2007-08-10: Mood Breaker


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Summary: After talking with Samantha, Mohinder races to check in on Namir.. also.. Molly knows how to break a mood.

Date It Happened: August 10th, 2007

Log Title Mood Breaker

Primatech - Hartsdale Facility

Almost immediately upon hanging up with Samantha, Mohinder makes quick work of locating a file folder in medical. Then? He's on his way down to the cells. He doublechecks the 'room number' in the files before he appears in the window Namir has.. the one that faces to the hallway. Not much of a view is it? There's an unreadable expression on Mohinder's face. Sort of a neutral frown. He flips through the papers in the file, getting straight down to Namir's ability that's notated.

That ability is rather straightforward. Manipulation of sound doesn't take much explanation. Namir himself is laid out on his side on the cot with his back to the window, not moving. His eyes are closed in deep concentration — apparently attempting to get his powers to work despite the obvious fact that they, well, don't. It might look like he's asleep, actually.

Mohinder hesitates as his hand overs over the intercom button. This man helped him and Molly out in a time of need.. this is not a way to repay the situation. Perhaps there is some other way.. He glances again to the file.. Translation necessity. Surely leaving the man in a cell is no way to ask for his help. Finally, he presses the button and speaks, "Mr. Dayan?"

Sound. Did he do that?

… no. Namir's eyes snap open and he rolls onto his back, head craning around to peer at the window. When he sees who is on the other side, his rather stony expression becomes one of confusion. "Doctor Suresh?" The Israeli swings his legs over the edge of the cot and rises to his feet. "This is how you continue your father's work?" Despite the situation, his tone still lingers in the realm of neutrality. Only the faintest hint of displeasure and anger shows through.

"I.. make no excuses for my choice in alliances.." Because nothing is good enough. At least, any justification that Mohinder can give that won't jeopardize his and Molly's hides. Somehow.. the fact that the Company can fund his research doesn't fly anymore. "I had no idea that you were taken into custody, until Dr. Applebaum contacted me. I'm not proud that I had to lie to her about your whereabouts."

Samantha contacted … ? She must have been digging deep to go to Mohinder in hopes of finding information about Namir's whereabouts. The Indian man is not exactly high up on the list of People To Call When Namir Goes Missing. The lawman's lips remain in a cold frown as he ambles toward the window to stand as face-to-face as he can with Mohinder. His stance is non-threatening, almost relaxed even. "If you wanted to study what I can do, a simple invitation would have sufficed," he states flatly. But it was apparently out of his control. Perhaps that's why Namir is not openly angry towards the scientist. "Sam called?"

"I deserve that. However, this was not my call. I am very much kept in the dark for the most part when it comes to detaining people. According to this file here, there are those in this organization who want you for your ability." Mohinder says, even going so far as to hold up that particular note to the glass for Namir to see. "I would have been more than happy to meet under more pleasant circumstances and of your own free will. And yes.. she contacted me. I was very surprised that she asked. I had no idea that you even possessed an ability. Mr. Dayan, I know you are angry with me right now, but I have not forgotten your generosity towards Molly and myself."

Namir shakes his head and runs a hand through his hair with a sigh. All of this is tiresome. He's been locked in a cell for days, kept from his family and his girlfriend for that amount of time, and right now he would like nothing more than to go home. "I am not angry with you. You obviously didn't know." Namir at least believes him on that point. "I am angry that I have been kidnapped and stuck in a glass room when I have done nothing wrong."

"I understand completely." The sad truth is, Namir is not alone in his plight. Mohinder puts the papers back into order before closing the file. "I would like to see what I can do about the situation. To repay your kindness." Some people.. he can understand why they were brought in.. but this situation baffles the mind. "Mr. Dayan.. how aware are you of your ability?" Apparently somewhat, as Samantha mentioned it.

There is silence in the hallway. That may not seem like something to note, however, it is when after a few moments, the serious conversation between Namir and Mohinder is interrupted by the door being kicked open and Molly tumbling into it, breathless. Her face has been noticeably streaked with blue - probably from the make up that was a gift from Mara. As are her hands. In her hands she clutches a large super soaker and she quickly presses herself up against the wall. She doesn't even look, yet, to see who she just barged in on. Of course, she knows that it's Mohinder. She came looking for him. "SHH," she hisses. "I'm winning." At what? Who knows.

