2007-11-02: Much To Say About Curiosity


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Summary: Two boys, after hearing about a shady fight club go check it out.

Date It Happened: November 2nd, 2007

Much To Say About Curiosity

Bronx, NYC - The Brawler's Headquarters

Flyers have been getting passed around about a fight club going on, but… that can't be the case because the first rule of fight club is to not talk about fight club. That being the case, Tyson couldn't help but investigate; his past life not fully put to rest, merely lying dormant for… well… something like this to wake him up. Having tracked down the location of the Brawler's Headquarters in the Bronx, he was at first shocked to see so many people sitting in the stands surrounding a boxing ring where two guys were currently trying to knock the snot out of each other and then immediately enthralled with the scene taking place. "It's like coming home or something…" He shrugged, starting to make his way through the crowd. Not to get signed up quite yet, he needed to check out the competition first.

"Man, if that's what your home was like, did no one call Child Protective Services?" Right behind Tyson is a blackhaired kid with a broad, feral grin. He seems quite at home with the prospect of ultraviolence, though by his lack of scars and unbroken nose, it may simply be as entertainment.

Tyson immediately turned around to spy the guy whom he suspected was trying to start something with him. Yet when he fully inspected the guy he was more or less certain he wasn't the usual fighter type, but maybe his eye was just off. Instead of jumping the guy there, he simply answered back with annoyed disdain, "Yeah, they were called, but I only have to call them with two numbers. One," Tyson held up his left fist, "and twon" he raised his right. With both fists up Tyson stared at Ian intimidatingly.

Ian puts a hand up, placatingly. "Hey, whoa there, tiger. Not without dinner and a movie, right?" HE nods at the ring. "Shouldn't we be up there?"

Tyson looked over at the ring, wanted to be there, and eyed the boy a moment longer before lowering his fists and nodding, "Yeah… yeah…" His intial instinct was right. "Sorry about that…" He felt he had to apologize, he was about ready to get in a fight with somebody over nothing. Being in the wrong, he went even further and extended his hand out to introduce himself, "I'm Tyson."

Ian takes a hand and squeezes it firmly. There's a faint static shock, and for some reason, Ian looks embarassed. "Ian," he says, forcing a grin.

Tyson endures the shock, but notes its occurrence. "Nice to meet you…" He was suspicious but tried not to let it show. Still, in the end, he retracted his hand and looked at it a moment before making his way towards the ring. The place was as packed as he expected it would, but with him leading there was largely nobody that was going to stop him from getting through. "Hey! Let us through." Tyson called out pushing through, occasionally looking back Ian to make sure he was following him.

Ian trundles after, perhapas foolishly. But he does look eager. Maybe he's just a masochist.

Continuing on, Tyson looked back at Ian again, plain curious why a guy like him was in a place like this. He called back at him, "So why is a guy like you in a place like this? I don't get the feeling that you're well-versed in brawlerdom…"

"I'm not. Looking to see if I can take it, maybe learn if in fact I can," Ian says,easily, hands stuck into his pockets.

This stopped Tyson and he seriously examined Ian. "Okay, really?" He looked some more. "I don't know if you really know what you're getting into…. Do you work out?" For some reason, he looks actually concerned for the guy.

Ian gestures at himself. "I do. Do a little martial arts, I surfed back home. That kinna thing. YOu? Do -you- know what you're getting into?"

"Surfing, huh? Somehow I don't think that'll help you much here…" Pointing at himself in turn, Tyson went on, "I used to fight in Detroit. Nothing like this, I don't think… but still, we got down. Made a lot of money off it, too." More or less content, he turned toward the closest ring where one guy had just decked the other with a right hook that seemed to knock him out. "Ouch, and you can tell he's out because he went down all slowlike." Tyson said imitating a slow descent to the ground before getting back up and moving closer to see if the downed guy was moving or anything.

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