2010-04-13: Morning Smoke



Date: April 13, 2010


Tori wakes up to a morning smoke— or well, Devon.

"Morning Smoke"

Tori's Apartment

The smell of burning tabacco may not be the norm in this room, but this morning, it is. As the sun shines in the window, there's a rough smell of smoke in the air, coming from said window. Rather than laying in the bed, there's a larger warm body sitting next to the window, having cracked it open slightly to let some normal air in. Or perhaps, to let himself back in. Rather than naked, as he'd shown up, he's gotten clothing on again, a t-shirt and jeans, but more clothes than he'd had before. At least he didn't lay around and wait for some of her. The air that comes in is cool. And surprise, surprise, there's no cigarette hanging from his lips.

That smell came just from him.

"You awake?" he asks, walking back toward the bed to sit down on the side of it, reaching to touch dark locks of hair with his hand, skin a few degrees warmer, indicating he'd smoked his way back in. If she wasn't awake, he probably is making that happen now.

This time she's the underdressed party, compared to Devon; her sleep boxers and tank top were thrown somewhere across the room the night before. Tori makes a soft waking noise as he sits on the edge of the bed, rolling over to face him, peering at him through a tangle of hair.

"You're already up? What time is it?" she says groggily, her voice a little raspy with want of use. She reaches up to touch his chest, palm flat on his t-shirt as she peers with sleepy eyes up at him. "Where'd you get clothes?" she asks, brows knitting a little, perhaps disappointed he's already awake and dressed and no longer in bed with her.

"Well I didn't think I could fit into any of your clothes, so I stole some." Devon might have danced around the topic with another girl, but this one is a thief, one who at least could rob safes and other such things in her time in ol' England. "There was a clothing stand a few blocks away. I grabbed them while he was still setting up." The sleeve is lifted a bit, to show off a tag. They weren't even very expensive, his finger reaches to pull the tag off.

The good thing about t-shirts and jeans, they're usually easy to size, though the jeans seem loose, at second glance. And he's still barefoot, so he won't be able to go into most shops if he wanted to. No shoes, no service.

"It's just a little after sunrise," he adds on, hand moving down her cheek, running over the lips that told him to stay last night.

Tori smiles as he explains. "I might have a couple of things you could have squeezed into, but I think a pink sweatshirt with the words 'Princess' across the front might be a bit fruity for you and give people the wrong idear," she says, running her hand up his chest and back down before dropping. "It's a bit fruity for me, to tell the truth, but my mum sent it for my birthday."

Her lips part when his warm fingers touch them, and she lifts her chin a little. "Leaving so soon?" She tries to sound non-chalant, but in her ears it sounds … clingy. Not the way she wants to sound. "You said you can't go back to your hotel. You can stay here if you need, until you find something else."

"I wouldn't make a very good Princess, you on the other hand…" Devon moves his hand to take hers off his chest, bringing her fingers up to his lips to kiss them. Like a princess. "I don't have to leave yet, no," he says quietly, keeping his hand on hers, and continuing to hold it close to his face. Clingy? Maybe a little, but he's certainly affectionate now, as he had been last night. "But I do want to go see Medusa, see if maybe she can get some of her stuff together and go with me to the facility I found. Get some of those people out of there…"

There's a pause, hesitation. "You could help, too, if you wanted. The doors had combination locks on them. You mentioned that was your specialty… These guys aren't really government, either, so it won't be threatening you, as long as we take out the cameras first." And he can take care of some of that.

Well, isn't that just the cutest thing. She smiles, glancing down a little shyly as he kisses her hand — the shyness is rather ironic after the much-less chaste kisses of last night. But it's the sweet moves like that which endanger her more — those are the ones that might make her fall.

She looks up when he speaks of Cody and then the locks. "I can do combination locks, yeah. Or keypads. Anything with fingerprints that leave a password. Piece of cake, mate. And I want to help." She takes a deep breath and says quickly, "Even if it were threatening. It's important to do it. We're not animals and we're not bloody weapons."

With those words said, he leans down even more, pressing his lips against her own in something a lot less tender and gently affectionate. It seems she said exactly what Devon wanted to hear. It's not why he came to her instead of Cody that night, he didn't sleep with her so she would help him do what he couldn't do by himself— but it's something that makes him like her a little more.

"You're right," he says against her lips, as he pulls back. "Not animals, not bloody weapons— and we're not going to be their slaves, either. Those people deserve freedom, just like my brother would have wanted for them…"

He keeps close to her, hand touching the sheet that covers her up. This is when he notes what she noted early. "Am I the one who's overdressed this time?"

Her full lips curve into a smile at the sudden kiss, her are arms moving around him as she responds with as much affection and ready eagerness. "It's too early to go out. You might as well come back in," Tori argues playfully, grinning into the kiss. Her fingers slide down his back to find the hem of his shirt to tug it off of him this time.

"And we can go find you some shoes when we get up later, and I can go see Cody with you if you like," she murmurs, pulling him back into the bed.

"At least now I won't have to sneak out as a cloud of smoke hanging over someone's head," Devon says with a teasing smile, toying with her lips a bit as he helps remove the cumbersome clothing so that he can go back to laying in bed with her. Once he's back under the covers again, notably less warm then the last time, as he'd not overtaxed his ability, he adds a soft, "Never thought I'd be thankful for being asked to play clean up crew."

Meeting a girl over a chopped up dead body he then had to burn? Not what he would have thought would happen. But— he didn't think he'd turn into a smoke monster when he grew up either.

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