2007-06-06: My Best Friend, The Agent


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Summary: Drake returns to New York, and tells Elena he's joined the Company.

Date It Happened: June 6, 2007

My Best Friend, The Agent

Somewhere in Queens, New York

Now that Drake is home in New York, things have been a bit weird for him. He's spent quite a good deal of time with his brother, Aidan, and the pair has talked about their life experiences, or more or less, Drake having a life, while Aidan lived in a box learning to kill things with metal. After finally getting some time away from his older sibling, he took the long way to Elena's, having sped, and slowed time down long enough to hopefully work through any 'eyes' that may have been tracking him. A simple text comes through on her phone.

What the hell was this about? First he leaves, then he comes back, and then essentially tells her there might be trouble. AGAIN. Didn't he -leave- New York so he could avoid this? God, she really needed a vacation….she couldn't help but feel stretched thin all over the place and she can't help but feel cranky. Her fight with her younger brother isn't helping anything either.

So after a few more moments, Elena emerges from around the corner - moving two blocks South like asked. Her hands slid in her pockets, she looks rather expressionless, and mostly exhausted. Her eyes roam around, to search for Drake.

"Hey." Comes Drake's voice as he appears out of thin air, literally, pulling out of the time stream he trapped himself in to walk along at her side in a casual pace. "I don't have a lot of time, so, I just need to get this out, and quick." He says, pausing for a moment to keep his voice lowered. "First thing though.. how is Peter, is he OK?" He asks, his voice concerned, edged.

"What's this about, Drake? If there's trouble, you sure it's a smart idea to come back here?" Elena asks. She pauses so she can look at him square in the eye. What could she do, if that's the case? Drake's more combat savvy than she is. It's not like she could protect him no matter how hard she tried. When he asks about Peter, she nods. "He's okay." She doesn't continue with 'Manny killed him, but he's fine.' Drake said he didn't have a lot of time, and she believes him. "He bounces back - he kind of doesn't have a choice, not with what he has."

"Yeah? That's good. I'm glad to hear that, about Peter." Drake says, nose scrunching up for a moment, before sighing. "There's no trouble, yet, but there's.. potential for trouble. You and I can't hang out anymore, really.. " He bites his bottom lip for a second, before saying. "I've sold my soul, Elena. The Company.. they came for me out in California. They sent my brother.. a.. a brother I didn't know I had. My father was no policeman.. he was an Agent. He… he died.. just a few years ago.. and not before I was born." This is obviously painful for him to say. "I allowed them to take me back, under some pre conditions, though, I'm hardly trusting of them. They said they will leave me alone, and let me live a normal life as long as I put Omega to rest, which I already have. The other thing is, I believe.. they have plans on integrating me into their system." With a deep breath, he says, "It's probably the only way I'll ever know about my father, and … Aidan, my brother. I also requested they start giving me information on Sylar, so.. that will come as well." He fidgets for a second, before saying, "I just don't.. I don't want them to find out about my patterns, the people that I know, people… like you and me. I don't know Elena. Peter didn't sell any of us out, and I don't want to either. So… I.. don't want to give them any reason for them to find out about you guys."

There is silence. So he comes back, but he's trying to sever his connections anyway…because he joined the Company. While a few months ago she would've PUNCHED HIM IN THE FACE for what he just said, Elena knows this isn't the first time that anyone close to her contemplated such connections. Her father, because of her mother. Peter, because he wanted to protect everyone. And now Drake. While she managed to discourage the first two, looking at her best friend's face now, she knows she doesn't have the right to judge, and she knows there is no swaying him. "….when it comes to information exchange…" she begins slowly, her fingers clutching hard against the lining of her pockets. "I don't think you can trust them, Drake. They'll either only tell you what they -think- you need to know, or tell you what you want to hear. Or both. But I understand. I know." She pauses. "As for the Company knowing about you and me….so far I think I'm okay. Elle knows what I am, but she promised not to tell them anything. I think she's the only one Company-side who actually knows what I can do. Well, her -and- you."

