2010-03-25: Mole In A Jar



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Date: March 25, 2010


Mark introduces his girlfriend to her new boss.

"Mole In A Jar"

Lane Industries - Washington D.C.

It took longer then he thought to get the woman walking next to him situated within Lane Industries. He had expected the inquiry, but all he really had to do was point out how many woman Robert was dating would work within the offices. Of course, that meant they would have to pretend to be dating.

That's exactly what they are talking about as they walk down the long corridor of labs. White clad figures pausing what their doing, staring at the pair as they walk through the long glass corridor. It was like a scientist zoo. 'We have here the elusive geneticist.' As they bespeckled man blinks owlishly at them through the thick glass.

"So…. yeah. I apologize for that, but it did the job. And my father actually said 'At least this one has worth while credentials, Robby.' " He mimics his fathers Chicago brogue, then grins at the Cody next to him. "One of the perks of dating the Lane boys I guess, damn good paying job."

His hand reaches out to twist the latch and push open the door, they are immediately assaulted by Big Band music… or the 90's version of it.

Sell out with me! Oh yeah!

Sell out with me tonight!

The irony of that song doesn't pass the pair by, but then a Hawaiian shirted and Lab coat draped Dr Raymond Walkens bops his way from behind a wall off cabinets, holding a beaker full of something that he stops to peer at curiously.

Yes Cody… Meet your boss.

Then something catches his attention out of the corner of his eye and turns to look at Mark.. and then Cody. There is a bit of a blink, before the scientist grins. "Mark!" He shouts over the sound of blaring horns. There is a frown and he glances around, hand dipping into his pocket to pull out a little white controller. A button is pushed and the world goes silent.

"Dr. Ray. I brought you the assistant I've been promising you." Mark has to say those words around the chuckle. "You remember Cody?" The tall Lane, steps away form Cody a bit.

"Cody? Oh! Yes yes! Cody!" The hand without the beaker is offered, her hand pumped with enthusiasm if she takes it, and with a huge smile. "The pretty girl Marks been seeing. It's about time he found some one, boy has been too into his adventures for too long, but don't you let him get like his brother." There is a press of lips into a thin disappointed line. "He is better then Robert."

Mark rolls his eyes skyward, but doesn't comment.

The lab coat is a definite change of apparel when it comes to workwear, something that Cody's never had to put on before. The amount of pockets are nothing short of amazing, she's loaded up with pens, power bars, a pocket protector, and one James Bond-esque gadget of her own design. It's nothing miraculous, simply a pen loaded with a tranquilizer solution but it got by security. Hopefully she won't need more than one.

Her best weapon, of course, is the tresses that are piled on top of her head in a bun with a few long tails that come down in braids from it. Her hair isn't much longer than the last time she was in the office building, it's just a darker shade. Something that can be easily attributed to hair dye. Why brown? Because they get taken a little more seriously than blondes, that's her story and she's stuck to it through all of the human resources interviews.

"For cover stories, it's not half bad. It means we can carpool every day and I won't have to worry about a cab or the subway. Speaking of which… Where are we grabbing dinner after work?" She doesn't really have to worry about Erin starving to death anymore, there's more than enough cooks for their kitchen, so to speak. Apparently, she's not really shy about asking the company heir out on a date either, especially since they're 'dating' already.

As Dr. Ray dances into view, Cody can't help but smile a little. He's definitely one of the more interesting assignments she's had over the years. She reaches out to grab the scientist's hand and gives it a vigorous shake, the grin on her face widening to almost split her face in two. "Oh, don't worry, Dr. Ray. I won't be letting him go easily, he'll probably have to get a restraining order or something to keep me away." A quick shift of her blue eyes is given to Mark, perhaps to let him know that double edged threat was really just a joke… but probably something his brother has had to deal with before.

The good doctor obviously likes what he's hearing, cause he nudges Mark with an elbow. "I like this one. Reminds me of your mother. She has always been good at keeping your father in line."

