2007-09-27: Monster Hospital

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All is not right with the world. Sylar and Kellie, working together, break into Primatech Research, each for their own gains. This log follows Kellie as she attacks the hospital wing.

September 27, 2007

Chapter Two


Monster Hospital

Primatech Research: Hospital Wing

It's a nice, quiet Saturday evening at Primatech Research… and that's never a good thing, at the Company. Patients are calm and relaxed. There have been very few incidents all day, but for one restless Evolved held in a room down the hall from Megan. All day, this particular Evolved has been anxious and restless. Now, however, his excitement reaches a fever pitch. Breaking the silence of the evening, he lets out a scream, followed by an unintelligible stream of words in a language that is most certainly not English. The shuffle of feet can be heard as nurses hurry down to his room, a large male agent following close behind. His loud babble continues for a few more seconds, then gargles to an end, as if he had been muffled.

So maybe it isn't so quiet, after all.

After the visit by Meryl, Megan has all but devoured the ice cream that she was given. The envelope that she was given has been read and then stuffed some place safe. At the moment she's just flipping through the empty journal that she was given by Dr. Eames. Though she knows she's supposed to be writing in it, the actual act of putting pen to the blank piece of paper is a little daunting. Not to mention the fact that she has no idea what she wants to record. The scream next door to her, however, is heard and the Scot stands up from the bed. Padding over to the door, she opens it just a crack to see what all the commotion is about. The nurses and Agent go rushing past her and she sticks her head out just a bit further to see what may be going on.

Fel? Really, really hates this place. This wing, specifically. But he's quiet and docile as his blood is drawn for the umpteenth time - not a lot of chances to work with direct genetic lineages like Felix and Mariska and Sasha. The commotion down the hall has both him and the nurse attending to him craning their necks to see what's going on. "Sounds bad," Fel opines, mildly, and not without a wince of sympathy, as the last vial is filled.

The hospital isn't exactly the choicest place for Niel Youngblood. He's not usually here in the facility anyway. It's really chance and a generic bouquet of flowers that bring him here. Someone said Meryl was here getting her hand looked at, and hey, it's a nice gesture. He's moving through the hospital when the scream erupts and, ever with the 'on-the-job' mentality, he follows after the nurses to make sure everything is all right on that front. Carrying a bunch of flowers, maybe he doesn't look all that intimidating, but hey. He's still armed under that charcoal-gray suit of his.

Some people don't cooperate. This is a fact of life in the Company, and Meryl's used to it. Given that she's off-duty and out of commission for a couple days at least, her reaction is a wince. She still rises to her feet, though, pulling her sidearm and switching the safety off, stepping out of her cubicle while looking down at the damaged hand. It looks kinda cool, actually, with deep, stitched gashes across the palm. Doesn't mean it hurts any less, and it certainly doesn't mean she should be running around, but off-duty or no, she doesn't want to be caught offgard. Somehow, as she looks around, she notes Megan peeking out of her room, and takes a few steps backward so that she's near. "Y'might not wanna be out here," she mutters. "Close the door, just in case."

Inside the hospital room, a man is strapped to the bed, looking to be about fifty years old. One nurse is already trying to restrain him when the others arrive, with a hand over the man's mouth to at least quiet the screaming, and she looks to Niel with a hopeful expression. She doesn't need to ask him for help. "He does this sometimes," she explains, for the benefit of anyone who might not have had experience with this particular patient. "Just starts screaming and yelling things in Russian. You don't speak Russian, do you?"

In the hallway, all is quiet again, for now. There's tension in the air, growing more and more tangible by the second.

Maybe Megan has just been out training with Mohinder or otherwise not there when this particular patient starts his screaming, but it's not something she's used to yet. "Wha's goin' on?" she whispers to Meryl, just in case opening her very door is something that's going to get her in trouble. Pulling her head back in, at least, she keeps the door open wide enough so that she can keep talking to Meryl. The girl's curious and isn't about to just go sit on her bed and pretend like some guy isn't screaming his head off.

Man, it's just like home. Only the guys down the hall aren't KGB. Having rolled his sleeves back down, Fel's shrugging his suit jacket back on as he indulges his curiosity and heads after Niel. "If he doesn't, I do," he notes, peering around the doorjamb at Niel and the nurse and the poor slob bound to the bed.

No, Niel doesn't speak Russian — but he knows someone who does. And look, there he is! It's like magic. A magical appearing Russian. The agent thrusts a thumb over his shoulder at Felix. "Ivanov does." And there's nothing more to say on the matter. Let the translator do the talking.

