2007-02-07: Monumental Differences


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A small group of strangers convene around the Balto Memorial, and while Tamara distributes flowers to those willing to take them, Hailien lets Paige in on a secret.

Date It Happened: February 7th, 2007

Monumental Differences

Central Park

It's a few hours after Hailien was carted off to the nearest hospital from the Fourth Street Bank- they seem to have seen no real reason to keep here, even though no one can explain the freak accident of Green Leader being stuck in a floor, and how she was so brave to dare someone to shoot her- all accidents, all byproducts of her power. The young woman is once again leaning against the Balto memorial as night falls around them; she seems to be more quiet than usual, as people have either been A) ignoring her, or B) bothering her about earlier. She doesn't seem to want to talk either.

Walking much the same path as the night before, Paige is just as bundled up as always. In fact, the cold seems to disagree with her tonight, and she frees one hand from the collection of books she holds and tugs on her scarf, giving her more length to wrap around her neck. The footpath down which she walks will, in a short few steps, bring her past the Balto memorial. It's about here that she starts glancing up from her feet every few seconds, searching the paths as if looking for something.

Once she got off from work, Eliana made her way to Central Park for what she had wanted to be an inspirational walk. Less than successful, the pink-haired writer is on her way home. She wears a white scarf, the ends of which are tucked into the collar of her charcoal pea coat, and her hands are stuffed in her pockets. Eliana doesn't seem to be paying much attention to anything as she walks along the brick, save for the click of her heeled boots.

There seems to be quite the gathering around this memorial, as another figure comes out of the evening gloom. Wearing her green sweater but not really minding the cold, Tamara gives both of the other teens a bright smile - she's not ignoring Hailien, for what that's worth - before reaching in to set a flower at the dog's feet. Whereupon she promptly sits down on the pedestal, just in front of it.

Hailien smiles brightly at Tamara, snuggled tightly in her winter jacket even as she calls out to Paige, neatly; "Miss, are you looking for something?" This is said right as she steps into the brick path, and Eliana's way, unintentionally-probably-causing another accident- Balto is no good luck charm for certain New Yorkers, it seems.

"What?" As she turns to glance to Hailien, a look of faint disappointment on her face, Paige draws to a slow stop. "Oh, no. I'm just looking for someone." Before she can take note of the impending collision, her attention drifts to Tamara, and the sight of the girl in little more than a sweater seems to surprise Paige. After watching Tamara for a few seconds in silence, she raises her shoulders some in reaction to a sudden chill - or is that just her? - and asks, "Aren't you cold? It's freezing out here."

Eliana snaps to attention just in time and takes a half-step back to avoid running into Hailien. But rather than give her the usual New Yorker salutations in such an event, she boggles a bit and looks around. These people are talking to each other, and that one, the one with the flower. What's up with her. "It's February," she adds to Paige's statement, quirking an eyebrow upward.

Into the park walks Desiree, rubbing her hands together in front of her. She wears a pair of green knit gloves that are a few shades off of matching her jacket, but she's chilly nevertheless - she is, after all, from the South. It's a very random path that she chooses to stroll, having no real destination in mind - due in large part because she doesn't know where she's going, and wouldn't know how to get there if she did. The woman seems to be enjoying herself well enough despite the cool air and the late hour, taking time to look around at the various sights. Though she looks around at the other various people in Central Park, namely the girls she approaches, she doesn't yet seem to recognize Paige from this distance. …which might be a good thing.

Tamara shakes her head a bit as Hailien steps out into the path, but doesn't say anything about the collision that didn't happen. Instead, she smiles faintly to Paige. "It is, it was. It doesn't make a difference." Blue eyes flick to Eliana, and Tamara tips her head, returning the curious look in kind. "Maybe. Maybe not." She crosses her ankles, leaning back to rest her shoulders against the bronze dog's forelegs.

Hailien smiles. "Whom, then?" She inquires, before blinking at Tamara for more than two seconds. "Whoa, you have got to be cold. I know I am." She shivers. "Course, that just might be from earlier." Desiree is noticed and waved too- where does Hai know her from? Common Grounds, maybe? Then she leans back against the statue.

"Seriously," Paige replies to Eliana, nodding in agreement. It's as if talking about the cold somehow makes it worse, and she wraps her free arm around the one carrying her schoolbooks. When Tamara offers half a dozen completely non-committal responses, however, Page flicks a glance in the direction of Eliana, questioning. "Oookay," she says quietly, looking back to Tamara somewhat dubiously now. "You sure you don't want my scarf or something, at least?" She's preoccupied enough with the strange girl that she doesn't catch Hailien's amended question; or, if she did catch it, she isn't replying.

