2007-03-23: Moratorium Due to Unexpected Violence


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Summary: Samantha and Bekah visit Namir in the hospital. The trio speak on such things as Bekah's abilities, the new club in Broadway opening, romance novels, and the strange events recently happening in Mount Sinai.

Date It Happened: March 23, 2007

Moratorium Due to Unexpected Violence

Mount Sinai

Samantha got the call last night, but she got waylaid pretty promptly once she hit the hospital doors to attend in the ER. So she was held up by a few hours until finally, finally she is able to go wheedle a room number out of the admin desk and head up to the right ward…which is hopefully not ICU.

Bekah got a few hours to crash in her apartment, but now it's time to come back on duty. Or getting somewhere close to it. She's in scrubs, but without her magic stethoscope. Instead, Bekah has the extra magic of a cup of good coffee, two actually. After swinging by the ER and pulling the 'not on duty yet' card, she's stalking Samantha. Or maybe just here to check on last night's patient.

It's not in ICU, thanks in large part to Bekah and her abilities. Namir's surgery went quite well and now he's resting in a half-dozing state full of painkillers and whatever small amounts of water he was able to charm out of the nurses. Now bullet-free, he's more than happy to relax away the rest of his recovery. The dull and boring TV is off, though the clicker is near his hand to signal that he /did/ actually make attempts at finding something interesting earlier. His brother came by earlier with a promise to come back later with the rest of the family.

Samantha walks into Namir's room without bothering to knock, walks right up to him, and leans against the bed, folding her arms over her chest. "What's this with the getting shot?" she asks, her tone going pseudo-Yiddish. "You want to see me, you think hey, easiest way into the ER is take a bullet in the chest? Meshuggenah." She smiles down at him, but the tightness around her eyes conveys her worry.

Bekah starts into the room, not knocking either. Maybe it's an ER habit. When she sees Sam, she stops though. Instead, Bekah hangs back around the door frame, waiting for a moment. She's not giving them real privacy, but she is giving them a moment without her bugging them. Instead, she takes a drink from one of the coffee cups.

The opening of the door rouses Namir from his half-awake state and he peers blearily over at Samantha when she approaches. That soon turns into a smirk and a quiet snort of amusement. "Mm-hmm," he rumbles. "I figured you didn't have enough excitement in your life." He raises his left hand to point at her in a jokingly accusatory manner. "Your Yiddish is showing." Just thought she should know. Bekah's entrance gets a quick glance and another smile.

"Idiot." Sam says fondly, and reaches out to brush back some hair from his forehead, when she turns and follows his gaze to the door. Her hand starts to withdraw, then dithers, completes the motion, then pulls back. "Dr. Morgan." she greets, her mouth turning into something wry and bemused. She knows she's in for it now.

Bekah is noticed. Therefore, she steps into the room. The second cup of coffee is offered out to Sam with a laugh. "Oh, so formal." She notes before she looks down to Namir. "Isn't her Yiddish always showing?" She asks with a teasing tone in her voice. "How are you feeling today? Are they giving you the good stuff, still?"

"It's part of her charm." Namir's smile grows, eyes still mostly closed as he nods. "Mm-hmm. I think they just give it to me to keep me quiet, but I'm feeling a lot better than I was last night." Then again, he had a hole in his ribs last night. Now he has a neat row of stitches and bandages. It's definitely an improvement. "When do I get out of here?"

Samantha relaxes a little. "Shiksa." she greets out of habit. And since Bekah didn't go for the chart, she will, in order to consult it. "Bullet recovery takes quite a while, and in combination with your recent gas inhalation…" she trails off suddenly perhaps caught by something in the chart. She looks at Namir, and then Bekah, and then Namir, and then Bekah again. "Yes." She looks down at the chart. "Well."

Bekah gives Samantha a smirk for the Shiksa nickname. She moves closer to the other doctor to peer over Samantha's shoulder at the chart. "Ah, but he had a really good doctor in the ER. May not be as long as you'd expect, Sam." She's in a rather cheerful mood for standing in a hospital room. But then, she's in a position to tease. "I have a magic stethoscope." She notes dryly. "Right, Namir?"

Namir doesn't know what it is on his chart that's got Samantha's attention and his brow furrows a bit in worry. "Is it a tumor, doc?" he grunts quietly. At Bekah's question, however, the smile returns and even breaks into a small grin. "Right. /Her/ stethoscope wasn't cold." Well, it was, but it was still magical. The last sentence is spoken accusingly at Samantha, because her stethoscope is always cold.