Despite the fact that she probably should be hanging around Megan, making sure the hospital is safe, it's a well-known fact that Meryl Is Attracted To Shiny Objects. You know, like butterflies, crayons, diamond rings, Screaming Russians. All lumped into roughly the same category there. In fact, she kind of totally forgets that she told Megan to close the door. While she does click the safety back on on her weapon, it remains in her hand, just in case, as she heads down the hall toward the direction of where she heard the noise. Is she needed? Probably not. Is she nosy? You bet your ass, she is. Oh! HEY! "Niel, hi!" She'd hug, but it's currently inappropriate.

When the nurse takes her hand off the man's mouth, he begins speaking rapidly again. He doesn't scream this time, but there is fear in his eyes, as plain as day. Never once does he speak a word of English, and even in Russian, his words are tripping over each other, bleeding together, some thoughts not quite complete before he moves to another.

"Can you tell us what he's saying?" It's another nurse who asks, this time, as she moves around to the other side of the bed. A syringe is in her hand, but she seems hesitant to administer it just yet, flicking a glance to Felix.

When Meryl doesn't answer her, Megan decides that something certainly is going down. Not sticking her head back out again, someone could accidentally run into the door and decapitate her or something, she starts opening it again at a slow pace. She wants to know what is happening!

«Hey, hey, calm down, man. You're safe. I can understand you. What're you talking about?» Felix asks, gently, before glancing up at the others. "He says that something evil is coming. That it's almost here, and we should leave." He glances down to the patient. «What's this evil?» His tone is even, but still rather skeptical. He's dealt with his share of ranting apocalypticists before. "Please tell me this guy isn't a real precog?"

Niel glances to the nurses at the translation. Hey, he doesn't exactly spend a lot of time in the hospital, so he wouldn't know. When Meryl appears, he looks to her, then to the flowers. Wow, it really is like magic. Maybe he has summoning powers. "Hi," is all he says to her before returning his attention to the scene at hand. He'll just hold onto those flowers until a more appropriate time to hand them over.

Yeah, even Meryl knows that this isn't a good time to be running off with flowers. The guy in the bed is eyed with interest. "He's not from D'la'lak, is he?" the Australian whispers to Niel. "I hear they're planning a…" This ends with a gesture toward Felix. "Evil, see? I knew it. They take over planets and leave oatmeal in their wake. Better be safe than sorry." There's s click from her side again; the weapon is once more ready to fire. "Aliens. Always trying to take over the world. You'd think they'd get a damn hobby."

More babble from the Russian man, but his voice is so strained and his words so frantic that he's nearly incomprehensible. All Felix will get are the following words: death, here. Then the man screams again, and the older nurse plunges the needle deep into his leg. Almost instantly, the man falls silent.

The younger nurse, the one who had been there before the others, only looks to Felix apologetically. "I don't know. He does this sometimes. Usually it doesn't mean anything, at least as far as we can tell, but… it's a big world out there. Maybe he is." She shrugs. "It's not my job to know."

A real precog? What does that mean? While Megan has been here long enough, she's not quite sure what is totally within the realm of possibility and what is not. Even if she can possess people, that doesn't mean she can believe that other people can tell the future. Ever so carefully, she slips out of her room, but keeps the door slightly open so she can dive back in should she need to. Just around the time the man finally stops screaming, she takes a deep breath. That's certainly terrifying and she'd prefer to actually be anonymously wedged into a group of people than listen to it all on her own. Especially since Meryl's in that group of people and for whatever reason she trusts the agent.

Fel's lip curls at that. "You just work here, huh?" He glances down at the limp form on the bed. "Is he actually Evolved? Or just some poor jerk who got grabbed? No tests, no verification of if this is nonsense or prophecy?" Reflexively, he slips one hand under his jacket to test the angle of the pistol in the shoulder holster. "Anyone even write down what he says?" He glances around the circle of watching faces, before shaking his head in faint disgust.

Niel doesn't care about the admonishment. Not his job, not his responsibility. He doesn't agree with it either. He just shakes his head and turns to go — now that the man is under control, he's not needed. "He's not an alien, keep your gun safetied," he mutters to Meryl as he turns. In so doing, the agent almost crashes right into Megan, but manages to stop himself in time. His eyes narrow at her. Christ, what is this, a party? "All right, folks, nothing more to see. Let's just go back to what we were doing."

