2007-12-29: Moon Madness on Monday


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Summary: Kory tries to get a moment with KeLyssa, but the post-holiday rush and pre-signing Leah turn their minds to more interesting conversations.

Date It Happened: December 29, 2007

Moon Madness on Monday

The Secret Lair

It's an average day at the Secret Lair and all the geeks, nerds, and other such fans of various eras are packed around the store. There are discussions to be heard about The Hulk (debates around the Red Hulk in particular), about the X-Men, about Star Trek, and about anything else that you can imagine in this shop. KeLyssa can be seen all over the place, helping out the customers, stocking up the videos, comics, and such, and talking to people left right and centre.

Kory comes in, laden with packages. Apparently somebody's been to the post office. She has to dodge Rodney, who can't seem to grasp the idea of walking when he comes into the Lair. "Hi, Rodney," Kory sighs, "Slow down." The deadpan in her voice implies she expects that he will not listen as is his wont. "Hey, KeLyssa!" she calls, as she starts setting down packages on the counter and thus is able to see who's running the place today. "How's it been today, okay?"

KeLyssa shakes her head while talking to someone. "No no no! Ya got it all wrong! Guinan's an El-Aurian, an' El-Aurian's got there own planet, only it was destroyed by the Borg who happened to either destroy the El-Aurians or assimilate 'em. Guinan an' others escaped though. But not many of 'em escaped. It's silly ta think they actually CAME from the Nexus!" She giggles. She hears her name and looks over. "Hey, Boss Lady! Yeah, it's been dandy. Ain't been too busy just yet."

Kory listens to the diatribe and applauds KeLyssa's defense of Guinan. "Oh, well done." She nods, approvingly. "And here I thought you might have been out of your depth. I stand corrected." And then she grins, sheepishly. "And please — it's just Kory. Nima is the Boss Lady."

KeLyssa grins a little sheepishly at Kory. "I've really gotten into Star Trek since workin' here. I've done a bunch of watchin' and readin' of it." She smiles, shrugging. "But if ya want someone whose a real expert comics, ya should really meet my brother. Boy, he's somethin' else. He puts on this rough and tumble, hard boy act, but he's a real comic book reader." She nods slightly. "If ya say so, lesser-boss lady." She says with a coy grin.

"You are not a genie," Kory says, unboxing the packages with care. She's apparently been digging for rares again. "So when I say call me Kory, I mean call me Kory, not some variation on boss-lady." She's amused, though, even though she turns and waggles a finger in KeLyssa's direction.

Out of one of the boxes comes the Young Justice trio statue.

KeLyssa grins at Kory. "Fine, fine, Kory. So, did Dani get his video just fine? I forgot to ask him." She smiles as she walks to the front of the store to the counter.

"I think the other one is in here somewhere. I got him the first one but told him the Garbage Pail one wouldn't make it in time for Christmas," Kory says, turning to watch KeLyssa approach. "Speaking of Dani — so? How'd it go? You don't look like you have spent any time crying your eyes out. And I didn't see anything on the news about Dani freaking out spectacularly." This last, with lowered voice.

KeLyssa smiles a little. "He'll be glad to hear that ya've got it here for him, I'm sure." She smiles shyly. "I think it went real good. He took me to this nice restaurant around the Greenwich Village area and then we watched a movie." She shakes her head. "Didn't spend no time cryin', 'cause there was no spilt milk. He was a perfect gentleman." She says softly. "There wouldn't be no reason for him to freak out. Not just yet, leastways."

Kory nods, "See, what'd I tell ya? The real you was what he saw when he asked you out. He just got to see a little more of it, and he still likes ya." She seems genuinely pleased to hear that, but raises a brow at KeLyssa's last remark. "You…planning to give him a reason to freak out, then, are ya?"

KeLyssa smiles and nods. "Ya were right, Kory. And thank ya, I needed some encouraging words." She shrugs. "But the first dates over, and now I think I might just be lookin' forward to the next one." She says with a little grin. "Oh, I never give people a reason to freak out. It just ain't in my nature! It just happens." She says coyly.

Kory reaches out to clasp KeLyssa's shoulder. "I know it just happens. Randall's the first guy who's stuck around in awhile. So I can understand why you'd be concerned about it." Kory's own cheeks redden a little at the admission. "But there are a million stories in the naked city as the saying goes. We get to choose what kind of stories we're in. Romances or tragedies. I think I've had enough of tragedy. You?"
Rochelle has arrived.

