2010-08-02: Mr. And Mrs. Cain



Date: August 2, 2010


Spies, Puppies & Bombs. Oh My.

"Mr. and Mrs. Cain"


There's a Knock. It just so happens to be on the apartment door of the most recent woman to have the nerve to try and tame Jaden Cain. Granted, it's just a knock to gain some attention because the moment the knocking is finished with, there's the fleeting of footsteps.

If anyone were to come towards the door to see what the racket is, they would notice that a slim CD case was slid underneath the door and is waiting patiently. There are no tags on the disc or the case, but there happens to be one defining trait on the case… which just happens to be that EvoSoft green color. That should be enough to get anyone that knows the great Jaden Cain well enough to pop it in a laptop or dvd player or something…

"I'm coming~" Janet calls as she steps out of the kitchen with an apron around her waist. Not that she's cooking. Anyone that knows Janet knows she can't cook. No, she's making play doh because she wants to. And because… she wanted something to play with. Fortunately the stuff is no bake thanks to it being dough so she didn't even need to empty her oven for it. Her fingers, now coloured green even after a number of washes, wipe at her apron, but no more colouring comes off. With a fleeting shrug, she just clears her throat. Finally, rounding the corner from the kitchen she peeks at the case, Janet does a merry little jump. She likes mysteries.

The case is plucked from the floor before she turns on her heel to her small desk in the living room that houses her laptop. Curiously, she opens it and places the CD in the laptop. With a grin that resides somewhere between delighted and perplexed Janet pushes play.


The Snow comes to an abrupt end, before revealing the serious face of Jaden Cain. He's seated at his EvoSoft Desk, as can be seen by the huge banner hanging behind him. His hands are folded neatly in front of him and even his hair is slicked back into a much more serious position than usual. Interesting.

It takes him a moment, as the look on his face is one that just exudes dire circumstances. It is totally screaming Bad News.

"Agent Hottie." Jaden begins, before sitting up in his chair more straightly. He even clears his throat. "I understand that you have been disavowed from the agency for quite some time now. However, a mission has come up that only you can fulfill. There is a dashingly handsome young man waiting for you downstairs. He has been ordered to escort you to PetWorld, where you will find and select a cute canine of your choosing. This canine will become your partner for the rest of the mission." Jaden then leans in a bit closer to the camera, his face growing even more serious. "This is no Mickey Mouse mission, Agent Hottie. There are forces at work who would dare to keep this canine away from you. We cannot let that happen."

Jaden pushes back from the desk, standing up and places his hands behind his back. "Your Mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go into your bedroom, select the hottest outfit you own, slip into it and meet with the gentleman downstairs. From there you will travel, acquire the canine and then proceed to a luxurious night out on the town, with your two faithful companions." Jaden plants his hands on the desk and leans in. "Should you be caught during this mission, as always, any knowledge of your actions will be disavowed by Evolution Software."

Jaden finally offers a playful smirk. "This message will not self-destruct, but it will make a very annoying buzzing sound if you do not turn it off and begin your mission in ten seconds." He winks. "Good luck, Beautiful."

Janet leans into the screen at the snow, her eyebrows knitting together tightly as she squints as if attempting to discern a kind of message, until Jaden's face pops up, brightening the brunette's already present smile. Throughout the entire message she attempts to look serious. She tries to tame her smile, and pretends to be her alias Agent Hottie who will, undoubtedly, save the world from peril, but her stern look comes out more comical than stoic. At the end of the message, she giggles rather merrily before sliding away from the desk and clapping her hands excitedly. "PUPPY! Imma gettin' a puppy~ Imma gettin' a puppy~"


"Ah! Right— ten seconds!!" she hits escape and closes the window before squealing again and essentially bouncing back to her room to change, with that bright white flash of teeth still pasted on her face. "EEEEEEE! PUPPY!!!!"

Fifteen minutes later she emerges in a little black dress before jumping in place again and squealing merrily to herself rather loudly. With a deep breath and some semblance of feigned dignity, the door is opened as Janet steps out after smoothing her hair.

Moments later she's downstairs peering about for the gentleman she is to meet. Again, she tries to channel that cool secret agent she wishes she were, slinking around the corner of the building.

It doesn't take long to spot the New Hotness that is parked not far from the door of the building. Standing next to it is, of course, Jaden Cain. He's decked out in his black suit, complete with Epic Sunglasses and his signature Chuck Taylors. He just can't bring himself to wear dress shoes. Even on a spy mission. It just doesn't work out too well for his comfort.