Green eyes glance toward Megan when the slightly younger girl appears. You never really can tell in the Company… If someone says 'Evil,' you say HOW EVIL generally, unless given a reason not to. Besides, it would have been awesome if the Mothership crashed through the hospital. Putting her stitched hand on Megan's shoulder, Meryl starts to guide her back toward her room, while looking at Niel. "Those aren't for me, are they? You're so cute. You get a new phone yet?"

Both nurses now looking apologetic, they can do little but shrug to Felix's questioning. "I don't speak Russian," the young one says. "I think they were recording him, to get it translated, but they don't tell me what they find out about anyone. They just tell me to take care of them. I—"

The nurse is cut off by the piercing sound of the alarm. Those who have been with the Company for some time will recognize it as the very worst kind of alarm - the kind that means that the facility has been infiltrated. Instantly, the older nurse steps past the men and into the hallway, grabbing the radio from her side to speak into it.

The lights in the hospital wing cut out. The sound of the machines running in many of the rooms dies, throwing the wing into a strange, alien silence. At the end of the hall, something glows beyond the door to the staircase, growing in intensity. It isn't clear what it is, from here.

While allowing herself to be guided back to her room, Megan looks from Niel to Meryl. "Wha's tha' mean? Precog? Evil's comin'?" The whole thing has put her a bit on edge, as it were. So, when the alarm starts shrieking and the lights are cut off, the woman cries out in surprise and takes a strong grip on Meryl's arm. More toward the bicep than the wrist. Less of a chance of skin on skin contact. "Wha's tha' alarm mean? Wha's goin' on!?"

Inevitably, these are the sorts of challenges that mere bullets will do nothing against. But Fel pulls his gun, anyhow. He's not used to Company procedures for dealing with such things, though such a klaxon can't be anything but bad. "Shit," he says, under his breath. "Are the locks here powered? Or mechanical?" He's already glancing around for the nearest exit, having stepped back out into the hall.

"Yes, they are." And then Niel holds the flowers out to Meryl. "Just wanted to see how your hand was doing. And no, I don't have a new phone yet. I was going to get one to— " BOOM, all goes out. In a flash, Niel also has his gun drawn and steps forward between the unarmed Megan and the glowing light down the hall. "Get back in your room," he orders. "Now." To Felix, he responds, "Mechanical. All the doors are still secure."

"Ah, Christ," Meryl mutters, looking at Niel. She's been with the Company forever, so she's heard this alarm before. It's nothing good. She starts to turn, but finds Megan holding her arm. "Meg, this is not a good place for you to be," she says, craning her neck to see where that light's coming from. The glow. "'course the locks aren't powered, else how would the velociraptors get in? They need treatment, too. And we can't just keep replacing the glass whenever they break through it, I mean, come on. Ask a stupid question… Megan." Meryl looks behind her. Dark. In front of her. Dark. Niel has that covered, though, and all Meryl can do is add a "Be careful." She knows how this movie ends. The dinosaurs are waiting for Megan back in her room, she knows it. Which is why Meryl gestures toward the nurse. "You, go with Deatley, stay in the room." If There are any T-Rexes popping out of the woodwork, the nurse should be first on the menu.

The nurse just stares, bewildered, at Meryl as she speaks. "I…" No. Don't question it. Shaking her head, she takes Megan by the arm, if the woman will will allow her, and starts to lead the woman back to her room. Niel has the right idea, about getting back inside.

It's just that they aren't quick enough.

The door at the end of the hall bursts open, and a man stumbles onto the hospital floor. The lights are out, but he casts a warm glow on the walls as he moves forward, wailing in pain. Every inch of his clothing is on fire, as well as his hands. The sound coming from his mouth is strange and inhuman. About twenty feet from the door, he drops first to his knees, then crumples to the floor.

"Well, he lasted longer than I thought he would," croons a sweet voice from the stairwell. With no light but the faint glow to go by, it's difficult to make out the features of the woman who steps out onto the hospital floor. "But he was still a disappointment. Now…" Her fingers trail along the reception desk, creating a line of flame that illuminates the frightened faces of the two nurses seated there. "Which one of you wants to go next?"

Locks? Doors? In the dark, Megan reluctantly let's go of Meryl only because she's given other company to guide her back to her room. Where ever that is in the dark. Groping hands forward, she freezes, though when the man on fire comes screaming into the room. Staring straight at the flames, the Scotswoman freezes in fear. Oh God, oh God, oh God. He was on fire. And that girl did it. She's lighting things on fire. Terrified, the girl attempts to do the thing that she was just told to do - hide in her room. However the door knob that she gropes for in the dark isn't to her room. It's to another that's locked. Pulling and twisting it frantically, it doesn't budge.

