2007-07-25: Mollified


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Summary: Peter stops by Kirby Plaza with the intention of confronting someone. He runs into Molly instead, and given a warning to keep his distance! Mohinder does show up, then a conversation insues… and there's a new definition of the term "mollified".

Date It Happened: July 25th, 2007


Kirby Plaza

Like many of the previous visits that Peter made to this building after his clandestine "escape", he's making no attempt to enter the building. Unlike some of his previous visits, though, he's fully visible. Maybe he thinks the sunglasses are a good disguise. Dressed lightly due to the weather, his casual attire favors the light grays and blues instead of the usual black, which is handy when he's standing out in the middle of the Plaza instead of somewhere with shade. Jaw set, he looks up towards the building, as if he's trying to decide how to proceed— or if to proceed at all.

Kind of tucked away by the statue up front, it might be hard to see Molly Walker at first. She's sitting straight backed on a bench by the twisting statue, tucked away, she's got her open French text sitting in her lap. However, she doesn't really seem to be paying attention to it. Instead, she's just staring off into space in the direction of the Kirby Building that she has been calling her home recently. As always when she's outside, she has an escort Agent, who is standing a few feet behind her to survey the perimeter. He looks very serious. Almost like a Secret Service man in charge of guarding the president.

Someone so young certain needs an eye watching over them anyway. A babysitter might be slightly more appropriate, but a Secret Service looking man isn't outside the realm of possibility. Especially not considering the young charge he's looking over. They're both staring off towards the building, that's at least something they have in common. Peter isn't making a move to leave the possible safety of the public square, though. Maybe the possibility of what could happen to him keep his feet still. Finally, he turns around to find some shade. Without trees nearby, the best option is the statue, which— causes him to spot a young girl he hadn't even expected to see. Notice her escourt? Not right away. He makes a beeline to get closer to her. "Molly?"

Babysitter and Secret Service Agent, this man does it all. And after the disaster with her last fulltime babysitter, he's not taking any chances. Though he knows what Sylar looks like - he's been briefed - he's wary of this man approaching them. Molly, however, knows the voice of Sylar immediately, and this is no Sylar. Jarred out of her thoughts, she sits up straighter and watches the approaching Peter with something akin to surprise. At first, she smiles her greeting at him. "Mr. Petrelli!" She pauses, then, remembering something else. "Wait!" She eyes how far/close he is to her. "Stay there." The night before, she had a talk with Mara about what Peter may want from her.

The sudden warning to stay at a distance might earn a blink, but it's not visible behind his sunglasses. Peter does stop immediately, though, at the distance he's at. What? Certainly not Sylar, but that doesn't mean he isn't a threat. Mr. Petrelli would be a name they might be warned about. "Sorry?" he says outloud, unsure why he'd suddenly been told to stop. It actually makes him look around as if to see if there's some other threat that might be around. If there were, he really see it. The stubborn set to his jaw has faded into confusion, and his eyebrows are visibly raised, creasing his forehead.

When Molly tells Peter to stay where he is well, the Agent guarding her gets wary. He even steps forward to deal with whoever it is that may be trying to approach his charge. He looks a little nervous, since he /has/ heard the name Petrelli. However, he's not sure which Petrelli this may be. He's pretty sure this guy isn't running for Senate…but he's not all that caught up with current events. "No, it's okay," Molly glances over her shoulder to the man guarding her. The Agent already has his phone out to call for backup or to simply just call this in. He hesitates a moment when the young girl adds, "He's a friend." Then, however, thinking that should end it, she quickly turns back to watch Peter. "No, just…I know what you can do. And…it's mine." That sounds childish and petulant, but that is how the young girl feels. "I like it being mine."

As the man moves to guard, Peter backs off a little more, since he's not itching for a confrontation with this particular man at all. But when she calls him off, he relaxes again. At least he's a little further away, though? There is that much. What she says make him tilt his head some— until— "Oh," is said once he realizes what she's talking about. Of course. Maybe Mara brought it up to her— but— "That's not why I'm here." It really isn't, either. "I just saw you and— I'll keep my distance." Her ability might have some use to him, but it's not something he's about to argue with a little girl. Especially not when he came to the Plaza for something else entirely. "Is Mohinder around?"