Samantha rolls her eyes. "He's been on my case to get a heated steth for a while now." she informs Bekah in mock resignation. "Now I keep the one my dad gave just out of sheer spite." She sticks her tongue out at Namir, and closing the chart, slings it back on the edge of the bed.

Bekah moves to grab the chart, setting her coffee aside to get a better look at it than the one she got over Samantha's shoulder. "Oh, I don't have a heated one. Just a magic one." She says off-handedly giving Namir a quick grin. "Though really, are you supposed to be using your stethoscope on your boyfriend all the time? This some new kink I haven't heard about?"

"You see how she treats me?" Namir asks of Bekah, raising both eyebrows in his very best attempt at looking puppy-dog-pathetic. The remark about kink sends him into a fit of breathless laughter, making him incapable of any real response. Oh-ho-ho!

Samantha snorts. "You're both pervs." she informs them loftily. "Bullet wounds to a vital organ usually sees an average of a two week stay." she says. "Not counting the physical therapy time involved. Has anyone from your work been to visit you yet?"

Bekah raises her eyebrows over to Samantha. "Oh? And you didn't already know that about me, Sam? We need more shifts together then." She jokes before she nods her head. "Usually yeah. But did you note that his vital organs were really doing quite well? At least that's what we saw in the ER." Once she'd worked a bit of voodoo.

Namir shakes his head a bit. "No, not yet. Fahd is out doing all the dirty work of informing people that I'm here." A secretive smirk slowly curls up the corners of his lips when Bekah speaks. "Mm-hmm. I am Superman, you know. Lungs of steel." Or something.

"He's a sturdy guy." Samantha says, stepping back and letting herself fall into a chair and watch the other two. "Man, you're both so smarmy. How long are they benching you for this time?" she asks of Namir. "Because that's a lot of Halo." Then she oh's. "So Bekah, Namir lent me this book. You should have a read. It's called 'Activating Evolution'." Now she looks all pleased with herself.

Bekah puts the chart back down in favor of her coffee. "Fascinating stuff isn't it? I've read it actually." She states before she nods over to Namir. "We should get you a cape. And tights. Maybe Sam would enjoy those." She moves to lean on the window ledge.

"I already tried to push it on her last night," chuckles Namir, "and she thwarted me just like that." The mention of the book and Sam's recommending it to Bekah tells him that she might, perchance, know about her fellow doctor's abilities. Still, best to err on the side of caution; he keeps such things to himself. "I don't know how long they'll bench me this time. A couple of weeks, maybe. You can come over and practice Halo, but my college days have proven to me that I don't look very good in tights, so I'm afraid you won't get the satisfaction of seeing me in them."

Samantha lifts a brow and looks to the pair of them. "Edna Mode always said no to capes. Besides, it's not like Namir can /fly/." She shakes her head. "No, no. Tights and a cape? The first time he took a call in the Village, I might never see him again. He'd end up chained to the bedpost of a drag queen named Juicy Fruit."

Bekah cracks up laughing at Samantha's statement. "Now that is quite the mental image there." She says with a shake of her head before she gives Namir a grin. "Remember. The offer is always there for me to come over sometime after you're released." She says it in a teasing tone with a wink, as if she's offering something more than healing. Just to see Sam's reaction. "Halo? I think my brother plays that."

The mental image is both amusing and horrifying to the man who wouldn't let the nurse strip him last night. Bwugh. He winces a bit, but he's smirking good-naturedly. "Well, then you could wear the tights and cape and come rescue me. We'd make it a date." Namir grins at Bekah's renewed offer, knowing full well that she's ribbing Samantha. "How can I say no?" Then a little more seriously: "Really? Do you know if he plays on any teams?"

"Hey, go find a new Jewish boy to steal, would you?" Sam chides, and then rolls her eyes. "Oh boy, here we go. He can talk Halo for hours. It's not you I need to worry about Bekah, it's your kid brother."

Bekah leans back against the window sill. "Well, fine. If you want me to leave the bullet hole in your boyfriend…" She notes before she just laughs. "Hey! I had a date. Went horribly, but I had one! Might even have a second. Don't think he's Jewish though. Will this ruin my shiska status?" She pauses and then shrugs. "Probably. I don't know what one though. I'll ask Elijah for you next time I talk to him, if you'd like?"

