm not exactly Lord Luck here, but I can promise my best." And if that doesn't work, he is already planning options B and C, but sadly, he'll need some help for those.

The girl veritably beams. "That sounds like a good promise to me!" And with that burst of optimism, she's gone, rippled away by whatever strange power brought her here. "Later gator!" …says a disembodied kid's voice, giggling. Does she mean to be creepy?…

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