As long as Peter keeps his distance from Molly and the young girl doesn't seem to be distressed in anyway, the Agent doesn't seem to have any problem with the two just talking. Standing even more ready should things go awry, he merely keeps silent. The little girl, on the other hand, quickly rearranges the text book in her lap, embarrassed that she said something that turned out to be not what he came here for. "Oh." That seems to have mollified (no pun intended) her. "Sorry. I just…I talked with…nevermind. Sorry." She's a little sullen. "He's inside somewhere. I was just out to get some fresh air."

"It's okay," Peter says, not really blaming her for the assumption. If he hadn't been intending to talk with one of two people this day, the statement might have been founded. But it's not. He hadn't even thought he'd run into her until he saw her sitting by the fountain. Glancing back towards the building, the sunglasses keep him from needing to shield his eyes, but it casts some rather heavy shadows. Inside, huh? When he looks back, he's got a hint of a smile at the corner of his mouth, "Don't think I want to go in there…" They might not let him back out this time.

Speak of the devil and he shall appear. In the form of a slight Indian man with black curly hair that makes the ladies weep with want. (not so much) Mohinder steps out of the front doors of Kirby Plaza, looking for Molly. Spotting her with Peter, his eyes narrow and his steps hurry into a brisk walk in that direction. "Molly. I think you have some homework we should go over." Summer, yes, homeschooling continues.

"It's not so bad," Molly tells Peter of Kirby Plaza. Of course, she stays in a suite of rooms while he only had a cell in the basement. Not exactly the most comfortable of rooms. That and, he's right, they might not let him out. When Mohinder appears, Molly smiles, looking between the two men. "Mohinder!" In an interest of showing him that she isn't just lounging about, she holds up her French book that she came out here with cover first so he can see it. "I'm going over it now! I just wanted to be outside for a little while. It can get stuffy in there. Pet—Mr. Petrelli was looking for you!"

There is no coincidence. There is only fate. Peter looks over when Mohinder speaks up in that accent he recognizes so well and once again he raises an eyebrow. Only one this time. As the young lady gives away his purpose, he glances back towards her and smiles lopsidedly, and very briefly, before looking back at Mohinder. He may not be able to approach the girl, but no one said he couldn't approach the guy with great hair. "Mohinder. I need to talk to you about something." His second choice would have been Dr. Aldric, but he knows Mohinder a little better. Though even that isn't much. Whatever this conversation, from the set of his jaw it isn't pleasant. Even his tone changes when he continues, more whispered and deeper, "Specifically a meeting you had."

Mohinder smiles down at Molly and her French book. "Excellent then, expect a quiz later, and we can talk about Matt in French, in front of him." He drops a hand to squeeze lightly against Molly's shoulder. "I see.. hello Peter Petrelli, it has been awhile. What do I owe this pleasure?" His expression turns neutral however as Peter speaks. "Ah, which meeting was this? I've had a few recently." He doesn't know Peter's involved with Cass and Lachlan.

"I told Detective Damaris I'd write her a thank you in French. But all I know right now is hello, thank you, goodbye and cheese. Oh! And how are you." Molly's entire French vocabulary at the moment. She's only been studying for a short while. Staying on the bench, she watches the exchange and lowers the French book so that it lays in her lap again. There are few secrets for Molly Walker and she's not a person who keeps many herself. So, what Peter may be here for doesn't seem to be a large issue. "So, the quiz will be kinda short."

It shouldn't really be a surprise that someone of Mohinder's education speaks multiple languages. Peter struggles with anything besides English. His mom speaks French, though, he knows that— "It has been a while, yeah. A lot's happened since then." Dying a few times for him, and he's not sure what all's happened to the man here, but he imagines it must have been just as eventful— without the dying part. "I bet you do have a lot of meetings. This one involved a woman… by the name of Megan." He'll leave out the accusations and yelling since ther's a young girl present, but there's a gravity in his voice.

Mohinder smiles fondly at his ward before taking a few steps away from her to speak with Peter. His dark eyes narrow some as Peter mentions Megan's name. Blast. He should have known more found out beyond those three. "That is priveledged information Peter, I am afraid that I cannot discuss this with you. How did you come by it?"

A couple of eventful things have happened to both Mohinder and Molly since she saw the man last. Sylar, kidnappings, moving into Kirby…a lot for a few months, not to mention for just a little girl. It seems like it's grown up talk time, so the blonde girl sits quietly on her bench quietly, though she listens in as much as she can. This sounds interesting.