The eldest Lane actually looks amused, as he looks at the man who is only a few inches shorter then him. If only Dr Ray truly knew the woman standing before them. The wild Cody is nothing like the cheerful and ditzy woman that gave birth to Mark. "If you say so Dr. Ray." He says with a chuckle, a glance angled at Cody. "I'll leave you two to your work. Dad told me to remind you that your on a deadline."

"I know.. I know. Your father pulled me aside this morning." Dr Ray huffs softly, lips pulling down into a bit of a frown. He turns those baby blues of his to his new assistant, "His father seems to think I need constant reminding that I get side tracked." He sounds rather incensed by the mere idea.

"And what were you working on when we walk in doctor?" Mark asks with amusement, a brow arching, and arms crossing.

"Oh! An additive for soda. Try to get the burps out of the carbon!" The old scientist perks up and grins, but then it fade away slowly. "Oh… I see your point." A finger shakes in Marks direction. "Sneaky Mark. Very sneaky."

The woman simply raises her eyebrows and glances between the two men, the smirk holding fast on her face. "Well I'm glad to have you on my side, Dr. Ray… I'll be counting on it if Mark's dad and brother ever decide to pull me in for a question and answer period." A quick grin is flashed to Mark that's coupled with a wink, "Hopefully, they'll be too busy though."

Then the beaker is eyed with interest, and the mirthful countenance that she's had since entering the building drops somewhat in favor of genuine interest. "Seriously? So I could down an entire beer without being able to belch the alphabet after?" What comes next is a little frown of disappointment, "That's usually the best part."

But Mark is making his exit, so in good form Cody turns to him and looks up at him. "I'd give you a kiss goodbye, but the sexual harrassment video that I watched the other day said I shouldn't do that… or slap you in the behind. Too bad, I'm going to miss that part of my day most of all." There's an angelic smile to the tall man in glasses, is she trying to make him blush?

Mark actually stares at Cody a touch dumbfounded, though the doctor is chuckling and commenting yet again. "I like this one. Yes.. very good choice Mark. So cheeky." The heir to Lane Industries, smirks, his mouth hooking up to one side.

"Yeah, Dr. Ray… I kinda like this one too." Marks eyes narrow a bit at Cody, 'He's on to her.' "Dinner later when we get back to New York. Steak." He makes that word sound rather dirty, though he knows just how much she likes that steakhouse he took her on Valentines.

Then he turns on a heel and heads for the door. "Don't overwhelm her too much, Doctor. It's her first day." He pauses with his hand on the door handle again, turning back to them. "And for god sake… give her a… week… month… before you show her your collections."

Dr Ray is indulged in many things cause of his brilliant brain. Some of them teeter on the odd and strange. The look the doctor gives him is an innocent one, much like a disappointed child. "So… I can't show her the mold? Or… or the jars?"

A glance goes to Cody, eyes narrowing as Mark considers. "Yeah, okay, she might like the jar." Pushing the door open, he offers to the poor woman. "You ever see those jars with stuff preserved in them? That's Doctor Rays Jar Zoo."

"Mmmm bacon appetizers," Cody purrs in a quick retort to Mark's threat of the steakhouse, making her word sound just as lascivious as his. Then she stops, it's quite possible that all of their play might start to make Dr. Ray a little uncomfortable and that isn't what she's here to do. "So I'll see you for the ride home, then?" Playtime is over, it's all business now.

"Don't pay any attention to him, Dr. Ray, I'd like to see the zoo. We can gets started on that tour, then the mold, then whatever else. Then you can show me what we'll be working on. Deadline and everything, you know…" Definitely back to business, the agent is practically itching to see what Lane is coming up with and whether it has anything to do with what she'll have to face in the future.

Placing her hands back in her pockets, she shoots Mark a quick smile before focusing her attention completely on the Doctor. "What are we working on anyway? Is part of my job being a crash test dummy? I mean will I get to try any of these things out?"