"I have been using it consciously for at least ten years or so," Namir responds. "I am quite in control of it." Before he can say more, however, in bursts Molly and he blinks in surprise at the girl bearing his supersoaker. He glances at Mohinder, then at the girl again, not quite sure what to make of this. He has Molly in this place?

Mohinder is suitably distracted from Serious Conversation by Molly's arrival. He turns to stare at his ward.. amusement twitching on his face briefly at her appearance. There's also some horror there too. This is going to take some cleaning later. "Ah.. I see that.. I don't think you should be playing down here however.." He doesn't glance back at Namir. He doesn't want Molly to see the man down here for many reasons. "I think a new order of sparkle dust for Nico was due to arrive today.." Hint hint, go check the mail room sweetie.

There's a wild grin on her face and then, the Agent body guard assigned to her finally walks through the doorway. He's soaked through his suit and wearing a decidedly unamused expression. Molly giggles and then shoots at the Agent again before weaving around Mohinder and then dashing out the door. "One more point for me!" she calls out, her feet still able to be heard slapping against the linoleum. "I'm still winning." The Agent says nothing. He gives Mohinder and then Namir a withering look and then just turns around to follow after Molly. This poor guy has the worst job in the building right now.

"FREEDOOOM!" is heard ringing out through the hallways in Molly's squeaky voice. Then, she's gone.

Almost sensing Mohinder's unease at his presence — or Molly's presence as it were — Namir does his best to keep his face down without being too obvious about his attempts to hide from the girl. When she's gone, his expression has not changed much, save to soften a little around the edges. The Agent doesn't get much more than a look. Then, the Israeli returns his attention to Mohinder. You were saying?

Okay.. Sorry Namir.. Many apologies.. Mohinder collapses against the wall laughing. Even as the Agent eyes him with a distinct lack of amusement. "I will see you in a bit Molly.. don't forget.. dinner is at 6!" The bright spot of joy in his life has now fled the hallway, and he turns back to the task at hand, speaking with Namir. ".. Sorry about that.. She has freedom to roam much of the facility. We were relocated here, and to another place for personal safety from Sylar." The explanation isn't necessary, but he gives it anyway.

Not really. Namir nods a little, leaning against the glass with one arm. There's a faint smile on his face. "It must be difficult, raising her in a place like this," he utters. At least she's safe, though. Even if it is a prison.

"It is.. I can't send her back to school for safety reasons.." Mohinder glances from the glass to the direction Molly has taken off in. His shoulders slump somewhat with a sigh as his attention is back on Namir. "I need to familiarize myself with your file, then I will have words with a few people. There's… they could have simply approached you instead of taking you by force." It's clear he disagrees with the force factor in this case. "I don't see anywhere in this documentation that you could be a danger, on top of being in control. Your record and history is impeccable." Save for that little incident at the stadium with shooting a fellow officer.

Yes, that one incident. He would explain it, given the chance. Namir nods again, because he really is not a danger to anyone (except the bad guys). A misunderstanding. It's still extremely upsetting to have been put through this (and to have put Sam and his family through this; she must be worried sick if she's been calling around). "There is a woman here," he adds. "Megan. Her arm was in a cast. Why is she a danger? She didn't seem to be."

"You saw her?" Of course.. the window. There is that. Mohinder glances in the direction of where Megan is held. "She was not aware of her ability. Bodily possession of others. Those in charge here.. they deemed it prudent that she was brought in before she caused an accident."

"And the cast?" Namir had observed that it was a recent one and guessed that it had been put on either very soon before her snatching or afterward. It didn't seem as though she had been brought in very kindly, unlike himself. He keeps his eyes on Mohinder, scrutinizing the man.

"That was accidental.. according to the reports, it happened in the scuffle. It was not intentional." Mohinder's gaze is back on Namir. "I can't tell Dr. Applebaum that you're here, in this place, but I want to get her a message for you. I don't like lying to her any more than I already have.." But it's there.. another lie will have to be made.