"Not here to discuss that, exactly. So much as what you did to cover your tracks." Peter says, glancing towards the young girl. There's a hint of worry in the shape of his mouth, because— there's just some things young children shouldn't hear about their caretakers. ~You're violating people's minds, Mohinder.~ Which is sort of what he's doing here, but at least this way it's getting said without— saying it in front of the little girl. And he's not trying to make him do anything so much as… keep this part of the conversation private. ~Did you get Niki too?~

Mohinder gives Peter a dark look, and responds with, 'I did what had to be done. For their protection. They were going to get hurt or killed coming after her.' It really was for their own safety, that and an information leak that's still being sought out and repaired. "Peter, I am not at liberty to freely discuss much of that situation. I did what had to be done, and I have more work to return to." He came outside to check on Molly.

Between the two of them, Molly looks and her brow furrows slightly. They don't seem that happy with each other. What's going on? Staying silent seems to be the best course of action right now. Especially since Peter and Mohinder are getting that look on their face that Matt and Mohinder get when they're talking to each other in their heads.

~I know. That's why I told them not to go here, when I told them I thought you had her. That's why I'm not telling them again, either.~ Peter responds, though he can't help but look displeased. At least the sunglasses block the anger in his eyes— violations of memory are the main reason he refused the contract that Bob presented him with in the end. There's a pause. The man's wanting to leave. "Hopefully we'll see each other again in more favorable conditions." But there's one last thing he needs to tell him. He looks towards Molly as he sends back to the other man. ~Be careful what you become, Mohinder. Even if you think you're doing what's best, she may hate you for it.~

Mohinder nods his head towards Peter. 'Thank you for that. I wasn't happy doing what I did.. who told you about Megan, by the way?' Not that he expects Peter to answer that. "I hope so as well Peter Petrelli, you are a good man, and I am glad to see that you are more in control of what you can do." It's an honest concern, the burden Peter carries. The comment in regards to Molly earns a dark expression as a response, and that's it.

~No one told me you had her,~ Peter responds plainly, without any hint of a lie. Clues might have been dropped to make the assumption, but no one told him. "More control than I had." With little thanks to anyone in this building. The good man comment is certainly not returned, though he did incline his head, before he directs his attention back to the young girl a decent distance away. He's honestly not sure how far away he has to be to give her what she wants. "So you like it here?" She certainly has it better than he did.

'I see,' is Mohinder's reply, which he's not buying for a second. Even if Peter's being a good liar. That information got out somehow. "It has its moments," is the quiet response he gives. The spiral downward into moral greyness stings at times, yes. "Molly, I'm going back inside to work, don't stay outside too long okay sweetheart?"

When she's finally spoken to again, Molly looks serious. That obviously was not a happy conversation between Peter and Mohinder, but she can't exactly figure out what it has to do with. Some girl named Megan? What does this have to do with anything? Is it a love triangle? Are they going to fight for her honor? The few shows and movies she's seen makes her think this is the most reasonable conclusion having to do with a meeting about a girl. "Okay, Mohinder," she tells him. "I won't." Plus, she'll probably be dragged inside by the ever helpful Agent when he deems her done outside. "It's okay," she echoes the sentiments of Mohinder. "I miss Brooklyn." And not being guarded by a million agents.

Belief is one thing, but Peter isn't about to press the issue right now, even if he wants to. Since they went through so much to erase the others, he's expecting a visit of his own now. With Mohinder leaving, and his attention back on Molly, he nods, softening the tension in his jaw by force so that he can smile more at her. "Can imagine it'd get a little boring being the only kid around and having to deal with a lot of grownups all the time."

With Mohinder back inside, Molly focuses her full attention on Peter. He's keeping a respectable distance from her and that's fine by her. She has no idea how he absorbs abilities, but Mara said that sometimes it takes a couple of tries before he gets it. So, just staying a good bit away should keep her bases covered. "It's not so bad. I miss school, but Matt and Mohinder said I may be able to go to Micah's this year." That's something to be excited about. "I kind of miss being outside more often, too." Without the fear of being snatched off the street.

"It's understandable. Protecting you is important to them," Peter responds, though there's something a little tense about that. "My— my nephews aren't too much younger than you. A few years— but they might be going through what you're going through now. Not here, but…" Other reasons, seperate. But valid. The reason protecting them is important though… might be very different. He doesn't want anything to happen to them because they're his nephews and he loves them. He's not sure many people in that building, outside perhaps Mohinder, would share the same level of affection towards the girl. "It's not easy— but if anything happens to you again, there's no way for them to…" He doesn't finish, stopping when he realizes what he's about to say. "I hope they find a way to let you go to school. Maybe once…" Once something is done about the now invisible bastard known as Sylar.

