2007-04-22: Mohinders Big Feet


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Mohinder, Matt and Molly adjust to their new apartment in New Jersey. Protection for Molly is discussed. Secret Service name: Chinchilla.

April 22nd, 2007:

Mohinder's Big Feet

3M Apartment, New Jersey

The apartment that the Triple-M Team was able to find in New Jersey isn't really anything to write home about. It's cleaner than their last one, but it's not much bigger. They all have their own rooms, but there is only one bath and the kitchen is merely an extension of the living/dining/parlor area. As much as he'd like to at times, Matt has been unable to come home early enough from the station to unpack the majority of his things, but he's working on that now, hanging up clothes in the slim, accordion-door closet built into the wall of his room. The door is open, however, proving him a view into the…well, the majority of the rest of the apartment.

"Nicodemus!" Molly's voice carries throughout the apartment. "Come /back/ here! Nicodemus!" Flying out of what Molly has claimed as her own room, a small furry creature squeaks and darts for a corner. Once there it chitters and curls up. "Stop it. I don't want to play hide and seek right now, Nico." Sighing, she pokes her head into Matt's room where he's unpacking. "Maaatt. Can you help me get Nicodemus? He keeps on trying to explore and I don't want Mohinder to step on him."

Mohinder has managed to make himself as much at home as he possibly can. The lack of space leaves him without an office area. Which is fine, he can deal with that. Anything he absolutely needs to research at the house? It'll just have to be carted back and forth from the lab. This is a temporary measure, to last as long as Sylar's on the loose. Right now however? Mohinder's in the kitchen, working on dinner. The scent of cinnamon is strong as he cooks up the pork dish with basmati rice. Hearing Molly call out after her pet, he looks out of the kitchen, "I won't step on him, Molly." He'll try not to anyway.

Matt moves away from the closet to the door in order to begin looking for Nicodemus, one side of his mouth twisted in a smirk. "I never thought you would lose anyone, Mol," he says, half-joking before he looks across the living room to Mohinder. "I wouldn't be so sure. Mohinder's got big feet." But then it's Matt who adopts the Godzilla meets Frankenstein monster pose as he lumbers across the room. It's silly, sure, but it's also likely that such stomping will drive the rodent out of his corner and out into the open again.

Having already asked the question, Molly is already back on the hunt. Ducking down onto her hands and knees, she slowly crawls to the corner where Nicodemus is currently hiding under a cabinet. "You say that now! But then whoosh! Nico will come running, you'll step backwards and squish." Slightly frustrated, she pushes her hair out of her eyes and hold out her arms toward her pet. "Come ooon Nico." When that doesn't work, she straightens and sits back on her legs. "I can't find animals." She's almost pouting. And then she's giggling when Matt starts stomping and lumbering around the room. It works because Nicodemus goes flying out of his hiding place and Molly lunges, catching the escaped creature in her waiting arms. "Success!"

"I heard that," Mohinder calls out, but he doesn't sound put out or sour. He's actually amused. This is a long overdue sense of domesticity. A smile splits across his dark face as he catches sight of Matt entertaining Molly, and flushing out the wayward pet. "Perhaps we should get him one of those little plastic balls to run around inside." That'll make it harder for him to hide under furniture!

Matt comes to a halt and crosses his arms over his broad chest, but his smiling face soon melts into, possibly feigned, shock at Mohinder's suggestion. "What? Put him in a perpetual plastic prison? /Mohinder./" Tsk tsk! But Matt winks to Molly, a little tidbit that hopefully goes unseen by the third M.

Molly keeps a firm hold on Nicodemus now that she's caught a hold of him. Petting the chinchilla's soft fur until it calms down she rocks on her feet and then stands. "Hm. Aren't those for hamsters, though? Nico isn't a hamster. He might not fit and then he'd get stuck and never be able to get out." That's quite a vexing idea to Molly and she frowns a bit. Matt's comment brings a grin back onto her face, though, especially the wink and decides to play along. "Exactly! How could you be so cruel to poor little Nicodemus?"

Mohinder's brows lift slightly, "Of course not! It's one of those little exercise balls." Of course the explanation is possibly rather unnecessary as Matt is pulling his chain. Sadly, some of these nuances escape the geneticist at times. Just like he misses the surreptitious wink made at Molly. So when Molly starts chiming in and playing along, Suresh looks mildly taken aback. "I.. it was just a suggestion, for his safety when running about. I see that it is not the best idea."