KeLyssa smiles a little at Kory, nodding. "Randall seems plenty nice, he does." She says with a big wide grin. "Don't think ya got anythin' to worry 'bout with him!" She nods firmly. "Millions of stories, no doubt. And I most certainly do not want the tragedy. Mmmh mmmh. Nope." She shrugs. "I'm sure everythin' will work out in the end, though."
Leah and Rochelle couldn't be more different in build, a fact that's highlighted as they walk in together. Leah looks positively tiny next to her cousin, but well, she makes up for it in personality. "I need to stop in here and give Kory info on when my next book is coming out. I just found out the release date! My agent said it was like my Christmas present." Leah says with that slightly ditzy tone her voice often has.

"I hope you're right. You'd think a little insomnia wouldn't scare people away, but people think it's unnatural or something," Kory shrugs. "So good for us both. Valentine's Day should be fun. Maybe we can double-date between now and—" she drops off, though, hearing the door. "Happy Last week of the year!" she calls to those coming in. And then blink-blink. Little Leah. Large Rochelle.

KeLyssa giggles. "You think insomnia's bad? Well…actually, to some it might be. But it happens! People think it strange that I don't get cold too easily. 'Specially with my bein' from the south an' all. But I tell, ya, if you can be covered in /ice/ and still be kinda fine, you can do well practically anywhere." She smiles, but doesn't expand. At least she won't unless Kory asks her. "Mmm, a double date'd fun, I think!" She looks up as two very opposite people enter the store. She leave the talking to Kory.

It's probably not the first time that Rochelle has met with Leah and subsequently been toted along on some manner of Epic Quest(tm). It is the first time it has been to the Lair. Rochelle has really only been a regular since the early fall, while a lot of customers have been in and out for years. She follows her cousin in the front door, not quite keeping up with the words also coming out of her mouth. "Was it really, or was that just an excuse because he forgot to get you one? Hello, Kory." Rochelle responds with a tired word to the Lair's current keeper.

"Oh, hey there. Ms. Rochelle, Leah." Kory raises both brows. "Did I hear you say release date? We have to schedule it around the full moon! We could even start a fanart contest, if you want!" She comes around the counter. "Oh, y'all? This is KeLyssa. She's my sanity valve."
Leah gives her cousin a bright smile. "Oh, both, probably. You know men." She rolls her eyes before she's moving towards the counter. "Happy almost New Years!" She says giving Rochelle a smile. "Oh, you know Kory? Cool." KeLyssa gets a grin from the bubbly one as well. "Insomnia sucks. But it's nice to meet you, KeLyssa." Her gaze moves back to Kory. "Yep! Well, it's not until the beginning of April, so we'll have to see what full moons are around there, because that would be a totally cool time to have it!"

KeLyssa smiles at Kory. "Well, I certainly /try/ to be a sanity valve, as much as possible." She grins, looking over at Rochelle and Leah. "It's certainly nice to meet ya both. Ms. Rochelle and Leah, did I hear?" She nods to both of them. "Are you a writer then?" She asks of Leah.

"I really.. don't…" Rochelle mutters at the first comment, nodding when she's asked about Kory. The nod is about the only response to that she can get in before Leah flutters off into some other train of thought. Rochelle sort of needs one of those valves, huh? "Axe the Ms., and you've got it. Nice to meet you too, KeLyssa." The bigger woman bares a polite smile at the others, eyes drifting over to a stand where there seems to be a stack of Marvel Omnibus books. I'll just- look over here for a minute. You all do that thing where you… socialize like chickens.

Kory grins. "Right." She doesn't immediately say Ms. Rochelle again, but shares an amused look with KeLyssa. "So April…I'll check the moonphase and then we can sort out the date. Anything you need? Green M&Ms in a bowl next to you while you sign?"

Leah giggles at that thought. "Well, you know what they say about the green ones. But no. Just a good supply of pens, because whenever I do a signing I seem to run through all the ones I bring and need more. I swear pens hate me. That's why I type on my computer." She states before she looks over to Rochelle. "Hey, cuz? Weren't we going to be, like, social today?" Or maybe that was only Leah. "Oh, and yeah, I right novels. About werewolves."

KeLyssa smiles at Rochelle. "Yes ma'am, Rochelle." She grins at Kory before looking at Leah. "Oooh, werewolves. I like the stories 'bout them werewolves. They always seem to catch my fancy, they do." She speaks with her very obvious southern accent. "I used to read a li'l bit of werewolf stories back when I was in Louisiana."