The Company's reasons for protecting Molly are more along the lines of why Sylar wants to get at her - her powerful ability. They don't want it to fall into anyone's hands but their own. Protecting their own interests. Matt and Mohinder, though, they're the ones that protect her because they truly care about her well-being. "What happened to them?" she asks, curious. It's not a morbid curiosity, but one that she's genuinely worried about. She knows that Sylar is after more people like her - it's why it's so important he never obtains the ability to find all of them with a thought. "I hope so, too. The last time they let me wander with only a babysitter, it…" her face darkens. Obviously it did not go well.

"Someone out there wants to kidnap them— Not Sylar, but— someone," Peter's not even sounding like he knows for sure who that someone is. Before he had a face and a name— now that face and name is dead and gone, and there's nothing to give the danger threatening them a valid form. Other than someone on the other end of a telephone. A voice he didn't even get to hear. There's a pause. "I did want your ability." So that she doesn't think her accusation was totally unfounded. "Wanted to be able to find them if anything happened. Not sure how many times they'll tolerate me coming here." Before they stuff him full of drugs and lock him in a room never to be let out again.

Another kidnapper? How are there so many in the city? And targeting friends and family of those she knows? Molly's serious face doesn't change the more she hears Peter talk. While she told Mara how much of a burden it can be, to see and sometimes feel other people, to see someone looking back at you, it can also be a comfort. She just knows that the people she cares about are alright because she can merely think about them and she knows that they're alive because she can find them. It's a moral dilemma for her. And she's also had too many of those for a girl her age. All the while, she's not answered Peter. She's forgotten the Agent standing guard or anything else. "It's just…" She has no idea how to explain this to him. When she and Mohinder first met, she told him how her finding people was no big deal. But, it was mostly bravado. "What I can do…it's…it's me. And if you have it…do you take a part of me?"

It's hard to explain, really… "I'm not sure," Peter says, looking away for a moment. Despite the fact he's worn sunglasses the whole time he's been out here, when he looks back he reaches to take them off. Might as well not hide behind them, even if the distance that they talk over might mask his expression some. The sunglasses are folded up in his hands, and he lets it hang off the collar of his shirt. "I think it's more… what you bring out in me that I carry with me." Cause if he was made up of pieces of all these people whose abilities he has… who is he anymore? "I use them by thinking about the people they're from— not quite like you do— not just picturing them in my head, but also… feeling how they made me feel when I was around them."

The idea of losing pieces of who she is to someone is a scary thought to begin with. Molly watches Peter take off his glasses, but she can't really make out the more specific nuances of his expression from her perch on the bench. This is a strange conversation to her. She never thought of the idea of someone else being able to do what she does. When she lost her ability due to the virus, that was bad enough. But, voluntarily letting someone else take what she can do? Hm. "So it's more like…" Actually, she has no idea what it's like. There's no way for her to finish that sentence. But…he could help other people. And…Peter is a friend. Or maybe he's not because he was fighting with Mohinder. She can't tell any more. "Does it hurt?"

Well, the fight could have been a lot worse if she hadn't been there. Little girl disarms the atomic bomb of grr that he could have become. Lucky for Mohinder… Peter can't help but smile a little lopsidedly, a exhale that almost sounds like a laugh. "Only if you really dislike me." Then maybe it would hurt. Even then, though… it wouldn't hurt physically. "Don't think you would even notice. But it's really okay. You're not the only one who doesn't want me to get any closer." Even if she'd agreed in the end, he knows Mara hadn't liked the idea, or she wouldn't have argued against it so much— even as a trick. "I'll find another way to keep an eye on them." Even if it requires having a technological genius build a tracking collar for them to wear all the time.

It's not the first time that Molly has disarmed a potentially hazardous situation for Mohinder just by being there. The last time it happened, she was wearing an oversized bunny apron. "I don't." Just in case he was wondering. She only really dislikes a few people in this world. Mostly those who have kidnapped her and killed her family. "But. You being able to do what I do…it'll help people?" It's now a warring thought. Helping Peter and keeping her ability to herself. Didn't Mohinder tell her to be gracious and to share? And to try and work for the better good? That's what he does.

