2007-11-12: More Than Fists


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Summary: After fighting it out with Brian, Tyson and Ophelia have a heart to heart.

Date It Happened: November 12th, 2007

More than fists

Bronx, NYC - The Brawler's Headquarters

Hopping down from inside the ring, Tyson cautiously makes his way towards Ophelia, certain she was more than a little bit upset with him. He was just waiting to hear it… not that he wasn't up enough for her beating, but still…

Sitting on the stands as she watches Tyson make his way back over, Ophelia keeps her arms folded over her chest. She doesn't speak as he approaches, her expression calm and serious until he stops next to her. "I don't need protecting." She says, tone in her voice a little odd.

Tyson sighs, sits to get on her level, "I kinda got that impression, but you can't blame me for trying, can you?" He shrugs, hoping he can at least charm her into not being as mad. "Besides, that guy didn't look all that down to fight you. Can you blame him? No one wants to make a pretty girl… well… a mess…" Turning to the side in more of a monologue he went on, "… I didn't even want to do it." Not that he goes too much farther on that train of thought, especially if she thought he had gone easy on her. Like he thought he had…

The frown is shrugged off a little uncomfortably as Ophelia looks back down at her hands. "I don't want you to hold back. I'm pretty sure I can take anything you can dish out and more. You can test me on that."

"Can't I just take your word for it?" Tyson asks, nervous that he was actually going to have to go through with it. "I mean, … because…" He is apparently having some difficulty phrasing something. "I like you." He pauses, "Too much to hurt you like that, I think. 'Swhy, I'd much rather not fight, even if you want to fight. Then, even if you're going to fight, I'm going to even find it hard to watch, even though I know you're going to brawl harder than anyone." Having admitted all that, he finds himself looking over towards the dance floor as a distraction. He wondered if anyone over there was doing the same from over there.

There's a bit of a laugh, nothing major, but a little something of a chuckle at his words. "You remind me a bit of someone I know, talking like that." Ophelia frowns a little, glancing back at the ring. "Doubt you could really hurt me that bad if you tried. Kinda got a real high pain tolerance, if you understand what I mean. You don't really have to worry so much. It's not like anyone's going to be able to hurt me." Her eyes glance back at her hands, studying them intently for a moment. "I appreciate the worrying, though."

It doesn't matter if Tyson could actually hurt Ophelia or not, it wasn't what he wanted to do in the first place, not that he was going to keep saying it. "All right, you can take anything I can dish out. And more. I'm glad you're on my side, let's just say that… Though, I am a little curious of who I remind you of and why you think your pain tolerance is so much higher than what anybody is capable of giving, but hey. Life is made up tiny mysteries like that. Maybe you're like one of the people in that Activating Evolution book by Chandra Suresh, haha." Tyson laughs, having read the book himself, though his laughter is slightly reserved with his own vested interest in that subject matter. Recalling she had thanked him for caring, he adds, "Oh, and… you're welcome…"

"I never said my pain tolerance was the best in the world, I just meant that it'd take a lot of work for you to really actually hurt me." Ophelia pauses. "Physically, at least." The girl leans back a little, another little chuckle escaping. "Oh, just kind of reminds me of Manny when you talk like that. He's pretty much the only other person I know that would worry over me getting hurt. Kind of says a lot about my social life, huh?" She blinks at the mention of the book, glancing back at the ring. "You really believe that people have things like that?"

"Oh… okay…" Tyson nods, "My bad, I just thought you meant something else. Still though, that much working you over wouldn't be pleasurable for either of us, I bet. Even if you really needed the money, I'd just give it to you." He shrugs, looking at Phi carefully when she mentions another's guy. Sure, they weren't dating, but by as much as he's shown to care, why wouldn't he be allowed to think about the people she was associating with. "Still, I'm glad you've got somebody else caring for you. Everbody needs somebody and sometimes you need more than one body, I guess. Back to that book… Yeah… I guess you can say I do… but I can see how someone would disagree, I mean. Really? Things like being able to grow diamonds on your skin…? That's a little far fetched…" He obviously doesn't want to say too much, but there is quite a bit he is willing to say.

Ophelia actually raises an eyebrow. "You'd just give me the money?" She seems rather surprised, and that in itself seems to have gotten under her skin a little bit. "You don't even know me that well, and you'd just give me money, just like that?" She rubs the back of her neck, listening to him talk about the book. "Kind of reminds me of X-Men or something a little bit. People teleporting.. being super-strong.. controlling the weather." She glances back to him, then to the ring. "If you want to be honest, the money's the main reason I was drawn to it. The fighting I don't mind.. I like being able to do something and be good at it. I can fight, that doesn't bug me so much. Take my frustrations out, you know? But I did need the money, a bit. Was trying to get enough money to make a security deposit on an apartment. Been sort of bumming around on friends couches for a while and I don't like being a burden on them."