"Mm, please. Maybe I've run into him on Live before. Ask him if he's heard of nyninja1116 or Team Karmaggedon." A grin is thrown Samantha's way. "Are you jealous of my XBox, Sam? I'll have you know you're a lot more entertaining." Namir idly places the TV remote on the nightstand.

Samantha snorts. "Who you schtup has nothing to do with your shiksa status, lady." She seems rather content to curl up on the chair and watch like an overseeing hospital fairy. She snorts yet again, this time toward Namir. "That's good, because the day you pick Halo over other things, I'm out like a Boston Red Sox batter."

"Wouldn't that be like a Yankees batter? 'Cause a Red Sox one would so be running around the bases. Maybe making a home run." Bekah is from Boston, after all. "And there was none of that going on. Not on the first date, at least. I did manage to set him on fire, though. But I made it better." Bekah is content to hang out on the window ledge and chat. "I'll pass that on. If I remember the names. I'm sure Eli has equally silly ones."

Baseball isn't Namir's sport, so he doesn't participate in the friendly jabbing. He does grin a bit, however. "Headshots over a beautiful woman? Perish the thought." Bekah gets a playful frown. "Silly? Ow, my ego."

Samantha can forgive a lot for being called beautiful, though she tries to suppress her smile in front of Bekah, with moderate if not complete success. She waves off Bekah's pro-Boston commentary, noting, "Six of one, half dozen of the other. If I'm going to talk about a team that sucks, I'll rag on the Bruins."

Bekah shrugs. "Eh, I don't care about them. But I'd have to give up my Boston roots completely to give up on the Red Sox." She notes before she nods over to Namir. "Sounds like your priorities are in the right place. Good. I won't have to call psych down to evaluate you." She jokes, letting Sam get by with that smile without teasing. This once.

"I wouldn't be so quick to put that idea to rest. Sam and I are both crazy — the Romeo and Juliet sort of crazy." Namir grins over at the doctor in question. He's only assuming that Samantha hasn't informed Bekah of their differing religious backgrounds.

Samantha snorts and looks to the side, giving a little shrug. "I'd like to think I'm a bit smarter then Juliet Capulet." she remarks. To Bekah, "You have permission to sedate me if I start speaking in iambic pentameter."

Bekah could care less about religion but she breaks out laughing at the statement from Sam. "Right. I'll keep some good sedatives around, just in case. Because God spare us all if you break into iambic pentameter. Better to sedate you than to heal all the attempted suicides in your wake. That might wear out even my magic stethoscope."

Namir's eyes widen in faux fear and he glances from Samantha to Bekah. "Oh Bekah, save me from the sonnets," he pleads. "Don't let her do that to me." But he's grinning soon after, unable to keep a straight face.

Samantha rolls her eyes. "Please. Like I'm going to have as little as to say would fit in sixteen lines. Or was it eighteen? I wasn't exactly a lit major." She looks over to Namir. "Well, since you're out of commission for a good long time, I may have to take Bekah as my date to this new club on Broadway."

Bekah nods her head over to Namir. "She is a bit on the chatty side." She says with dry humor before she looks over to Samantha. She lets out a mock dramatic sigh. "I'm sorry, Sam, but I just don't date women. See, I'm straight." She says deadpan.

Another soft laugh from Namir. No, he doesn't know the specifics of sonnets either. Criminal justice was his major. "Good to hear," he responds to Bekah. "I would have to start being jealous and petty around you, and you are too nice for that." Then, he turns his attention to Sam, one eyebrow quirked. "What club on Broadway?"

"Bah, you experimented in college." Because didn't everybody? Not that Sam is serious, except for the part about needing a galpal to go with her in lieu of Namir, full of holes. "Place called Club 14G. The reservation's a pretty hot ticket, but I think I can swing a pair. Except you're unavailable, on account of one too many holes."

Bekah snorts over to Sam. "I did not. Dartmouth girls aren't like that." She says in a fake haughty voice. "We do however check out clubs. We might even be willing to dress up and have a good time." She notes with a grin towards Namir. "Nah. No reason to be jealous and petty around me. I had my own date recently. With a man. Was even mistaken for being my pimp."

