2010-07-13: Mortal Methods





Date: July 13, 2010


Tom Wilkes deals with Bruno's incompetence in his own special way.

Warning: This scene depicts graphic violence.

"Mortal Methods"

New York, New York

"This is so disappointing."

A few muffled groans accompany the sound of a body being dragged across gravel. Bruno's that body. He's let go a few feet later, his head thudding against the earth. Several stab wounds ooze blood.

Long brown locks hang over Bruno's face, insane hazel eyes peering down into the bloodied face of Terence "Bruno" Lamb. "You couldn't even kill one little congressman. That's … appalling. I mean, what happened? You had a baseball bat. What did you do, hand it over to him willingly?"

Bruno tries to speak, but only makes an unintelligible sputtering.

Tom Wilkes straightens up and strikes Bruno in the side with his boot. He leans down again and stares into the face, terror clear in the man's eyes. "But don't worry. I'll make sure you stay out of prison. I'm going to make the pain stop."

He walks away for some moments only to return with what looks like Doctor's satchel. The leather bag is set beside Bruno and opened.

"I must apologize for the knife wounds. I didn't realize your pals would take things so far when I told them to … punish you for your incompetence."

Tom pulls out a few thinks. A few small clear canisters and a Zippo lighter. He pockets the lighter and pops open one of the canisters, pouring its grey powdery contents all over the other man's wounds, pressing them in hard with his bare hands.

Bruno screams.

"Your wounds will have to be cauterized. And the rest of you … cleansed."

Once the other canisters are opened, grey powder everywhere, Tom walks off to the vehicle he came in. He returns carrying a gas can, which he empties on the ground near Bruno, leaving a bit of a trail to give him a good ten feet to stand away from the blaze.

"And you know what cleanses people the best, don't you? You should by now…."

It's only as Tom is walking back to his truck that Bruno starts to move, struggling to get up.

Tom watches as Bruno struggles, all the while washing his hands with a few wet rags. "Good bye, Terence." The words are frank. He takes the Zippo lighter and strikes it. Content with the flame, he drops the portable fire onto the trail of gasoline.

The flame is almost instant in reaching Bruno, and when it does reach him, there's a sizzling as the gunpowder burns up on the man. He'd scream if there was enough of his flesh left to allow him to articulate more than the few gurgles he emits before crumpling to the ground.

"If you want something done right, you just have to do it yourself."

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