He whistles idly, pulling off his shades and just randomly stepping away from the vehicle and sliding off in the direction of Agent Hottie. Without looking directly at her, he decides to offer the code phrase: "Whew. It's gettin' hot in hurr…" That's right. Agent Dork is busting out with the Nelly references this early on in the sure to be eventful evening.

"So hot in heerre…" Janet states too seriously, so seriously, in fact, that it borders on ridiculous. She runs her fingers through her hair, pushing it behind her ear as she shifts towards the car. "Agent…?" she asks as she shuffles a little closer to him.

"There's work to be done. The game is… afoot!" She's trying desperately to stay in character. "Nice shades. Very… mysterious." Her cheeks flush a little as she shifts her weight again, taking care not to twist either of her ankles.

"Nice… everything." Agent Dork says, reaching back to open up the passenger side door and let the beautiful agent slide herself into the car. He takes a moment of hesitation before he slams the door closed and whispers a soft, "YES!" to himself and then slides around the front of the vehicle to hop in on the other side.

"This is a pretty simple operation. We arrive at P.W., you point, I buy, we get out. Before anyone knows we were there." Jaden starts up the car and starts pulling away from the curb. "The less people that know about this purchase, the better. Everyone will be wanting to throw in their two cents on naming the target. A mission that has been reserved solely for the both of us."

Janet slides into the vehicle, a hand run down her dress to keep it from flying up as she enters the vehicle. Silently she wishes she had thought to bring her sunglasses as nothing is more badass than a pair of awesome shades. Smoothing her dress at the thighs, she shifts before fastening her seat belt and nodding at her apparently colleague.

"So we get in, we find the target, we get out," she reiterates with a firm nod, still all-business. "Got it, Agent. I will… try to do it quickly if that's the goal. I recognize I was likely selected for this mission because of my… efficiency." Her cheeks flush further, she's no actress.

"And because you look damn delicious in that dress." Agent Dork offers in response, to make sure that Agent Hottie realizes that she's definitely making an impression on Agent Dork throughout this entire travel time during the mission. Traveling which isn't going to take long, thanks to Agent Dork's epic driving skills… and JPS. "We should be back here in plenty of time to… celebrate our victory. For a few hours. At least." Oh, there's the Spy Game Innuendo coming out. Too much James Bond, Agent Dork!

A single eyebrow quirks upwards at the words as Agent Hottie turns her head to meet Agent Dork's gaze. "No, Agent, I don't look damn delicious in this dress." There's a pause before she clarifies, "It looks damn delicious on me." Beat. "I make this look good." She's embracing this little bit of roleplay as she straightens in her seat. She quirks the other eyebrow at the victory comment, "I don't know what your previous partners were like, but I only celebrate with agents with whom I'm particularly impressed." The illusion fails for a moment as her lips edge ever so slightly into a smile. A very slight smile that she forces down.

Agent Dork is a little but caught off guard! He wasn't expecting such commentary to come from Agent Hottie. "I'm sure you'll find my very impressive when the time comes." He's not sure if he should just let that hang in the air as it is or follow it up with something else. Instead, he whirls around the corner to start heading towards the parking lot of Pet World. "Of course, if you'd rather have someone else watching your backside than me, I'm sure we could talk to your boss about a replacement."

There may or may not be a little bit of a pout attached to these words as he pulls the Benz into a parking spot. "After, we get the package, that is. This mission is too time sensitive for your fickle choices." He throws open his door and gets out. The door is almost slammed before he ducks his head back in to smile at Agent Hottie. "You're right, by the way. It does look damn delicious on you."

"I was told you were the only man for the job, and my backside is very… er… watch-worthy?" Agent Hottie quips back, with a glint of mischief in her eye, the last bit failing as her spy alter-ego isn't quite up to snuff. As the car is parked she follows Agent Dork's lead and steps from the car before smoothing her dress and stepping to the entrance of the pet paradise. She fiercely fights the smile that creeps across her features, this is bliss, and she is getting a puppy. A cute puppy. That she'll get to name. Something cute and precious and wonderful.

In fact, the facade fails as she bounces lightly towards several of them and silently squees while placing a finger against the glass the resides between her and a very small runt of a beagle. She turns back to catch Agent Dork's eyes, her delight dripping into a kind of airy tension. In fact, she'd be talking in a high-pitched voice reserved for babies and small dogs if it weren't for the game.