Namir frowns in a disappointed way. "Mm. I knew I should have told that mugger, 'No, not tonight; I think my girlfriend needs me for something soon.'" The fact that it's a club on Broadway and may be Broadway-themed doesn't bug him, really. He's already proven himself quite open-minded when it comes to Samantha and her Broadway obsession. Bekah gets a grin. "Really? I'm a little jealous; the most excitement Sam and I had on our first date was when she announced to most of the pub that she'd already seen my insides."

"Oh yeah, tell us about your date!" Samantha insists, resettling in her chair with the expectation of a story. "Who is this guy? Is he cute? What does he do? Does he have one of those walking sticks with a big crystal diamond globe-y thing on top? Does he wear a leopard print shirt and a sucker suit? Come on, these are important details, especially the part where he's your pimp."

Bekah takes a sip of her coffee before she starts the story. "His name's Lee. He's a Jr. High teacher. I met him here after he'd cut his head open. The ER is the best place to meet men, after all." She jokes. "He wasn't dressed pimplike though, sorry. That part came later. We went to this nice Indian restraurant, where I can never show my face again. First his pants were ripped. Not my favorite way to find out the answer to the boxers or briefs question. Then he brought me flowers which were beautiful, but had lilies in them. Made me sneeze and turn bright red. Really attractive. That was even before I knocked over the candle and set his tie on fire."

Samantha laughs. "Oh, oh dear. That -does- sound like a date from Hell, even if due to circumstances you can't quite control. Are you going to try again?"

Bekah smiles over to Sam. "I hope so. He was quite nice despite it being the date from Hell. That's not the end of it though. He poured his wine on himself to put the tie out. Turned his shirt quite purple. It was about that time we decided to get out of there. We were going to take a cab back to his place so I could check out the burn. Too bad the cabby had no clue where in the hell he was going. And no ability to speak English or any language I recognized. He dumped us off in a Korean neighborhood, where some Korean tourist thought I was a prostitute and offered Lee money for me. The real pimp helped us get a cab back to Lee's. I made the burn go bye-bye and got a kiss out of the end of the evening though."

Samantha beams. "Aww, that's sweet!" She actually seems to mean it. "And not terrible as far as dates go. I mean, you didn't get beeped back to the ER, and also, no one got maimed! That's a definite plus."

Bekah nods her head. "True. And I didn't even have to do any CPR. That's always a good sign for a date." She leans against the cool of the window. "I'm not sure it was so sweat though. Beyond the kiss at the end. Kisses are generally a good thing."

"Well, I rather did mean the kiss." Sam points out. She looks over at Namir, having nodded off for a few moments. Softly, "Thank you. For taking care of him. I know you'd do it no matter who he was, but thank you."

Bekah keeps her voice soft. "He's a pretty observant guy, though. Figured out what I did. He was conscious and having trouble breathing. Not a happy combination." She admits, now that she's had her fun with the magic stethoscope jokes. "Oh yes, the kiss was sweet. That I'll agree on."

Samantha grins and cocks her head over to Namir. "He ain't bad." she says slyly. "We'll have to have lunch during the week and we can share juicy details."

Bekah nods her head. "Definately." She takes a look over to the sleeping man. "If I don't get a second date, I'll just live vicariously through your stories. He is definately cute." She notes softly. "I'm sure the cafeteria will be a wonderful place for juicy details."

Morphine is a wonderful thing, the way it makes one feel groggy and wonderful all at once. Namir had dozed off somewhere in the midst of Bekah's tale, but he starts to come out of it now. Maybe his ears are burning. He starts to regain consciousness just in time to pick up something about "juicy details" and he mumbles something that sounds like, "You didn't call Juicy Fruit, did you?" Might be a bit muffled and less than coherent, considering.

Samantha unwinds herself from the chair and rises to move to his bedside. "Oh, yeah." she informs him cheerily. "We were just making arrangements for your date. She's going to show up in a Candy Striper uniform and do a strip tease to 'Doctor Doctor'." She blinks ever so innocently. "Sorry, was that my outside voice?"

Bekah stands as well, moving to the side table to pour from a pitcher there into a cup. She makes sure there's a straw before offering it out to Samantha. It's her boyfriend. She can help him if he wants a drink to unmuffle his voice. "You weren't supposed to tell him, Sam. Now you've ruined the whole surprise."