She turns into an alley, and once out of view from the rest of the public, she leans back against the wall. She doesn't say anything for a while, but she does look at him seriously. "Drake….promise me something, okay?"

"Yeah, about Elle, she and I are going to have a long talk ourselves." Drake murmurs quietly as they head into the alley, his eyes peeking out for a moment, before turning back to face her. "I won't trust them. That much I already know. If they wanted to though, they didn't have to let me walk out of that building. They coulda just wiped me clean, and started over. They let me go though, and that.. puts me a bit on edge. So, now I don't know what to think. Either way, it never would have ended for me. They'd have kept coming, and coming…." He trails off. "And to find out that my father.. my…. my dad… " He shakes his head. "He cheated on my mom.. I guess. It's just.. this is hard for me, you know?" He says, biting on his bottom lip for a moment. "But either way, if I do hear of anything.. going down, I'll make sure you know about it, OK?" He says, reaching out to take her hand, squeezing it. At her question, he nods his head, slowly, listening.

"I know. It's hard on everybody." Elena pauses - part of her wants to tell him about the photograph Peter showed her the other day. About his parents and the fact that they were in the same room with Bob Bishop, Linderman, and an older Japanese man who may or may not be Hiro Nakamura's father. If Drake was Company now, the fewer things he knows about what she knows, the better it might be for him. Visions dance in her mind about pulling Drake into a dark room and some dark figure yanking memories out of his head. If the Haitian can wipe memories away, who knows if they had an agent who can do the very same thing. Someone who wasn't sympathetic? She squeezes his hand back, and reaches out to wrap her arms around his neck, and staying there. She doesn't let him go.

And then, she'll whisper in his ear - to the outside world, it looks like all she's doing is hugging him. "There's someone in the Company acting on his own," she murmurs quietly. "A 'monster'. Someone who doesn't share its more benign philosophies. I don't know much aside from that, and I can't tell you who told me. But there's something evil there, Drake. If things….implode, and you sense it, promise me you'll get out. You get out and you don't look back."

Curling his arms around her tightly, Drake hugs her for a long moment, then whispers back to her. "Rainer Madson." He says, quietly against her ear. "He's the guy I met, he's one of the higher ups in the Company. He worked with my father, and he had a hand in Aidan's training I believe. See what you can find out about him, whether he's a Special or not. I'll keep an eye out for this monster, and I promise you, I'll be out. I'll be on Mars." He leans back, staring into her eyes as he swallows tightly in his throat. "My friends would be so jealous knowing I have the hottest chick in the world as my best friend." He says, trying to lighten the mood.

Rainer Madson. Elena doesn't associate him as Kellie's 'father', all she knows is a face. "I'll see if anyone's ever heard of him," she says softly. Sadly the only person she could ask who might know is either Elle or Mohinder, and something tells her that it might not be wise to ask either of them. She's going to have to find some other way. But when he makes his promise, she relaxes a bit. A promise was a promise. She hopes circumstances won't make it that he has to break it. In her own way, she'll try to keep him alive. When he pulls away, and says what he does, she lets out a small laugh. "I -hope- your friends have other things to worry about like college applications," she ribs back, reaching out to touch his cheek….and pinches it lightly. "Just be careful, okay?" she says, the expression softening back to seriousness. "Double agents always get killed in movies and books. I'd like to think you're going to live through ninety."

"I'm a Christian soldier, Elena. Not a double agent." Drake says with a grin, before taking a step back from her, then concentrates for a brief moment as his image goes into a blurry static, then disappears as he slows time down long enough for him to head out of the alleyway, and look to put a bit of distance down the street. When he comes out of it, he walks slowly, pulling his hoodie up over his head, his face slackened with emotion, and frustration. It's time to have a talk with his 'brother.'

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