2010-01-11: Mother Kit And Brother Peter



Date: January 11, 2010


Two members of the "fugitive resistance" meet in a church.

"Mother Kit And Brother Peter"

A Church

It's been a hard last few weeks for Kitty, or Beatrix Hanner as she is still going by. She's become something of an Harriet Tubman sort of figure. Ushering fugitives to a safe house she has in the city and saving them from the government and their Evil Squad of Evil. It's given her a new name, by one of the children she's helped out. 'Momma Kit'. They've started calling her and she does indeed protect her charges like a mother would protect her own children. Thanks to help from others of the resistance, and her ability to see the future.

Beatrix has done a pretty good job of staying under the radar and not being caught. Though today.. seems to be a breaking point for Kitty. She hasn't seen or talked to any of her friends in quite a while and she's starting to feel quite alone in this whole thing.

So she's sitting in a church, head down while tears fall from her eyes, though she hopes she is finished crying by the time the person she saw in her vision who she's suppose to meet, gets here.

"You look like you're having a rough day," a soft voice says with sincerity, as a warm body settles down on the seat next to her, a hand reaching out to touch her sleeve. Dressed in a heavy coat and scarf, it's obviously not a priest that's sitting next to her, despite the friendly and open tone that might have been expected of one. The voice and the face is familiar. Peter could walk around as someone else entirely, but he's not worried about being seen… Because he happens to be invisible.

And so is she. It's the safest way to communicate in a public place.

"I knew I'd find you here. And I guess you probably knew I'd be here too. How have you been?"

"Oh it's nothing, just missing my old life." She jokes lightly and then she notices the voice and her eyes widen before she turns her head quickly to Peter and smiles warmly. "Pete.. I.." she blushes slightly and dips her head. "Thought I'd be done crying before you came." She says with a light chuckle before she wipes her eyes and then looks back up at Peter with a strong look. The look that Momma Kit gives to her charges to let them know that she's fine.

"I'm fine, really. Just been keeping busy, watching the ones that can't protect themselves, ya know?" Then she adds in a soft tone. "I really miss you." Her hair, now slowly fading back to it's original color more and more every day falls into her face as she stares at Peter. Now the coloring mostly still blonde with a few large brown streaks going through it all.

"Been keeping busy? How's Tracy?"

"I know how that is," Peter says quietly, looking down at his hands. There's only so much one person can do. But he's been doing more than that as much as he can. It doesn't always work. There's always more to do, and more people who aren't protected. It never seems to be enough. He keeps his hand on her arm, even as he looks up ahead.

"I don't know how Tracy is," he says, voice tightening a little, but it's the truth. He doesn't know how Tracy is. He hasn't seen her in a while.

But he quietly hopes that Kitty can't see what he's been up to in the last few weeks. Especially what he did in Washington not too long ago.

Not everything he's done is just helping people who can't help themselves.

"Do you need any help?"

"Do you need help?" she knows her friend all too well, always over extending himself, never really taking care of himself. "I have so many stories to share with you, so many thing to tell you. I lived in a bar, where I got this tattoo and this woman named Isabelle took me in and.." she stops and looks up towards the stained glass windows, "But that's for another time, once this is all over. We can talk about our adventures." Because boy does she have them.

Her tattoo peeks out from her coat sleeve at Peter as she looks at the windows. "I've been trying all I can, trying to see where this is all going. My ability hasn't been much help. At least not at the big picture. I think.. maybe I'm not meant to know what's going to happen. Or maybe.. it just isn't time, ya know?"

"That's funny, I recently met someone named Isabelle," Peter says with a smile, even though there's likely a dozen people named Isabelle in the world. He doubts it could be the same one, considering that the one he knows couldn't take anyone in as far as he can tell. The tattoo does get noticed, but he has nothing really to say about that.