"Please don't give her sugar, no matter what she says." Rochelle interjects and is probably caught looking between Kory and Leah as if the former were crazy. "I'm being social. This is me, being social." Just for that, she does take a careful step more towards the trio. She looks a bit guilty, for some reason, all of a sudden- not because of the chastising, but because she has never read her cousin's books. She tried, once! Really.

Kory is already typing memos to herself in her PDA. It's not a hipster PDA like the one Lee uses. It's — you know — a real one. "Ok, not green M&Ms, but lots and lots of pens. Got a preference for a brand? Bic? Pilot? Paper*Mate?" She thumbs with expertise into the minikeypad. "And see if I can find an awesome remix of Moonlight Feels Right and Werewolves of London to play as your entry music. You can make a big entrance from the back…" She blinks up at Rochelle. "Do you know how much energy it takes to deal with the Fan Horde? She'll need it! Maybe Moon Pies, yeah. That's thematically appropriate…"
typetypetype goes Kory. Clickclickclick goes her PDA.

Leah rolls her eyes at Rochelle. "Just because I lost it that one Fourth of July on all the parade candy. I was like six!" She adds. And really, probably about as energetic as she is today. "I don't really have a brand preference, but I like the pens that write colors other than black. Purple pens are my favorite." But then, liking purple is hardly a shocker for a girly girl like Leah. She give Rochelle a bright smile for coming closer then offers a hand to KeLyssa. "Wonderful! Well, if you haven't read mine, I'll have to bring them by for you. This'll be my third coming out in April. Leah Bristol. You new to the city?"

KeLyssa grins a little at Leah as she talks. "I do think I'll have to read your books, then." She says with a wide smile. "Pleasure to meet ya." She says, extending her hand to shake Leah's. "Yeah, only been here 'bout a month or so, so I'm fairly new." She grins.
"Then give her some carbs or something." Rochelle peers down at Leah when she comes to stand beside her. "I remember that like it was yesterday. And Easter at nine. And Christmas at twelve." So on and so forth. Moral of the story: You can't hide/keep candy from Leah, and then you'll be sorry you bought any once she eats it. "They make purple pens?" News to me.

"Purple," Kory repeats. "Gel, glitter, or metallic? Do you want silver too — you know, for the irony?" She nods at Leah. "You have to tell me about all of them. Not just so I can read them, but so I can have all the ones available for sale! Ooh, maybe I could call Cass and this could be a cooperative venture between us and Enlightenment!" Bright eyes as the ideas keep sparking under all that hair. "Carbs. I can do carbs. Cookies. Pie? Cake…" she trails off, still typing, as the idea of where she might be able to get an awesome werewolf theme cake eludes her.

Leah looks over to Rochelle with a wounded expression. "Hey, Christmas at 12 was at least half the fault of that two liter of Mountain Dew." And don't caffienate the Leah would be lesson 2. "Moonlight and Silerstream are the two out so far. I don't have a definate title on the next one. It should be set along with the cover in the next week or two. Maybe three with the holidays." Leah adds with a bright smile. "I'll bring a copy of each for you guys to read, so you'll be all caught up for the next one. Oh, and gel is best. Silver would rock, too, just 'cause, well werewolves. Gel is wonderful for signing in because it's smooth. Ballpoint works, though."

KeLyssa smiles and shakes her head. "That would be just wonderful. Thank ya." She says to Leah before making her way over to Rochelle. "Anythin' ya need help findin'? I mean, while ya wait for Leah? There're plenty of great comics 'round."

Nevermind that it's four months and change until April. Kory's on a roll. "You got it. Gel pens for the smooth, lots of colors including purple —" Though Kory will likely include somber black and blue for the boys who want their books autographed too. "Mash-up mix. I have got to get together with Winston and Skeeter to see if they can help me find that download. And the cake. I have to work out where I'm buying the cake." She turns to KeLyssa. "Hold the fort! It's time for me to get dangerous!" Did she really just quote Darkwing Duck? She did. And with that, she's heading off to the back office to grab coat and scarf so she can start getting things underway. "Make sure you eat a good lunch first?" she asks Rochelle. "Or do you want me to serve y'all pizza or something before we open the store to the fans?" Taptaptap goes her foot; not impatient, just eager to get going.

