Melissa "Missy" Arsenault
Portrayed By Rachel Bilson
Gender Female
Date of Birth October 13th
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases Miss
Place of Birth London England, UK
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Stealin' Stuff
Known Relatives Penn Arsenault (brother)
Significant Other Still searching…
Known Abilities Escape Artistry
First Appearance

The shady type, it seems. Always has more money than you'd figure a teenager would have. Has a talent for slipping out of sticky situations…


Born into a large, middle class family in London, Melissa (Missy) Marie Arsenault was the eldest of three sisters, and the second eldest when compared to her other four brothers. She was very close to her oldest brother, Penn, and fought with the rest of her family. Especially her Mother. Her and the rest of her siblings attended a public high school in London. She is fluent in both French, and English.
Missy, unlike the rest of her sisters, was a tomboy. She preferred playing sports with her brothers, and spent the majority of her time outside, to her Mother's chagrin. By the time she turned 15, Missy had already broken a few laws, anything from disturbing the peace, to arson. Her and the rest of her brothers would often go out on late night missions throughout the city after being hired by a drug lord to deliver some goods. Breaking the law was, to Missy, the only thing that kept her from having to conform to her mothers ways like her sisters had. Of course, the rush that she got when fleeing from the authorities was fun to her. The best high she got without having to take a single drug. Balancing high school, and the night life, she was also forced to take gymnastics classes by her mother, which later proved to be surprisingly helpful when she had to bolt from the cops. No matter how close things got, Missy and her brothers always got away.
Unfortunately, one night, when Missy turned 17, they werent so lucky. A drug bust had been arranged at the rendezvous point, where Missy and her brothers had planned to meet and deliver. In the fray to avoid being detained, Penn shot at two cops, and killed them. They were all arrested, and brought downtown. While in the back seat of the police car, a strange sensation passed over Missy. The lock of the handcuffs came undone at her will, magically, just like that! Because none of her other brothers were in the same vehicle as her, she wasnt able to help them escape, too. So she forced the door open, like she had with the lock on the handcuffs, and dropped onto the street to hide in the shadows while the police searched for her.
Too afraid to return home, and without any friends to bunk with, she stayed out on the streets until the missing person posters began disappearing. During her stay there, she used drug deliveries as a means of putting bread on the table. She even found company in a stray Dalmatian dog on the street, who she named Tweed. All the while, she was practicing with her new found power to escape whatever detains her, or others. Finally, when the coast was clear, a few months later she decided to return home, only to find that her familys house was completely deserted. Shocked, and appalled, she ventured to the jailhouse to speak with Penn. After all, she couldnt continue living alone on the streets, could she?
She barely had time to talk with him, before his cellmate strangled him, right in front of her eyes. She didnt know the reason, and she never found out. When the guards were called, she fled from the building with only one clue as to where her family was: A picture of a tattoo, and an address to a warehouse in New York City, that her brother had given her before he was killed.
Unable to contact the rest of her brothers in jail, she followed whatever small inklings shed been given. Saving money for a flight to New York City was difficult, but thanks to her abilities, it didnt take longer than a few months. She even entered gymnastics competitions to help build up some funds for food, a fake ID and passport, and a place to stay.
So, off to New York City with Missy. The address she'd been given by Penn was just an abandoned warehouse full of boxes. Left with only the tattoo as a clue, she got the same thing etched onto her torso for reference. The tattoo was simple, a sacred heart with burning vines and thorns around it.
She's 18 now, and doing pretty fine. That mysterious lock-and-tie master ability? She uses it to frequently break into shops and stores, stealing whatever she needs to buy housing, food, and clothing. Still accompanied by her faithful pooch, she continues to search for her family, though with much less enthusiasm than she had a year before she arrived in New York City.
The tattoo? Maybe, if she can find someone who has a matching one, they'll be able to tell Missy where her family ran off to.


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