Lord, what a thought. There's a low groan of pain and fear from Namir and he squeezes his eyes shut as he shifts his weight as though to rise from the bed. "Quick, Bekah, help me. I've got to get out of here." Before Juicy Fruit gets here!

Samantha tsks, putting a gently hand on his arm. "Stop aggravating yourself. I'm afraid you're a helpless prisoner here since you were dumb enough to get shot." she teases. "If anything, Bekah will bring the restraints." A too-wide smile is offered. "Fortunately for you, we are both benevolent practicioners of medicine."

"Restraints? Nah. Seditives are a better option. If you want to tie him down, wait until he's healthy first and you can enjoy it, Sam." Bekah states as she presses a hand lightly to his shoulder, trying to help get him to settle back. "Relax. Juicy Fruit isn't coming. Even if the morphine tells you Sam is serious."

He may be bigger than both women, but drugged up as he is right now, Namir's in no state to fight back. He is more or less pushed back down and releases a quiet sigh. "Benevolent," he grunts, squinting up at Samantha skeptically. "Right." He doesn't believe it for a second. Then, as an afterthought, "I have handcuffs in my apartment."

Samantha looks over at Bekah, brows raising. "Oh my goodness, and here I thought he was a nice innocent Muslim boy." She laughs, a hand coming to her mouth. "Wow, I forget sometimes how interesting the effects of morphine can be."

Bekah gives Samantha a grin. "You might want to ask him about anything else you want to know that he'd be shy about before it wears off." She notes with a laugh for the handcuff statement. "Benevolent yes. I made you breathe easier and gave you good drugs. Doesn't that qualify me at least?"

More frowning, more half-awake stares. "I'm a good Muslim," protests Namir. "Sometimes. It's your— " he points accusingly at Sam "— fault that I'm not always." It's said playfully, despite the morphine. He's /trying/ to joke while he's drugged. To Bekah, he peers and then acquiesces with a half-shrug and a mumbled, "Maybe, I guess."

"You're a good Muslim who's telling his girlfriend about the handcuffs you keep in your apartment." Sam chastizes, and looks up at Bekah to roll her eyes. "But anyway, this is too much information for poor Bekah. Do you want me to bring you something during my break when I'm on shift?"

Bekah raises her hands. "Hey, don't stop just because I'm hear. Living vicariously, remember?" She pauses for a moment before she asks Namir softly. "So, what else do you have that Sam needs to know about? Cause I bet she'll enjoy the handcuffs." Yes, Bekah is evil.

"Mm. A book." This is spoken in response to Samantha's question, because the TV is not entertaining in the least and he'd rather read anyway. As for what that book /is/, it's left up to the imagination, because Namir is distracted by Bekah and her interrogation. He smiles in a somewhat secretive fashion. "I bought condoms." Because he didn't have any before.

"Whaddaya think, Shiksa? Should I go raid my Ma's Judith Krantz novels?" Sam asks, a wicked look in her eye.
Bekah just grins wider at that admission. "Good though, Namir. It's smart to be prepared and safe." Yes, there's a bit of sarcasm there as she turns to laugh over to Sam. "I could come up with a good book or two as well." If they trust her.

Blink? Namir isn't too sure what they're talking about and so he simply sits and stares, confused. It takes him a moment to latch onto just what a Judith Krantz novel is, and he grimaces. "We're breaking up," he mutters.

Samantha tsks. "Honestly, are you protesting a bit of education?" she'd prod him, but not so nice to do when he's recovering from a bullet wound to the chest. "Don't worry. I'll find you some nice boring spy thriller novels. Yawn."
Bekah looks over to Namir. "Does that mean I can try my wiles on you?" She teases before she nods to Samantha. "How about Patricia Cornwell? Her stuff is pretty good." She suggests. "Though, I could suggest something else if we're going for education here."

"I don't need to read about heaving bosoms and budding flowers while I'm stuck in a hospital bed," Namir retaliates with a soft snort, "or even when I'm not." As for Bekah, well, she gets a squint. "I think Juicy Fruit already has dibs." The Muslim yawns, pausing before he adds, "I've still got Don Quixote in my room."

"Tilting at windmills? How very you." Sam says, with some surprising fondness. "Don't worry, I'll find something suitably masculine, non-smutty, and appropriately heroic." She shoots a grin at Bekah. "And don't be jealous when Bekah sweeps me off my feet."

