2007-11-23: Moves


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Summary: Monica and Jaden show each other some of their moves.

Date It Happened: November 23, 2007


Stately Cain Manor - Goddammit Gym, I'm A Doctor Not A Workout Room.

Cain. Jaden Cain. Agent 00Comedy. That's right, the crazy CEO is doing nothing but hanging about in the hallway at the moment, since he's motioning for people to carry stuff in from outside and into this new room. Or a room that's empty. The stuff that's being carried looks more like it belongs in on WWE Smackdown or Raw than in the house of a software mogul.

Wait. This is Jaden Cain. Nevermind.

So the message on Monica's voice mail went something like: Hi Monica, it's Jaden, you know Jaden Cain, just in case you had other Jadens and weren't sure which Jaden it was, but this is Jaden Cain. With a C. Want to come over? Also, wear a leotard.

Well, maybe it wasn't like that, but after getting home from Sing Sing, Monica needed something to get her mind off it, and an invitation to fun with Jaden is a great way to do that. So here she is, yoga pants and leotard on, watching the back and forth to the new room with an impressed and somewhat skeptical air. "Do you do this all the time? Change rooms around to try something new?"

"Pretty much. See, there was a library in there at first. Which was cool, except it had all my comics in there and it's nowhere NEAR my room. So I moved the library upstairs. Which left this room empty. So I figured, why not make a gym or workout place, y'know? So I can get some abs that don't come off when I take a shower." Yes, he's worn painted abs before. It comes with having a movie star (B-List!) for a mother.

Jaden offers a smile, standing out of the way and reaching out a hand to make sure Monica's not going to get hit in the head by some random mover, he flashes a big ol' smile. "Plus, it kind of makes my house like a Ghetto Hogwarts."

If Monica had been drinking something in just that moment, Jaden would be wearing it because she sputters. "Ghetto….Hogwarts." she manages to repeat, laughing so hard she nearly chokes. "I'm alright, I'm alright…" she waves a hand until she can recover. "You got a way with analogy."

"Thanks. It was the only part of the SAT's I got right." Yes, that means he didn't even get his name right. Because, well, he was high as hell when he took them. Anyway, he's looking into the room to see if the ring has been finished being built and all of that good stuff. "Come on. Let's check it out." And he's already reaching for Monica's hand to lead her into the workout room, which has like… everything in there and then some. Including a regulation size wrestling ring.

Monica lets herself be lead, though from her expression, she feels a bit more like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory being led by Willy Wonka then Hermione being shown a new spell by Harry. "What are ya gonna do in here?" she asks. "Piledrive people who tick you off?"

First of all, if Jaden's anybody, he'd totally be Ron FTW. Second of all, he chuckles a bit to himself and shakes his head. "Well, I don't know if you know this or not, but the Head of EvoSoft Security is Stone Cold Steve Austin. THE Stone Cold. And since I'm kind of thinking about asking him to be my bodyguard, I figured having a place like home would be cool." Shrugging that off, he's already working on climbing up onto the apron and stumbles his way through the ropes. "As for me piledriving anyone?" He holds out his skinny arms. "Do I look like I could pull that off?"

Monica so totally doesn't believe the Stone Cold thing, and is unable to resist smiling. "Hey," she says, "I try not to judge books by the covers. For all I know, you've got secret super powers and you can bench Ferraris."

Jaden just laughs and leans back on the ropes, bouncing a little bit. Just checking to make sure they're working well. "I can honestly say that if I had super powers, it wouldn't be super strength. That's so boring." Maybe the smile on his face has something to do with the way he's talking about having powers and stuff. Or maybe he just likes to smile at Monica.

Monica moves up closer to the ropes, climbing up and hanging off the ropes from the outside. Bouncing a little, she vaults over the rope cleanly onto the other side, her feet landing with a small thump of the springboard floor. "Yeah? What would they be if you did?"

Jaden just continues to stand there in front of her. Where he can be seen. The door to the room is closed and the movers are gone, likely have been paid by the Jaden that's answering her question. "Ehhh. Probably something more fun." That voice is coming from behind her. "Yeah. Like this." And that voice is coming from another Jaden that's over on the bicycle, pedaling away. "Especially, since it lets us get away with murder…" And that's another Jaden that's suddenly just standing next to her, but he's already reached out to give her a quick slap on the leotarded ass!