Matt lifts a hand to rub at his face, seemingly deep in thought. "We could get one of those dog-things. The…" and then he lowers his hands to try and pantomime what he's talking about. "Those gate things. They use them for babies. That way he'd stay in your room, Molly, and wouldn't be in danger of getting squashed by Mohinder's clodhoppers or shoved into a tiny ball."

Though it's fun to pull on Mohinder's chain, Molly doesn't like it when he looks a little hurt by it. "I'm kidding, Mohinder!" she grins, then looks down fondly at the little animal now purring contentedly in her hands. "Would a gate hold him in? I think he's this awkward size of being too big for a plastic ball and too small for a doggy gate." Dilemma! "Maybe we'll just have to be extra careful about not stepping on him. He'll be in his cage most of the time…but I don't like keeping him there all day."

Mohinder glances at Matt, then to Molly, and finally down at his own two feet. They aren't /that/.. oh.. they're messing with him. A sigh of quite possibly long-suffering is exhaled as he turns around to mind the stove briefly. "Ah yes, so I see now Molly. Don't worry about it. Later, we can look at large cages with little habitrails if you want." He glances over his shoulder at Molly, flashing her a quick smile, "I'll just have to be extra careful with my abnormally large feet."

Matt smirks at Mohinder and nods. There you go. Getting Molly a pet was a good idea, for more than just the company that it provides the little girl. Or, at least, that's how Matt feels. "What's for dinner, Bigfoot?" he asks, now that the talk of chinchillas seems to have reached a terminus.

"Oooh. Habitrails?" Molly's not quite sure what those are, but they /sound/ fun. "And you're feet aren't /that/ big. Just bigger than normal!" Not all that comforting, but she's trying! "It smells good, whatever it is!" She's pretty sure it's Indian food again (as it's Mohinder cooking) and that's fine with her. To abate the risk of pet escape again, she starts slowly back to her room to put Nico away.

"I thought you might forage on your own," Mohinder teases in return. "Molly's getting this nice dish of pork, although, I suppose, since it's not fair to eat in front of others.." And there are three plates sitting on the counter, ready to be filled. (I think this just might work out.. Freedom of movement is still restricted, but there's little to be done about that. I have brochures on a new school for her to possibly start in the fall. I like homeschooling her, but she does require companionship of others her age.)

"If you let me go hungry, I'll have to report you for neglect," Matt teases right back as he moves toward the 'kitchen' to start helping to set the small table with utensils, napkins, and glasses. (Social skills, yeah,) he answers in kind. (What school? There's that Foundation place. I talked to the owner a few times, when the fire happened.) But Matt can't remember for the life of him what they had concluded. (There's this girl at her old school that…well, she's like Peterelli. The older Peterelli. But she's like his wife too. Anyway, she doesn't have the best home life, and so I'm trying to cut through all the child-services tape and get her put in Rockford-Johannsen's school.)

"We can't have that," Mohinder says as he starts doling out rice onto the waiting plates. (No. Not that place. It's a private school. Niki Sanders has her son enrolled there. Molly's already friendly with him, and it could make the transition easier. I have my reservations about that school.) He doesn't have the security clearance to know of the feud between Company and Foundation. (I'll look into this other school. They deal primarily with children who have abilities, correct?)

"You can't let Matt go hungry!" Molly yells from her room. She /heard/ that. It takes her a little while to make sure that Nicodemus is settled and fed and happy in his cage and then she's back out into the living room to join the family for some food. It's a little to quiet for her tastes and she looks between the two men suspiciously. She's known the long enough that she /knows/ when it starts getting like this that they're talking in their heads. Without saying anything, she just puts on a slight pout.

(That's the impression I got,) Matt answers, but any further reply is cut off by Molly's pout. He smiles at her and sinks to sit beside her. "What? You want us to talk about secret surprises just…out in the open? So you can hear them and they'll be ruined? Where's the fun in that?"

Mohinder gestures towards Matt's mid-section and says teasingly at Molly, "I don't think it would pain him to miss a meal or two." It's all fair game now that he was teased over his feet. (I see. I'll look into the school as well.) "You do like surprises, right?," he chimes in after Matt as he finishes serving up the rice and pork dish. Two plates are carried over to the small table, one set in front of Molly, the other in front of Matt.

The pout doesn't immediately fade from Molly's face, even with the promise of surprises. "Secret surprises is redundant," she says with a frown, upset that just pouting isn't getting her the information that she wants. "And you don't look like you're talking about surprises, you've both got on that /serious/ face. If it was something good you guys would be looking all…not serious."

