2007-05-03: Multiple Missed Signals


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Jane comes to get Jaden at his home, they head for MSG to watch a concert. Along the way they have a minor adventure, encounter Jack Derex and Gene Kensington; after Jack heads back the way he came the other two men manage to miss multiple signals from women.

Date It Happened: May 3rd, 2007

Multiple Missed Signals

The Cain Mansion, a parking garage, and the street leading to Madison Square Garden, Manhattan, NYC

It's mid-afternoon on May 3rd, and Jane Forrest is on a mission. She's in a tank top with the logo from a band famous for two guitarists having long beards and a clean-shaven drummer whose name is Beard over a dark skirt which stops three inches above her knees and two inch heeled boots that don't rise far above her ankles. Cheap sunglasses cover her eyes as she strides up to the house with purpose in her steps and pulls something on a chain out of her shirt. It's placed into the lock and she just walks in. As she seemingly always is, she's porting her guitar case over one shoulder and a backpack over the other. One hand holds a bag of cookies, the owner's favorite kind with chocolate chip, and she goes in search of him inside the place.


Obviously, Jaden's in the Game Room. Which is where the loud sounds of zombies being beheaded and run through with GIANT SWORDS OF AWESOME are coming from. Upon turning the corner and entering the room, Jaden can be seen in all of his Non-Emo Glory, standing up and playing TWO controllers on the PS3. When did they come out with a Zombie Game? Anybody's Guess. But it's Jaden Cain, so he probably has an advanced copy or something. Don't try to figure this out.

"BY THE POWER OF JAYSKULL!" Jesus. Somebody stop this fool before he breaks something.

Finding him, she stands and watches for a few minutes, enjoying the sight of him being so much into the game, and starts to laugh. It's funny to her, but also something she understands, Jane can be like this when she hits a zone playing guitar, singing, or both. A spot, happy spot, where everything fades away. But this doesn't last long, she's got a Mission to carry out. Her fingers dip into the bag of his favorite cookies, shaped like a famous cartoon Great Dane, and toss one at his back. As it flies true toward the game-absorbed target, she pulls out another and readies it.

"YOU WILL PERISH BENEATH THE MIGHTY SWORD OF HE-JADEN!" There is something seriously wrong with this dude. Seriously. For serious. However, there's no time for him to actually get some sort of diagnosis, because he's in the middle of slicing up zombies of doom. But the zombies are even forgotten about the moment he feels a favorite snackadocious snack hit him.

Pause. (No, really. He pauses the game.)

"That's… it smells like… chocolate chip." Jaden blinks and drops the controllers (which fall in slow motion, by the way. don't ask how.) and spins around to see a FLIPPIN' SCOOBY SNACK ON THE FLOOR. "5 Second Rule!" Jaden dives for the floor, snatches up the treat and chomps like there's no tomorrow.

He knows not that Jane is actually in the room. Too busy savoring the taste of a chocolate chip Scooby Snack.

And so, with a sigh, she lets fly with the second and a third cookie, of the same shape, pelting him on the head with one and the small of his back with another. Some time soon he's got to figure out they're coming from somewhere and look for the source, right? A smile appears just the same. Jane doesn't speak, it's perhaps a kind of experiment on how long it takes to get his attention. Instead of the old commercial about how many licks it takes to reach the center, this is how many cookies it takes to reach Jaden Cain.

"This is totally awesome! It's raining Scooby Snacks!" Jaden is completely caught up in the fact that cookies are coming from nowhere. He rolls around on the floor, snatching them up and chomping them down one after another. It isn't until he's sprawled out on his back, licking his fingers, does he realize that there's a roof on his house. And that it can't be raining cookies. He blinks and looks… "Jane?" Figuring this is going to be bad news for him in the way that it can't look good to potential girlfriends, he hops back to his feet and tries to straighten out his clothes. "Uh… how'd you? When did…?" Jaden blinks. "Wait. I gave you a key, didn't I?"

"Yes," she answers, laughing at his antics with the cookies and the way he's sprawled out on his back, "you did." Her lips curve into a wider grin as he stands and straightens out, Jane takes a few steps forward and pulls out two tickets from her skirt pocket. "We're going out," she announces. The backpack is set down and opened; she reaches inside to pull out a pair of cheap sunglasses, a fake long beard, and a ZZ Top t-shirt that should fit him. These items are tossed toward him, one after the other, in a playful way.

