2010-06-26: Monkeyshines



Guest Starring:

A buttload of monkeys and an old man (NPCd by Sydney)

Date: June 26, 2010




Montagne Des Singes

Alsace, though a veritably small region is fairly spread out. It took a while for Lizzie and Gabriel to find the farm in question and when they did reach it, it was deserted and overgrown. Neighbors of the property could only provide vague rumors and conjecture as to what happened to the family that once lived there. According to some, they simply died off. According to others there were a few carrying the name spread out in the world. According to one, there is an old man working at a nature reserve in the region who still inhabits the old farm though no one has ever seen him go in or out. They've only heard noises.

Of the two nature reserves in the region, Lizzie has chosen a special one to visit first, Montange Des Singes. A place she's always wanted to visit as a child but through circumstance and parental over protection she's never had the chance. As the pair of unlikely travelers make their way inside, they are armed with only a few Euros and a picnic basket. Lizzie's quite convinced that the two of them will share a lovely lunch while observing the free range animals. Of course, this is all after they locate the old man.

Stepping up to the popcorn cart, she smiles up at Gabriel and holds her hand out for a bit of money. He's got the pockets, so he got to carry it. "I just need enough for some popcorn, I want to feed the monkeys!!" Then she turns to the old man and leans in, "One popcorn please!"

"What is this then?" the old man's voice is gruff, raspy, almost unclear. And he speaks in heavily French-accented English. "You are wanting some peas? I have no peas, only popcorn…" Regardless, he scoops the buttery kernels into a bag for Lizzie as he smirks at the idea of feeding the monkeys, he knows his way around this park.

POPCORN?! WHAAAAT?! The monkeys themselves have been surrounding the popcorn cart for ages, long before the pair came to the park. They've been intrigued and waiting for some unsuspecting vic-er-visitor to show up and feed them. The monkeys step a little closer as they see Lizzie buy the popcorn.

One particular monkey with a white stripe down it's back runs a different ploy— this one inches towards Lizzie's feet. It's smaller than the rest, an infant that's broken away from its mother for the most treasured of all treats in this particular park.

The couple really are a pair of unlikely travelers— everything from their appearance to the style of clothes they were. Gabriel is a pretty tall man, and while Lizzie isn't all that short, really, compared to him she looks positively tiny as can be. Still, it doesn't seem to phase either of them, and as the old man turns he reaches into his pocket to grab a few Euros in order to pay for the popcorn. "Yeah, sure. Here, I got it."

As he extends his hand to the old man who's rambling on about peas or something, perhaps he's hungry, he turns his attention the all the monkeys monkeyin' around in front of the popcorn chart. He isn't exactly afraid of the things, in fact, he's quite positive he would win in a fight should they attack, but they do make him a little bit wary. Especially when that one begins to inches its way towards Lizzie's feet.

The moment Gabriel has paid fo the popcorn, Lizzie is grabbing it out of the old man's hands and squealing in delight at the baby monkey at her feet. She's not as wary as Gabriel is. Leaning down a little to reach out a handful of popcorn at it, she shakes her hand a little to entice it closer. "Here baby monkey~ I have popcorn for you~" Her voice is nothing short of absolutely adorable.

When the baby monkey doesn't come any closer, she creeps slowly toward it. "It looks just like a Mon Chi Chi.. It's so cuuuute~" The other monkeys are ignored in favor of the infant, that's the one she wants to hold and hug.

And now that smart baby monkey plays shy. It inches away just a little, still looking up at Lizzie with big dark brown eyes, soulfully longing for that delicious popcorn sold by the old man that never lets them eat his popcorn.

And as baby performs his role, his monkey-family steps closer towards Lizzie. One of them gets a little overanxious and crawls onto her feet. Another jumps towards her and tugs at her skirt.

The money taken from his hand and the popcorn handed to Lizzie, Gabriel takes a small step back as the monkeys begin to converge around Lizzie as they get a little braver. This is either going to be incredibly funny, or incredibly bad. Either way, as the baby monkey puts on his show, Gabriel hands a few more of the Euros to the shopkeep, who in turns passes him his own bag of popcorn. Is it to feed the monkeys?

Nope! It's for him. As Lizzie is squealing at the baby monkey, another crawls over his feet and Gabriel smirks slightly. She wanted to come here— not that he didn't want to come here, as that is not the case— but the fact that the monkeys might just overrun her is rather amusing to Gabriel.

"Aaaah.." Lizzie whines as the larger monkeys converge on her. She tries to take a step backward, but she's definitely surrounded and one of them has the hem of her skirt! Immediately, the popcorn bag in her hand goes up in the air as she tries to play keep away with it. "No! Bad monkeys! Get away it's for the baby!!"

The loose popcorn in her other hand is dropped to the ground while she uses her newly freed hand to grip the side of her skirt, leaving a nice greasy hand print in its wake. "Oh… Oh…" She turns toward Gabriel, silently pleading for a bit of help. He's got popcorn! He could lure them away to give her some room to coax the baby into her arms.

