2007-10-24: My Father, The Hero


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Summary: Claire finally gets found… by everyone's favorite serial killer. Good thing Daddy & Co. aren't far behind.

Date It Happened: October 24th, 2007

My Father, The Hero

Bronx, NYC - Abandoned Fallout Shelter

The cold of a dark bomb shelter. There are few things that could prepare one for sitting in it for any length of time. Unfortunately, Claire hasn't had much choice in the matter. The floor is littered with a little crumbled brick from the walls, a little rat evidence, and a LOT of dirt and blood. Furniture, limited to a few chairs, a desk, a table, a bookshelf with old classics and a game of Scrabble, and a few cots are rickety and a few lie uselessly on the ground, thrown in a fit of frustration. Somehow, the water that has taken to seeping in through the walls from a recent rain — we're not talking about a very war-ready fallout shelter, here — has managed to also convince the emergency generator that it wasn't completely dead.

Just mostly dead.

That means that the low-ceilinged facility is illuminated for about fifteen minutes at a time before dying for another five. It's a downward cycle, though. Soon it's ten minutes up, five minutes down.

Sitting on a beat up cot against a wall in one of the rooms, there sits the blood-caked Bennet girl. Wrapped in a green Army surplus wool blanket. Shivering. Breathing deep breaths and looking up every time the lights cut out and keeping her eyes locked there until they come on again. It's only a matter of time before they stay that way.

WHAM. From outside, there's a sudden, loud, rather violent noise of something slamming against the door of the bomb shelter from the outside.

The killer known as Sylar, escaped once again from the Company, has been spending his newly freed time tracking down the villains that he freed when he and Kellie led their assault on the Hartsdale facility. It was a long, strenuous process, but it seems to have ultimately paid off.

WHAM. The noise comes again. The hinges on the door, re-enforced as they are, begin to whine and strain under the pressure of whatever is slamming against the door from the other side. Whatever is out there isn't messing around.

Unaware that the two of the escaped villains were captured, Sylar eventually found his way to the bomb shelter… the very same one that one Claire Bennet is in. Little does he know that the girl is inside, and he's going to be pleasantly surprised when she is. After all, he thought he was coming here for a shiny, new ability from the female villain, but he may very well leave with something much, much better.

WHAM. The noise comes one final time, then all is silent. It seems the person outside has given up. However, it isn't long before there's one final, resounding slam against the door, and it comes flying off of the hinges, falling forward onto the floor with a loud, resounding crash. The killer steps in, ducking his head under the door frame as he squints his eyes, pupils resizing to adjust to his new surroundings. He takes a look around, seeing if he can spot anything of interest. He just might.

His daughter is alive. At least, for the time being. How does Noah know this? Did he consult the amazing Walker System? Or perhaps it was information gained somewhat brutal session with the woman that stole his baby. Whatever the reason, however it was done, Noah has the information and that is all that matters to him. A black Nissan Maxima tears through the streets of New York, the Company Man's Sprint phone already connected with the car's fancy hands-free system.

While Noah is already heading to the site himself, a call has been made to the office. Niel and Mariska have been asked to report to his office as soon as possible. It would seem that they've been asked for specifically by Mr. Bennet himself. As soon as they get there, they will find that Noah is not there. They will find the speaker phone on instead. Noah pauses for a short time in traffic, looking toward the clock. Considering the acid assassin and the homicidal heartthrob are behind bars, Noah hopes that his worries of his daughter's safety are ill-placed. If he is wrong, however… Little does he know that there is even a worse monster than Mandy making his way towards Claire.

The first assault against the steel doors makes Claire's attention shoot towards the door leading out into the main room from the smaller room where she currently is. When the sounds of steel abused stops echoing over the walls, the blonde breathes. She must be hallucinating again.

But then there it is again. Her heart races, surging with hope. Fighting her way to her feet, the weakened Bennet girl starts to move towards the door with the damp blanket about her shoulders. The ratty wool makes for a decent enough cover, helping to obscure the acid-ravaged rags that were once her favorite trench coat and jeans.