"We're… what?!" Jaden fumbles to catch the things as they're tossed at him. Each one immediately gets placed on his person one after another. The t-shirt goes on with startling ease. The beard gets hooked on and he slides the sunglasses on last. "Jinkies. We're totally going undercover, aren't we?" In the blink of a cartoonish eye, Jaden is over by Jane's side and tossing an arm around her. "So what's the plan, prettier than Stan?" This poor fool thinks he's being recruited for something top secret.

"We are," she nods, chuckling as his arm settles into place and isn't moved away from while she snags the pack and slings it over the free shoulder. "We're going to infiltrate Madison Square Garden and observe a trio called ZZ Top in action. They're a rock band, you see. Guitar, bass guitar, drums, and a fairly decent laser light show. We'll be finding out if they're as good as they's supposed to be live, and…" her voice lowers to a mock conspiratorial whisper, "find out if their music has double entendres. And a testimony to the power of a woman's bare legs."

Jaden listens as if he was something akin to Ethan Hunt. The Mission Impossible music is blaring in his head by this time, but he's not exactly sure what Jane's speaking of with all this double entendreness. But he goes along with it just as well. "Sounds dangerous. I'll drive." And he's already moving to lead her off to the elevator (yes, he has an elevator in his house. It goes to the parking garage. What?!) so that they may pick from one of his many themed vehicles of awesomeness. "Do they really have a laser light show? Oh, this is going to rock so many kinds of hard."

"They do," Jane answers, laughing. Into the elevator and garage, then whatever kind of car he chooses she goes. "And they have fuzzy padded guitars which can turn around 360 degrees in front of them." The bag of cookies is held in hand, on reaching the car she stows the guitar and backpack away on the back seat.

Ah yes, the Ford Gran Torino. That freaking car from Starsky and Hutch. With the stuff shoved into the small backseat and Jaden in the driver's side, gearing up and ready to roll, there's not much else to say. "Let's rock and roll." Somebody get this boy something besides witty banter 101 to read. Please. And off to the MSG!
From afar (to Jane, Drake, Gene, and Jaden), Jack must aquire nomnoms, will return in a bit.

Parking in New York City is a premium, something not so easily had, and so the closest Jane and Jaden can get to MSG in his car is a few blocks away, a parking garage which looks reasonably secure and costs not so inexpensively as an hourly rate. Jane, riding shotgun on this outing which her male companion has termed a secret mission, is playing along with that theme. "In there?" she suggests, indicating the garage.

Outside Madison Square Garden, with showtime getting closer, maybe an hour or so away now, the atmosphere is what one might expect. People are arriving in increasing numbers, some of them scalping tickets and others selling t-shirts. Those are the most common of the vendors. Other things, legal and not legal, are also being sold. Beer, food, drugs.

The Gran Torino rolls into the parking garage and Jaden finds a parking space fairly easy… and away from other vehicles that may scratch the paint job. Which is good news for the car. "How'd you even score tickets to this thing? Radio contest?" is asked as he shifts the car into park and starts with the climbing out. So that they can hurry up and get to the party! Or the concert. Whatever. Same difference.

"I know people," Jane replies with a mysterious grin, not saying she scored them off a few people at the Cutting Room. She steps out of the car and walks around, leaving her gear inside, except for a small amount of cash and the id stuffs she tucks into a pocket along with ID and the tickets. One finger adjusts the cheap sunglasses on her nose, and she turns toward the street exit.

Outside MSG, the crowd continues to thicken, many of them wearing fake beards and cheap sunglasses along with ZZ Top shirts either bought there or worn to the event. Huge banners announcing the band hang from the Garden's exterior.

"Jane!" Jaden's waltzing along with her, but he's noticed that he looks just like everyone else. "I look just like everyone else!" This is not something that's going to sit well with the man that can turn into a million Jadens. He should be used to it by now, really. But he's not! "This could throw a wrench into our plans of infiltration. Quick! Strip! Cause a distraction!" Somebody tell this dude to Get Smart, please.

"Jaden," she begins to explain with a laugh, "that's the point, to blend in, y'know, not catch attention. See, we look just like so many other people attending this thing, no one will spot us as being sent to run surveillance on their stage act." She looks at him, asking with a grin "How is that a problem for us, being inconspicuous?" What she doesn't see, up ahead as they near the mouth of an alley and there's a gap in the people walking ahead of and behind them, is a fairly drunk guy with a glass bottle lurking. Just as she steps past that entrance, the man makes his move. He smashes the bottle neck against a wall and brandishes it like a weapon toward Jaden. "You! Get lost!" he drunkenly demands.