They say that character is who you are when you're alone in the dark. And while Fel's not alone, exactly, well - what do they have that's gonna stop something like that? Not much. A glance back at the others with him, and he says, evenly, "Run. Get out of here." So he steps up, taking a few paces down the hall and coming out of the dark into the dim glow of the poor guy burning on the floor. "Hey. Lady. What do you want?" he demands, as if the pyrokine were merely someone come in to register a complaint. His gun is in his hand, leveled at her.

There's a pyrokinetic who just burned a man to a crisp right there. Pyros are dangerous. Niel isn't exactly wanting to wait around for her to fry them all. The moment she's within sight, he opens fire: three shots squeezed off in rapid succession, aimed for the torso.

That's not a velociraptor. That's a man who's on fire. Velociraptor would have been cooler, and a lot easier to deal with. Besides, velociraptors can't set you on fire.

Despite all her absence, Meryl is a good shot. However, even though she raises her weapon, she doesn't fire, and her aim isn't at the firestarter who's just appeared in the hospital. Good hand gripping the gun, the other one around it for stability, she's aiming toward the nurses. If one of them goes up in flames, the female agent plans to end it quickly. The fewer tools this woman has at her disposal, the better. Sometimes you have to be cruel to save the greater number of people, and when you have a grey sense of morality, that's a whole lot easier. She doesn't even flinch when Niel fires, though she does glance backward at Megan and the nurse. Dammit. "Keep going. Backward - go. There's more rooms, keep going." And she'll repeat this over and over as she backs up toward them.

Well, they evidently have something that will stop her in her tracks. She has enough time to turn to face Felix when he speaks, and then, quite suddenly, she finds herself unable to move. She can't so much as flick a wrist in his direction, which makes her power a little difficult to use. Not impossible, however, and a new flame leaps from her hand to the floor at Felix's feet. Another spark crackles in her hand, but it's quickly extinguished when the first shot rings out.

It hits her in the shoulder, tearing straight through flesh and bone. At least the sound of the shot is enough to break her captor's concentration, because it allows her to stumble back and sideways, the other two shots whistling past her. Way too close for comfort. In the light cast by the fire on the desk, blood is plainly visible on her shoulder. "Tsk, tsk, little boy," she sings, stepping away from the light of the fire again, her voice offering no hint of the pain she must be feeling. "Didn't your mama ever tell you about playing with fire?" She flicks her wrist now that she's free, a ball of fire leaping towards Niel.

Scrambling down the hallway, Megan listens to Meryl's advice and uses the eerie glow of the fires and her shaking hands to feel her way to the next door. When the shots ring out and more fire is thrown the woman freezes in terror and cries out again, instinctively ducking for some reason. This is the first really dangerous situation she's been in and it involves a woman tossing fire around and trying to light people on fire. "Oh God. Oh God." Once she's ducked, it's hard for her to get herself moving again.

Lucky for Felix, he's surprisingly nimble. So he darts back just as she attempts to set his Docs on fire. Taking his cue from Niel, he squeezes off a couple of rounds as well. Clearly this woman is nothing but bad, bad news….and happily, he no longer has to read people their Miranda rights.

It's not like he wasn't expecting some form of retaliation, and the taunt is more than ample time for him to have warning. Niel notes the movement and is already hurling himself out of the fireball's path. He's lucky. He can feel the heat on his face and he'll be regrowing eyebrows for a few weeks, but he's alive and otherwise uninjured. And with that, hearing Megan and spotting her dim form crouched in front of a door, he grimaces and makes a run for her. Should he reach her, he aims to grab her by the shoulder and bodily haul her into the safety of the next room.

As she backs away with Megan and the nurse, she changes her aim slightly. Now that the firestarter is no longer interested in the nurses, Meryl's weapon shifts toward Kellie's head. It's hard to see through the blaze, harder still to aim around the shadows dancing around in the fire. She's farthest back, farthest away, but she's still hoping that a well-aimed shot will hit home. Where the others are shooting several times, Meryl only fires once, because she doesn't want to hit anyone she shouldn't be hitting - that now includes the nurses at the desk, even if they might have been a target before.

The first two shots go wide, missing Kellie with enough distance for her to feel safe— but the third, the one taken by Meryl, grazes her side as she moves down the hallway. This time, her composure falters, and she growls in rage at the new wound when the blood starts to flow. "You people and your guns," she chides, whirling around and aiming a new arc of fire at Felix, first. Before she can even register whether or not it hit, however, she turns again, a second ball thrown down the hallway towards Niel and Meryl.