Again, the metal finds something attacking it, but now that metal fails. The resounding thunder that its collapse makes in the comparatively tiny shelter is deafening, and Claire hunches over with her hands clapped over her ears. Once it passes, she lifts her eyes, the blue spheres filled to the brim with hope and gratitude.

That, too, passes. As Sylar descends, hope is replaced by slack-jawed horror. Her rapid breath is fueled no longer by excitement, but panic. Blonde hair matted and tangled by sleep, abuse, and blood, she may be hard to recognize at first. The once-cheerleader stares, paralyzed by her fear for a moment. Is… is this a hallucination, too? How did he…? She decides after a moment that she can't take a chance. With rubble crunching under her feet, Claire races back towards the small room where she came from, door slamming shut behind her. And then she's trying to move that cot in front of the door.

Meanwhile, back at the Kirby Plaza building… hey, um, is anyone else having a brief Charlie's Angels moment here? Is Noah now Charlie? Niel = Bosley? Who does that make Mariska? Ah well. Skip it. The Russian woman likely isn't going to grasp the American pop cultural reference, anyways…

Being summoned into an office without the summoner afoot provokes an odd expression and Mariska pitches an eyebrow up when she's joined by Niel and not Noah. However, the rumble of static over an otherwise pristine Sprint line catches her attention. She peers down at the black business set and asks in her perforated Iron Curtain accent, "…Mister Bennet, is that you?"

Eyes finally adjusting to the dark, Sylar pivots his head this way and that, until his eyes fall on Claire. He doesn't recognize her as first. "Who—" he begins, eyebrows furrowing in concern (while it may be concern, it's only concern that he won't get the ability he thought he was), but then whoever it is is running. Fast. The door slams shut, and there's sounds coming from the room beyond that sound suspiciously like someone moving something in front of the door.

We can't have that now, can we.

The killer raises his hand, palm pointed forward. there's barely a movement of the wrist, but it's more than enough to send the telekinetic slam towards the door, fully intending to send it flying much like the first door, including whatever— or whoever — may be behind the other side.

"Indeed," the speaker phone replies. There is a brief pause as the sound of skidding tires and a few shouted words from enraged New Yorkers can be heard. "If you are both here, then I am going to make this simple and brief. Mr. Youngblood, are you present?" Waiting for confirmation from the man, HRG then goes into the mission.

"It has come to my attention that a pair of the Level 5 escapees had taken a young woman in order to use her as a hostage. However, the two have been captured. Right now, I am heading toward the location of where the woman is said to be held. You both are there to get the young woman out of harm's way first and foremost. If there are any Level 5s still on sight, your secondary objective is to report their presence and, if possible, assist in their capture. You are to get standard Bag and Tag gear and report back to this room. Make sure that at least one of you is equipped with a tazer while the other has the tranquilizer pistol along with any gear you feel is proper. You have five minutes. Go now."

As usual, it would seem that Noah has a plan and expects there to be no questions.

Claire is halfway through getting the cot in place, the lights cutting on and starting to hum at about the same time that the metal legs of the bed are screeching against the bare concrete floor, and just getting ready to angle it under the doorknob when the latest arrival to the Hell Hole makes it abundantly clear that he is no hallucination.

The slight teenager and the steel cot that she was struggling to move into place are both easily hurled out of the way. The force of the blast rams Claire, cot, and cracked door into the far wall, and there's a rasping cry filled with pain and fear as the living element of that equation finds herself pinned under the weight of the non-living remainder. A rib cracks, making it painful to breath. However, her terror serves a very important purpose. It's fueling her, giving her enough energy, despite the dehydration and starvation, to begin struggling to get herself out from underneath the pile. Her forehead furrows beneath the filthy mass of largely-fallen curls as she strains, grunts of effort being sent up into the air as signs of her still-lingering defiance. When she pushes, the door ends up falling down to the floor and the cot falls on its attached mattress, putting her in plain view for a moment just before the lights die again.