Glitter pens…right. Rochelle even takes an unconscious half-step aside. "I thought you were going to drown in that." Lesson three: Pacing is elusive. Her eyes settle on KeLyssa with a small smile. "I've been reading too many lately." Plus, they're following me around with eagle eyes. "I'll be fine." Faced with at least two people concentrated on her, Rochelle pulls back into her natural mode of 'everything is cool, I'm cool, go do what you were doing'.

KeLyssa grins at Kory. "Don't worry, lesser-Boss Lady. I'm make sure the place don't blow up none. I'm startin' to think that's the reason I'm here, to stop catastrophes." She giggles. "Have fun, Boss Lady. Make me more proud to be workin' with ya!" She laughs. Nodding to Rochelle, she says, "Well, ya can never start readin' too many comics, ya know. Anyways, they're plenty fun."

Leah shakes her head over to Kory with a bright smile. "That sounds great!" And hey, even the boys may not mind the purple so much when it comes with a bit of attention from a girly girl like Leah. "Ignore Chelley. She seems to forget that I've grown up." Grown up enough to use bad nicknames on people who could snap her in two.

Kory waves a hand. "We can decide on what and whether to feed you later. I've got a good start. Catch y'all later!" She is moving out of the store at practically a sprint.

"I can read too many when the people in'em start showing up on my front step." Rochelle is only half-together, turning a disgruntled look in Leah's direction. "You're grown up the day bats fly out of my nose." It's not mean-spirited, it's familiar jabbing at an instinctual level.
KeLyssa furrows her brow. "When the people in 'em start showin' up at your door?" She gets the feeling that Rochelle actually means it. "But…they're just fiction, right? The people in the comic books. They ain't real! How could they start showin' up at your door?"

"I pay my own rent. Well half of it." Heaven help her roommate. "I have a job and a half. I'm grown up." Leah insists with a playful tone. Mature? Now that might be another story. "I talk to my characters sometimes, but they don't show up at my door. That would be /so/ cool if they did."

Rochelle doesn't feel like completely explaining Hiro, Peter, Sylar, et cetera, nor the fact that she has the second man's phone in her other pocket. Instead, she sighs, turns around, and starts rifling through a shelf of issues. They can either laugh or deal with it themselves! Either one is fine. It's really unclear as to what she is up to, until she pulls out a backissue of 9th Wonders, flips it open from the back, and hands it over to KeLyssa without a word about it. On the last few pages, the panels are entirely made of commentary, omniscent dialogue and a woman that pretty much looks Exactly Like Rochelle. It is, too, but there is no name to label her. She's happy to simply pass on the ~*Mystery*~ to KeLyssa. Meanwhile, both eyes are now giving her cousin a squint. "You talk to your own- what." Crazy woman. :(

KeLyssa grins at Leah. "Must be mighty interestin' talkin' to those characters of yours." She doesn't say it sounds crazy…no doubt she's talked to someone here her talks to superheroes from the comics. As she is handed a copy of the 9th Wonders by Rochelle, she looks at the comic, then back up at Rochelle and does this a few times over. "Hey! That's you!"

Leah leans in close to KeLyssa to get a look at the comic. "That is you! Wow! Are you like a superhero?" Leah asks her cousin teasingly before she stops invading KeLyssa's personal space to add. "I talk to my characters. Not all the time. But sometimes I do. Like when they argue with me about I want them to do in the story. And then I type it in anyway, because I am their master."

"Yes." Rochelle does answer, but the word and the serious tone which she uses is strange. "And yeah, that's me." She has never looked to see if she has been in any others. That's creepy. "You make yourself sound like a dominatrix, Leah." Well, she does.

KeLyssa shakes her head at Leah. "Well, I hope you're not a mean master. I ain't going to ask what they say in protest when ya do write what they didn't want ya to write." She says with a tiny smile. Look at Rochelle seriously, she says, "So…did you like the artist use your likeness or somethin'?"

Leah giggles at Rochelle's last statement. "I could totally work a leather outfit." She insists. "But I might ruin my manicure with all that dominatrix stuff." Choices, choices. KeLyssa gets a bright grin as well. "You'll have to guess when you read the books." She insists before she looks to the comic. "Ninth Wonders. Isn't the author/illustrator guy dead?"

"He did. Sorta. He's dead too, yeah. But I never met him." Rochelle lifts a hand to rub at the side of her face, eyebrows knotting. She's not sure if just telling people is the way to go, but it seems to have panned out that way for today. "Yeah, uh. He… saw the future. That's what I was doin'when I was… reading about myself reading about myself." Her last gesture is a vague point to the pages.

