2007-02-12: Monsters


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Summary: Angie shows she has a heart under that cold ice queen exterior!

Date It Happened: February 12th, 2007

Log Title Monsters

Primatech - Hospital

It's been a day of tests, most of which have been slept through, and now Benjamin is back in his cell.. err, hospital room. Secure hospital room that is. As Dr. Aldric stated, the pain has abated. Some. At least he's stopped puking with too much movement and mental activity. It's a good thing that he's still sleeping off most of the medication, the concussion, because there is not a darn thing to be doing other than sleeping. The spartan room is really not all that interesting, although there is the movement out in the hallway to watch. Which got dull after awhile, and Ben has zoned out again. This really must be what fish feel like. Sitting behind glass and getting stared at. It's.. a little demeaning.

There's a knock on the door. Not really necessary, given the givens, but there's a knock nonetheless. This pre-empts Angie appearing from around behind it. She shuts the door behind her and takes a look around. Not much to see except for Benjamin. "Hey there Benji," she says pleasantly enough. No, really. She did it with almost no snark. She's shucked that big coat of hers someplace and has in her hands what appears to be a book, though the front jacket's been lost someplace so there's no telling what book it is.

Benjamin wasn't completely asleep, just sort of dozing there. So the opening of the door is just enough to bring him back to attention. He's having trouble relaxing, given the circumstances, and doesn't exactly trust anyone coming in and out of that door. "Only my mother calls me that," he says by way of correcting Angie. It's not snarky, just a flat statement. "Your company could have told me how many days I had Miss Alvarez. I was going to call."

"I know you were. I knew the night I talked to you that you would. Hopped up on painkillers or no, you're a responsible sort of guy," Angie replies evenly, moving over to the bed and laying the book beside Benjamin. She tugs a chair over from the desk then and takes a seat, crossing her legs. "I didn't hurt your friend, by the way. He's fine. I don't -like- hurting people with my gift, but I can. I spent a year in a room like this learning how not to hurt people with it."

This. This is a bedside manner Benjamin can relax around. The doctor from earlier wasn't so bad, but that Anders guy? Scary. "If you knew, then why come after me like that?" Slowly, he turns his head to look at Angie, and the book she sets down. "I'm glad to hear that, I was doing him a favor and I didn't want him in trouble.. what?? A year?" And panic sets in, "I can't spend a year here, I have a job, I have a life.. it's not much of one, but it's my life all the same." He looks past Angie towards the door leading out. He has a daughter to get to know, a mother to fuss over him.

"I do what I'm told when I'm told to do it. These people have done more for me than anyone else ever has," the woman shares, though that's about as far as she goes with revealing anything about herself. "Your ability is much more… peaceful. Than mine. Chill out, okay, you won't be here long, I'm sure. The book is to help you pass the time. It's American Gods."

Benjamin frowns some at Angie's explanation. "Even when it involves scaring people out of their minds by making them think they're being followed, and kidnapping them?" There's an expression of disapproval on his face as he says that. It sounds like a pretty horrible thing to make people do out of gratitude to him. "I don't even know what it is, other than making things go to sleep. And I haven't even managed that on purpose." Then he adds in a quiet undertone, "I wouldn't call it peaceful." He looks back at the book and turns to pick it up, "I haven't read for 'fun' in so long. I don't think the last two books I bought count as fun reading."

"You should get a kick out of it. Uh… but when you get to the Bilquis part, you may want to skip it. You seem kinda sensitive," the goth advises. "And believe me, your ability is about as peaceful as they come. You want non-peaceful?… Try a pissed off midget with the ability to hurl honest-to-god fireballs." Then, she adds, "And yes, by the by. I do what I'm told because I trust the people I work for do to what's right. They've never given me reason to doubt them before."

Benjamin blinks as he starts thumbing through the pages, "Why? What's wrong with that part of the book?" Sensitive? Whatever could /that/ mean? "Uh, you have a point there. It could be worse, not that it'll be bad once I learn control. I tried practicing on squirrels in the park yesterday. Didn't work very well," he admits. Ben sighs some and turns to look straight at Angie, and is tempted to correct her line of thinking, but holds his tongue on the matter. ".. I guess I just don't know how, or where to start. I'm still having trouble understanding all of this."

"Then let me make it clear for you, Benjamin…" Angie pushes to her feet then and says, while looking Benji in the eyes, "You won't be harmed here. We'll help you learn how to control your power and then you're going home. I promise." Then, as if realizing how sympathetic she's been being, she adds, "And if you tell anyone that I was nice to you, I'm going to egg your house."

Benjamin watches Angie and nods. The woman could be lying, but he's far too trusting. Sure she knocked him down in his own house, but she really could have roughed him up right? This sounds like a good deal to him, he gets help, he gets to go home. That's all there is to it. ".. I still don't think that .. miscreant had to go and hit me upside the head." Blink. Egg the house? "I.. I won't tell anyone. Egging the building isn't much of a threat, some of the neighbor's kids do that on the weekends." He's dead serious here. Maybe he failed to see the funny threat in Angie's words.