As Niel comes over to try and collect Megan, the Scotswoman attempts to fight him off. Do not touch her. The last thing she needs is to faint right now. Luckily, the sweater she's wearing covers most of the places anyone would to grab someone to haul them up. Suddenly, though, she's quite glad no one got a hand on her because there's a fireball coming toward them and she barely manages to get out of it's way. She can literally feel the heat and she screams as it goes by, sure that somehow she caught on fire somehow. Though her back is a little crispy, she's not on fire. Which is not what she can say for the man who tried to pull her out. "Oh God! Oh God!" Ripping off the tan sweater she has over her pink tank-top she quickly attempts to throw it over the Agent to douse the flames without catching on fire herself. Crying and terrified, she quickly looks around for someone. "Help!" More people are catching fire!

If I live through this? So much more time on the firing range. For serious. He manages to slip aside from that slung flame, and persists in trying to bring her down with bullets. So, this is the evil that poor prophet was talking about. And for all Felix knows, his kid is somewhere else in this building. So it's thus far and no farther for the pyro, if he has anything to say about this. There's a trio of reports, as he snaps off another handful of shots and retreats a few paces. "Why are you here?" he wonders, tone conversational, expression oddly cool, despite the flames glinting in his glasses.

FAFWOOM. That charcoal-gray suit is, well, turning into charcoal. Niel has the fortune of having his back to the flames when they jet past. This is also a handicap, as he can't see them coming immediately. Therefore, his back is now on fire. With a guttural cry of pain and shock, he drops onto the floor and proceeds to roll around as best he can, what with Megan's attempts to help and all. Crispy.

A little too blinded by the fire to take another shot, or even see if her first one hit, Meryl prepares to fire again, only to see quite clearly the fact that she's got fire heading right in her god-damned direction. Saying something that rhymes with 'duck' - loudly - Meryl flattens herself against the floor, wincing as the heat passes over her, crying out as the pressure caused by placing her hand against the floor splits the stitches. That'll heal; Still, as she scrambles out of the way, she leaves a smudge of blood on the floor.

"Niel!?" Meryl cries, pushing long, black hair out of her face. It's singed; she comes to rest next to Megan. Jesus CHRIST, this has to end. "Megan, listen. Stay with him." Meryl takes the girl's shoulder, squeezes it, then finds her pistol where it rolled away from her on the floor. This time? She's getting closer. Fire everywhere, it's hard to avoid. She fires another shot, squinting her eyes in order to see through the smoke.

A third shot hits her, this time in the leg. The reaction is different this time. When the bullet rips through her muscle, Kellie drops to her knees, a cry of pain tearing out of her throat. While it may seem that the Company agents are doing well, having nearly disabled Kellie, they can't possibly be prepared for what happens next. In a rare loss of control, her fight or flight instinct kicks in, and her power takes over. She falls forward, her hands striking the ground, and where they hit, a wave of fire ripples out across the floor. It travels quickly, sneaking into every corner, making its way down the hall. Behind the wall of fire, Kellie is impossible to make out, obscured by smoke and the bright light of the flames.

Stay with him? O-okay. Megan can do that. Can't she? There are more shots and suddenly a very bright light. Snapping her head toward that direction, she sees the fire wall coming for them quickly, catching every corner, bringing smoke in it's wake. Seeing the burned and injured Niel, she does what comes instinctively, shoving him out of the way as best she can out of flame. However, that doesn't leave her much time to get out of the way. The flames catch on her clothes, quickly consuming her. With a shriek of pain, the Scotswoman drops to the floor rolling mostly in panic as opposed to the sensible stop drop and roll.

Kellie may not be visible behind that wall of fire. But since he's the nearest, Fel empties the last of his clip roughly at where he last saw her, before turning his back to retreat. It's not the other PCs he heads for, though, but the room with the unfortunate prophet. He's not gonna leave the man to burn.

It hurts. It's hot, it hurts, his back is now peeling from ugly burns, but Niel is successfully pushed out of the line of fire — so to speak. He barely makes it. Megan is not so fortunate. As soon as he hears the screaming, the man rolls onto his feet, grinding his teeth in pain. He starts stripping off what's left of his jacket and the Scot's sweater, then proceeds to help beat out the flames engulfing her own body. His head is swimming. The smoke, heat, and injuries are starting to tell on him.

