2007-10-28: Mishuggah


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Summary: Two Jews walk into a.. ahem.. Beck and Bert run into each other again!

Date It Happened: October 28th, 2007

Log Title Mishuggah


Sipping on a drink that seems to be more froth and whipped creme than liquid, Bert's sitting at a table by herself. The hand that's not occupied with holding up her chai frappucino is tapping a pencil against an art pad. She's sketching notes and some loose diagrams and an outline. The woman has an idea, you see. But the problem is presenting said idea, pitching it and making it a blockbuster hit.

Beck is not nurturing any brilliant ideas today. In fact, he looks as though he just woke up which may indeed be the case as he rubs his eyes and finally gets to the head of the line and steps up to the counter. Once there, he puts some money on the counter and yawn-talks out an order, "Arrr rraaar … ayuuuh … " And when the attendant looks at him curiously he finishes yawning and says, "Cappuccino, please." He then proceeds to wait.

Bert chews at her straw, slinking deeper into thought. The pencil is laid down and the cup is set aside. From underneath her art pad she pulls out a few copies of 9th Wonders and starts leafing through them. "So getting a laptop," she mumbles to herself. It would certainly make some things easier. All in good time however.

Cappuccino achieved, Beck receives his change and dutifully steps away from the counter to let someone with more extravagant tastes and more knowledge of the Italian language order some foamy thing. He's on his way to a table when he spots Bert being idea-ful and momentarily contemplates just moving on because she looks like she's busy. But he changes his mind and leans to one side slightly as though trying to make eye contact with her despite the focus on the art pad, "Hey. Rober — Bert, right?"

Bert looks up, eyes slightly out of focus as she shifts from looking at what's in front of her to gaze up at Beck. "Hey yourself!" She sets her work things down as she grins up at the man. "Didn't think I'd see you again.. so soon." The woman isn't so busy that her stuff can't be set aside for a bit.

"Neither did I," Beck answers, shifting his grip on the cappuccino cup to make sure it doesn't burn his fingers, "Well … I mean, I didn't think I'd see /you/ again so soon. I see me every time I look in the mirror … or a reflective surface." His accent - maybe German? Shines through a little when he starts babbling but then he stops. Ahem, pause. Start new sentence. "Hey, its good to see you."

Bert pulls her art pad and comics closer. "Have a seat before you burn yourself. Those cups get hot, even with the little cardboard thingie they slip around it!" Her eyebrows quirk a little as she grins up at Beck. "Who else would you see in a mirror?" Her own cup is picked up and slurped from before it's set back down. "You're not mishuggah are you?," she asks with a teasing grin.

Beck's eyebrows inexplicably lift when he hears the Yiddish word, a particularly happy smile tugging at the corners of his mouth when he shakes his head and takes a sip of his coffee, "Nope. Not me. Least I don't think so." He puts the coffee down on the table as he takes a seat.

Bert laughs and gestures to the empty seat. "That's good, and if you are, well that's cool too. Some kinds of crazy are good. So long as it's not the stab me with a knife or push me in an oven kind of crazy." Ha ha, dig at the German. Oi. Not funny. Moving on!

It passes right by him and he just laughs - but it doesn't seem like he didn't hear it, either. Maybe he just didn't get it? Ah well. Beck nods his head, "Well, all the same, I only see me when I look in a mirror. Unless I'm standing next to someone."

"Excellent. I don't have to worry about you making a hat out of my kidney or something because you mistook me for something you saw in a mirror." Bert cants her head slightly as she looks across the table at Beck. "You seem pretty sane to me as it is, not that it matters. I think everyone's got a little crazy in them these days. You have to in order to get by! So did you find whatever you were looking for at the bookshop last night?"

"I wasn't really looking for anything," Beck answers with a lift of his shoulders, "Just something to read. And don't worry, kidney hats are so last season." A joke. Heh. A short laugh. "Did you find what you were after?"

"Mmmm… well that shop has something for everyone I think. No shortage of interesting books to read!" Bert laughs at the return joke on hats. "What a relief that is! And yeah, I did. I was getting a gag present for my brother in law. He can be a little serious, but he has a sense of humor buried deep down."

"Oh? What'd you get him? If you don't mind my asking." Beck cannot help but smile when he gets a laugh out of his joke, reaching to take another sip of his coffee now that it has cooled down a little more and isn't so mouth-scalding.

Bert is easily amused and has a sense of humor about things. You gotta laugh, right? "He's a rabbi, so I got him a book on Kabbala. I can't wait to see his beard fall out from the shock."

Beck cannot help but laugh aloud at the idea of the gag gift, a look on his face showing that perhaps he gets it a bit more than the average man on the street would. But he nods his head, "I have to say, thats a pretty good gag gift."

"Why thank you! It's also safe to give because I'm so moving out from under their roof soon." Why yes, Bert lives with her sister and brother in law. It's either that or room with her parents still. Gah. "Sorry I'm so talkative, and here I call my sister a yenta.. and good you get the joke behind it. Awesome!"