"I get it. Money rules the world and you do what you do to get it." Tyson nods, "But it isn't because I think I like you or that I even know you that I'd give you the money, it's because I've got enough to help out the people who need it. The other day in Queens, I said I'd give this kid a ten for putting up posters for the Headquarters at his school and I gave him a twenty instead." Tyson chuckles at the remembrance, "I'm sure he noticed, now if not then, but that's what I mean. What I want to do, I guess. The fighting here is just a good outlet, like you said. I'm lucky to have found it, but at any rate. I'm glad-… you found it, too." He, of course, decided against saying that he found her. That would have been too corny. "Still, wouldn't it be cool if we could do things like that? I mean, the best thing we can hope for I guess is to be able to take a punch or dodge really well." He shrugs, "What kind of power would you have if you could pick?"

There's a tiny smile from Ophelia. "You're a good guy, Tyson. A genuinely good guy. Needs to be more people like you out in the world." She faces him a little more, thinking about the question about the powers. "I don't know. It might be cool to have some sort of power.. but things like that are pretty dangerous. Could get you killed, you'd have to hide that sort of thing.. kind of like the comic books. It's a neat idea, but it makes everyone kind of look at you differently. I'm already different enough.. wouldn't want people hunting me down or yelling at me cause I had a power or something."

"Um… thanks?" Tyson reponds to the compliment not expecting it, "Blame my dad, he's the social warrior. Kinda crazy with his ideas of civic duty and stuff, but I guess it rubbed off on me." Shrugging, he goes on, "At any rate, I guess if I had a power…" /If/ "I'd want it to be something that would take me over the world. I don't know. To do good, I guess. That's the point of living, right?" He was facing Ophelia as much as she was facing him, now. "But still, what attracts me most, is that I'd have something that is actually worthwhile to share with people. Not just this fighting, thing, but something productive…" That said, he leans back against the seating. "I guess it doesn't matter for us, though… but I've even talked to that Suresh guy's son and he seems to believe the same thing. I'm thinking about meeting up with him. What do you think?"

"Sounds like your dad's a good guy. Must be nice to have a family like that." Ophelia can't help but smile. "Your dad sounds like a real hero." The smile fades a tiny bit at the talk of life and powers. "It'd be nice to see the world, have something like that. But I don't think I've got much of a chance of doing that, Ty. Doing good? Helping people with your talents, supernatural or not? That's something I don't think quite gets to happen to me. It's hard enough doing good for myself and just struggling to survive day by day for me to be able to make any sort of difference in anyone's life. It's a real hopeful dream.. powers or not, though, I think it's all far beyond me."

"Why don't you stop thinking about things like that?" Tyson suggests, sitting up, "I mean. We've all ready established how little I actually know about you, but I think you give yourself too little credit for the good you can do. Yeah, I've got a father, but that doesn't mean much. I had a mother too, and… that's a whole different situation… but everything that anybody ever does… isn't it just circumstance? Well, that and them wanting to take action?" He shrugs, "That's the way I look at it, at least. It's how me and a couple other dudes got rid of those Gold Ace thugs in Central Park a couple days ago… Not to brag, but still. I think there's something to be said for those that try, if nothing else."

"Circumstance?" Ophelia rests her head on a hand, elbow on a knee. "I don't know. I mean, there's a difference between wanting to help and actually being able to help. I don't know that I'm so much of someone who has anything to contribute. My skills consist of serving coffee, being able to take a beating, and not letting people get too close. If you could figure some way for me to change the world with that? I'd be all for it." She shifts, arms moving to grip the edge of the benches. "Sorry if I'm negative. I just.. don't feel so useful."

Tyson stands up at that, "Well. If that's the way you feel, then I want to stay with you for a while longer. Yes, you're cute and that helps, but if nothing else, I want you to be able to see your worth. To see what I'm starting to see…" He looks away, down at the rings, then at the bar/dance area, before returning his glance at Ophelia. "Although I don't think you can take a beating while staying out of range… kidding, but still. I'm going to come up with something, okay? And once I do, I want you stick it out with me, okay? I'll be there with you, just so if nothing else, you can have my dreams to fall back on… Until you find your own of course." He winks.

Ophelia studies him, a small smile on her face. "You're pretty optimistic, Tyson. Maybe you're a little too hopeful, but I'm willing to give you a chance on that. Maybe if all else fails you can do good enough for the both of us."

"Too hopeful…?" Tyson considers that for a moment before nodding, "Yeah, I can rock that." He's beaming now, glad that he could infect Phi with at least that much of his own optimism. Looking at the time though, he figures it's time he should get going, not that he really wanted to leave Phi to her own devices. Maybe… Nevermind… "So, I've got to go. Once again, I'm sorry for not letting you beat up Brian, I know you could have taken him." With that he starts heading down the levels until he's at the base. Once there, he turns and waves back at Ophelia, "Just don't lose your heart, Phi. I've got plans for it someday." He smirks, turning and walking away again, in disbelief that he said something like that. Good thing Francis didn't hear…

Watching him head off, Ophelia tilts her head, curious at what he means by those words, but she can't help and smile a bit. "Plans, huh?" She murmurs to herself before moving to head off herself. "World could use a few more plans.."

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