2007-08-02: Mom


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Summary: She's all he has.

Dark Future Date: August 2, 2009



Lonely day in. Down on level B2, Candy is making creative use of a set - a slice of a suburban home, with a couch and floral drapes and, most importantly, a TV. It's useless for reception down here, but perfect for DVD watching. Next to her is her elaborately guarded makeup case, now opened, but apparently she grew tired of giving herself a new makeover, and is now watching a movie. There's a techno theme currently playing, with a somewhat familiar rhythm to it. In the privacy of her own wrecked studios, Candy lifts her arms in time to, well, herself on the small screen, to deflect imaginary bullets. "Now that'd be cool to have like actually," she murmurs, before reaching over to bury a hand in a paper bag, withdrawing a cookie for nibbling purposes.

Security measures of Candywasteland are nothing for someone like Prime. Because, well, Prime is Candy's real son. The other Jaden probably couldn't come within ten feet of this place without getting shot at. Whatever the case may be, though, the great Prime finds himself down to the B2 level, where he scours through the sets and gets to the edge of the set for Growing Up Goofy. Yes, when Goofy gets live action sitcom, it's time to stop watching television. Anyway, he stands at the edge of the set. "Sorry." seems to be the first thing he says to a lot of people, these days. "I was workin'." He's Prime. He's always working. That could be part of the problem.

Ssshh this is the bit where— wait. Candy's gaze snaps from the TV screen to her son, and her serious, concentratey expression transforms completely. A bright smile, and her eyes sparkle. "Jaden!" she says, pushing herself up from the couch and moving over to unstoppably pull him into an embrace. "That's okay. I can't expect you to be everywhere." Pause. "Well I can, but— that's okay."

"It's Prime." Prime says, not really wanting to be associated with the jerk version of himself. That he wants to fight on numerous occasions and show him a thing or two. But he'd probably see everything coming, which wouldn't make for a good fight, now would it? Anyway, he puts his hands in his pockets and shrugs a bit helplessly as if he's just really sorry about everything. He's not really happy with himself or the Saints right now and it's probably written all over his face. But things like that are expected from the darkness that is futuristic.

The hug it short-lived, and mostly one sided, before Candy steps back, looking a little lost, but only for a moment. "Jaden is my son," she says, after a moment, a look of determination crossing her face in place of the potential apology. "And you're my son." His hands are disappeared into his pockets, but she can tug on his sleeve all the same. "I came to bring some cookies along. I still got some left." While many, much like Prime, have gone in a darker direction since two years ago, it's possible that Candy has gotten more mom-like, more caring. Or clingy, depending on your point of view.

"Cookies?" Prime has to tilt his confused head a bit, his hand pulling out of his pockets and such as he gets to following Candy over to the sofa. He's not the type of person to really get all affectionate and stuff. Ever since he lost Tru… he's been kind of lost. That's what he has a tattoo for, though. To Remember. Sighing, he doesn't even sit down. He just stands next to the sofa and peers at the television, running through his head to see which one of his mother's movies his mother is watching. "What kind?"

Candy perches on the arm of the couch, picking up the crumpled bag. There are three left at the bottom, one of which is a little broken, but they are, at least, big cookies. "Vanilla. With M&Ms in 'em," she says, offering the bag to Prime. When she spies his gaze towards the TV, she gives a fluttery smile. "Wonder Woman," she says. "It never got finished, not all of it even has music to it." On cue, a Wonder Woman'd Candy Cain leaps onto the scene, jumping from the top of a building. No sound effects in place. "I'm thinking about giving it to Peter. The— not the mean one. The nice one from two years ago. Then he could give it to me and we can get all that work done earlier." As she talks, she's watching Prime carefully.

Staring at the screen, Prime's memories are so F'd up that he doesn't even know what he should be thinking or remembering. It happens when your brain is split into so many parts that it makes you clinically insane. Frowning, he reaches into the bag and pulls out… the pieces of the broken cookie. Figures. Kind of like him. Broken. "There's two?" He looks a little confused and nibbles on a bit of broken cookie, before staring at the television. "I'm not incestual or whatever, but you're even hot as Wonder Woman."

"Mmhmm," Candy says. "He traveled here from the past. I guess he's trying to fix how jacked up it got. I dunno what would happen to us, maybe we'll all get sent back to the past too." She seems more than a little wistful about this, and pulls Prime closer to hug his arm, head resting against his shoulder as she observes the TV, and snickers. "Thanks, honey. Hard to make shorts like that work in a good way."

"Obviously, this is a job for Doc Brown. Do we have one?" Yes, even as a badass warrior for the Saints, Prime is thinking of television and movie references. It's the only thing that's keeping him from breaking down into a thousand crazed Dittos or something. "I could maybe fake it. I've seen Back to the Future like a million times. Literally." He keeps watching the screen as he chats with his mother figure of hotness.

"I have no idea how any of that works," Candy says, with a sigh. "We could really use a Doc Brown, I think Nice-Peter is sort of… winging it as he goes. Hopefully he doesn't implode the world or rip a hole in the fabric of time and space and bring about the zombie apocalypse or something. Is the cookie good? You can have the rest of them." Meanwhile, Wonder Woman'd Candy on TV is apparently surviving some sort of nuclear blast, and doing so very sexily.

Reaching up to bite into the cookie pieces in his hand, Prime isn't really sure of what he's doing. He's already starting to try and think of a way to get things done. He frowns a bit, chewing and thinking. "I could funnel all of my smarts into one Ditto and maybe we could get one that way. I watch a lot of sci-fi. It could help… or destroy us all." He finally comes out of his personal thought process for a moment to shrug. "Eh. I'll see what the Boss wants to do."

There's a little bout of silence, and it's a very familiar silence for Candy. It's when her cheerful demeanor is starting to crack and she's not sure what to say. Finally, she nods, tensely. "See what he says," she says. "I don't think it will matter too much. Maybe Peter knows what he's doing." She clears her throat, and tries again, for she is determined that way. Her eyes are bright as she looks up at him. "Is the cookie good? I can make some more for next time, I know Jack was keen."

Oh. He was supposed to be talking about the cookie. Not turning into Doc Brown. "I'd like to not have the fate of the future in the hands of the dude with bad hair. Unless he has a comb." Finishing off the cookie, he gets himself into wiping off his hands. Damn crumbs. "It was perfect Cand— Mom." He really needs to try harder to call her by her name. "You're all I have left, you know that, right?" Maybe this wasn't supposed to be an emotional visit, but Prime can't help it.

The news that the cookies were perfect is well-received, Candy smiling in an almost relieved way and getting to her feet to place a kiss on Prime's forehead, smoothing back his hair in an affectionate gesture. "Oh, honey." Whether he likes it or not, she draws him into a hug, and clings. "You're all I've ever had. Even when we had everything."

"I love you, Mom." Prime ends up saying, trying his hardest to keep himself from hugging the busty mother figure back. But he can't. He's shivering a little bit as he clings to her, wrapping his arms around her body and squeezing tightly. He buries his face in her shoulder and just can't seem to let her go. A moment of weakness that can't be shown to anyone else.

Candy is fine with not letting go. More than. She squeezes her eyes shut tightly and just holds him, a hand cradling the back of his head, other wrapped around his shoulders, trying to match that faint shiver she detects from her son with her own strength. "I love you too, Jaden," she whispers earnestly.

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