The adult monkeys have now essentially swarmed Lizzie. Three of them tug at her skirt, pulling with all of the force monkeys can… and with her having just released her the skirt, it is yanked down in one movement. The monkeys don't care. They just want the delicious buttery popcorn. The baby makes a loud screechy sound that seems to resemble laughter. Does he think this is funny?

But when the skirt comes down, it's pulled apart — ripped… apparently Lizzie needs to buy sturdier clothes.

As the monkeys continue to converge on Lizzie, the entire family getting involved, Gabriel decides that it might actually be a good idea to do something. It was a little funny at first, but he can tell Lizzie is needing help at this point. He grabs a handful of popcorn and tosses it over to the side, hoping it will distract the monkeys…

But not before they manage to pull Lizzie's skirt right down. And then tear it to pieces. He just stares at the tattered remains of the shirt for a few moments before looking to Lizzie (and keeping eye contact), and then back to the skirt. He does this a couple times before he tries and throws more popcorn to hopefully distract the monkeys, but… he doesn't really know what he can do at this point. It's not like he keeps a spare skirt in his back pocket! "Are you.. okay? I mean— should we go? We should go, right, you're going to need clothes, you can't just walk around— half-naked!"

Of all days… why today… why oh why oh why today of all days?

It just so happens that today is nearing the end of the laundry cycle. Underneath the skirt is what makes Lizzie die of embarrassment. She's as red as a beet, no redder, almost a shade of purple as she tries to hide the purple satin granny panties from Gabriel's view. "OH GOD STOP LOOKING!!" She practically shrieks. This is what seems to scare some of the monkeys away. Unfortunately it brings on the glances and double takes of a few more of the mountain's other visitors.

Making a sad attempt to blink the tears from her eyes, she reaches one hand toward Gabriel, "Give me your shirt! And don't look!!"

Gabe's popcorn lure summons the monkeys away. POPCORN. Their favourite. AND it's being offered to THEM not just to the baby. The baby, however, essentially sulks at this fact. He inches over to a nearby tree and stares at the pair, tears glisten in his large eyes as he rubs at them slowly. He's a saaaaad panda. Or… monkey. Or something.

"I'm not looking!" is the exasperated reply from Gabriel. He's kept eye contact this entire time! He's not even using his peripherals! As if to make the point that much stronger, he even turns away from Lizzie and looks at a nearby tree. "See? Not looking!" He even begins talking to the tree, because hey, it can't get much crazier than this, can it?

"Hi tree!" he says, offering an overexaggerated wave. "Lovely shade of green you are today!" It's at that point he sees the little baby monkey with tears in his eyes, and for the moment he forgets all about Lizzie's predicament. "Aw, little tyke…" he says, moving over and extending the popcorn out so the monkey can take some popcorn for itself.

It's about that point that Lizzie starts screaming for his shirt, which snaps him back to the situation at hand. "What about my shirt? What?!" Fixing her with a look that shows he is clearly not happy about this, plus letting his eyes fall on the granny panties for a couple seconds so it's an even trade, he reluctantly pulls his top shirt off. Luckily, he has a plain, simple white tee on underneath, so at least he isn't half-naked like Lizzie. Turning back to the monkey as the woman deals with her situation, he offers more of the popcorn to the little guy.

A wave of relief pours over Lizzie as Gabriel actually does take his shirt off for her and hands it over. She scoots over and hides behind him as she ties it around her legs, hiding the most important part of the exposure, the underwear. "Oh god, I think I'm going to die…" She murmurs, partly to herself, mostly to Gabriel who is busy coaxing the monkey from the trees.

When he reaches up, her eyes follow his arms and then up to the little guy. "Oooooohhh Baby Monkey~" The little guy definitely knows how to melt hearts, that's for certain. Once it actually crawls close enough for the tall man to reach, the tiny blonde places a hand on Gabriel's arm to peak a little closer.

At the slightest bit of attention, the baby monkey perks just a little. It straightens slightly and leans forward, curiously. The monkey slides forward on the bench and then pauses and inches a little more. The tear-filled eyes look a little less glassy now as the small baby monkey is close enough to take the popcorn. It takes a single kernel and pops it in its mouth.

The baby virtually smiles as a happy chirp is emitted from its mouth, "Ooo eee!" It's a good day; he got popcorn. He pauses again before inching forward even more, aiming to crawl up Gabriel's arm and onto the man's shoulder.

Taking a seat on the bench once it seems the monkey is no longer upset or fraid, Gabriel sets the bag of popcorn down so the monkey can simply go at it. The majority of the popcorn is strewn about the ground, anyway, from when he was tossing it at the other monkeys, so there shouldn't be any danger of the baby monkey overfeeding itself.

