Molly Walker
Molly Walker
Portrayed By Adair Tishler
Gender Female
Date of Birth June 14th, 1996
Age 11
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases None
Place of Birth Los Angeles, CA, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Student
Known Relatives James Walker (father, deceased), Mrs. Walker (mother, deceased), Mohinder (guardian, Dad #1), Matt (guardian, Dad #2)
Significant Other Micah…er, none.
Known Abilities Clairvoyance
First Appearance Don't Look Back

Molly can find anyone in the world. She's currently under the care of Matt and Mohinder and going to school.


Molly Walker had a fairly normal childhood. A single child in Los Angeles, she was happy and well adjusted. She was an average student, happy and sociable. While she wasn't exactly the most popular kid on the block, she had her close friends and people to go to birthday parties with. She loved her parents, ate three meals a day and sneaked snacks when she could get away with it.

It was in fifth grade when she started being able to find people if she thought about them hard enough. Like most people discovering their power, it came upon her suddenly and without much trial and error. All of the sudden, if she concentrated on one of her friends, she knew where they were. In fact, she could even see where they were in her head. Just a kid, she didn't really understand the implications of such a talent. Proud of it, she'd use it with her friends to pull of pranks. She'd know if the teachers were in the room and when the coast was clear. It made it easy for them to slip into and out of classrooms at the right moments. They were never caught with Molly's help.

It was only a couple of months after she realized her powers when Sylar changed her life forever. She wasn't sure why her parents hid her underneath the stairs, but she soon find out. With her ability to see where they were, she saw much more than she wanted to of what Sylar did to her parents. She couldn't stop seeing it, not matter how badly she wanted to. The shock of it, and the terror of realizing he was searching for her as well, kept her silent for many weeks afterward.

However, that's how she met her hero, Matt Parkman, who rescued her from her hiding spot and could hear her when no one else could. Though most people would find someone reading their thoughts intrusive, it was exactly what Molly needed. Not only had she found someone else like her - able to use a strange power - but he didn't push her to speak like the others did. It was comforting.

With the FBI, she was put under watched care in a special facility. They tried to get a statement out of her and when they couldn't do that, they simply kept her there for her own protection. However, after Sylar attacked the facility and Matt save her yet again, she was put under the protection of a private company: The Company, as a matter of fact.


While in the care of the Company, Molly was well treated and cared for. Slowly, she started to speak again. There were people who understood her and who helped her understand her powers. In fact, they helped her take them much farther than she knew they could go. Before living in Kirby Plaza, she only could find people in her own town. Soon she realized that she could find anyone in the whole world. It was Mr. Thompson who gave her the atlas she still uses to this day to find people. It was a gift he gave her to help her settle in. The training that he had her do to expand her powers was actually finding other evolved people.

It was while exploring that Molly first came across the Nightmare man. All she did was look at the picture, and at Maury Parkman, and think of him a little when she realize he was actually looking back at her. Terrified, she tried to put him out of her mind, deciding to never look for him or thin of him again. However, the image of his eyes looking back at her, though, stayed with her.

After some time with the Company, she started lose her ability to find people and started to not feel well. Diagnosed with the Shanti virus that killed Mohinder's sister, the Company started to look for someone who could cure her. She was a valuable resource to the Company and they wanted a working finding system, not a sick little girl. So, they found and brought in Mohinder.

Molly liked Mohinder better than the other doctors that had seen her before because he was personable and actually talked to her like a person, not just something to be poked and prodded. She felt like she could trust him right away. Her intuition turned out to be correct when he protected her from Noah Bennet during the Kirby Plaza incident.

After the dust settled, they took her away from the Company to live with Matt and Mohinder in Brooklyn. Though she didn't mind living with the Company, she trusted Matt and Mohinder completely. Plus, a faceless conglomerate doesn't hold the same appeal that two people who saved her life and obviously have her best interest at heart. However, lately it's hard for her to adjust to suddenly being in NYC instead of LA and she's started dreaming of the Nightmare Man.


February 2007

  • Molly runs into Hiro in Times Square as he's desperately trying to find Kellie. She uses her powers to locate her in Hartsdale and then recognizes Hiro as the man who stabbed Sylar in Kirby Plaza.
  • While home with the babysitter, Molly is visited by Noah, dressed as a pizza delivery guy, who wants her help in finding Claire.
  • Upon returning home from school, Molly is confronted by her boogieman, who has broken into her home to enlist Mohinder's help in getting his powers back. He kidnaps them and forces them to Isaac's Loft - now Mohinder's Lab - to work on him. Hiro and Noah teleport into the lab to the rescue them, making Sylar try to regain control of the situation by shooting Molly. Hiro stops time and pushes Molly out of the way of the bullet, but gets shot in the chest and dies. Noah grabs Molly and runs out of the chaos. The pair then return to the loft when the coast is clear and meet Mohinder there. The only way to save Hiro is to find Claire and so Molly locates her at the Petrelli Mansion. Noah rushes off, telling them to meet him there with Hiro's body. Thanks, Noah.
  • While trying to get Hiro into the cab, Mara stops by on a call and actually helps them move Hiro to the Petrelli mansion. She then takes Molly to the station so they can revive Hiro without worrying about her.