Bekah raises her eyebrows over to Sam. "Hey! Didn't I tell you I don't swing that way?" She teases before she nods. "Patricia Cornwell. Not heaving bosoms. It's a murder mystery type series where the main character is a medical examiner. Good stuff." She sighs overly dramatically to Namir. "Losing out to a drag queen. I must have misplaced my mojo."

Another squint directed at Bekah. "I thought you had a date before? With a man? How did that go — or did I miss you telling us about it?" He /did/ kinda doze off, he recalls. To Samantha, Namir adds, "She can't sweep you off your feet if she's dating someone else. It's against the laws of propriety."

Samantha assures laughingly, "She'll just be my galpal, I promise. Though I might dress fancy and then come here after, just so you can see it."

Bekah laughs over to Namir. "It was a first date. We haven't scheduled a second left. That'd leave me free to sweep her off her feet. Except, she's really got the wrong plumbing. Too bad." She mock sighs before she nods over to Samantha. "Taunting the man while he's stuck in the hospital. Definately worthwhile."

It is not. Namir frowns playfully. "Judith Krantz novels, dressing fancy and then coming here to flaunt it — you're trying to kill me, aren't you? You're trying to finish what that mugger started." So not fair.

"Yes, that's it exactly." Samantha tells him. "It's your punishment for getting shot. I drive you crazy, and Bekah provides help in the form of further evil suggestions."

Bekah nods her head. "I'm really good at evil suggestions." And that one just sounds like the truth, not even a joke. "But at least when you get out of here, I can heal you up and then Sam will be able to stop tormenting you. That way at least."

"Just you wait until /you/ wind up incapacitated someday, ishah. I will be merciless." Namir seals the oath with a sharp, decisive nod. He shall have his revenge! Then he frowns once again. "Shame you can't heal me now. When did you say this party was?"

"Ishah? What does that mean?" Sam asks, intrigued. She mmms. "Party's tomorrow, so there's no…" she trails off, slightly confused and uncertain about something that just came out of Namir's mouth.

Bekah shakes her head. "No. Well, I mean, I could. But we've had enough mysterious healing in Mount Sinai lately. And that wasn't even me!" She notes, refering to the miracle drug used up in the ICU. "I like to keep myself on the down low." And really, she doesn't seem worried about talking about this in front of both of them. As if they both know already. "Can I help you be merciless on that day though? Because that sounds fun."

Namir smirks. "It means 'woman'." The fact that the party's tomorrow makes him frown again, however. Drat. "Ah well," he sighs, shaking his head. He doesn't quite catch Samantha's confusion until he's tossed an understanding grin over at Bekah. "You'd help /me/ torture /Sam/? Well, then." And then he glances to Sam, who gets an inquisitive lift of an eyebrow. What?

Samantha gives Namir a roll of her eyes and says to Bekah, "That reminds me, have you ever even heard of that 'Dr. Monroe'? Because I've done plenty of consults as an attending here and I've never heard of him. I'm considering going to poke around and see what I can dig up."

Bekah nods her head. "Of course. It would get back at her for the constant Shiska comments." Though really, Bekah doesn't mind. She's just enjoying the tease. "No, I haven't though. There's something fishy there. Maybe he's like me." She states before the clock gets her attention. "Hold that thought for lunch. I've got to get going or I'll be late to start my shift. What kind of example would that set for the minions, er, residents?" She finishes off her coffee and tosses the cup as she starts out.

"Thanks again, Bekah," Namir calls after the departing doctor. "I owe you." Big time. Once she's gone, he rolls his head to peer up at Samantha curiously. "I must have missed something — who is Doctor Monroe and what miracle healing?" He's not exactly 'in' on Mount Sinai stuff.

Samantha considers a few moments. "Bekah is…talented." she says at last. "But she keeps my secrets and I keep hers. You understand?" She crosses to grab the chair and tugs it closer to his bed, resuming her ownership of his hand and curling her fingers into the creases between his. "What happened, exactly? Was it really just a random mugging?"

That hand is given a grateful squeeze, and Namir's smile returns. "Mm-hmm, I know. She told me about her talents — but she didn't tell me she knew about yours." They must be very good friends. As for the mugging, he shakes his head. "I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was walking home from a coffee shop when a mugger literally ran into me while he was leaving a convenience store. He panicked and shot me." With a wry smirk, he adds, "I wasn't even trying to be heroic."