If it makes it up his arm, that's okay, because all he's doing is sitting on the bench and looking at the various monkeys around them. A few people look their way, but now that the commotion is over, the majority of them seem to be ignoring them. "Are you settled, then? Good to go?" he says to Lizzie, asking about whether she's taken care of her skirt problem.

Gabriel receives a grateful smile, "Yeah… thanks… and sorry for screaming. I was just…" The young woman is actually blushing a deep red and ducking her head so that he can't see her embarrassed face. "Laundry day's pretty soon…" That's really all she manages to stammer before she focuses all her attention on the baby monkey and reaches out to pet it.

Lizzie slides onto the bench next to Gabriel and wrinkles her nose at the little thing before looking up at him with a giant grin on her face. Aside from wearing his over shirt as a makeshift skirt, she's in seventh heaven, and it pretty much shows. "Good to go, but you get to hold the popcorn from now on."

With the baby monkey happily perched on Gabriel's shoulder and nibbling on the popcorn, it's decided that Gabriel is his new best friend. With small staccato'd steps it finds its way to the cranny between the man's neck and shoulder and leans in. This will be its spot for the moment.

The monkey chirps merrily as Lizzie pets it. Yup, he's happy. It's a good day in the monkey universe. It takes a nibble from a kernel of popcorn before holding it out towards Gabriel's mouth, the action is an implied question, «Want some? I can share!»

"Popcorn is on the bench, I'm not holdin' it," Gabriel says in response. He may not have a skirt that he's wearing, but he doesn't want all of the monkeys attacking him at once. He's perfectly fine with just the baby monkey munching on the popcorn by itself. The others have plenty, even if it may be a little bit dirty from the ground.

Once the monkey cradles into his next, Gabriel doesn't react, but as the monkey offers him the small nibbled piece of popcorn, he waves a hand and shakes his head. Then he realizes that he's with a monkey, and that probably doesn't mean anything to the animal. Leaning over slightly, he puts his shoulder up against Lizzie's, trying to nudge the baby monkey onto her shoulder. "Can you…?" he says, trailing off as he continues to coax the animal onto her. If he's going to eat popcorn, he may as well get up and buy another box of it for he and Lizzie.

Giving him a rather uncertain look, Lizzie leans against Gabriel as she tries to coax the monkey onto her own shoulder. "Here monkey monkey~" she sing songs quietly, trying not to rouse the attention of the hooligan monkeys that practically stripped her naked in front of the entire park. There's a definite expression of fear plastered all over her face as she tries to scoop the tiny baby off his shoulder and into her arms. After all, it might bite.

The solution? Lizzie grabs a few of the remaining kernels and places them on her lap for the monkey. Hopefully it doesn't try to tear Gabriel's shirt, that would be very very bad.

The monkey makes a small huff of a retort as both of the humans try to coax him off. He wasn't born yesterday! He was born eight weeks ago! With another small huff, he finally moves to Lizzie's shoulder and settles into her arms with a heavy yawn. This as been a lot of excitement for a small baby. But then… MORE popcorn! It perks a little as the kernels are put on her lap and he screeches with a renewed enthusiasm, "Eeeee!" Yup, he sure likes popcorn.

With the monkey off his shoulder, Gabriel makes his way back over to the old man selling popcorn, taking a few steps to the left so he can cut a wide circle around the older monkeys who are still enjoying their popcorn. Handing over a few more Euros (how many boxes is that now?) he accepts another box of popcorn, and munches on a few kernels as he makes his way back to the bench. "So. Any other plans on the agenda, or was showing your underwear to everybody it for the day?"

Ever see the happiest face on earth just fall? This is what happens when the last syllable leaves Gabriel's lips and reaches Lizzie's ears. Her hand continues to stroke over the back of the yawning baby monkey, a baby monkey who is curled up in her lap and falling asleep. "I— Uhm— I— " Her face turns a bright shade of crimson and she looks down at her bare knees. "There was one other thing…" she begins quietly, giving him a sheepish smile. "We were here to find Valois. Unless you want me to do that by myself and you can… I dunno… rest at the villa?"

Gabriel has more popcorn which means there's more treats to be had. When the larger ones finish off what's on the ground, they begin creeping toward the couple on the bench and Gabriel. Lizzie's red face turns white when she sees them and she begins breathing a little quicker. "But I should get some clothes! I bet I have a clean pair of pants in the car…"

The man shrugs slightly, nibbling on a few more pieces of popcorn. "If you want to find him, that's fine. I don't have any problem with it." He points at the advancing monkeys, and then turns his fingers on Lizzie's makeshift skirt. "But it looks like they're coming back for more, so if you want to get those pants, you should probably do it soon," he says, a smirk on his face as he pops another piece of popcorn into his mouth. "Do you think you could grab me another shirt? I'll stay here and make sure the monkeys don't follow you. But… we should keep an extra shirt around just in case."

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