Meryl is close enough where in a few more steps, she could knock the girl out with the butt of her pistol. Unfortunately, the reaction from repeatedly being shot means that it's not long before Kellie has the whole wing set on frakking fire. Meryl's only able to get out of the way as one streak of flame whips between her legs, and the burning scent of rubber reaches her nose as she jumps up onto the nurse's station desk. Her feet are HOT, dammit! And she can feel her skin turning red from proximity to the flames. It's hard to breathe now; coughing, she turns the weapon toward the nearest 'in case of fire, break glass' alarm, and slams the barrel through it. Soon, the bell can be heard throughout the building.

She looks for Kellie, but with the fire in the way, the thick black smoke, Meryl can't see. Flattening herself down against the desk, she shouts, "Put out the fire, and we'll get you help." PLEASE? She could fire in that general direction, but with the stony surfaces in the hospital? She can't chance a random ricochet if she can't see.

Meryl's remark is met by silence. With the bell ringing quite so loudly, and the sound of Felix's shots, it's difficult to make out any sound behind the wall of flame. No agonized cry results from the shots, however, nor does any more unnatural fire burst forth from where Kellie was last seen.

Finally, the sprinkler system flips on. It'll be a long time before it can put out this fire, but it's a start.

When Niel tries to help by beating out the flames, Megan gives out shrieks of pain. While it is helping, that doesn't mean it feels good. What really does help is the sprinkler system, that douses the dying flames on Megan's body. Coughing and sobbing in pain, once it's clear to her that she's no longer on fire, she just lies where she last rolled, exhausted and in too much pain to move.

Amazingly, Fel has not taken even a scratch. He's hustling around, frantically making sure the doors on the occupied rooms are unlocked and their patients on the move out - the poor man who warned of Kellie's coming he's actually unbound from his bed and thrown over his shoulder, quite content to carry him bodily out the exit.

Once Megan is no longer on fire, Niel ceases beating out the flames and kneels there in the spray of the water for a moment, catching his breath. The water feels good on his burns, but it's also painful. After a few moments, he slowly leans forward and eases himself onto his belly, where he's content to lay for a beat before he bellows, "Need some help in here!" He can't administer to Megan; he's not a doctor and really, he's in fairly ugly shape himself.

The water feels good against her skin, even if it's been slightly warmed by the fire. At least it's putting out the conflagration, clearing the smoke. Still, that scent is in the air, and Meryl coughs again, putting the back of her hand against her mouth as she peers through the smoke in an effort to find Kellie. Swearing again as she finds nothing, Meryl jumps down from the desk, squeezing her eyes shut as the pain from bracing herself with her hand shoots up her arm. OW.

Uh. Uh! SHE'S NOT A DOCTOR. "Uhm. Take off your clothes!" is her suggestion. "Yeah, the water on your skin, take of your clothes. I think I heard that that helps, so… Oh god, god, guys, please be okay!" Maybe she's a damn good shot, but that doesn't change that child-like mentality. Looking up and down the hall for a doctor, Meryl wipes a sleeve against her eyes. Shes crying, sure, but it's from the smoke. Yeah, and it's hard to see Megan and Niel all crispy-crittered. "Why couldn't it have been dinosaurs, huh? Megan, you okay? Niel? HELP."

Niel's breathing, at least. His back and shirt look like overcooked pizza — or steak, or whatever you would like to call it. Bits of blackened skin flake off under the water. When Meryl arrives, he shakes his head. "We're okay. We just need a doctor." And quite frankly, he's moved around enough. "I can't get my clothes off. Just rip the shirt off. Where is the pyro?"

Take off her clothes? What? Well, that may help and she may have even done it in desperation, but Megan's too hurt to move by herself. Everything hurts and is tender. The crying in pain doesn't stop and she remains curled up on the floor, wishing for unconsciousness. It hurts so much. Carefully, she reaches out to try and grab Meryl on the hand. Something. Anything. Hopefully she'll be pulled out of her burned and painful body and into Meryl's to make it all stop.

"We need to get out of here," Felix says, gently depositing his burden against the nearest wall. He's sodden under the spray of the sprinklers, but unhurt. There's a hissing intake of breath at Niel and Megan's injuries. "I don't know. She seems to have fled," he says, to Niel. "I don't know how much damage was done, structurally," he says, removing his glasses and sticking them in a pocket. They won't do him any good, not now. "But I want out of here in case something collapses." HE looks to Meryl. "Can you carry her? I can get him, but I'd rather do this in one trip."

Niel's not particularly worried about himself. "Someone get on the radio. Make sure there weren't any other breaches and make sure she doesn't get out of the building. She couldn't have been alone."