Monica turns and stares, and…turns, and stares, and lets out a yelp as she turns around and stares, before she turns and faces original Jaden. "There's like…four of you!" she states the obvious in shock.

Jaden frowns a little bit, while the others are still doing their thing. The Jaden closest to Monica is already trying to slip an arm around her. He must be the Player of the bunch. "What's wrong? Want some more?" And there are other Jadens popping up into view all over the room. By the time they stop popping into existence, there's got to be at least, hm, twelve of them. "How's this?" they all ask in unison.

"Oh, my god." When Playa-Jaden puts his arm around her, she grabs it, steps under, and executes a textbook judo through right onto his back. Then she looks up at First-Jaden sheepishly. "Err. Sorry." She turns around and around. "Sorry, sorry." she apologizes in the general directions of the masses. "Oh my god, you - " hands to her head. "I gotta show you somethin'.

"Wowsers!" That's Playa Jaden getting beat down and wincing as he ends up on the mat. He rolls a bit, only to smack into the feet of Jaden Prime. The rest of the Jadens are cracking up about this, but Jaden Prime is peering at Monica for a moment. "Uh oh. You're not about to turn into Mystique, are you? Because as cool as Toad is, I don't wanna' be part of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants."

Monica looks around. Surely in this room there is some form of A/V equipment. "You got any wrestling footage?" she asks. "You know, wrestlin' moves and stuff you think are cool?"

Jaden blinks a little bit, while another Jaden is already pulling out the best damn DVD to ever come out. It's passed through the hands of Jaden after Jaden before it comes to Monica from Playa Jaden, as he's pulled himself up from the mat. "The Rock." Playa Jaden quips, raising his eyebrow in that same style. "Give us a kiss and we'll play it for you." And yes, all the Jadens make kissy faces.

Monica blows him a kiss. "Just show me one move. Aerial, if ya like. Don't he do something where he stands on a pylon and then flips down onto the mat or something?"

"… You really don't watch much wrestling, do you?" Playa Jaden tosses the DVD case off to another Jaden, who switches it out for a Hardy Boyz DVD and within the next couple of moments, the JadenTron (that's the giant flat screen built into the wall above the door) flickers to life with a visual of Jeff Hardy and his classic Swanton Bomb of awesome!

Monica watches the screen intently, and any of the numerous Jadens may notice the sudden glaze over of her eyes as she absorbs the maneuver. "Alright," she says after a moment. She walks over to one of the pylons and climbs up onto the third rope, bracing her balance by gripping the pylo, just like Hardy does. "One of you want to be the body?" she asks with a grin. Wait, is just going to do the Swanton Bomb? That does seem to be what she's implying.

"… Not Me!" And ten of the Jadens disappear without even a second thought. Which just leaves Jaden Prime and Playa Jaden. Playa Jaden sprawls himself out on the mat and gets nice and comfortable. Because, well, that's what he should be doing. Jaden Prime is confused about all of this. "Uh. What're you… are you sure about this? Don't hurt yourself trying to be like Jeff. He's crazy…"

Monica doesn't bother replying, she just does the Swanton Bomb. Leaps off the pylon, back arching briefly before her body makes the rotation, and then slamming into the mat with uncanny precision as she slaps her arm down on Playa Jaden's ribs. Fortunately, she's slim, athletic girl, and not a giant crazy wrassler dude, so if it hurts, it's not near as bad as it could be. And since wrestling is more showmanship than actual application of hurt, that helps to. The point is here is that after watching the maneuver performed, Monica can repeat it. Perfectly.

Playa Jaden is not exactly sure of what just happened. He does, though, bounce around on the mat like he just got hit by Jeff Hardy, if only because he's down for showmanship. But then he's fading away and Jaden Prime is paying the most attention. "Whoa. Did you… no way." Definitely having a Wayne's World moment at this particular juncture in their relationship.

Monica sits up, but remains seated on the mat. "If I can see it, any kind of physical act? I can do." she says with a shoulder shrug. Laughing softly, "Elena didn't tell me you were special like that."

Jaden mutters something about Elena still remembering who he even is? But then that's just kept under his breath as much as possible before he pays more attention to waltzing over to offer a hand up for the hottie black girl. "Eh. Not really special. It's not as cool as I'd like it to be. But hey, you gotta' play the hand you're dealt, right?"

Monica accepts the hand and pulls up to her feet. Still holding it, "I think it's pretty darn special." she tells him with a grin. "My god, Jaden - you could be like Batman. I mean helping people, not dressing up in a rubber bat suit."