And yet the people who keep her like a possession don't earn her dislike. Peter can't really blame her, though— they give protection and they look after her. Children don't really require much else. They don't actively threaten her, because she has nothing left to threaten— though that may change someday. As she changes her tune, he blinks, shifting his glance a bit. "Maybe. It depends. There's very few abilities I'm any good at." A handful of them. "It might take me a long time to get it to work at all." If it's anywhere near as difficult as telepathy… "But I'll certainly try."

Molly doesn't see it like she's being kept like a possession. Mohinder and Matt constantly say how this is for her protection and as soon as it's safe they can leave. It's a temporary solution to a horrible problem. And while she doesn't like the situation, she understands it. It's more like she sees the Company as doing her a favor by saving and protecting her. One day that may change and they will try to threaten Mohinder or Matt to get something they want. That's the day she'll see the place for what others see it as. She doesn't answer Peter for awhile as she thinks this through. Does she want to go through this? It's not exactly something she can take back. "What do you want to do with it?" She's curious now, what someone else might do with what /she/ has.

One day— Peter just hopes Mohinder is prepared for when that happens. He knows what it felt like to suddenly become disillusioned with his father's career and legacy and how it felt to dislike him, and the rift that came between them. "I want to help people— my nephews, if something happens to them— or any of my friends. I had a friend who was taken recently— we almost didn't get to her in time to save her. And for a little while… I thought she was dead." There's genuine emotion in his eyes. "Even if I can't find where they are exactly… just knowing if they're— that they're okay…"

Maybe one day that may be a problem for Molly. But she's still in a stage of blind trust to those she adores. Strange for a little girl who has lost so much. However, she's resilient and able to bounce back from the worst of circumstances. Most likely because of people like Mohinder and Matt who saved her in her most dire circumstances. The serious frown of concentration hasn't left her face yet. This is Very Serious. She's been told so many times how what she can do can go wrong in the wrong person's hands. "Okay. I guess. You can come closer." She's not sure how this works. After a second, though, she panics slightly. "Wait! Have you talked to Mohinder about it?" Because she knows that Mara talked to /her/, but…well…Mohinder knows these things.

There's a hint of a step closer— but Peter stops midway before resting on his back leg again. Okay— waiting. "I don't know if he knows. I'd wanted to talk to him about it, don't like going behind someone's back on this sort of thing…" But after the man had two (three?) of his friend's memories erased? Yeah, his trust in the man has dropped enough he doesn't even want to. But there is a Company spy standing not too far away, and with the distance between them they haven't really been whispering. "I think this is your decision, though. It's your ability."

Stop and start. This is almost like a game of Mother May I. Peter didn't say Mother May I, he's not allowed to step forward! The metaphor would be more apt if this wasn't so serious to Molly. Most of the decisions in her life have been made for her or with help. This is one of those things that she's not sure about. She's terrified of making the wrong call, either way. Maybe if she knew about what Mohinder had done to his friends, she wouldn't put so much of a high esteem on his opinion. But, she doesn't and is unlikely to in the near future. She studies Peter's face, sans sunglasses, her own small face creased, intently trying to discern his intentions. As if she could read minds, just like Matt. "Okay," she says hesitantly.

Okay. This would be the part when he steps forward, isn't it. Peter doesn't right away though, and then he takes a slow breath. "No one's ever really had a choice if I absorbed their ability or not. It usually just happens. No choice in the matter." There's a long pause, and he glances up towards the sky, raising a hand to shield his eyes. He's really looking up at the top of the fountain. The other hand goes behind his back, and when he pulls it around it's holding a small owl statue. Kneeling down, he puts it where he is. "When you're absolutely sure, you know how to find me," he adds with a smile, before straightening and beginning to back away.

"That's not exactly, fair, is it?" Molly frowns as she watches the stationary figure of Peter. "What if they don't want their abilities absorbed?" She's a little nervous about the whole exchange. Having someone absorb her power has never happened before. And Sylar kills people to get it. Peter /said/ it wouldn't hurt, but then maybe it's different when you agree. Curious, she watches him put down the little owl statue, unsure of what to make of this. She /did/ just agree. "But…just because I know where you are…doesn't mean I can get to you." And what the owl has to do with anything, well, she's a little confused. Maybe it's just another gift! She's getting a lot of those lately.