"So. No stripping, then?" Jaden's words are taken away by the air and he's suddenly thrown into the mix with some crazy dude with a broken bottle. A crazy drunk dude, by the by. Instincts kick in and he's already sliding himself to stand in front of Jane. One protective arm is held out to make sure she stays behind him. "Dude! Come on! Just chillax!" Jaden holds his other hand up to try and keep the drunk loser at bay… and show that he's unarmed. "I'd be upset too if my bottle was broken. No beer makes Jaden a sad panda." What?

The man brandishing the bottle seems to want Jaden to get lost, as if he wants the brunette with him. Jane gasps in surprise at this development, and takes a moment to assess the situation. She does mostly stay behind him, although her face tucks around his shoulder to see what's going on. Her eyes light up a little with confidence on seeing the weapon is made of glass. She leans into Jaden, mouth close to his ear, and whispers "Cover your face now. Don't ask, just do it. Please." And after speaking she stares at the threatening glass, her lips pursing in what could easily be thought an expression of shock. No sound, at least not that people around her can hear, emerges.

Suddenly the broken bottle becomes much more broken, and the wielder has a cut on his hand. He's starting to step back away from the pair, surprised, and muttering about weak ass beer bottles that shatter so easily. Jane watches him for a moment with a satisfied smirk, then checks to see if her companion covered up like she asked.

And, oblivious to all this, people continue arriving at MSG for the ZZ Top concert, which is now about a half hour from starting. There are all the usual things going on. Food, beer, drugs, t-shirts, ticket scalping…

"Cover my…?" Jaden covers his face without even really thinking that deeply about it. When he peeks his head out over his fingertips, though, it seems that the trouble has been taken care of. Somehow. "What the? Dude! Dude, come back! I'll buy you another beer!" Jaden's mostly just trying to see if he can't not make an enemy out of some drunk dude. He makes enemies easier than he makes friends, apparently. "Seriously!" He sighs when the dude doesn't come back and looks over to Jane. "Glad that's over. So. You do realize that you're not allowed to Girls Gone Wild these guys, right? As your Not Quite Boyfriend, I'm drawing the line there." He smiles.

Tonight Jack's come well prepared with comfortable concert attire. He's wearing a close-fitting and extremely worn Daft Punk t-shirt, a loose pair of jeans, a battered leather jacket, and a pair of Vans with skulls on them that seem to be held together more by wishes than shoe glue. A lit cigarette is plugged between his lips and his flask is clutched in one hand.

The Irishman makes his way through the inevitable crowd, deftly dodging collisions when he can and guiding people around himself when he can't. He arrives just in time for the excitement, and is spattered by shards of the shattered bottle. He swears as he shakes his body like a dog. Glittering fragments tinkle as the fall to the pavement, and Jack has the decency to look confused. "Uhh?" he queries.

"His bottle just suddenly broke, Jaden," Jane states calmly, with something odd in her eyes as she speaks. Like someone was really going to use glass as a weapon in range of her very potent voice. "It was almost like… Black Canary was watching or something and smashed it with her voice." She wonders, inwardly, if her companion even questions in her mind why she told him to cover up like she knew something was about to happen. Doing this, and checking to make sure he wasn't cut, she doesn't spot that Jack was nearby when she solved the threat in her own ultrasonic way. The pair are standing just past the mouth of an alleyway.

"But I don't want to go, I'm tired."

"You were in that lab for hours and then went out for testing. Beside the fact that you didn't even record what happened so the data is , you lost parts during the exercise."

"So, let me get this straight, you're taking me to a concert to try and make me more sociable and likable or to punish me?"


"You're lucky the benefits at this job rock or I'd transfer in a second."

Flanked on each side by two men in their upper twenties and with similar fashion sense as the young inventor, Gene finds himself going to a concert listen to a group he'd rather not hear. He wasn't even allowed to take R2-D2 with him, his co-worker citing the robot 'too attention stealing' and 'steals the girls away from them'. He has serious bags under his eyes, the sleep he got today not enough to make up for the busy time he had late last night and throughout the day. While the trio of Lancaster Electronics men don't notice the odd little fight that happened a bit ago, they are slowly making their way toward the Gardens.

