2008-03-20: Morning Coffee


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Sophie and Lee have a casual conversation at the Lair.

March 20, 2008

Morning Coffee

Secret Lair

Lee can often be found loitering on the sidewalk as the Lair is opening, having a cardboard cup of coffee from the obscure stand up the street and half a bagel, either yacking on his cellphone with one of his hipster pals about the latest band that he has to see or trying to get someone to donate something to his classroom. Today, though, with spring technically here but Lee still wearing a coat, he's not on his phone, he's just bundled up enjoying a cold morning not being inside a comics shop.

Sophie walks toward the Lair. She has a backpack over one shoulder, and the keys in her hand, which have gloves on them. She pauses, seeing a somewhat familiar face, and smiles, "Oh, hey there. Good morning."

Lee smiles back, "Hey…Sophie, right? Good to see you. Opening up the dump this morning?"

Sophie laughs and nods. "Yep. Well, I don't have classes, so I took the shift. Helping out until Kory feels better, you know. What're you up to?"

Lee says, "Just getting charged up before I get on the bus uptown." He waggles the coffee. "I haven't seen her in a bit…" She's avoiding him because he was a jerk. Again. "…how's she feeling?"

Sophie hmms, "I guess a little better. She did manage a few hours behind the counter a day or so ago." she doesn't mention their visitor, of course, "I'm sorry.." she admits, "I am terrible with names."

Lee grins. "Lee Jones. It's my sister's store, you probably have talked to her on the phone. Nima. Our parents founded it. The picture behind the register." he says. "I live upstairs."

Sophie ohhs and nods. "I may have, about inventory. Oh, she looks nice." she says thoughtfully. "Must be handy, living right upstairs."

Lee says, cheerily enough, "I didn't hang around a lot when I was in high school. I don't like comics. At all. Still don't." The entry in the understatement of the year competition complete, he says: "Where do you go to school?"

Sophie nods, "I really don't know much about them, to be honest." she admits, "I guess they were a little too short for me. I couldn't see spending money on something that I could read in 10 minutes. I go to NYU. I want to be a librarian." she chuckles a little. "I guess I'm a little geeky."

Lee grins, he clearly approves. "Well, just don't get stuck in the mire. That garbage will eat up your life." He nods to the Lair, musingly, as if considering how many people he's seen that happen to. "I teach at Brubaker Secondary…our librarian is a cool guy but a little kooky. The sort of person who you think probably has a lot of newspaper articles taped to his wall with string between them."

Sophie makes a face and chuckles, "Thanks. I think I'm going to be more the kind to have dozens of books stashed at home, not articles." she looks curious, "You're a teacher? What subject?"

Lee says, "Ninth and tenth grade civics, for my sins. That's what a degree in French Literature will get you. What sort of institution are you thinking of when you graduate, or do you know yet?"

Sophie grins, "I always did wonder what people did when they got degrees in things like that." she admits, "Well, I guess I'll be happy with anywhere I go. But if I could do anything? I guess one of those rare book repositories. Or a University."

Lee winces a little. "I was going to grad school, when I had to bail out with just a Masters and come back here." he says, defensively. Clearly still a sore point. "That's cool. It's not where I expected to end up, but I really have come to enjoy teaching. It's a hell of a challenge."

Sophie nods to that, "I have a lot of respect for people who teach, especially high school. I couldn't do it." she winces, 'Especially n..' her voice trails off, then she adds with some humor, "I mean, with people bigger than me who don't necessarily want to be there, but have to be?"

Lee laughs. "One of my good friends was a former Navy SEAL, we started at Brubaker at the same time together, and he never got the kids to respect him no matter how loud he yelled. And he could yell loud." he muses. "I won't lie to you, I started out a pretty crappy teacher and even now I'm pretty sure I'm barely up to 'lousy', but at least I'm improving."

Sophie nods, "I give it to you for trying. Me?' she smiles a bit, "I'm probably too much of a wuss. I couldn't be tough enough. They'd run all over me.'

Lee grins. "They'd try. And don't let them fool ya, private school kids are just as bad as public school, and the parents are worse." he yacks, taking a drink of his coffee. "All right, I'll let you get to arranging the racks of crap." he says. "I can see my bus coming."

Sophie nods and chuckles, "Ok, well, take care, and don't let the b.. teens get you down. I have to open the shop."

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