Instead… "You're doing enough. Just like I've been trying to. Sometimes you can't help with the big picture. But little changes help someone and that can help the world." It just doesn't happen as fast as they might wish it to. He nudges his shoulder against her. "I'm doing fine. But I might need some help later…" a flick of his wrist and he's holding a card out to her. "That's my new cellphone. I don't answer it, but you can leave a message. Just say who you are and where to contact you."

"Really? She might be the one I know, her girls. The girls that work with her, they've seemed to have relocated out here. So ask her if her last name is Ashford, if so. Tell her that Kitty is looking for her." She says to Peter softly and then lays her head on one of the men she can call her best friend's shoulder.

"I know, and I love what I'm doing. If you could see the look on the people's faces as they fill safe and they don't have to worry for right now. It's really the only reward that I need."

"You know I always have your back Pete, what's the problem? At least what do you think you'll need help with soon?" She takes the card and slips it into her pocket for later. She'll make use of it later. "I've been trying to gather intel but so far, I've gotten nothing. I saw your mother a while back. I hope Angela is doing ok."

"Mom's doing fine the last time I saw her," Peter says, able to answer that question, even if it was only implied. "She's laying low, but she may need to move somewhere else eventually. That's something you might be able to help me with." It's not that he actually knew what he needed help with— he's making most of this up as he goes. Except for a few small plans that he inacts, most of it is… winged. "Being able to move people between a couple different places would be safer. If you can secure a few more places to keep people… I can filter them toward you. I have a house of my own, but it's only so big."

If they ever manage a big break out, there's no telling how he'd be able to handle them. He was planning to go talk to Jack and see if he could help… but there's no telling who will actually be able to help. Especially since Trina just wanted to live a normal life.

"I more want a way to contact you. In case I do need help. And incase you need my help, too."

Talk of business.

"Good. I have one warehouse. I'm using already. I bought it a little bit ago and just didn't ever do anything with it. It's not being watched at all." She says and thinks about what Peter is saying. "I have tons of room and if we could somehow get another warehouse. There are a few abandoned in my area. I just haven't seen the need to take it yet.

"Fliter whomever you need to me, including your mother. That's quite alright. The Kitty Lair of Doom is for everyone." She says this with the most serious face ever. "Also, how are things going? Any new news about the government and their plans?" she hasn't like she said, been able to get much information.

News from the government. Like the death of the Secretary of Homeland Security? Or his brother trying to get into Alpha Protocol to get a foothold? Peter closes his eyes for a moment, "I can't really talk about that. Everything involving that part of the operation is secret." As far as his brother wants anyone to know, he's on their side… so he can't real anything about that. And he doesn't want to talk about the woman he murdered.

"I know they're still capturing people. But other then that… There's a lot I don't know. Maybe later we'll know more. Like what their actual goals are— things like that." But right now… they don't know.

There's a quiet moment, and then he says, "I should be going. Will you contact me when you can? I might be able to help get a warehouse to add on. I have one that I use as a teleport location, but I don't own it. It could be used for something, though."

Nodding her head, "I'll contact you and give you news when I can and vice versa." Kitty begins to leave, not wanting to break contact yet. She looks at Peter and smiles softly, "We'll work on getting the warehouse you teleport too and setting something up in there." The young seer looks down at her hands before she leans forward and hugs Peter tightly around the middle, nestling her head in his chest with eyes closed for a few moments. As she opens her eyes, they can be seen to be a little watery. She pulls away slightly and gives Peter a kiss on the cheek. "You're like my brother, please be safe." She says softly in his ear before she slides away and stands.

"I have to go and meet some people, they need to be escorted." She says softly and then she's smiling softly at Peter and nodding her head, "Love ya, Pete." She says before stretching her muscles and walking out of the church, her boot's heels clicking on the floor of the church as she prepares to leave.

As soon as he lets go of her so she can move away, she can no longer see him, but she knows he's still there. Not for too long, but for long enough to hear a whisper of, "Love ya too, Kitty." It's not said as anything more than a friendship, a companionship that's grown over the last year, but there it is. Peter means it, too. Within moments, he's no longer in the church at all, invisible or otherwise.

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