"Oh Benji… we have got to work on toughening you up some," the girl says, rubbing a hand down her face. "Yeah. Andy is… kind of a jerk. And I say that from the bottom of my soulless evil bitch heart. We'd had a bad start to our day. Nearly got taken out by someone with powers. You basically pulled your weapon first, trying to put him to sleep." Angie moves over to the bed and takes a seat on the edge. "Also, word of advice? If someone named Elle comes to visit? Tell her you aren't interested in what she's selling."

Benjamin looks cluelessly at Angie's comment. "Oh. It wasn't /my/ fault he was having a bad day.. and it's not like I succeeded or anything. I .. I'm sorry I tried to put you to sleep when I saw Mr. Gomez on the ground." Not that he came close to making that happen anyway. "I need to let him know that I'm alright.. Where's my cell?" He starts to look around for his things, as he hasn't even really looked for them as of yet. ".. Alright. Someone named Elle. I don't want what she's selling.. What /is/ she selling?"

"Look… you'll know her when you see her. Smallish. Blonde. Electricity fetish," Angie informs Benjamin in low tones. "Unless you're into that whole pain equals pleasure thing?" She eyes the man when he goes for his cell phone and says, "I don't know." It's an honest answer. "Don't worry about it. The sleeping thing. You were panicking. It happens. Fight or flight response, right? But the key is control… because without it, this power of yours, it'll make you a monster, not a man. I've seen plenty of monsters."

Benjamin's eyes widen in surprise, and horror. "That's.. uh.. no. I'm not." He flushes some, getting a little uncomfortable. A simple nod is made in response to the location of his cell, and as he doesn't see a phone in the room.. It's probably a good guess that calls out are frowned on. Or monitored. "It was the only thing I could think of. I've never been in a fight, a physical one that is." He flinches visibly when Angie tells him about control. "… I don't want to lose control.. I don't even know how to come to terms with what I've already done. Dr. Eames already warned me about that, he told me that the author of a book I had was killed by someone out of control."

"Chandra Suresh," Angie supplies. "That's the author. And the monster you're talking about is Sylar. He didn't just kill Suresh. He's killed a lot of people. Especially people with powers." She reaches out then and touches Benjamin's shoulder lightly, "Just another reason to learn how to use your power, right? Not just to keep yourself from harming people, but to protect them and yourself from people like that."

"That's the name, yeah and," Benjamin falls silent, and goes a little pale there at Angie's warning. "Killed them? What for? Just because they have powers?" The man looks horrified now about what he's found himself involved in. "I.. if we have powers, we're the stronger ones right? Wait.. Dr. Eames said he - Sylar - had powers." His head turns to look straight at Angie, "I don't think I want this."

"You think I did?" is the girl's response. "I'd give my right ovary to be normal. To spend the night with a guy and not have to leave in the middle of the night because I'm afraid I'll poison him to death in my sleep. People like us don't get to choose who we are. We have to be strong. We have to learn control. And we've got to protect people from monsters like Sylar." Angie looks away then, towards the door, before saying, "He had a power. Actually that was the problem. He had a lot of powers. He'd kill people and take their abilities."

"I'm starting to get that," Benjamin says softly as Angie starts talking. He's not sure if the honesty and information he's getting from her is a comfort, or makes him feel worse. "That's what you do then? By touch? That would.. explain how I fell asleep during your visit the other night." Throat visibly working as he swallows, he nods to the woman. "I'm not sure I can be strong, but I'll try." What she says, it makes sense to him. "With great power, comes great responsibility," he quotes quietly. Yes. He saw Spider-Man. He likes the occasional movie, okay? "That's.. horrible.. worse than horrible and I don't know if there's a word for that. Has he been stopped?"

"He's dead, if that's any comfort." Angie pushes up from the bed. "I don't imagine it is, though." She nods to Benjamin and says, "That's what I can do. I… thought you could use the sleep." She glances off to the side again. "I should let you get back to resting. You'll want to be one hundred percent for working on that ability of yours, right?"

Benjamin doesn't look particularly comforted. Sure one person is dead, but the things he's going to face for being different. It's.. a lot to take in. ".. Thank you.. It was a rough day, but it.. being told I was responsible didn't make things any easier." He holds the book up some, "Thanks for this. I have a feeling I'll go nuts without something to work on, or read and yeah." He tries to smile, but it comes across as a grimace. The conversation took his mind off the pain in his head, but it's still been there the whole time. "I won't tell anyone you were nice to me."

"You'd better not," Angie says with a smile that borders on being… warm. "Or I'll know. Anyway… if you finish that, I have a few more books. So, enjoy." She gives him a wave of her fingers and moves along towards the door, pulling it open and giving Benji one last look before heading out.

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