2010-05-19: MoMo Makes New Friends



Date: May 19th, 2010


Warning: Ever wonder what happens in the mind of a long dead bear? Be afraid. Be very afraid. You…are about to find out.

"MoMo Makes New Friends"

Roberto's Compound

He's been brought to a bare looking room, not blindfolded but made to sit in a chair facing away from the door. Fred would hear a few footsteps some murmurs of conversation. It's definitely people inside this building, how many? Who can really tell?

As the minutes and then almost a hour go by. Nobody would have come into room since the two men that put him there did. Sitting in front of Fred in another chair happens to be a light brown bear, it looks like it could have seen better days. One eye missing.

Luckily, patience is a virtue that Fred has much of. Of course, he ran out of new thing to look at after a couple minutes, but there is always something to do to occupy one's time in situations such as these. For a short while, he just stared at the bear that is sitting across from him. However, that lost it's appeal after a while, though he doesn't have much of a choice when in comes to what he can view. For the last little while, though, he has begun to list all the various abilities he's come across and their possible variations. That, in and of itself, can take quite some time to do.

Footsteps can be heard later, slow but then picking up speed as the door is thrown open and someone walks in behind Fred. Heavy footsteps, someone's taking their time. It's not until the figure's shadow falls over the wall completely, like some ghost watching over them that the person reveals himself. As a man with blonde hair and icy blue eyes. It's Roberto and he smiles widely at Fred.

"Have you been making friends with MoMo?" he asks with a wild look in his eyes and a bag of skittles being tossed up and down in his hands.

Dressed as always, very nicely and looking just as sharp as ever. Roberto doesn't look like the crazy man that he is. Nah, not at all.

Fred lifts one leg and rests it atop the other, placing his hands in his lap. He doesn't make a move as the steps slowly move forward from behind him. As Roberto advances into his line of sight, Fred gazes up at the man, giving him a cool gaze. "Momo? Is that the name of the bear that has been sitting across from me?" There's a short pause. "Well, we've been making nice. He hasn't made a move to maul me, and I've kindly not attempted to bother him. He seems so very relaxed." Fred says with a nod.

"Funny." Roberto says and then he breaks out into laughter and he's patting his knees as he laughs. A maniac sound, something that could scare anyone.. maybe even Noah Bennet.

Then the blonde crime lord stops laughing abruptly and he slams his palm into Fred's stomach. "I don't like funny." Roberto says through gritted teeth and then he's taking MoMo and sitting across from Fred.

"Now.. you know Syd?" he tilts his head at Fred and his eyebrows waggle. "Ever tap that? I heard women that can get inside your head.. know what they're doing." He smirks as he swallows down a few skittles.

Fred raises an eyebrow as Roberto starts to laugh. Whether he's scared or not, it's not something he'd want to show. Not to this man. He'd use fear to his advantage. Of that, Fred is most certain. He's heard laughs like that before, in the hospitals he's worked in, and occasionally with the Company. It's never a good sign.

When he's effectively punched in the stomach, Fred begins to cough as the air is knocked out of him. He doesn't respond to the man before him, however. Silence, another one of Fred's virtues…or curses, depending on how you look at it.

"I met Dr. Falkland back in high school. But we hadn't seen each other for a long time. When we finally met up with each other again, we were both already psychologists." Responds Fred. "So whatever psychological tricks she had up her sleeves, even if I did decide to 'tap that', I would have spotted right away." Fred smiles slightly. "That would've made them a little less appealing. I know…shocking, right?"

Fred pauses for a few seconds, gazing at the blonde haired man. "You know…you're not like the other men I've seen around here. You give the air of strength. Of power. Like you know what you're doing. Like you know what you want and you'll do whatever you have to do to get it…and let's not forget that you're way better dressed than the rest of them." Fred smiles. "Let me guess…you're the big boss man? Or at least…you're like…second in command." He eyes the man. "No, you seem more like the boss to me."

"All you need to know is that you'll be working with Sydney and Amy. And you are too play nice. Understand?" Roberto folds his arms around MoMo and makes kissing noises to the bear. "I wub you.. yes I do." He smiles down at the bear and then his eyes flash as he looks up to Fred. "No, kissing ass Freddy boy. I don't like that either."

Roberto smiles and winks at the man. "Well.. if you can't tap it. I'd say try. Who knows if you're getting out of this alive." Roberto looks bored as he talks to Fred but then MoMo catches his gaze again and he breaks out into a smile. "He'll never get to play with you again, you're mine."

His facial features turn into a mask of wrath and insanity as he jerks the bear around. "MINE! MINE! MINE!" He screams and then his screams are turning into howls of pain, tears falling down his cheeks. "He always got the cool things, never me! But not anymore! It's all me MoMo!" he shrieks and then his minions are rushing into the room. To see if they can help their boss or not.

Fred nods a little bit. "Of course. I'll play nice. I had not other intentions otherwise." He crosses his arms. "You know, I'm not trying to kiss ass." Though the man, as crazy as he may be, isn't that stupid. He may not buy that he wasn't trying to kiss ass just a little bit. "Look, I don't know what your plans are, exactly, but I want to help you with…well…with whatever you need my help with. And I'm sure I would have helped you in the first place if you had just asked. I still will." There's a pause. "I'm pretty easy to get along with. And I have training in a number of areas, other than psychology. If you're willing to allow me a bit more freedom, I may be willing to let you in on what these skills are." He says firmly. As Roberto begins to scream and howl, he leans back, watching the man. Perhaps this outburst, the things he's saying, could be used to his advantage in the future.

All of what Fred says is lost as Roberto has his fit and the men grab their boss and begin to drag him out the room. MoMo is given a hard shake and then thrown in the corner of the otherwise bare room.

His screams can be heard echoing in the building. Even Amy and Sydney would be able to hear it. And then there is silence. One of the men had decided to stay behind though, he looks at Fred with a light smile. "He'll have an answer for you later." And then the man leaves the room and is left there for another hour.

Fred gets his answer when two of the henchmen come to take the young man back to his room with his bed. Guess that's a no for now.

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