There is just a small shake of Mark's head and a soft chuckle, before he pushes his way out of the door, leaving the Doctor with his new assistant.

Once that door closes, the remote comes out again and Dr Ray pushes play, though he makes sure it's turned down to acceptable levels. "Oh! That's right. Mark told me you liked my little gift! That is what I have been working on for the Army." A long fingered hand motions her to follow, seeming excited about something. He sets the beaker on a random table and he shuffles off. "That was only a part of a suit!" He states with glee.

"It was great, living in New York, you never know when something like that will come in handy. I really like how lightweight it is, nothing compared to what I've seen on the internet." Or what she's worn before, but given that she doesn't know exactly how much of her background the Doctor truly knows, she quiets about that.

Following along behind him, her eyebrows shoot up at the words 'part of a suit'. There's the definite glint of interest in her eyes, she'll definitely be wearing a complete set before her time here is done. "So that's the project we need to get done? Or is it a different one? What kind of things can those suits resist? Just bullets or different kinds of things, like tazers or things like that?"

"It's just a prototype for those soldiers in the middle east." The good doctor explains making his way to a long locker. "With all the road side bombs and stuff. I mean. It's not perfect. You'll be bruised, something might get broken, however… " He thrusts a finger in the air. "…you will be alive. Though if the explosion is strong enough, or you get shrapnel to the head… well… " There is a shrug and fingers grab the latch and his opens the locker and pulls out a sliding out a suit hanging from a hook. It sways slightly.

"That's…. the only project I can think of." Brows dropping a bit as she studies the thin armor. "But yes.. bullets.. though it'll hurt like hell. It's a plastic blended with various other things so it won't channel a tazer or electrical stuff, tho there are points of entry. It's somewhat heat resistant.. but only so much. Like that plastic they use for pulling things out of ovens, even they have a melting point. I… haven't' checked everything. It was meant to resist mainly explosives and shrapnel. "

Brows drop a bit as the doctor turns thoughtful, "Tho' Mr. Lane wanted them to resist all sorts of things." He looks a touch confused. "So that's what I'm working on. It can't resist cold.. shatters if too cold.

"Huh… What about making it self heating? That way it'll be able to resist both heat and cold? I can't figure out how you'd manage something like that though, maybe a kind of insulating fibre or wire mesh." The agent is having a little bit of difficulty dumbing herself down for the sake of her resume and as much as she really would love to sabotage the project, she's too interested in seeing the completed outfit. Perhaps gaining one of her own when they're complete.

"That kind of assembly would be kind of expensive though, and it might cut down on the effectiveness of the electrical resistance… unless there's some kind of insulation underneath it, what do you think?" The pretend scientist places her hands into her pockets and rolls back and forth on her feet as she watches the real one carefully. It's obvious that he's been told a pack of lies as to where his inventions are going, poor guy.

"Mmm…" Lip press into a fine line as he thinks on her suggestion. "Maybe.. maybe.." Dr Ray, tilts his head some at the suit. "Therein lies some of the problems. Make it resist so many things, you have to sacrifice so much mobility. The electronics get too cumbersome and it weighs the soldier down." His head turns and he studies her for a long moment, then he shrugs and flashes her a grin. "But… we'll get to that!"

He turns to go deeper into his own personal lab. "First, the jars!" Ray seems rather enthusiastic over a new audience. He chatters on about all the specimens he has as he leads the woman onward.

Now the question is how long Cody will last with the eccentric doctor.

As they move on, a small camera turns to follow their progress, watching them like a silent sentinel.


Up in the large expansive office of Marcus Lane II, the head of the business and his youngest son watch the pair rather blandly.

"Are you sure about this, pop?" Robert asks, glancing at his father out of the corner of his eye.

"I'm sure. Her credentials fit the job and nothing that has come up has been anything alarming. And bless your mother is just happy your brother is actually dating." The senior Lane lifts a remote and clicks a button, making the large wall screen go blank.

"But we'll keep an eye on her, Robby."

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