2007-07-14: Moving On


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Summary: Aileen, George, and Kitty happen upon each other at Enlightenment Books. They chat about Kitty's pending move to Alaska and her desire to write some books, as well as Aileen's job and the fact that she never seems to take a break.

Date It Happened: July 14th, 2007

Moving On

East Village, NYC - Enlightenment Books

This would not be the first time this week that George turns up somewhere where he seems out of place. He's hanging out unobtrusively near the end of one aisle, browsing through some titles on ancient history. With a shrug, he sets one back on the shelf and flips through another one, squinting.

It's pure coincidence that Aileen happens upon the bookstore. Really, she had a friend that was getting married so she wanted something nice to give as a present and some sort of obscure but beautiful old, antiquish book might be right up their alley, especially because her friend was a little strange. Wandering in quietly, she peers around, trying to find a good section to start with.

Heaven to a bookworm like Kitty is this bookstore. She is totally in her world and doesn't notice anything but the books. She is even on the same aisle as George and she doesn't know it. The young woman is wearing a pair of dark blue low rise jeans and a black tank top that shows a fair amount of midriff. She isn't dressed like a bookworm, but then hey. Who says a bookworm can't be sexy? She is standing on her tiptoes to try to reach a book on the top shelf. She can't seem to reach it. "Damn it all."

George glances halfway over in Kitty's direction, absently reaching up for what looks like her target and moving it down to a lower shelf, and only then notices just who it is he's helping out. "Oh, hey. I think there's an extra stool around the corner there?" He hasn't spotted Aileen yet, but it's only a matter of time.

Wandering down a different asile, Aileen bends down, glancing at books along one shelf, looking carefully for the unique-looking books. The old ones, the interesting ones, the ones that would most likely be the best gift for her friend. She remains rather quiet, though her ears do catch the sound of a familiar voice.

"Hey! Thanks George. Been a little bit since we last saw each other?" she takes the book and tilts her head up at George winking. Kitty looks down the aisle and starts to walk down it. "What are you doing here?" she asks and looks on the other shelves for interesting books to buy.

George's cheeks tinge crimson at the memory. He was under the influence! Sort of. "Twenty percent time," he explains. "Heard about this place at a gig down near CUNY, decided to come check it out. —And I suppose I should ask you the same?" he adds, sliding another book out of place and waving to Aileen through the narrow gap.

Aileen smiles as she catches a glimpse of George, waving back at him as she glances at a book. Ah.. this seemed rather perfect. She'd found one that was just the sort of wedding gift she wanted to give. Pulling the book out, she gets back to her feet, moving towards the aisle she saw George in. Might as well go say hi.

"Looking for a couple of books to read on my flight to Alaska." Kitty states and grabs another book. Ah this one looks promising. "I'm moving soon. I don't know exactly the date. But I am moving soon. Time for me to go some place quiet and write a couple novels. Weird huh?" she asks and notices George's wave at the /hawt/ doctor. She waves as well and smiles. Being friendly.

If you cut Alaska in half, then Texas would be the /third/ largest state. George's nose flares at this thought, but you'd really have to be watching for it. "Feeling the need to split your weight in wood, huh?" He waits for Aileen to make it around the side of the bookshelf before going through intros. "So do you know what it's going to be about?"

Offering a wave to Kitty as well, Aileen politely browses the books in the aisle, not wanting to interrupt the conversation that George and Kitty have going on. She is curious, however, simply because of it's an odd place to be moving. Alaska..

"I'm not sure yet. Maybe about people living in New York that are, /special/." Kitty says /special/ as Aileen walks over. Doesn't want to give anything away here! "Yep! Me and Tiger are going away. Probably for good."

George inclines his head to Kitty. "That could work— Lord knows you've got plenty of prior material to draw inspiration from." (Batman, anyone? It seems to be working over at Stately Cain Manor.) "Anyway— Dr. Kincade," he continues, offering a hand to the lissome blonde, "this is Kitty Hanner. Who's apparently gearing up for an extended artist's retreat."

