Morgana Sloan
Portrayed By Sara Watkins
Gender Female
Date of Birth April 21, 1977
Age 32
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Aliases Margaret Price
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation File Clerk - NYPD
Known Relatives Margaret Sloan (mother; deceased), Richard Sloan (Father)
Significant Other N/A
Known Abilities Hemokinesis
First Appearance A Good Night

Morgana Sloan is a file clerk for the NYPD. Calm, collected, a bit on the bookish side. She'd make a great librarian. Much like everyone else, she has a dark side. This side manifests itself in the urge to render living flesh into many tiny bits and dispose of the life that once inhabited it. Morgana has focused her activities to those truly deserving. Those who've preyed on others and have yet been brought to justice.


Morgana Sloan wakes up at 5am, like a normal person. She gets caught in traffic on the freeway, like a normal person. She gets her venti cafe mocha with two shots of orange every morning, like a normal person. She disposes of dismembered body parts in heavy-duty garbage bags….. NOT like a normal person. Morgana is anything but normal on the inside, but on the outside, she's perfectly… quaint… nebbish… even a bit bookish. She blends in well as a nobody, all to hide the raging monster inside.

At the age of 6,in Minneapolis, Maggie Price had witnessed her family slaughtered by some unknown criminals. The group disappeared and her family's massacre had never been solved. Maggie never knew why her parents were murdered, though she'd dwelled on it daily. The trauma of watching her family being butchered left an indelible mark on her soul. She rarely experienced any form of emotion, especially joy. Her 'blankness' had frightened every family that had taken her in, but their warnings of anti-social behavior had fallen on deaf ears. Maggie would be one of those children that had fallen through the cracks. Seeing the reactions of those around her, she decide to adopt a more 'human' visage. She began acting the part. In school, around others, she was a normal teen. Teens are known to be moody. It was a phase she was going through.

She graduated high school and enrolled in a local community college. While in one of the classes she was taking to become a medical technician, she'd realized that she did indeed have an ability. She could control blood flow in other people. She could make them dizzy, or give them an incredible rush to the head. She never realized how handy it would be until much later… until one of her roommates were attacked. Once again the police were ignoring the complaints, so Maggie decided to take matters into her own hands. She'd found the attacker, stalking him and learning his behavioral patterns. A brief exchange the man had led her to walk down a dark alley and into an abandoned building, which she'd known was a place he used for his proclivities. Instead, hunter became hunted, as the man had entered a pristine, cleaned 'kill room'. Before he could comment, he'd passed out. When he awoke, he was strapped motionless to a table, his fate soon sealed.

With all of the knowledge she'd learned from her med. tech. courses, and the criminal justice classes she was taking on the side, she'd learned how to quickly dispose of the body. Feeling nothing, not even remorse, has its privileges. The Beast had awakened, and now it needed to feed. The midwest was relatively quiet, when it came to criminal activities. She needed to move.. to start anew. She'd faked her own death, using a body of one of her victims, a female, and made sure that her car had a rather explosive accident. She'd planted enough evidence and, with the disintegration of the body, it was easy to convince the local police that she'd died in a fiery car accident. A closed casket had sealed the deal and she then bought a new persona. She headed to New York, where everything happens. She became Morgana Sloan, and got a job as a clerk with the police department. Information would pass her desk as she'd have to file reports on suspects. Ones that were heinous of guilty crimes, yet were able to walk away with it. It took no time for her to pick up her hobby. Her ritual was always the same, and always meticulous. She'd stalk her victims, ensuring that they were guilty. When it was time for the deed, she'd follow the victim, and get in close enough to use her power, knocking them out cold without actually touching them. She'd take them to a room that would be out of the way. A different place every time. Isolated, with no witnesses and no surveillance. The room would be covered in plastic wrap, to ensure no blood would be left as evidence. She'd then confront her victims, assuring them of why they were in the predicament they were in. She'd then make the kill, using a different form every time.. A blade to the aorta, a drill through the corotid artery, many sordid ways to take someone's life. Afterward, she'd chop the body up into pieces with a sharp bonesaw. Six heavy duty garbage bags later, and the body would be carted out. her means of disposal would differ as well. She'd dump them into the harbor, or she'd find a way to get them dumped directly onto the garbage barges floating around the city. The one thing in common with the victims is that she'd keep the hands and heads of the victims and bury them upstate, at a farm that she owned, under an assumed name. DNA could identify her victims, but she'd make it much more difficult by removing fingerprints and teeth.

Morgana's job not only led her to victims, but she was also able to keep an eye on any investigation that would head in her direction. With her knowledge she could easily have been an EMT, or in forensics, but that wouldn't help her to fit in. She's spends her days filing paperwork, and chatting with the few 'friends' at work that she has, all the while waiting for her next target.



Psych profile on Morgana? Interesting.. A nice thick volume. Not exactly. As for reality, Morgana doesn't have a real personality. She's disconnected from her feelings, feeling mostly nothing as she goes through life. Having no emotions comes in handy for what she has to do. Every move she makes, even in normal life, is with direct intent and attempted flawless execution. Everything she does is for a reason, and anything not needing a reason is unnecessary. Her 'normal' life is a mask an attempt to hide herself from the rest of the world. To keep her from getting caught by those who would frown upon her nocturnal activities.

As for her activities, even they don't give her an emotional reaction. It's more like she's under an imperative, and she won't feel fulfilled until she succeeds. Once she does, its more of a release, and she gets a sense of satisfaction that one more point of evil has been taken from the planet. She's not looking to gain anything, no notoriety, no acceptance, not even fame. She's drawn to the urges and must act them out. The only thing she asks for is a nice, flawless ritual, with easy disposal, and a guarantee to not get caught.

The only goal she ever has is for the hunt. Any down time she has between encounters is used to find the next target, and to investigate. She can't kill someone who might be innocent. She has to prove to herself, beyond any shadow of a doubt that the target deserves it's sentence. She has no life ambition, other then to not get caught. She enjoys her position as a clerk, and has no intention on moving up from there. It helps to keep her below the radar, yet it brings her close to a source of information.



Hemokinesis - Hemokinesis is the ability to mentally control blood. One with this ability can snatch blood out of a person's body. One with this ability could even manipulate blood while it is still inside a person, allowing them nearly full control over motor functions or control over a person's body temperature by raising or slowing the rate at which a subject's blood moves. The minor form of this ability could even be used to taint the blood of others, causing septicemia, or cause one's own blood to be tainted, so that when it is transfused into another body, it will infect the bodies of others.
- (from

Morgana has very little control over her ability, seeing as she's had no way to really practice or hone her craft. Currently, all she can do is control the flow of blood in someone else's body. She can drain it away from the head, causing them to black out, or she can send it rushing to the head, causing headaches, nausea, and/or vomiting.


Head Rush - Morgana controls the flow of blood in a victim causing it to flow from their extremities to their head causing pain pressure and a sudden headache as if the person where hanging upside-down. This effect could cause the victim to become nauseous and induce vomiting.

Sleeper Hold - Morgana controls the blood in a victim causing it to leave the brain and flow to extremities. Doing so makes the victim lightheaded to the point where they pass out and become unconscious. This length of time that her victim is unconscious varies on the strength and general health of the victim but on average it only lasts around 5 minutes.




  • Morgana's first name is taken from the character that inspired her, Dexter Morgan, from the TV series, Dexter.
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