March 2007

  • While staying at the Petrelli's, Molly bonds with Claire and finds Peter Petrelli for her. Hiro comes to thank Claire and the two talk about going to see the penguins in Antarctica after this is all finished.
  • When Elena and Jane come by the Suresh Apartment to get information out of Mohinder, Molly unwittingly foils a plot to force information out of her guardian. Luckily for all involved, information is given without violence.
  • After Sylar is let out Matt and Mohinder take Molly into hiding in hotels. After a few nights of that, they decide that it's probably best to keep her in a home environment and they return to the apartment.
  • While trying to find Molly an atlas to replace the one that is missing, she and Mohinder detour into The Secret Lair and surprisingly meet Micah and Niki there. The two geek out about comic books and Nima finds her a series that she may really enjoy. The two may have unwittingly set up a family dinner between the two.
  • Peter and Elle come a'knockin' on the Suresh door to use Molly to find Nathan and Hiro, who are both missing. She does so with good news for Nathan being back at home and bad news about Hiro, who is still in captivity.
  • Later, Mohinder and Molly have an Easter talk at the zoo and Molly reveals that she knows that Hiro is back in the US.
  • At home, after dinner, Molly, Matt and Mohinder find a frantic girl who needs help knocking on their door. It turns out to be Kellie and Sylar. They use Molly as a hostage and then take her and Mohinder to an undisclosed location in hopes of curing Sylar.
  • In Sylar's stolen apartment, Mohinder and Molly find themselves in a hostage situation where Sylar demands Mohinder fix him.
  • Still being used as a hostage, Kellie and Sylar use her and Mohinder to coerce Rainer to give Sylar a sample of Claire's blood. she's held off the edge of a roof and then faints. Kellie runs away with the unconscious girl.
  • Being crazy, Kellie drops Molly off at a hospital where she is treated and wakes up in the Pediatrics wing with Namir closeby. He contacts Matt for her and everyone has a tearful reunion. Yay.

April 2007

  • Once out of the hospital and Namir's loaned apartment, Molly is moved to Kirby Plaza. As Mohinder knows that this is something she's not happy about, he bribes her with a present: a new pet Chinchilla.
  • Finally able to move out of Kirby, the three Ms take up residence in an apartment in NJ where things return to a to a semblence of normal.
  • Out for a nice stroll with her token Company Babysitter, Molly comes face to face with Sylar again, who has a request of Mohinder. Sadly, the babysitter doesn't make it.
  • After the incident in the park, Molly returns home despondent and convinced that Sylar will find her no matter where she goes.

May 2007

  • Micah, after seeing a Mendez painting with Molly in it, talks to her online. They share some information and hope to meet up soon.
  • Walking her chinchilla, Molly meets Lachlan again. Lachlan listens to Nico's thoughts and makes sure that Molly is well taken care of.
  • After a distressed phone call from Micah, Molly finds Mohinder to try and get him to help the Sanders/Hawkins crowd.

June 2007

  • Wandering about the halls brings her to Max's cell. The two talk and eventually play hangman.

July 2007


  • "When I think about him, he sees me."
  • "You're the man who made the boogieman go away."
  • "Matt said I could get a monkey."
  • "Thank you. I was thinking of writing you a thank you note in French, since you were in New Orleans for a little while and they speak a weird kind of French there, but all I can say right now is 'Hello, how are you, thank you, goodbye, and cheese.' So, I guess I could write, 'Bonjour, ca va? Merci, au revoir, frommage.' But…I don't think that's what Mohinder meant when he said I should be nice. Though, I like cheese, so it's really a compliment."
  • Mara: "I don't think Mohinder or Matt know the rules." Molly: "Oh, Matt and Mohinder have a lot of rules. Don't put Nico into the beakers, don't pour spaghetti down the drain, say please and thank you, don't wander off alone, don't call the guy in the basement who can set himself on fire the Human Torch because that's rude…"


  • Cannot see dead people. Lame.
  • Very Important: These people and these people only know about Molly's ability: Mohinder, Matt, Noah, Claire, Peter, Nathan, Elle, Hiro, Sylar, Kellie, Bob, Elena. If you think you should be on this list, please @mail and/or page!
  • Mohinder gave her a guilt present in the form of a Chinchilla. She named it Nicodemus (Nico for short). It looks a little something like this:


I'm Cute - The Animaniacs
Dear Prudence - The Beatles

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