"Alaska's a long way to go. Got family up there?" Aileen asks, offering a smile. "And it's a pleasure, Ms. Hanner. Perhaps I'll have to read your books sometime."

Kitty smiles at Aileen and nods, "Nice to meet you and no. Just me and my cat Tiger. It's time to move on, ya know? New scenery. See what other kinds of adventures I can go on in Alaska. Yes and you must read my books, when they come out!" she snickers and puts one hand in her pocket. "Doctor?"

George hangs back a step, leaving the ladies to explore these topics on their own for a moment. He sets the books he was looking at back on the shelf, withdrawing a faimliar biology textbook in their place, only to slide it back into place after a brief flip through the pages.

Glancing at George for a moment, Aileen then nods towards Kitty. "Well, I hope you enjoy Alaska then. I'm sure it'll be.. interesting. But yes, I'm a neurologist at Mt. Sinai here in New York."

"Now /that/ is interesting. You get to look at people's brains and such. Awesome!" Kitty grins and looks at George and then back to Aileen. "I'm so tired!" she yawns and shakes her head. She hasn't been sleeping regularly lately.

George returns his attention to Kitty at this point, squinting once again. "Any idea why? Is it just because you've had a lot of packing to do?" Then, while waiting to hear what she says, he peeks at Aileen out of the corner of his eye, thinking that he might have missed something earlier.

"Look at peoples brains.. well, I suppose that's one way of putting it." Aileen smiles warmly, then nods again. "But really, it's a lot of work." She glances at Kitty and nods. "Perhaps you should get some rest if you're tired."

Kitty nods slowly, "Might be. I've been talking to my mom /every/ say so that she understands that I might be living in Alaska from now on and she is just go flabbergasted! Because I don't want to be the next CEO in her company. Whatev." She shakes her head and laughs softly. She closes her eyes and then grabs a few more books from the self. "This looks to be about the right amount of books I can read."

George shrugs. "Well, it's not like she can directly you order around, not at your age. Now if she was holding your inheritance ransom… And she's not the only one who's been pushing herself, is she?" he continues, glancing back toward Aileen.

Aileen gives a little bit of a nod. "Parental pressure. I sort of gave into that, but I'm my own worst critic. My parents just wanted me to go to college. Med school was my idea." Looking slowly back towards George, Aileen smiles again. "Work's work. Got to pay the bills. And its hard to take time off when there are people who need you."

Kitty pulls at her tank top and fans herself. She makes her way over to buy the books and smiles at George. "Nah, I got my inheritance all fixed and stuff" she winks at George.

George nods, even as he politely averts his eyes. No close contact to be had here, sorry, folks. "There are other ties besides that, but they take a little more work to pull at."

Kitty pays for her books and takes the bag as she heads for the exit. "If I don't see you ever again it was nice knowing you" she smiles and winks before she is out of the door.

After exchanging goodbyes with Kitty, George returns his attention to you, picking out a section of wall that can handle being leaned against. "You're setting yourself up for a dilemma, you know. Once you become needed, how do you take a break?"

"You don't." Aileen grins sheepishly. "Working's pretty much my life. Dad's not around anymore. Mom's all the way in London. Only people who really need me around are at the hospital. And I can make a difference."

George considers that, then reaches out a hand once again, this time aiming to take hold of yours. "Not for long," he replies, "not if you burn yourself out early on. I think… sometimes you need someone to tell you to stop."

"Maybe. But I'm alright. I know when to stop so I don't get sick. Wouldn't risk something like that." Aileen glances over at him as he takes ahold of hers. "Just don't have anything to occupy my free time with anyways."

Contact, and a step closer. "You should, though. You know /now/ when to stop, but if you don't have something to look forward to, then… it's easy to let things slip. I've seen it happen before."

Aileen lets out a breath. "I know. But I look forward to work. I enjoy that. I just don't see what's wrong with that. It's not like I have much of a life outside of the hospital right now."

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