2010-04-29: More Trouble



Guest Starring:

Muriel NPC'd by Jamie

Date: April 29, 2010


Trent got shot, and two guardians appear. One cares, the other? Not so much.

"More Trouble"

Mount Sinai Hospital

For the first time in months, Hope Hearth has officially closed for the night. The on-call emergency therapist has been called to an emergency all her own. Her ward was shot in Battery Park. Trent was shot in Battery Park. Pale as a ghost she tramps into the hospital wing. Her tan-coloured trenchcoat is disheveled, and her hair is a mess like she'd be running. The cab she'd taken wasn't fast enough and so she had it pull over and she ran the rest of the way in a pair of black pumps with white polka dots.

"Trent Grahm — he's a patient here, I'm his guardian — please please please tell me where I can find him — " Sydney is talking a mile a minute. The nurse directs her to a room and stresses she should calm down before seeing the kid. Outside the room, Syd gulps for air in an effort to slow her heart rate and calm down some.

Trent is on a bed in the emergency room, the bleeding has been stopped, but the bullet has yet to be removed, as it's lodged into his shoulderblade. He's rather in-coherent at the moment. Pretty well drugged up for the pain. Awake but sort of loopy.. though at the moment he doesn't know Syd's outside yet.

As Sydney stops to gather her composure outside the room, a well-dressed dark-haired woman who appears to be in her late thirties steps up to one of the nurses. "Hello, I was told my nephew Trent Grahm was hopitalized here. Where is the boy?" Her voice is annoyed, not a trace of worry in it for the sake of her nephew. Enough to perhaps worry the nurse, but she's soon pointed in the same direction Sydney was, and the woman is soon walking up towards Sydney's position.

A sideglance is shot towards the dark haired woman, but Sydney pushes any apprehension away, assuming that this woman is just another hospital official. With another deep breath she opens the door. "Trent — " she says softly while stifling a shudder. Goosebumps form on her arms and legs as she steps towards him. She reaches for his hand to give it a tight squeeze. "Everything is going to be fine — " she soothes, her own face still pale.

Trent looks at Sydney and he smiles a little, but he's also sad looking, "Mom, I'm sorry.. I guess Hallis is goin to ground me again." A tear welling in his eyes. "I just wanted to play, and.. then I went and rested and this man had these bobble head things and.. then all the guns going off." He's still pretty well frightened from the ordeal. But more worried about being grounded and seeing the look on Sydney's face.. it makes him sadder.

The dark-haired woman ends up following Sydney into the room, her eyes narrowing as she spots her nephew. "You ungrateful little… you disappear on me, leaving me to answer questions from police and social services, and when I'm finally settling down after three years, you're back to mess up my life again?" That's when she notices that Sydney's even there, and she blinks and scowls, "Who the are you?"

Sydney gapes at Trent's aunt. Absolutely gapes. She wants to tell Trent that she's not mad, that she'll recover, that everything will be fine, but the woman scowling at her gets all of the attention. And Syd's apprehension and anxiety fill the room. She's losing all control on that wonderful ability on hers. With a distinct frown she watches the woman cautiously. "I've been looking out for your nephew after you neglected to." Her eyebrows furrow into a tight v.

Trent sees his Aunt, and hears the words spilling from the woman's mouth, and it's clear he is even more scared of her. The grip on Sydney's hand is enough to tell her he is. If it weren't for his own emotions filling the room. He tries to move, but with the IV and his right arm not working too well, with the bullet still in it, it's difficult. The movement causing the spot to start bleeding again a little. "No… I don't want her.." acting like a little boy again, as his tears do spill and trying to put himself between her an Sydney. "Mom make her go away."

Muriel scowls still, though tenses as the unexpected emotion fills her. She gets defensive, immediately, "I treated him just fine, no matter what the little… darling told you." Then there's a flash of pure rage from her, enough that Sydney probably can't help but sense it, when Trent calls Sydney 'mom'. She steps around the bed to get clear access and reaches out to smack the boy despite the witness, despite the injuries, all sense flooded away by her overpowering anger, "How *dare* you call her mother! Your mother was a wonderful woman before your father ruined her life by getting her pregnant with you!"

This isn't Sydney's first time in a hospital. She knows how to get the attention she wants without leaving Trent alone in the room with that. Before doing anything else, she hits the coding button at the head of the bed before Muriel's anger flares into Syd's own, "How dare you. Don't you ever ever ever hit him again! Ever." She's a therapist and actually has some power to this end. Yay for working at a Distress Centre! She twitches a little before swallowing and attempting to control her ability again.

Trent is of course not happy, he knows what's going to happen, when she rounds the bed and that flaring anger. A part of his past with her that he's mentally blocked, but she brings it all back, quickly. He's nearly scrambeling to get away, his IV comes out and his shoulder is most definetly bleeding again. Though he can't move very fast and is hit. He's crying now.. and hugging Sydney. Muriel's words, hurting far worse then any of his injuries or the hit for that matter.

In addition to the coding alarm, the IV starts blaring as it comes out as well. Muriel frowns, looking up to Sydney and back to her nephew, stepping back and trying to regain composure. Before she can come up with an excuse or something to say to Sydney, the nurses on duty come running in, blinking as they look between those present. Two immediately goes to try to help keep Trent from killing himself, the third asks, "What's going on here?"

"She hit the patient," Sydney says honestly after giving Trent one last tight squeeze and backing up to let the nurses go about their work. "I'm Dr. Sydney Falkland and would like to talk to the police about having this young man handed over to child services." And ultimately her own care, but this part is left out. "I work at Hope Hearth Distress Centre and judging by the communication and interaction between this woman and her nephew, I can testify that their relationship is indeed abusive." And then turning to Muriel she sneers, "I've never met anyone that would hit a child who's already been shot…"

Trent is soon calmed, though not fully, eyeing Muriel and Sydney. But lets the staff do what they must to take care of him. Get his IV going again and stop the bleeding. Though it's clear, every time he looks at Muriel, his heart rate races a bit. He is afraid that she is going to hit him again. He does clarify for the staff that Muriel hit him. Take that Auntie bitch.

Muriel blinks and says, "You lie! I would never harm this child. She kidnapped him and held him without legal…" She can't get through her statement, though, before the nurse that isn't helping Trent calls out the door, "Security to room 105." She then looks to Trent's aunt, as the message is passed over the intercom, "It would be best if you leave here now, or you'll be forcibly removed." Muriel scowls again, and says, "Fine. We'll see what my lawyer says about this." Without another glance at Trent, she stalks from the room.

Great, that's what Sydney needs for 2010 — a legal battle. At least she has a few awesome people on her side that can vouche for things. Hopefully all works out. "Alright. See, everything is going to be fine," she soothes Trent quietly. "I promise." She forces a smile. "You need to rest though and I think they're going to take you into surgery to get that bullet removed soon — " she glances at the nurses. "But I'm not going anywhere, and I'll be here for you when you wake up." She plants a soft kiss on his forehead.

Trent eyes his Aunt, "She did not kidnap me I ran away cause you were mean to me." He's still upset.. but then Sydney comforts him and he smiles up at her, it's clear he thinks of her as his mother figure now. "Ok I'll be happy to see a friendly face when I wake up." he ignores his Aunt's retreating back. Though is of course cautious, incase she doubles back to do it again.

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