"I'll see if I can— " There has to be someone in this god-damned hospital who can help! What'd they all do, run away?! The flickering of flames is still all around them, and then— ? Then Megan reaches for her hand and promptly passes out. "Aw, Meg," she mutters. She's smart enough to know why she did what she did. "Just stay where you are." It looks like she's talking to herself, but she's talking to the girl who appears to be unconscious.

"Yeah, I can carry her," the agent states, pushing herself to her knees so she can lift the girl's dead weight up in her arms. It's hard to hold her because of the knife-like pain in her hand, but she'll manage. "Felix, there's a radio back in the room I was in, with my bag, if you want to grab it." She should have kept it on.

Thank God for Mohinder's training. Or whatever luck there is. The moment that Megan finds herself out of her body, it's like suddenly being able to breath again. And to move without pain. There's no answer from the girl watching behind Meryl's eyes. She's just not trying to look at what a state her body is in now.

"Right," And with that, Fel's scuttling back under the waves of billowing smoke to retrieve the radio. He's clicking it on as he returns. "This is Ivanov. Anyone reading me?"

Niel blinks in surprise when Megan goes suddenly limp and Meryl talks to her like nothing's wrong. Give the guy some credit; he can't know everyone's abilities. He reaches out a hand to feel for a pulse on the unconscious woman's throat.

"She's fine, Niel." Too tired to be her usual bubbly self, she nevertheless manages a smile for the other agent. "Don't worry. Her ability, she can possess people." That's what Mohinder called it. The smile fades, though, as she looks down at the burned girl in her arms. Even if Meryl's slightly burned, as well, and her arm feels like it's on fire… "I wouldn't want to sit around all burned to hell, either. How're you feeling? You okay? I can't carry you, too, or b'lieve me, I would. We'd fall down the stairs, and they'd be pissed off that I killed one of their agents."

"Yeah, it's … I think I can get up and walk, just gimme a minute." It's a bold thought. After a few moments, Niel begins to push himself up onto hands and knees. Only it's not as painless as he'd hoped it would be. The process is full of painful hisses and cries as muscles he never thought he used are now, in fact, vitally necessary. He manages to make it, however, and though slightly wobbly, he's stable. He soon picks up his gun again from where it dropped on the floor and checks it to ensure it's not melted.

*crackle* "Level Five— " A voice breaks through on the radio, filled with static. "Danger zone— too hot— we have a Level Five captive on the loose in the corridor— !" *crackle*

Fel says something extremely obscene in Russian, before looking to the others. "We've got a Level 5 on the loose," he says, with surprising calm. It's not a stat that means much to him, yet. He reaches for Megan's unconscious body. "We're getting out of here," he says, even as he hefts her up, gently.

Meryl isn't going to be much help with Niel. She has to concentrate on holding onto Megan. They have to get everyone here out of the hospital, including some of the patients who might run if presented with the smallest amount of freedom. Dammit, dammit. As Megan's taken from her arms, though, she reaches again for her pistol. "Niel, I know you're probably feeling like you're on fire right now, because you were, and I'm terribly sorry about that, but we've got some roundup to do, and I'd be honoured if you could last just a bit longer to cover my back. I'll buy you a— " Beer. Wait, no. He doesn't drink. "Spring water if this all pans out. And a pita. With extra… Rabbit food."

Niel's breathing a bit roughly, but he's still standing. It's something. "I think I've got a bit left in me. With a Level 5 on the loose, though, we might be safer if we barred the door and waited for backup." What's left of the door, anyway. What's left of everything, really. "A little fire isn't going to cause this place to collapse. We need some extinguishers to put out whatever's left. Make sure all the doors and patients are still secure."

"What -is- a Level 5?" asks Felix, awesome in his utter naivete. "What was that pyro thing we just dealt with? Where was she on the Richter scale? Are you nuts? If there's something that bad, we should be getting out of here. You look like you got hit by a flamethrower." The sprinklers are still pouring out water. He suits the action to the word and heads for the stairwell, still toting Megan.

True, the place is made of cement. Even so, Meryl looks a bit wary about staying here. "We've still got smoke all over the place. We can't just leave these people in here." And the sprinklers are still going off, she soaked, there's little beads of blood dripping from her fingers.

"Level Five…" Megan shouldn't be hearing this, but she's part of the team now, as far as Meryl's concerned. "It's where we keep the ones who really are a danger. The ones who kill for the hell of it, or can't keep their power under control, the ones some of us died to capture." She looks back at Niel, then to Felix. "You wouldn't want to meet anyone down there. They're mad that they're caged, and most of 'em are insane besides. We need to stop whoever it is that escaped, or we'll be hearing about a massacre on the six o'clock news."

