Mr. Hendrickson
James Kiel Hendrickson
Portrayed By Ted Cassidy
Gender Male
Date of Birth March 3rd, 1972
Age 35
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Aliases None
Place of Birth Salem, MA, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Criminal
Known Relatives Debbie Hendrickson (mother), Richard Hendrickson (father)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Matter Ingestion
First Appearance Subway Shakedown

James Hendrickson, mostly known simply as "Mr. Hendrickson", is a thug-for-hire. Standing at 6'11" tall, and sporting what appears to be a pair of stainless steel metal teeth, Mr. Hendrickson is a rather intimidating thug. His primary specialities include bodyguard, doorman, collection, and murder.


James Kiel Hendrickson. Born on March 3rd, 1972 in Salem, Massachusetts, the only child of Richard and Debbie Hendrickson. He was a typical American child, making average grades throughout school and college. He played sports, primarily football and basketball. He was unusually tall for his age, and so did reasonably well in both. He was also something of a bully, using his unusual and imposing height to his advantage. While in high school, he would frequently get in brawls in the schoolyard, after school in the parking lot, and in bars and clubs. He became known for propensity and proficiency for starting and ending fights. After high school, he attended Boston University, getting work as a bouncer/bartender to pay the bills, but ended up dropping out due to inadequate grades. He then moved to New York in an effort to find work that did not require a college degree, which turned out to be more Bouncer and Bartender gigs. A growing need for more moeny eventually turned young James to crime, and after a particularly violent incident in one of New York's more seedy clubs, James began hiring himself out as a thug and hitman for New York's minor gangs and crime syndicates. It was during this time that James discovered he had a knack for extortion, torture, and murder. He was good at it. And it payed well. He has served time in prison for assault and battery on atleast one occasion, but has yet to be charged with murder.
It was in the fall of 1997 that James Hendrickson discovered he was somewhat different. Over an excruciatingly painful twelve-hour timeframe, his internal jaw structure and musculature had changed significantly, now aptly designed for biting through or crushing almost any known material. Additionally, less obvious changes had taken place throughout his digestive tract, allowing him to consume any substance without incuring bodily harm. While it was not immediately obvious as to the nature of the incident, he began to notice things. Things like it was easier to bite or chew through objects. And the increased strength of his jaw muscles. The fact that medicine, booze, and assumably orally consumed poisons no longer had an effect on him. And then he bit a man's fingers clean off during a fight, without effort, and swallowed them. It was at this point that James decided to augment his bite with a set of stainless steel teeth, surgically attached to his jaw. This allowed him to bite through a wider range of materials. His new, imposing smile and the ability to bite through steel (among other things), combined with his no-nonsense attitude toward business garnered him more fear and respect than he could have possibly earned by skill alone. This has attracted the attention of more powerful crime syndicates operating in New York and the surrounding cities. Mr. Hendrickson now sells his services to anyone who is willing to pay, while moonlighting as a Bartender when the work is slow.


Due to a tough, adaptable digestive system and a set of super-strong metal teeth, James Hendrickson is able to bite through almost any material and consume it without incuring bodily harm. This means super-human jawbone structure and super-human jaw muscle strength to produce a super-human bite. This power also renders all orally taken poisons or drugs (both beneficial and not) ineffective. Any substance taken orally is broken down and rendered harmless by his digestive tract. He is not immune to poisons or alcohol. Only things that pass through his digestive tract are rendered harmless (inert). More to follow.

TEETH OF STEEL: Due to both an altered jaw structure and musculature and a pair of stainless-steel metal teeth, Mr. Hendrickson is able to bite through a wide variety of objects, such as chains, wood, cables, and other normally-impossible-to-bite-through items. Teeth of Steel's effectiveness is determined by Mr. Hendrickson's Strength.

SUPER-DIGESTION: Due to internal changes to his digestive tract, matter is broken down and rendered harmless, allowing him to eat almost anything without incuring bodily harm. His digestive ability is determined by his Stamina.

For Hire!

Are you rich? Do you find yourself needing protection? Is there a certain someone you'd like discretely taken care of? Do people owe you money? Are you looking to be beaten up by a large man with metal teeth? Do you have a freezer or ice box? Do you like crickets?

Mr. Hendrickson is available for hire, or added drama for your criminally-minded characters. He'll take just about any job, if you can meet his price. Just drop me a @mail in-game, and we can work out the details.


  • To follow.


  • "This does not concern you."
  • "Don't move. Drop your gun, and kick it over here. This is nothing personal, but you started it."
  • "Florists' Transworld Delivery."

Character Origin

This character is (very obviously) based off of the James Bond villain, Jaws. Other influences include Marcone's bodyguard, Hendricks, from the Dresden Files. His typical outfit is inspired by Mr. 47, and sometimes, when he is out preforming some dastardly deed, you can see him wearing an olive green trenchcoat, in a similar style to the T-103, otherwise known as Mr. X from Resident Evil 2.


  • Typically carries a modern reproduction of the LeMat revolver, modified to take normal .45s and a 16-gauge shotgun shell.
  • Despite intentionally grafting metal into his mouth, Hendrickson generally tells people that an unfortunate incident in his youth with a young man carrying a baseball bat is responsible for his teeth.
  • He plays chess with old folks and blind folks on Sundays. He is a mediocre player.
  • His metal teeth are removable.
  • Because of Mara, Mr. Hendrickson has gone to the trouble of procuring a Ballistics Vest, a Silencer, and a number of shotguns, mostly modified for close-quarters. He has also purchased a number of non-lethal rounds.
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