While Eliana isn't exactly uncharitable, she's been in the city long enough to know that it's not always a good idea to give things away, especially things you like. When Paige offers her scarf, Eliana scrunches her shoulders as if it were her own that was in question. She shakes her head, then turns to walk away.

Desiree gives Hailien a buoyant little smile of politeness - and then her casual strolling comes to a tentative halt when she sees Paige. She adopts an expression not unlike a deer in the headlights - or perhaps more like a bunny rabbit, spotting danger. Pause? Check. Stare with widened eyes? Check. Cower slightly? Check. It's not that the teenage girl scares her at all, it's just that, well… she feels badly. Blinking away her overly sensitive expression, she shakes her head of curls and keeps on walking, incidentally bringing her closer to the younger lot. "Evenin'," she tells them, just a bit sheepish. It looks like she's going to keep on walking by, though.

Tamara watches Eliana depart with a thoughtful expression, then pushes herself upright, stepping away from the statue's base. Stepping out into the path, she draws a second flower from the pocket of her sweater; a white lily just slightly the worse for wear. Turning to Desiree, Tamara offers her both the flower and a cheerful smile. "Good evening." A sidelong glance to Hailien and Paige. "I didn't forget you, either." Just so they don't think they should feel left out.

Hailien waves good-bye to E, then, as she watches the conversation get a bit strained, she idly walks around the balto memorial a few times, even as she asks, almost wonderingly, "Did you all hear about the bank robbery earlier?"

The familiar voice draws Paige's attention away from Tamara, her eyes widening a bit as she catches sight of the woman she met earlier in the week. She adopts a similar expression to that which Desiree wore when first noticing her, at least until the sheepish slant to Desiree's voice makes Paige feel somewhat guilty. "Sorry for, um… running away," she says, offering the older woman a sheepish smile of her own. "It wasn't y— bank robbery?" Yep, that catches her attention. She swings her head back around to face Hailien, shaking her head.

Before she gets two solid steps away, Desiree's clunky knee-high boots *crrr-runch* underfoot as she stops. "A flower?" she queries cheerfully, if with a good deal of confusion. Looking from the delicate white object to Tamara's face, back and forth and smiling, she carefully takes the offering. "For me? Well, isn't that sweet. And they say New Yorkers ain't friendly." A worried nod is given to Hailien on a complete three-sixty of a subject change, which waylays her from saying another word to Paige. "Yeah, I saw it on the news for just a few seconds. Does that kinda thing happen a lot here? Well. I wouldn't be surprised, seems like counted five banks in five minutes."

She 'didn't forget them', but they've forgotten her. Tamara simply smiles faintly, not much more than a lift of one side of her mouth, then turns back to Desiree. "And no one else," she assures the woman. While the others are distracted, the teen steps around Desiree. Two additional flowers are placed on the pavement before Tamara begins down the path herself, in the opposite direction from where Eliana disappeared to.

Angie meanders down one of the Central Park paths to the bridge, which coincidentally gives her a nice view of the Balto statue just a couple dozen feet away. Sipping from a steaming Starbucks cup, she eyes the folks down around there, then lifts a cigarette to her mouth. She takes a draw before letting the smoke slowly trickle out of her nose, then strikes a lean up against the side of the bridge, so it doesn't seem so much like she's staring.

Hailien shakes her head. "Not like that one." She says. "That one's just unusual because of what happened to the robbers and with that girl." She shrugs. "But I was there, I saw it." Or rather, she was it- anyone who heard about surely at least saw her face, even as she looks at the women gathered.

"You were there?" Suffice it to say that Paige hadn't heard about the robbery, because the look she gives Hailien is nothing short of disbelieving. "Wow." She can't quite think of anything else to say, and she stuffs her free hand into the pocket of her coat, casting a glance around the park again. Her eyes pass over Angela, narrowing just slightly. "I should get going," she says, shifting the books from one arm to the other and readjusting her toque. She looks back to Desiree, adding, "I really am sorry for leaving so fast the other day. If you still want that paper, you can have it."

Desiree watches Tamara, intrigued and amused by the strangely fey teenager. "Well… al-al… right then," she says with a nod before the girl departs. She blinks down at the flowers before looking up at the others. Her brows raise when Hailien announces she was there, but there's no recognition in Dezi's face - her TV-watching was brief and distracted. "Oh," she voices to Paige, jarred from her thoughts about what a bank robbery must have been like. "Don't worry about it. I didn't mean to spook you. I was just ramblin' on nonsense. Probably didn't mean a thing. Oh no, it's just silly paper," the woman says, shaking her head. But… then she pauses. "…well, if you have it /on/ you…"

Tamara pauses as she approaches Angie, studying the older girl for a brief moment. "I wondered." But she doesn't explain what about; instead, the teen draws one more flower from her pocket, a crimson lily. "The last one was yours." But she doesn't give it to Angie; she just sets it on the path and keeps walking, leaving the little group behind.