Agent Dork is just kind of hanging back with his hands in his pockets at this particular moment, making sure to watch as Agent Hottie does her thing with the selection process. He's smiling too much to be in character, enjoying watching her do that thing where she selects a puppy because it just happens to be too darn cute. But then again, somewhere in the midst of all this, he gets back into character when she looks back at him and he taps his watch, as a warning to there possibly being enemy agents on the way. She better hurry up and pick the dang beagle! Because Agent Dork has already sent workers in her direction to help her get him out of the glass!

"That one," Agent Hottie points at the beagle she'd been admiring in the front to the workers present; the runt of the litter, and her future dog. Within seconds he's in her arms, her cuddling him tightly like a baby. The puppy licks her cheek drawing a girly giggle from the formerly serious agent. "You are awesome— eeeeeeee!" the puppy is cuddled a little tighter, closer to her chest and closer to her heart. She turns on her heel and steps back towards Agent Dork. "Target acquired," she states matter-of-factly before adding in her cutesy voice reserved for cute puppies, "And he's such a goooood wittle boy! Just lookit him— "

Agent Dork has managed to take care of the paperwork and the exchanging of cash, while Agent Hottie deals with the target. He grins as he steps back over to her, ready to lead her to the door and the exit. His free hand whips out his jPhone which he pretends to dial and makes sure to say, "Mission Accomplished." in order to cancel out the Spy Game and return back to his normally geeky self. He even has to reach up and pull off the sunglasses. "Awesome pick, babe! And I've already got just the name for him!" Jaden stuffs his sunglasses in his pocket and jumps in front of the Agent Hottie and her new puppy. "Monster Destroyer!"

"He's the best puppy ever! Ev-AR!" The puppy sinks into Agent Hottie-turned-Janet as this is a lot of new sensory information and rather scary for a little pup who hasn't been out and about in the scary world. "I don't he looks like a Monster Destroyer," she hmmms. "How about… Mr. Fluffyton!!? Yes?" Stepping outside and towards the car, Janet peers back at Jaden, "Thank you!! I think he's awesome! I wanted a puppy… I've been thinking about it forEvAH!" Her grin broadens as she reaches the passenger door, the puppy still being cradled like a child.

Jaden screeches to a small halt as he gets to the door of the passenger side and opens it up, so there will be no worries of the poor puppy being dropped. "Mr. Fluffyton?! What the—" Jaden has to stop himself, as he doesn't want to ruin the girl's day at this moment. By not liking the name. Once they are safely inside the vehicle, he closes the door and slides around to his side again, dropping into the seat and restarting the car back up. "Okay, how about you meet me halfway on this cuz I cannot be walking around calling this dog Mr. Fluffyton. It will ruin my street cred." Like he has any anyway. "How about we give him that for a last name but come up with something EPIC for his first name?"

Janet hmmms quietly as she nods at him, sliding into the passenger seat again with Mister Something Fluffyton. She rests him carefully on her lap as she wrinkles her nose. "Well maybe he needs like a fancy full name like a person. How about…" She purses her lips together, "Cray Zacharias Fluffyton?! I think it's kind of brilliant!" She tilts her head expectantly, waiting to hear how brilliant the name is.

"Brilliant! Cuz that means I can totally call him Cray Z! Haha! I love it!" Jaden is actually very excited about this name now, because he's dancing around in the driver's seat as if he's the one that just got a puppy. "I wonder if I can get Jay to hook me up with a Dynasty Sign dogtag. I'll call him later." Jaden speaks about Jay Z like they knew each other when they were kids or something. Anyway, "Haha. Cray Z. That's too awesome. Baby, you're the smartest ever. I would high five you, but that would just be awkward cuz you're my firlfriend."

"WAHOO! So we have a name!! Cray Z is pretty awesome actually— I like that as a name!" Janet beams as she shifts in her seat to scratch Cray Z's ears. "I LOVE HIM!" she says perhaps too emphatically, once again, "Look at his beautiful ears and wonderful coat and those big brown eyes… thank you so much! He's adorable!" Her cheeks flush as she turns to face Jaden, a kind of moderate discomfort in her eyes. "I… " her voice quiets as her cheeks flush even more, "I… I love you, Jaden Cain." And then she turns to pet the puppy, distracting herself with it rather than what she's just said.

Okay, so the Puppy is forgotten about at this exact moment, because Jaden Cain has just been smacked in the side of the head by the L Bomb. Which, well, is not something he expected to have happening at this particular moment. He blinks a little bit, glancing over from his driving antics of the road to look at Janet, while she's focused on petting the Puppy. He studies her for a moment, paying no attention to where he's driving at all.


The pause is a worried one. Slightly off kilter. But promising?

*POW!* Fssssssh!

"… think we got a flat."

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