"Hey," Matt says as he puts a hand on his stomach. "It takes a lot of energy to do what I do, Lab-Boy." Huff. Still, Matt is able to shake off the teasing he gets so that he can dish out more at Molly. "And how do you know?" he asks with a teasing sort of grin after he nods to Mohinder and the gift of food. "We could be wearing our serious faces just as a red herring."

Mohinder returns to the kitchen to fetch his own plate. He soon is joining the other two at the table. Settling into his seat, he looks at Molly and says, "Then that would give it away, now wouldn't it?" A rather amused grin is made at Matt before he looks at their ward, "Exactly." Of course it's a countdown as to how long Molly will put up with this treatment with her intelligence level.

Hm. He has a point. Molly thinks this over. They could just be trying to throw her off. Now things have gotten even more complicated. "You two are confusing me," she sighs and throws her hands up in the air to show just how confused she is. "Let's just eat." Hmph. That'll take care of /that/ dilemma. Pulling out her chair, she slides into it and politely waits for Matt and Mohinder before starting to eat. "So when can we go back to Brooklyn?"

"When Sylar has a date with Old Sparky or…well…" Matt isn't very witty to begin with, but when faced with mixed company in regards to religion and views of the afterlife, he simply shrugs for awhile. (Not for a long time,) he sighs internally, but it's quiet.

Mohinder falls quiet at Molly's question. Especially as Matt answers it, getting right to the point. "When it's safer," he then adds after a few moments of silence. He takes a few bites of his dinner before saying anything else. "He knows the address in Brooklyn, he knows where we work and where you go to school. Matt and I will do everything we can to keep you safe from him, but this is a precautionary measure to take. I know you didn't like staying at Kirby Plaza, and neither did I."

"What's Old Sparky?" Molly asks while she's cutting up her pork. "I know you will." Because even if she /was/ kidnapped under their watch, she was brought out again not much worse for wear. "Well, we're not there any more, so that's okay. I like it here. Will I be able to go out?" Because even if they're out of Kirby, that doesn't mean she shouldn't be watched.

But Matt doesn't answer that question. He doesn't want to be the one to scar Molly's innocence any more with images of people…well, even if it /is/ Sylar. Instead, the detective fidgets and coughs as he picks at his meal.

Mohinder is definitely not explaining 'Old Sparky' to Molly either. "Yes, you can go out. When Matt or myself are unable to go out with you.." He glances to Matt, as he's not really discussed this next part with him.. he clears his throat a little and continues, "I've got someone to go out with you. They'll be available should it be necessary." He knows Molly's a tough girl, but she doesn't stand a chance against Sylar, Kellie or similar.

Molly doesn't mind that Matt doesn't answer her question right now, because it's something that she'll ask about later when they're not talking about her going outside. Because going outside is important! "A babysitter?" she groans. "I'm getting to /old/ for a babysitter." But she's not going to argue much more than that. She doesn't want to be caught alone should Sylar find her.

Matt , too, perks up at this. "Well…" yes, it's important Molly be protected as well as supervised. "Think of it more like…like a bodyguard. Or like… like secret service. You're so important to us, that we're getting special people," or a person, "to look after you when we can't." Matt looks to Mohinder with a somewhat unsure expression. Did he get it right?

"I know you are sweetheart, but it's for your own safety," Mohinder says gently. "She'll also be.. exactly what Matt said." (There'll be an agent assigned to her. The Company recognizes what a threat there will be should Sylar get her.) Before he can placate Molly further or add more, his cellphone rings. Caller ID is checked, "In fact, this should be her. Excuse me." He gets up from his seat, and answers his phone as he leaves the room.

That perks Molly up quite a bit. "A body guard!" she muses. "Can he wear glasses? And an ear piece? Can I have a Secret Service name?" She's /heard/ about those and it sounds amazing. This idea has made the idea of having a 'babysitter' so much better in Molly's mind. Then, Mohinder corrects her. "Oh. She! Even better!"

Molly's enthusiasm is enough to bring that smile back to Matt's face, and it remains there through Mohinder's departure and a few more bites of dinner. "Sure," he concedes. "You can be 'chinchilla.' And 'the chinchilla' is in the berry bush." He reaches out to nudge the girl's shoulder with a knuckle. "Eat."

Molly wrinkles her nose. "I can't be chinchilla, that's Nicodemus. She'll get confused who to protect." She grins, teasing. But she still doesn't know if she can reconcile herself to be called Chinchilla all day long. "Hm. I'll think of something amazing. It'll be a great code name." Laughing, she diligently starts to go after her food. "Okay! I'm eating!"

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