Monica Dawson
Portrayed By Dana Davis
Gender Female
Date of Birth December 6th
Age 21
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Aliases None
Place of Birth New Orleans, LA, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Assistant Manager at The Madison Ave Bistro
Known Relatives Damon Dawson (brother), Nana Dawson (grandmother), D.L. Hawkins (cousin), Micah Sanders (cousin), Niki Sanders (cousin-in-law)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Adoptive Muscle Memory
First Appearance Too Good To Be True

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Monica Dawson was born in New Orleans, LA and lived there all her life. Her family could arguably be called middle class, certainly comfortable enough for her family to afford a house (even if it was technically her grandmother's), and for Monica to go to college. She attended church with her mother, younger brother Damon, and her Nana. But when devestation arrived in the form of Hurricane Katrina, Monica's faith was sorely tested.

It wasn't enough that the family home flooded and that they were devestated financially, resulting in Monica being forced to drop out of college. All of that she could handle, and all of that she would have willingly endured…but the loss of her mother devastated her. And even before she could really work past her own grief, it became clear to her that if anyone was going to support the family, it would have to be her.

Unfortunately, living in a disaster zone made jobs exceedingly hard to come by. Her best friend Camille got her a job working with her at Burger Bonanza, but slinging grease and asking 'do you want fries with that' wasn't exactly the future Monica was hoping for. But she knew her family was depending on her and she kept at it. She always knew that she was meant to be Somebody. She wasn't sure who or how or what, but all her life she'd felt it so, and there had to be more than this.

In an effort to bring more money in, she took the management training exam for BB, but even though she technically passed, Monica was told she was under-qualified for it, lacking the means for transportation that would be required to travel throughout the state as part of the corporate management team. Monica was on the verge of giving up, and for a girl who was so determined, that was a bad sign.

It was Nana who came up with the idea. She still had social security, and there were still some additional aid from the government coming in. Nana knew that a young woman with so much potential needed to be able to do more with her life, so one night after a shift she sat her granddaughter down and gently suggested that Monica try finding work out of state. Not only would Monica have more opportunities, but she could aquire employment that would ennable her to send money back to her family. She might even be able to apply for financial aid to go back to college, which was something Monica wanted very badly.

Considering her options, Monica decided to try New York City. Jobs were abundant, and there might be opportunities for schooling. And she'd always wanted to see the Big Apple. If you could make it there, you could make it anywhere, right? It seemed like the place to go to see if you were Somebody.

So Monica went.



This is a list of the skills that Monica has acquired as a result of her ability, who from, and when.

Skill Learned Accessed By Date
CPR Telelvision 08/31/07
Chopsticks Ian, Mikhail, and Elena 09/11/07
Juggling Television 09/15/08
Lightsaber Combat Movies, Ian 09/23/07
Hip Hop Dance Elena 09/26/07
Laser Tag Television & Youtube 10/15/07
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  • "You just have to figure out a way to turn it around when things are negative. No one's going to do it for you."


  • Interesting miscellany.
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