"There's a difference between Bruce and me." Jaden quips, making sure that he's the one that's doing the talking. Not to mention the fact that he's peering down at the mat, because he's not the type to talk 'up' about himself. "He can kick ass. I'm uh… pretty lame when it comes to doing anything even remotely close to being a hero."

"Didn't Bruce train for years and years? But I don't mean even just going out and beating up muggers." She starts to slide her hand away. "You know there's more people like us, right? You'd be amazed how many people I go to school with can do things. You may laugh, but I think there's a reason we're all here, right now."

"I'm only here because my jet's not fueled up. I was planning on spending a couple days in Paris, actually." Jaden kind of pretends to not be understanding what this girl is talking about. He's an idiot, but not THAT much of an idiot. "Listen, I know what you're saying. But it just wouldn't be practical. I'm not the hero type." My idea of saving someone is copping a feel on a hot babe such as yourself during CPR class."

Monica cocks her head. "Don't you want to be?" she asks. "I ain't dumb, Jaden. I know how much charity work your company does. Is it all just for the corporate image?" She sounds skeptical.

Jaden shrugs. "I'm just some punk kid that got lucky, had a rich dad who died and decided to leave me his company instead of his Board of Directors." He's not trying to do this whole hero thing. It wouldn't be practical. "I'm no hero. I'll never be. But at least I can pay for people like you to go to school."

"You really think that little of yourself?" Monica seems surprised, and a little disapointed. Maybe she's been around Micah too much. St Joan is starting to get to her.

"I just know my limits. That's all." Jaden offers a quick shrug and then ends up trying to get the subject changed to something else. "So! Hey! Your ability's gotta' be pretty cool, right? You can do, literally, anything. You're like Kim Possible with a bigger butt."

Monica lets out a little laugh. "Uhh…is that supposed to be a compliment? I can do what normal people do. I can't do things like catching arrows out of the air." She caught a Xena episode, apparently. "But generally, yeah. If I see it, I can do it."

"Trust me. Your butt is seriously complimentary." Jaden cracks another smile and then looks over at his DVD wall. At least the one that's in this room. "Y'know, if you ever need to like… look at stuff for whatever reason. You can always come here. I've got like tons of movies. Plus, I'm rich. I can buy it if I don't have it."

"I know you're rich." she says with a slight smile. "I'm trying not to be so mindful of it, that ain't fair to you."

"No, please. Be mindful. Take advantage even. That's what it's there for. It's not like I worked my ass off for the money." Jaden's honesty is written all over his face. He's not even the type to care too much about what happens to his money, as long as it's not being stolen or something of that evil nature. "Anything you want, you can get it."

Something about how he says it makes Monica blanch. Even as thoughts of how such money could help D.L., she can't help but say with a distressed expression, "You really want me to be that girl? Who only likes you for your money and what it can do for her?"

"I just want to be with you, Monica." Jaden states, being as honestly as matter of fact as he possibly can. Mostly, well, because he's not sure what else he should be doing but being honest. Especially since he just ended up showing her his biggest secret. "That's really all that matters to me right now. I can always get more money. But there's only one Moni."

In fair trade, she showed him hers. "Maybe." she says to the money thing. "But would you want to be with me if the only reason I was around you was for what your money could get me?"

Jaden isn't understnding what's so hard to understand about what he's saying. "I don't care about the money. That's what I'm saying. I give out over 400 bucks to homeless dudes like every week. Cuz I just got too much money to know what to do with it." Jaden sighs. "I'm not sayin' you should be a Golddigger. All I'm saying is that if you need something… I got you."

Monica nods a little. "Okay." She seems content to let the subject drop, because it's promptly followed up with, "Hey, you got a trampoline, right? Because all eccentric rich playboys should have a trampoline. I think it's a rule."

Jaden laughs a little bit and nods. "Of course I have a trampoline. There's a rule though. Girls that play on it have to uh… bounce. So no cheating by wearing a bra or something!" Whether he's kidding or not is hard to figure out, since he's already climbing out of the ring and heading for the door. "It's in the backyard…"

Monica snorts. "Do you have any idea of how painful it is to not wear a bra? Trust me, when you're on a trampoline, you bounce regardless of wearin' a bra or not." But she follows him, apparently ready to jump up and around. Jump, jump!

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