Wow. She didn't really even argue with him putting his foot down. Or the NQB statement. Maybe there's something to be said about breaking bottles and stuff. "Really? Hey, Black Canary's hot. Fishnets are so in this year." Jaden's little moment in the Fashion World is brought to you by the word: Insane and the number: 69. The CEO finds himself sliding an arm around Jane and looking around to see what the cat hasn't drug over to the mouth of the alley where he and Jane are. "Dude, sorry about the glass. We were just practicing breaking up." Oh lord. And he's laughing at his own horrible pun. "Hahaha! Get it?" Poor Jack.

"Praise the Lord for coincidence and the Black Canary," Jack mutters dryly. One eybrow quirks as he shoots an amused glance at Jane. He brushes a last piece of bottle from the shoulder of his coat and smiles crookedly as he steps fully into view. Luckily he managed to escape with nothing worse than a few more scuffs on his coat, which blend nicely with the other, older scars on the leather. He waves to Jane, then cocks his head to the side as he peers at Jaden and his antics. After a moment he lets out a snort of laughter and points at the young man. "Hammertime. I remember you. So what the hell was all that about?" Jack chucks a thumb over his shoulder at the fleeing, bloody-handed attacker.

She knows that he knows, of course, and suppresses a snicker as she starts to reply, sounding oddly calm about the whole thing. "We're headed in to see ZZ Top," Jack, and suddenly this guy steps out, smashes the neck of his bottle, and tells Jaden to get lost, like what he wants is me. So he steps up, shields me, and suddenly the guy's bottle just broke like Black Canary was around." Jane doesn't seem troubled by the arm around her, she leans in a little closer to the guy, and chuckles. "Ever see anything like that before?" And she addresses the CEO with a laugh next. "Fishnets? Nah, they're so not me."

Being forced onward by his captors, Gene eagerly looks for a way out of this. He will be subjected to men with beards and loud music. He will flee this place and go get sleep or do something better with his time. He doesn't know how until he sees Jaden and Jane. There is Jack too, but he's still on the Poop List. Gene smiles at the thought of punting Jack across a football field with John Madden going 'And it's good! The cheerleaders are about to give Mean Gene the smoochies he's richly earned!'

"Come on, Gene, we are going to be late," one of the men offers as he points forward and takes a few steps.

"I'd love to guys, but I see some friends of mine here so I need to say hey to them." Moving toward Jaden and Jane, he tries to put a hand over each of them. "Hey, what's up, buds!" he says cheerfully. Please let this work.

"Can't say I've seen anything like that before, no," Jack deadpans. "In any case, I'm glad to hear that my coat was the worst of our casualties. You kids have a good night, yeh?" Gene is spared a brief, dispassionate glance before the bartender turns and fades back the way he came.

Jaden watches as Jack poofs ever so quickly, but doesn't get a chance to say anything because The Gene Machine has decided to take up residence in his personal space. This is not good. "Oh god. Not Nerdimus Prime." Jaden rolls his eyes and looks over at Jane, not exactly even sure if these two have met. Frown City, man. "Jane, in case you don't know this dude, his name's uh… Gene, I think. Supernerd." At least he's not running and cowering in fear of crazy nerd speak this time.

"See you, Jack," she replies, just as a hand is placed on her shoulder. She listens to Jaden introducing him, and turns toward the man, offering "Jane Forrest. Good to meet you, Gene." Because she saw him once before, but didn't actually speak to him. She's wearing a tank top with ZZ Top's members on the front and cheap sunglasses, while Jaden is in a ZZ Top t-shirt, fake beard, and… cheap sunglasses too. If Gene hoped to escape courtesy of them, well… "We should get moving, the show starts soon. You might like their laser show, Gene." She's enthused, these guys are legendary guitarists, they count among her influences."

Time is marching on, now about twenty-five minutes from showtime. Scalpers sell overpriced tickets, beer is sold, food too, and… somewhere near one of the entry doors a man is about to sell cocaine to a fifteen year old girl.

Gene isn't looking for people to take him away, merely to make it seem like he is going to go to the concert with them while he actually goes and does something else. Once he notices that his two peers just give him a nod and move on, Gene sighs in relief before greeting the lady he saw before a couple of times. "Good to meet you, Ms. Forrest." Yeah, he is calling her Ms. Forrest. Why? He just figures her for a Miss type, or he is trying to be respect so he doesn't get hit for the hand. One of the two. As the two people move on, Gene does as well, just lagging behind before he notices that there is a young girl getting ready to get something that might cause her life to go in a downward spiral. Thankfully, he's watched G.I. Joe, so he knows what to do!