KeLyssa raises an eyebrow. "He could see the future." She almost finds that hard to believe. But if it hadn't been for the fact that she had her own little secret ability, she may never have believed it. She smiles at Leah. "Yeah, I look forward to readin' your books. I'm sure I'll absolutely love 'em!"

Leah looks over to Rochelle. "Do you talk to people who don't exist, too, Chelley?" She asks over with a teasing grin. She's still in a good mood, it seems. "Wait. Those things weren't written by Nostradamus, right?"

Rochelle figured sharing was a bad idea, but did it anyway. "I'm meeting Hiro Nakamura for waffles this week." She smiles suddenly and with exaggeration at KeLyssa, glancing at Leah with a hint of what may or may not be pure poutiness. "I knew I shouldn't have said anything." In retrospect, everything is a bad idea. Yes. That is why she never does anything of note.

KeLyssa smiles a little Rochelle. "Oooh, is he Japanese? I've always wanted to meet someone who was Japanese. They're such interestin' people! Plenty of interestin' samuri stories and everythin'!"
Leah gives Rochelle a big grin. "Hey, can I tag along, cuz? I like waffles. They're really good. Especially with fruit on the top. Like cherries." Obviously Leah is taking this whole thing very seriously.
Yeah, okay, that might have gone right over KeLyssa's head. "Yes, he's Japanese. Read about him in those." A gesture is made at the comic book. As for whether it went over Leah's head, Rochelle really can't tell. The older woman just stares down at her cousin, half-defeated. "…How about I call you and see if you're busy when the time comes?" That is a Maybe. Mostly because Rochelle has no idea if she was serious.

KeLyssa smiles at Rochelle. "Well, I bet that's mighty interestin'! I hear the people in that comic have special abilities." She says quietly. "Is it true?" She asks curiously. "I mean…if it knew about you…maybe it's right about the others…"

Leah does act the ditz much of the time, but really, she does get things. "Interesting. I'll have to check the series out." Leah states before she grins wider. "That would be great! He's Japanese, huh. Does he speak English really well? Or just have a strong love of waffles." She pauses for a second before pondering. "I wonder what one wears to eat waffles with an Asian man from a comic book."

"I wouldn't know, apparently I turn them off." Rochelle answers KeLyssa without even directly looking over again. "He speaks English alrigh- uh." The next noise is some sort of grunt of confusion. "…clothes. You wear clothes. ..Why does it matter?" So asks the one with the wallet-outline in her back pocket and a hole in the back of her shirt where she got angry at the tag.

KeLyssa looks a little confused. "You turn them off? What d'ya mean by that?"

Leah shakes her head with a sigh to Rochelle. "Are you sure you're really a girl?" She asks. "I mean, is it like a cute t-shirt and jeans? Or a skirt with a simple top? Because I don't think waffles would equal dress." She may not comment at all on the whole powers thing, but that doesn't mean she's not listening.

Rochelle glances down at the blonde first. "How does it not mean what I said? It's exactly what it sounds like." Don't believe her? Try it! And then she just winces at Leah. "Yes, I'm sure." There is a second or two where it seems like Rochelle might start looming. "Don't wear a skirt, cause his friend was kinda.. I'm sure he's great, but he's probably one of those perverts." Hi Ando!

KeLyssa thinks over that a moment. All of the sudden she has the look of great concentration. Think Hiro when he's trying to stop time or something…only on her face, all scrunched up like. She opens up her hand while doing so. After about a minute, she opens up her eyes and looks down. Nothing. Quickly putting her hand down, she nods a little. "I suppose that…yeah. Makes sense." She smiles widely.

Leah rolls her eyes at Rochelle. "What's the point of wearing a skirt if there's no one to look at how good your legs look in a pair of heels?" She says in a joking tone. KeLyssa is watched in that attempt, but Leah is still pretending she knows nothing about it. "So, the pervert. Is he cute? Cause Asian men can be awful cute. Don't you think?" She aims that last part at KeLyssa rather than her cousin.
Even if she were watching Kel, Rochelle wouldn't be sharp enough to realize that the girl is trying something. She is too busy staring at Leah, and making a strangled noise. Gah. What? Stop that.

KeLyssa smiles a little bit, remaining between the two people she's been talking to, silent now.

Kory returns! Triumphant, with a bag from the Paper Factory! And with an order slip in hand from a bakery in lower Brooklyn! And with iPod on her ears, listening to tunes. Head bobbing.