Hailien shrugs. "Yep, and it wasn't much of wow." She admits, shrugging slightly. "Nearly got myself killed, if it haden't been for that one other lady that threw a guy and them being complete idiots."

Angie 's expression and body language don't change an iota when Paige gazes up in her direction, nope. She just sips her drink and takes another drag of her cigarette. When Tamara approaches, she opens her mouth to say something, but when the girl speaks and then lays a flower down on the path for her, her brows come together quizzically. "Yeah, okay," she starts to grump half-heartedly, "Just keep on walkin'." When she's certain the girl is out of sight she bends and picks up the crimson lily, shaking her head.

"Someone threw someone?" Paige had already begun sifting through the books in her arms in search of the piece of paper in question, but she's distracted briefly by Hailien's remark. "Whoa. Pretty bad bank robbery, huh?" Angie seems to be forgotten, or at least Paige is doing her model best to make it look that way as she continues leafing through a binder. Finally, she finds the sheet of paper, rips it from the binder. "Oh, I found it," she says somewhat unnecessarily, folding the paper and handing it to Desiree.

Desiree takes the paper graciously, albeit a bit awkwardly. It's just a piece of paper with some highschool homework notes and coffee stains, after all. That's all it /should/ be, at least. She doesn't chance unfolding it now, at any rate; she just smiles at Paige, once more a bit sheepishly, and tucks it into her pocket. "Well. Y'all have a good night. And stay away from banks incase it's one of them strings of crime or whatever they're called. I'm gonna go find somewhere warm. Byee!" She waves a gloved hand and starts down the path, looking back once over her shoulder; she catches a glimpse of Angie, but thinks nothing of it and carries on her way.

Hailien nods at Paige. "Yes, a woman did. Um. I think she was blonde, I think- I didn't see her too clearly from where I was, but, y'know, I could be entirely right or entirely wrong." She watches Angie for a moment, and blinks after Tamara. "I'm weird, but she takes the cake." She murmurs under her breath softly.

Angie stares at the lily one moment more before she tucks it behind her right ear. For a second there, it looked like she might tear it apart, just for existing. The girls by the statue are eyed one more time before she starts to move along, noting Desiree as she walks onward. Nothing to see here, it would seem.

"I wish she'd taken my scarf," Paige remarks as she looks after Tamara, her frown returning. "She's going to be cold." She shakes her head as she turns back to Desiree, raising a hand in a wave after the woman. "Good night!" Didn't she say she was going to be on her way, too? It's seeming less like she's prepared to do that. She offers a quick smile to Hailien. "What makes you so weird?"

Hailien peers at Angie as she goes by, then she shrugs a bit at Paige. "At what I can do…" She says, resting her palm on the memorial before letting it sink slightly into the metal and pulling it back out. "Ah, well. I suppose we are all unusual in our own ways."

That certainly catches Paige by surprise: the words alone are enough to make her devote her full attention to the girl, and when Hailien's hand drifts into the statue? She takes a step back, her brow furrowing. "Whoa," she says at first, blinking several times. Holding one hand out in front of her, she looks between Hailien and the statue. "How… did you do that?"

Hailien idly flexes her one hand, then shrugs. "We never quite figured it out." She comments. "It has to do with the molecules and their structure inside of my body, we've gotten seen by a lot of physiology and anatomy people, on top of doctors and psychiatrists." She admits. "But it's useful." She bites the bottom of her lip, shaking her head. "Sometimes it just sucks, though."

"That's amazing!" Shaking off her initial discomfort, Paige takes a few steps towards Hailien, looking between the girl's face and the hand that went through the statue. "Does it work through anything?" Provided the girl isn't about to run away, Paige approaches her even further, peering at the memorial, too, as if to convince herself that it wasn't just an illusion.

"It is." She says, mildly, running both hands through it now. "There's only one thing it doesn't work with, and that's that I can't phase through another human." She explains.

A smile breaks across Paige's face then as she watches Hailien wave her hands through the statue, her expression one of bewilderment and impression. "That's so cool," she says, taking her own gloved hand and flattening her palm against the statue as if she might be able to do the same thing. …she can't. She seems about to say something else when something in her pocket beeps, and she procures a silver cell phone from her pocket, squinting at the screen. "Whoops. That's my dad. I was supposed to be home half an hour ago." She raises her hand in a swift wave, still holding the phone, and starts to head down the path. As she does, she says, "For the record, that thing you can do? /So/ cool. Bye!"

Hailien grins and waves. "Thanks." She says. "I'm Hailien!" She calls after Paige as she starts heading her own way home.

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