While Gene can't do the first part and toss the dealer into the trash can, he CAN help the girl make positive life decisions.

"Hey there! You know that isn't powdered sugar, but rather a harmful substance to your mind and body?" he offers in a cheerful tone.

Jaden's more or less worried about getting inside the concert so that he can see some jamming dudes with beards. He pays no attention to the lack of Gene, until he hears a GI Joe special going on behind his back. Sighing, he stops in his tracks and peers back at him over his shoulder. "This may not stay kosher." He's mostly talking to himself, since he's pretty sure Jane is already thinking about the musical stylings of ZZ Top, as well. This whole having a spidey sense for nerds and drug deals thing is really a Jadencrosity.

She doesn't seem to notice any dealing of drugs going on, no, her focus is on getting inside and to their seats before the first chord is struck. Jane's even starting to sing a bit under her breath. "When you wake up in the morning and the lights hurt your head, the first thing you do when you get up out of bed is hit the streets a runnin' and try to beat the masses, and go get yourself some cheap sunglasses…"

Gene, for his troubles, is about to get a big surprise. The cocaine selling man scowls at him and seems about to draw a weapon. "Beat it, asshole!" The girl, his apparent customer, rolls her eyes and echoes the dealer. But she also suddenly seems nervous. Bystander, civilian, complicating things. And from there it gets worse. A squad of men with guns come off the wall and from the crowd around them, shouting orders at all three. "Get on the ground, keep hands where we can see them. Nownownow!" Yes, it seems this was an undercover drug bust Gene walked into. And since he's near the buyer and seller…

I swear, I have the worst luck in this whole damn city, Gene thinks to himself as his attempt to help someone goes horribly awry. It makes dealing with Niki almost a success story in comparison. "Officer, I believe this man is…" the tired teen offers, trying to peacefully explain as he has his hands up.

"Hold that thought." Jaden's going to have to save the day here. It looks like. He pulls off his cheap sunglasses and his beard and shoves them at Jane, before he swooshes (sound effects and all) over to where Gene and the SWAT TEAM OF OVERREACTING JUSTICE. "Hold up, Hawaii Five O!" Jaden has his hands where everybody can see 'em! "Poindexter's with me, so let's not play everybody's favorite game: Arrest That Bystander. Kay? Kay." Jaden flashes one of his CEO OF BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY smile in hopes of deterring this craziness!

She hadn't even noticed the thing with Gene, the dealer, and the apparent customer at all. She was focused on getting inside, seeing the show, and relaxing. Now her companion has ditched her to try interfering with the police, and this after he didn't even add things up when she broke the beer bottle with her voice? She just stands there, holding Jaden's beard and glasses, as the clock ticks away. Fifteen minutes to showtime now. "Jaden," she calls, "come on. They'll just make sure he wasn't part of things and let him go."

One of the undercover cops gets the dealer on the ground and cuffs him, then does a quick check of the man. He finds a gun, a knife, and enough coke to earn his captive a decent prison term. But the buyer, the girl? Odd. No one's cuffing her. She pulls out her own badge and speaks to her backup. "Let that one go," she instructs, indicating Gene. "He was just trying to stop what he saw as a big mistake." The girl, who isn't fifteen at all, just can look it, flashes him a sort of apologetic smile. "Sure thing, Detective Barnes," the one about to cuff Gene replies as he steps away. That's her name. Detective Barnes. And… maybe she likes Gene?

The police see Jaden coming, and… roll their eyes. Not another one. The burliest of them steps out to meet him, stating simply "Sir, your friend's not in trouble. But you are, I think, if you don't get inside with her." He nods in the direction of a watching Jane Forrest. Who doesn't look happy.

If the girl likes Gene, the young man is likely too worried to notice it. Still a lot of cops around. He gives Jaden a thumbs up, clearly not going to remember this. Perhaps the mighty Lion Jaden will have the favor of friendship returned to him one day by the skillful Mouse Gene. Gene, being the smart cookie that he is, quickly picks up what happened. "I'm sorry if I interfered with anything Just trying to do the, you know, 'right thing'." He offers air quotations for the 'right thing', just glad that he isn't going to get arrested. Of course, his hands stay up, the kid not wanting to get accidentally shot somehow. Better safe than sorry, right?