Leah giggles at that sound from Rochelle. "Well, I wasn't planning to wear like a mini and hooker heels or anything." The grin on her face might show that she's teasing her cousin with all this. Kory's entrance gets a grin as well. "Kory! Welcome back! How did the mission go?"

"Excellent!" Kory grins. "I texted everyone I know to find a bakery that's open late, and that will make odd cakes. So that's done. They're thrilled to death I have an order for them already. And I have your pens. And I'm working on a Moonlight Awoo Baby mix already."
Gasp. You better not be! That's the look on Rochelle's face. She only lets it fade a little when Kory makes another appearance. Maybe she just looks flustered at that point.

KeLyssa smiles as Kory returns. "Hey there! I made sure the store didn't explode or nothin' while you were gone!" She says happily.
Leah gives Rochelle a smile. "So I promise not to dress like a streetwalker, can I come to waffle thing?" She even bats her eyelashes and sticks out her lower lip for a moment before all that energy is turned to Kory. "Wow! You're prepared. I mean, the book's not even coming out until April and you have pens. And an order for cake. Even if Rochelle won't let me eat it. I mean, I'm not really /that/ bad on sugar." Just like this times 100.

"I know I can trust you to keep your cool even if something weird did happen here," Kory says, with exaggerated gravity. Though she holds KeLyssa's gaze a second or two longer than strictly necessary to assure her employee that she is trusted. "Don't worry," she tells Leah. "I got you a diabetic cake all for yourself, so you can still have cake. I mean, it will be kinda like your birthday."

"Yes you are." Rochelle adds quietly before resuming the first question. "You can come, yes. But don't embarrass me, I can do that all on my own. Alright?"

Dani pushes open the door to the Lair, making his way to the Cult Classics, just like he always does every time he comes in, scanning the titles.

Leah gives Kory a big grin. "Thank you! Although it's totally not necessary. I figure I'll use enough energy doing all the authory stuff that night anyway." Is authory even a word? Rochelle also gets a grin. "Right. So do you like have a list of things I shouldn't mention in order to not embarass you? I'm guessing hooker heels and that thing you did when you were ten are both on there, right?"

KeLyssa watches Dani enter. Obviously having missed seeing her or Kory, she smiles and excuses her self. Sidling up beside Dani, she pumps him a little in the side. "Well, howdy there partner. Anythin' I can help ya find?"

Rochelle frowns the frowniest frown yet, and it somehow extends to making her slouch and make an expression more befitting a neanderthal. "Yes. Just. Use what judgment you have." Which may or may not be a lot, but Rochelle will just let her sort that out. Her eyes lift up to the door opening again, but since she does not know Dani, he is only regarded as another customer.

Dani glances to KeLyssa and smiles. "Hey beautiful." He says to her as she pokes his side. "Actually, I'm looking for your favorite movie." He says with a smile as he looks to her. "Just wanted to come in and see you."

Leah flashes Dani a quick smile in greeting. He's a familiar face, but not overly so. She turns back to her cousin with a giggle. "Right. I'll use my very best judgement. I do have some you know. Sometimes."

KeLyssa smiles at Dani and looks as if she's about to say something when she stops herself, and furrows her brow as if in slight confusion. She turns her head and looks over to Kory and gives her a questioning look. Apparently finding something odd that she said. She gives Kory a look as if to say 'Huh?' before turning back to Dani and giving him a wide smile. "Well, it's good to see ya here, hun."

Kory missed the questioning look — whoops, not quite. She pops her head up from behind the counter, after having put away all her pre-Leah-signing goodies, just in time to see it. 'Later' she mouths at KeLyssa, and hoists herself onto her favourite chair. "You two aren't gonna bicker like this at the signing, I hope," she calls teasingly toward the cousins.

"Sometimes is the key word, here." As Kory calls them to attention, Rochelle looks over with a blink. "Hey, I can behave if I want to. It's not may fault she drives me crazy.." With that comes a light elbowing of Leah in her shoulder. Though she's big, Rochelle is deceptively controlled- she can elbow someone across a room, or nudge them with about the same level of concentration. Leah gets the latter. Nudge. Crazy.

Dani smiles and looks at KeLyssa. "How have you been, hon?" He asks as he looks back to Kory as Lyssa looks back and offers her a wave. "Hey Kory." He calls out to her.

KeLyssa offers Kory a nod before turning and grinning at Dani. "Oh, I've just been peachy. But work has kept me busy the last few days, don't ya know. Gotta get me the pocket change somehow." She smiles sweetly at him. "How've ya been? Work treatin' ya alright?"