"My, uh, parents were Jewish," Beck says in answer to why he might get the joke, "I am too, I suppose … non-practicing, though. Where are you moving to?" Wait, rephrase that! "I mean, uh, I mean where in general … I'm not asking for your address. Not that I wouldn't. Just … " He puts the coffee cup in front of his mouth to take a sip before he says anything else.

"Oh goodie! Wear that badge and be proud!" Bert is one who is happy to let it be known she's of Jewish heritage. "I'm not as practicing as I should be. Abraham, my brother in law, likes to remind me of this while my sister says she knows some nice boys I should meet at the Synagogue." Things she's not terribly interested in doing. "Aw, you weren't asking for my address? I think I might pout now! Just kidding, I don't know yet. I'm playing things by ear now that I'm not a penniless student any longer."

"Well, I figured it goes number and then address," Beck says after he finally takes the coffee away from his mouth, "I don't know how the housing market is. I just kind of fell into the place I'm in now … the rent is good considering."

"Good boy. That's the way it's done," Bert says with a wide grin. Her own drink is picked up and another sip is taken from it. "I think I'm just going to rent for awhile, until I get settled into my job. That is unless my boss decides that I'm better off staying under his wing at his place which could be considered kind of creepy." With Jaden Cain as one's boss, you can't be too sure what he's gonna say, do or think.

"Oh, you and your boss … ?" Beck lifts his eyebrows curiously, letting the unsaid words be said just by implication. "I mean not that thats any of my business, Bert whom I only met yesterday in a book store."

Bert throws her head back and laughs so hard her face goes red and her hands wave in front of her. "No! No! It's not like that! My boss is just.. he's odd and very unpredictable and incredibly generous. I also get the impression that the way he talks to me? He's like that to every woman. In that I mean hitting on them."

"Ohhh," Beck says with a nod, perhaps a little embarassed that he assumed, "Where do you work if you don't mind my asking?"

Bert isn't bothered at all. No offense is taken, or hinted at. "EvoSoft, designing video games. Or at leat that's what I'm doing. I just started and I'm brainstorming on new and unique ideas to make the bossman lots of money off of. And obviously I don't mind the question! I like to talk, which can be a bad thing, so tell me to shut up if I get too carried away!"

"Oh, I wouldn't," Beck replies with a shake of his head, another smile creeping onto his face, "The more you're talking about yourself, the less I have to talk about myself - and I lead a pretty boring life in comparison to the way your's sounds." He does look a little jealous, albeit in a good-natured way, at the mention of her working at a video game developers, "You probably have my dream job, by the way. I may turn green any minute now."

Bert waves her hand dismissively. "Oh c'mon now. Surely you have something you can talk about that's interesting! See! Like that! I never would have guessed that you wanted to design video games." She leans back in her seat, getting quite comfy. Her cup is picked up and the straw toyed with. "I worked my tokhes in school to get my degree and it only took a few years for a company to take a chance on me. Truth be told, I should be offended that I don't think my boss looked at my resume, but I got my foot in the door and I have a real job." So she's not complaining.

"I'm sure you very much deserve the job all the same," Beck says with a nod, before finally deciding to go ahead and reveal what it is /he/ does for a living, "I didn't really have to go to school for my job … I drive a newspaper delivery truck. Very glamorous and exciting."

"Don't sell yourself short. Someone has to have that job!" Bert says with a good deal of encouragement. "Work is work. So what if it's not glamourous? I worked multiple jobs, doing tech support, fast food.. so not kosher.. Where was I? Oh right, working. You're willing to get up and drive a delivery truck, you get extra points for that!"

"I like it," Beck says with a smile, "I do. I enjoy it and I've got no problem getting up and going to work. Not exactly what I pictured myself doing but I like it."

"Well there you have it. That's all that matters!" Bert says with a gesture towards Beck. "To be honest, I kept a pretty low expectation for when I got out of college. I mean, armed with a degree, not afraid to work, but still, I didn't set unrealistic goals. It's my dad's influence. Don't get too excited about things and you won't be disappointed."

"Ah yes," Beck answers quietly, nodding his head, "My dad was much the same way."

"He wasn't completely a fatalist. Just y'know, disappointed after having five daughters." Bert says while still grinning. Beck is saved from more rambling and chattiness as an alarm sounds from Bert's cellphone. "Oi!," she exclaims as she checks her phone, "I gotta run. I told my sister I'd babysit her kids tonight." The phone disappears back into her purse and her things are gathered. "I'm glad to see you again Beck. Next time though? You're talking. Even if I have to devise a way to torture words out of you."

"Well," Beck answers, "You're also going to have to devise a way to make sure we see each other again."

Bert shakes a finger at Beck, smiling all the while. "You found me once, you can find me again." Her words carry a teasing ring to them. "I tend to pop up now and then. Later gator!" Art pad, comics and drink in hand, she skips out of Starbucks.

And Beck lifts his eyebrows as she leaves, looking back down at his own coffee and chewing his bottom lip thoughtfully.

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