"She is hardly large enough to be a major threat to anyone," grunts Namir, smirking in a wry manner. "I can't see why a scuffle would be needed that would wind up with her wrist broken." He was brought in by a woman that he could have easily overpowered, even. "Is there no way for these people to be reasoned with and asked to come in for these things? Megan seems reasonable." Again, his tone is level. He could be asking about the weather for all he seems riled, though there is an edge to his tone. At the mention of Sam, his expression falls into a frown. She's probably beside herself, and really, he would like to get out and see her as soon as humanly possible. And he also does not want to lie to her either, leading to his next question: "How long will I be here?"

"The.. situation got a little out of control.. Another Agent tried to defend Miss Deatley.. and the Agent trying to subdue her? She doesn't know her own strength at times. It was a pure accident." Mohinder sets the files down on the floor for now. Otherwise, he'll just fidget with the papers. "I do agree with her physical stature as not being a threat. Her ability on the other hand.. she was in denial, no control over it. A very bad mix. "… That I don't know. Usually.. people are only held for twenty-four to forty-eight hours. In your case? It depends on who wants your ability and what they want to do with you." He wants to intervene. Much like how he wants to help Megan come to grips, get some control and let her go asap.

For dangerous sorts, Namir can understand the need for force. Staying safe is a priority in his own work too. Perhaps there was a threat with Megan of which he is not aware. After all, his own experience with capture was fairly painless. He wasn't muscled into a car or anything of the sort. Again he nods, then squeezes his nose between thumb and forefinger. He doesn't know when he'll be out. "If you give her a message, she will want to know where I am and how you know where I am," he intones. "Just … may I have a piece of paper and a pen?"

"Of course." Mohinder will probably be raked over the coals for this, but he owes the man a debt. He picks up the folder, flipping through it, and finds a blank sheet of paper. From within his lab coat, he withdraws a pen. Both in hand, he lets himself into Namir's room without caution. "Here, I will see to it that she gets this.. Where would you like me to leave it for her?"

There's no need for caution; Namir doesn't attempt to get out. He's been a peaceful prisoner, and he's not about to give them a reason to hold him for any longer than is needed. He takes the pen and paper and begins to write out a note — in English, which is rather difficult for him. Not because of the language itself, but because of his inherent disability. It takes a little time. "In Mount Sinai. Have them deliver it to her there." Once he's done, he folds up the paper and passes it to Mohinder.

Mohinder waits patiently for Namir to write it out.. It was on the intelligence on the man. The dyslexia. The geneticist makes no move to read the note. It goes straight into his pocket. Hesitant, he says, ".. would.. I'm sorry if this is personal.. but to pass the time.. would you like someone to help.. with the dyslexia?"

Unfortunately, it is rather personal — something that Namir likes to keep between himself and his family. Not even Sam knows about it, and when Mohinder mentions it, he takes on a slightly more steely demeanor. "No. I manage it just fine on my own." His voice is flat and cold. "Thank you."

Mohinder clears his throat in a nervous and apologetic manner. "I'm sorry for the intrusion." It was an offer. ".. There are things that I can bring you for passing the time. Books, papers.. unfortunately nothing electronic.. for security.. What could I have sent to you?" Obviously, Namir's halal diet is taken into consideration too.

Nothing electronic means no XBox, which would have been Namir's first choice. Fortunately, he's capable of entertaining himself without the use of a game system. "Some books, please, if you have them. Something adventurous or historic, and I'm fond of the classics. And some, ah, Sudoku puzzles if you can." The boredom has been the most unbearable of all.

"You shall have your requests within the hour," Mohinder says. The first thing he's doing when he leaves this room, getting Namir's entertainment to him. Then he's having the letter delivered. Maybe.. depending on circumstances.. Namir can get that Xbox. "Mr. Dayan.. I'm terribly sorry this has happened to you and I'll do what I can for you."

Namir shakes his head. "Thank you. I just want this to be finished." There's the understatement of the week.

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