"If there's a Level Five out there," retorts Niel, "then running around the hallways injured and bleeding everywhere isn't going to do anyone good. Great way to get yourself killed, though." He follows along anyway, though. He's not exactly in a state to argue, and he's still armed. He'll go with the majority.

Fel's blue gaze goes hard at that. "Uh. Take a good look at us, lady. What's your stupid pet trick? You got one? I take it Wyatt Earp here doesn't have one, or he'd've used it. He's bad off. So is she. IF we sit here and soak, she's likely going to die of sheer shock. Because what I can do isn't gonna stop one of what you've described. Back when they had me cuffed to the drainpipes and I said I wasn't a threat to anyone other than with a gun, I meant it. If you want to come hunting once they're safely out of here, I'll come with you. But for now, we need to get people -out-. Don't try and tell me that we're the best they've got." He flicks on the radio again. "This is Ivanov, in the hospital wing. You got any backup available?" He's still dragging Megan out - they've likely come to the exit stairwell, by now.

That's the thing about being part of the Company. You do stupid things sometimes, and this is one of those times where Meryl feels that she has to do something. "I'm looking," she says. Short-spoken for once, she checks her magazine. Eight rounds left. Enough to take on a Level Five? Hopefully Megan's keen to come along for the ride, because Meryl's going. "Find some of those attendants, there's nurses. My job is keeping these people safe after they're out of here. And I never take my job seriously, ever. It'll be fun." Contradictory, sure! IT WORKS. With a smile, she heads out of the hospital to go on a manhunt.

Damn it. Once Meryl sets off, Niel glances after her with a scowl, then over to Felix. He's still got seven rounds in his clip, plus a second clip for backup. After a moment's pause, he shakes his head. "Get her out and come back once she's safe," he utters to the other main, pointing to the unconscious Scot before he turns and starts to set off after Meryl.

"Sonovagoddamnbitch," Says Fel. "I have never seen such massive retardation in all my born days. I have to work here, you know. You assholes don't get to commit suicide on my watch -how'd I ever explain to Bennett?" He kicks the door open - he's got Megan in a fireman's carry, only to glance down and spot Church in the stairwell. "Lawrence. Jesus. Help me out here."

Smoke. Charred landscapes. The wet dripping of the sprinklers from overhead. That's what Lawrence finds upon his reaching the upper levels of stairs. Coming behind him is another agent, and Benjamin- the latter has a knife embedded in his chest, and Lawrence has just a smear of red over his white shirt and patterned tie. It's dark, smoky, and wet as he ascends. At least he can't burn much else.

A small hum follows a burst of idle, glowing flame in Lawrence's hand, which slowly grows over his torso and head. The man has turned into a beacon in the dark, illuminating the blood-smeared stairs and the doorway up ahead.

It's…Felix. With a woman in hand. "Sylar's letting them out and I can't do a GODDAMN THING." Church's voice booms through the chamber as he reaches the top of the stairs. If nobody up here knew what was going on down there…well…they certainly do now.

"The master himself is here, huh?" Fel is completely sodden, but apparently unhurt. And then he peers at Benjamin. "Jesus Christ. We need to get you out of here and bandaged up, too Youngblood and that crazy girl went off to deal with some Level 5, because apparently now is the time to commit suicide. We dealt with a fucking pyrokine up here."

"Pyro? Are they down?" Lawrence practically skips a breath as he helps pull Ben and the extra agent to a flatter place. "Sylar's trying to get his greaseball hands on the prisoners- I would have compromised too much if I'd tried something- Bishop, Woods, and Armstrong were all trying to take him."

"Youngblood and I put a few rounds into her. She stopped attacking, but she's not secure," Fel says, calmly. His glasses are long gone, and he's blinking into the wonderful indoor rain. "Listen, I don't know what Youngblood's thinking, but it's not straight." He eyes Benjamin. "What happened to Winters, there?" A nurse has finally come creeping out of the rooms on the hospital wing, and he waves her over to help. He patiently reloads his pistol, keeping it out of the water by draping his coat over it.

"Telekinesis or some shit." Benji? Meet Nurse. Agent Dude helps Benji off with her help. "Who's down?" Lawrence's gun is…gone. At some point, he probably discarded it when he smeared a burning man over a wall.

Benjamin helped! Or he tried to help with the situation anyway. See what he got for his pains? As he's moved, he groans in an unconscious haze. He should be fine with emergency medical care, barring complications.

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