"Well I'm going to put a moratorium on unexpected violence, on account of it being unexpected. Next time I only want you in here for deliberate violence, you got that?" Samantha says. "I'm sorry you can't come with me tomorrow night."

Namir grins again, though it's brief. "I'll keep that in mind. Next time I am the victim of unexpected violence, I'll go to a different hospital." The grin fades back into a smile and he lifts Samantha's hand to kiss the back of it. "Me too. We'll go together some other time."

"I know." she says. Then getting to his inquiry, "Did you read abot the 'miracle cure' developed by this Dr. Monroe? He's said to be a consulting ICU physician, but I've never heard of him. Bekah and I are both curious."

"I hadn't heard anything about it, no. That's odd." He tilts his head to one side. "How would he be able to do such a thing if he wasn't really a doctor?" And more importantly: why haven't Bekah or Sam heard of him?

Samantha shakes her head. "I don't know, but at the same time, our press people bothered to put out an announcement that a bottle of morphine was stolen recently and it was treated like major news. Normally this sort of thing would be treated very quietly, so it's not the only wierd thing going on right now."

"Something's rotten in the hospital of Mount Sinai," intones Namir ominously, smirking just a bit. "Just don't get in too deep, mm? I wouldn't want you to get involved in a Patricia Caldwell novel." He's unaware of the mistake made with the writer's name; being a bit out of it, he's hardly expected to be 100% accurate.

Samantha smiles. "I'll try not to let things get too out of hand." she assures. "If it's all the same to you though, I'm not going to mention this to Dr. Suresh. I'm still not entirely sure about this facility he mentioned and I still want to know more."

Namir nods understandingly. "Do what you feel is best. You're smart; you can get away with it." Then, changing the subject a bit, he glances to the door. "How long until your shift starts?"

Samantha blinks. "About forty-five minutes, why?" Samantha's brows slowly lift as she notes, "I'm trying not to assume here, but I can't help but point out you're not in any condition for what I think you're thinking."

A look of sheer disappointment crosses Namir's face, his lower lip protruding in a pout. "But it would make me feel better," he insists before grinning again. "I was just thinking of scooting over and making some room for you to climb up in here with me. It's lonely, and before you know it, I'll have fallen asleep again and you can sneak out while I'm snoring."

Samantha lets out a little laugh. "How about I just hold your hand and sit close by? Curling up with a patient, even if I'm not on duty yet, is kind of considered bad form, and we're in enough trouble already. Listen, if anyone tries to transfer you to another facility, make it very clear that it's not your wishes at all. You're of sound mind to make that call, so there shouldn't be a problem."

"You need to work on your bedside manner, Doctor Applebaum." The pout is back. It is very accusing. Poor Namir, he's so deprived. Once again, however, the expression doesn't last long and is replaced by a confused frown. "All right, but why would they want to transfer me? I'm sorry if I hit on their staff, but that is their own fault for having such beautiful doctors."

Samantha lets out a little laugh. "Some of the non-criticals are complaining about the security breaches, and being transferred as a result. I could tide you over." She rises and leans over to press a kiss to his lips, though she's a bit mindful of the monitors reacting inappropriately, or perhaps more like appropriately.

Bee-deep! There's a little skip in the heart monitor's rhythm, which only causes Namir to chuckle softly into the kiss. It's a lot easier to hide those sorts of things when he's not hooked up to a machine. Once it's finished, he smirks again. "I'm not sure if that's going to tide me over or just make me more anxious to get out of here." Kisses have ways of doing such things.

Samantha grins. "Well, both can be a good thing. Let's just call it encouragement, yes? I can stick my nose in during my break and my lunch and after it's over. Oh hey, is there anything you'd like brought from your apartment?"

"I don't think they'll allow you to bring me Dahlia and Lamis, but I would appreciate it if you fed them for me," is Namir's response. "Just fill their dish with the stuff in the cabinet above the sink. If you could swing bringing my XBox, that would be wonderful too. Other than that, Don Quixote should be all I need."

Samantha promises, "I'll see what I can do." She gives him another alert-inducing kiss and says, "Alright. Time for my shift in the salt mines. I'll see you in a couple of hours. Don't harrass the nurses." With another affectionate touch to his hand, Sam rises and heads out.

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