"Me?! What?! Why?! I didn't even do anything! Do you know who I am?! I'm Jaden Cain! I'm on the cover of Forbes…" He pauses and looks over at Gene, "It's called Forbes right?" Doesn't matter. Back to the cop. "I'm on the cover of Forbes magazine! I'm rich!" This is the part where he gets himself into more trouble than he's bargaining for by sliding an arm around the burly cop that hates his kind. "Is this the part where I bribe you or…?"

Detective Barnes chuckles at Gene as two of her fellow police take the dealer away in cuffs, reading him his rights along the way. "You can put your hands down now, you're clean, sir," she states. Five feet six, maybe, blonde, and neither hot nor what might be called ugly, this one. "Thanks for being a concerned citizen. So, I need to get your name, address, and see some ID for the statement." Which will also tell her if he's an adult or not.

The burly cop Jaden put his arm around just looks at the hand on him with an expression which says 'remove that or lose it, right now!' and starts to reach for his cuffs. "Mr. Cain, you wouldn't be interfering with the police, would you? Or seriously offering bribes? If you would pay any kind of attention, you'd see your friend isn't being arrested. Now, if you don't go back to the woman waiting for you to go in and see the show with her, well, you better hope she'll be kind enough to call your lawyer."

And Jane? Her face is twisting a little. "He didn't even take time to assess things before acting. And now he's going to get arrested too." She takes a step forward, preparing to bail him out of this developing mess, thinking to herself 'He didn't ask why I wanted him to cover up when the bottle guy was facing us, now this, and we're gonna miss the show. Better go play lawyer.' The anger fades, she's just suddenly looking a little tired as she takes another step, then a third, hoping he somehow extricates himself.

Handing over his liscense, which is still from District of Columbia (he hasn't had time to go to the DMV and get it changed up yet), Gene puts his hands down. "I'm Gene Kensington… Moved here a month or two ago. If they do the check here, he'll just have a clean record, his speeding tickets taken off when he turned 18. He looks over toward Jaden before looking back to the police woman. "He was just worried about me since well, we're good buddies and all. He promised a girl we both know he'd make sure I'm alright. You know how stupid guys get over girls, you know?" he offers with a socially awkward chuckle.

Tires screeching sound within the brain of the Comic Relief. If only because he's not really wanting to get himself into more trouble than he's already in. "Uhhhh…. bribe? No. I didn't say bribe. I said uh… Bride! Yeah, definitely bride. As in… Father of the? You look like the fatherly type. I'm sure you have lots of sons or daughters or children that are my age. Right?" As he rambles on, he makes it a point to rewind himself away from the cop and the altercation area. "Gene! Run! They're on to us man!" And now he's turning on the speed and running (right past Jane!) and towards the MSG.

Detective Barnes reads the license and hands it back, making a mental note of the address and his adultness, as she smiles again. "Enjoy the show, Mr. Kensington. Don't be afraid to be a good citizen in the future." Then she turns away and with her fellow police leaves the area. They're all chuckling at the other guy as they walk, the burly one commenting "Did you see the look on that one's date? Her face was about to split, man, I swear. And then he just ran by and left her standing. It'll be a cold day in Hell before he gets any from her."

Ditched, Jane sinks to sit down on the pavement for a moment and collect her thoughts as she sees Jaden run off and leave her there. Head rests in her hands while doing so, she suppresses the sudden urge to scream. Maybe Jaden will come back, maybe not, she does still have the tickets after all. His beard and sunglasses are kept as she walks toward the MSG entrance alone, still hoping to be on time and see the concert.

Gene watches as Jaden rushes past Jane and Jane making her way in. He doesn't go after the two, figuring that they will go to the concert and be fine. Looking back to the detective, Gene gives a small but weak smile. "Take it easy" is all he says before he turns around to make his own way back home. He'll learn that yet again he's accidently made the press and freak out yet again.

Where in the World is Jaden Cain? Nowhere to be found. Oh, he's inside the concert… he's just not with the crowd. Or with anyone that's actually having fun. He's in the security office. Being interrogated. By Roscoe the Security Guard. Jaden lifts his head from the table and holds his hands to the non-existant sky.


She approaches the door with both tickets in hand, thinking he might at least wait for her there given that fact, but when he isn't anywhere in sight, she goes in to watch the show and enjoy it as best she can. Jane's night is a bust, if and when he calls her she can help him out of the security office, but at the moment now is not that time.

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