Leah gives Kory a big grin. "Well, if it goes well, I doubt I'll have a lot of time to to bicker with Chelley. Besides, we're cousins. Isn't that what familiy is supposed to do? Bicker amusingly?" Even if the two really look /nothing/ alike. "And it's not my fault she drives me crazy." Leah echoes.

"She's not crazy," Kory protests at Rochelle. "She's fun!" Naturally someone as consistently energetic and bubbly as Kory herself would be someone the store manager considers fun. Though she regards Rochelle with quiet sympathy for a moment. "Sure it is. She can't reach the pedals of your karma with her dogma."

Whooosh. Over her head. Rochelle just gives off a small grunt in response to that. "I'm fun too, just ..a different kind of it." You'll see. You'll all see. One day or another. "And whatever she can't reach, it's probably cause she has short legs." Midget, midget, midget.
Dani nods his head to KeLyssa. "It's going fine. A few customers here and there, but a bit slow overall." He says before he looks to Kory. "That's not funny. My dogma got ran over by your karma last week." He says, mocking a pout.

KeLyssa nods a little bit. "It must be hard, still bein' the only one workin' there!" She shakes her head. "You need to hire yourself some help! And that ain't no request there, mister!" She grins.

Leah sticks her tongue out up at Rochelle. "Hey. At least height is something I can gain with heels." She points out before Kory gets a grin and a bright. "Thanks!" For the comment about Little Miss Energy being fun instead of crazy.

As usual, Randall's attention is on the counter first and the merchandise second as he walks into the shop. "Hey, that's not fair," he calls out - not clearly addressing anyone in particular - "the last time I ran into a 'short stack', it was so big I couldn't finish it. They don't kid around when they say it fills up the whole plate." Let's hope he really is talking about pancakes and not published authors.

Kory beams back at Leah, glances knowingly at KeLyssa, then turns at the sound of Randall's voice. "Hi, hon," she greets him. Brazen hussy, so forward, declares the blush on her face as she uses the endearment. "And I vouch on the short stack. It could've fed fourteen of those kids on those Sally Struthers commercials."

Pass. Do not collect $200. Rochelle enacts selective hearing around now, her face matching the vacancy of her thought as she watches the exchanges. I'm not really here if I don't talk, right? Ssh.

Dani smirks to KeLyssa. "I did, actually. Her name is Celeste and she wants to go out drinking with you and me sometime. Get to know you kinda thing." He says with a grin before he looks towards the door and offers Randall a wave. "Hey." He says before he turns back to KeLyssa and slips an arm around her waist.

KeLyssa grins at Dani. "Good. I'm glad to hear it!" She nods firmly. "And sure. I'd like to meet 'er. Might be nice to know another face 'round anyway." She says with a slight shrug, also giving a wave over to Randall. Just as Danislips an arm around her, she puts both arms around him, letting them meet again at the hands.

"For a week," Randall offers, heading over and waving to Kory first, then KeLyssa and Dani. "Hi there. I take it this is the guy from the phone call the other day?" That ought to be a safe enough comment if it turns out not to be. No comment for Leah or Rochelle yet, as he hasn't yet sussed out how they fit into the picture.

Leah gives Dani a grin as she adds. "There's no better time to meet someone than going drinking. Because then you can get sloppy drunk and tell them /way/ too much about yourself that they might not even remember in the morning." Yes, she's listening in on other conversations. "Well, short stack is at least a good use of the word short. I prefer petite, though personally. What do you think Chelley?"
Because Rochelle isn't going to get to stand there quietly. Oh no.

Randall gets a returned wave, and Kory settles herself into her usual behind-the-counter spot. "Yeah, I think so. Dani. Randall. Randall, Dani. You remember — the guy who I was thinking of getting a tattoo from, yeah?"

Nooooooo. "Uh. Yeah. Sure. Petite." Midget. Rochelle is the totally wrong person to be asking about that. She also has nothing to add in terms of… drinking. She is not the most playful drunk, personally.

Dani glances back at Leah and chuckles. "That is true. I've already had a few." He says before he looks back to KeLyssa. "Cool. I'll let her know that you're game and we can all go do something later." He says before he looks to Randall. "Yeah. We met once before. You might be doing my taxes."

KeLyssa grins at Randall. "Yep, this was the guy on the other end of the phone the other day!" She says with a wide smile. Looking at Dani, she smiles and nods, "Yeah, go an' do that. It'll be wonderful, I'm sure."