"A few months ago, I would have said I'd give anything to turn it off. In some cases, I probably still would," Peter's looking down at the little statue owl, made of stone. Wherever he got it from, it probably didn't come from his pocket. Like he snatched it out of thin air. Line a magician. "But I can't. Guess you could say that's the price of knowing me, accidentally or on purpose." And that's not something he can really control or fix… it either happens… or it doesn't. Eventually someone he knows and spends time with will have no choice. "But you have a choice— and you're right. It's not fair that no one else does. Can't really get any closer, so I'll just leave this here." Hadn't be been talking about how useful her ability would be? Why is choice suddenly so important to him. She'd agreed— but apparently the hesitation had been enough to make him doubt it. And there he goes, backing away again, even turning and starting off the Plaza.

It's not like anything that Peter says makes up Molly's mind for her. It's kind of a mixture of everything. She trusts Peter and the fact the he's trying to give her a choice. He's not Sylar. He's trying to give her a choice. He's not about to force anything from her. When he /can/ that's what he does. A split second decision and she shoves off the bench and takes off at a flat out run to fling herself at Peter in a hug. If not only to try and transfer whatever it is he may need, but because he definitely looks like he needs one. And little, trusting girl hugs can almost always cheer people up. That's what Peter looks like he /really/ needs right now. Not the ability to find people. That just may be an added side affect to all of this. She'll pick up the owl statue on her way back. Plus, the agent guarding her starts and starts jogging after her. He can't let her distance from him grow too great.

It does take Peter by surprise when Molly suddenly jumps down and clears the distance between them. As much as he would with his nephews, he kneels down enough to participate fully in the hug, wrapping his arms around her and holding her close. They won't know if he got anything from this besides the good feeling of a happy girl hugging him. Sometimes, people really just need a hug. The last few weeks have been that way for him— the last year, actually. "Guess that's a decision," he says in a thick voice, touched and warm. "I'm glad to know you." Whether he gets anything from this beyond the hug. That she made the choice was nice too.

Maybe not a happy girl, but a determined one. Molly can be quite stubborn and decisive in her own right once her mind is made up. She gets it from her caretakers. "Yeah. Guess so." The girl holds onto Peter tightly and buries her face in the shoulder that he so conveniently has right there from kneeling down. "Me too." For knowing him. Whatever comes from this, at least she knows that she tried. And that she hopefully brightened his day a little.

Their happy moment, unfortunately, is interrupted by the not so polite intervention of her guardian Agent. "Ms. Walker." Always so formal, this one. "We need to go inside." And to get away from Peter, possibly.

"Alright," the small blonde girl responds softly, still squeezing the younger Petrelli brother in their embrace. Just for his ears, she has a warning. "If you can…watch out. There's a Nightmare Man. He can see you. Where ever you are. He watches back." The man from her nightmares who now Peter may be forced to see, too. She stays with Peter for another long moment before pulling back and heading back toward the Kirby Building.

A nightmare man. That's definitely ominious, but Peter nods, "I'll be careful. Thank you…" He doesn't even know if it will work yet, and he doesn't really have time to test it around her. As she's forced to head off towards Kirby, he follows after, scooping up the owl statuette on the way. "Molly, wait— you forgot your present. Guess you can call it a souviener." Not much of a trade… but it's all he can offer, except… "If you ever need anything— I will try to help you." Assuming anyone thinks to tell him about it. "Might want to grab your French book too," he adds, putting a hand on top of her head in a fond gesture once she has the owl, and then he'll start to leave— before someone makes effort to keep him there. And put his sunglasses back on, too. When he gets home, he'll try it out a few times— if not… well… it was worth it just to know that she believed enough to change her mind.

Oh. Right. Her things. Those might be important. Dashing back to the bench, Molly snatches her French book and then runs back to take the statue from Peter. "Thanks." It's a nice little knick knack as a souvenir if nothing else. Instead of pocketing it, she keeps it in her firm grasp. "I have a lot of thank you notes to write." Because, well, she keeps on getting presents for some reason! Despite the urgings of her guard, she watches him go for a second before she herself turns in the opposite direction an makes for the doors to the lobby. Somehow a little more confident in herself for having made such a decision all for herself.

"In that case, I owe people a lot of thank you cards myself…" Even if hers was the only 'gift' that had been intentionally given to him. Peter nods towards her one last time, before he's gone. Not disappeared, but— definitely moving away.

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