"Glad everything worked out," Kory tells Kelyssa. "I was a little concerned for you that night. And glad to know Dani's a gentleman." She has assumed a mock-motherly tone for that little sentence.

Leah grins over to Kory. "Oh right! The huge one of Kirk you're planning across your back!" And that cheerful statement is likely loud enough for any geeks hiding in the corners with their dice to hear. "Petite is a nice word." She adds to Rochelle. "Not like the other ones you use for me." There's still a light, playful tone to her voice as she says this.

Randall blinks, squinting at Dani. "Taxes? You sure? I might have made a one-off comment about something…" He doesn't look like an accountant, anyhow; go find Benjamin if you want a real pro. "And yes, 'petite' carries good connotations," he adds, glancing from Leah to Rochelle and back again. He declines to comment on antonyms.

Rochelle didn't need to know that first bit. "I could probably come up with some more if you're tired of the old ones." She peers down at Leah with a smirk, finally an expression that is not looking so bewildered.
Dani looks to Kory and mocks a gasp. "I'm a gentleman? Who has been spreading the lies?" He says with a grin before he looks to Randall and nods. "I think so. I might be wrong. I have had a few to drink, so I may be mistaken." He shrugs then looks to KeLyssa. "Want to get together again sometime? Hang out and watch some movies?" He asks as he wraps his other arm around her.

Kory is momentarily barraged with a flurry of comments, both pro-Kirk and anti-Kirk from the geeks in the back. Some commend her for her choice. Others suggest different, better captains to adorn her beautiful flesh with. Sisko. Archer. One brave geek even suggests instead of a Star Trek character, why doesn't she get a tattoo of the singer from Jabba The Hutt's palace. He is shouted down by his fellows soon enough, though, and Kory smirks at Leah. "See what you started? See?" She turns to the group and addresses them, "Sorry, it's not gonna be a Trek tattoo. It's something a little more personal. You better be a gentleman," Kory says to Dani. "You go damaging my employee's honor, and we're gonna have to have us a conversation." But she's joking. Mostly. Ninety eight percent kidding.

Leah grins up at her cousin. "Go for it. Be creative." She says before she just giggles over to Kory. "They're right. Sisco is a better choice. But what? No Star Trek? How will you ever face your clients without a tattoo of a Captain?"

KeLyssa grins, nodding at Kory. "Oh, it was wonderful, it surely was." She giggles at Dani. "Oh, I'm afraid I'm the one whose been spreading it to Kory that you were a perfect gentleman." She says giggling at Dani. "And you were, whether you believe it or not." She grins. Smiling at Kory, she says, "And that's why I'm glad to have ya as my lesser-boss lady."

Randall shoots Leah a quick thumbs up for her choice, but then shakes his head. "I tried to talk her into Zapp Brannigan," he deadpans, "but she wouldn't hear of it. Something about twenty-five stars being excessive. Anyway, it's gonna be as much a surprise to me as anyone else."

Dani looks to Kory and nods. "Don't worry. I'll be good. Nothing she doesn't want to do. I swear." He says to her with a smile before he looks to KeLyssa. "Okay. I'll take your word on it." He says with a chuckle. "Well, I gotta get out. Call me tomorrow?" He asks her as he looks at her.

Kory makes such a face as Randall repeats that suggestion of Zapp Brannigan. "It'd be Kif or the popplers if I were going Futurama," she replies archly. "Which I'm not." Dani gets a nod. "Good. I won't have to pull out the Crites, then."

Leah gives Kory a little pouty face. "What? You're not going to share what it'll be? Then I guess that means that we'll just have to keep guessing. Maybe you're going to go for Spidey instead. Or one of the X-Men." Leah's irrepresable smile is back in full force.

KeLyssa nods a little bit at Kory. "Sure hun. Tomorrow I'll call ya and we'll make ourselves some plans." She smiles happily. "Don't be a stranger now, ya hear?" She smiles.

Dani looks to Kory. "I don't even want to know what that is." He says with a soft chuckle. He looks to KeLyssa and nods. "Sure thing hon." He says to her, leaning in and gives her a quick peck on the lips. "Talk to you tomorrow, babe." He says before he winks to her and releases her from his arms and heads out the door, offering a wave to the others. "Night guys." He says before he heads back out to the cold.

"I'm looking for just the right image, and when I find it, I'll share it, and not before," Kory insists at Leah. "No," she assures Dani, "You don't." She waves, though, as Dani takes off. "Stay warm."

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