"Yeah, I'm here," Niel responds promptly to the question. He listens to Noah's instructions, arms crossed in front of his chest and face stony, serious. A glance is cast toward Mariska and then, in typical Niel fashion, he gives a small nod. "Got it. Let's go." And off he sets for the door leading out of the office. "How's your use of firearms?" he asks of the Russian.

Cue the snapshot Shaun of the Dead-style montage of Niel and Mariska arming themselves in preparation for big bag and tag fun. Niel straps on the tranquilizer pistol. Mariska takes the tazer. Niel puts on a protective vest. Mariska does the same. Niel straightens his tie. Mariska zips up a boot. Four and a half minutes later, they've reassembled with their freshly-acquired badassery back in Noah's office as instructed. "Ready, sir," says the Russian woman assertively. "Where do we go?"

The moment the door, cot, and the young woman moving it fly to the back of the next room, Sylar begins moving forward. He steps through the door, entering the small room as his eyes land on the tangle of mattress, girl, and steel. He tilts his head to the side, just barely, amused and curious at whoever is on the other side of the cot. It isn't long before Claire's face is revealed, and Sylar's eyes widen slightly at who it is and this serendipitous turn of events. A terrible smirk crosses his face just before the light dies, and once the room is shrouded in darkness, he speaks. "Well, well, well," he says, his voice breaking through the still of the room, soft and predatory. "How fortunate I am." With the light gone, Sylar has nothing to rely on but his ears, and thanks to superhuman hearing, he's more than able to detect the smallest sound from her movement. He waits patiently, like the cat in cat-and-mouse… and Sylar loves a good old fashion game of cat-and-mouse.

There is now an envelope on Noah's desk as the two agents return, likely put there by the person that Noah used to gather the pair. "The location is in there as well as a detailed map of the surrounding area. She is said to be held within a bunker within the area. You are to get to this location as soon as possible. Miss Dmitryeva, how soon can you get yourself and Agent Youngblood to said location?" It looks like Noah has chosen these two for a reason, but then again, it is rare that Noah acts solely on impulse.

Claire's breath is shaky in the air; she's struggling to drag it in. And she doesn't move right away. Instead, she takes her time in slowly drawing herself to her feet, unknowing that Sylar has his unfair advantage in the dark. Instead, she inwardly hopes that he'll clear the doorway, even as she edges closer to it. She's following the wall, dirt-streaked hands spread wide along the wall as she feels her way in the dark. It's agonizing, this slow-motion game… until she trips over a chair and falls into the middle of the room with a gasp and effectively losing all sense of orientation. Frightened blue eyes open wide and stare out into the blackness. And then she spies it. The faint lesser-dark of the doorway without Sylar's figure in the door, only such a way because of the very dull light that is chancing in from outside. At least she thinks it's free of his form. She can't even trust her own eyes, anymore. …Is that even the door, or is it a trick of the eyes?

The only thing she knows for certain is that she must get out of here. Again, she slowly draws herself up… and then Claire starts sprinting for what she thinks is the door, her black boots pounding out the truth of her location as she goes.

Obligingly, Niel picks up the envelope, opens it, and withdraws the items inside. He holds them so that Mariska can look at them as well and glances over them. The question of getting there is, well, her department. He just hopes teleportation isn't painful.

Miss Dmitreyva er, make that… Missus Ivanova gives the materials provided a dubious look. She momentarily considers her impromptu partner for this little excursion, as if evaluating his build or estimating his weight, before turning her gaze back to the map. As ironic luck would have it, the site as it's marked on the map appears to be located along the same route she took less than a month ago… while trailing the Man in the Horn-Rimmed Glasses all the way upstate to the assaulted abode of one Rainer Madson. In other words, it's the road that leads to all hell breaking loose. "I can get us… close," says Mariska, once again eyeing Niel. "Near the highway." Once they arrive, she can hopscotch them via visual proximity but, for now, that's the best she's going to be able to deliver on a sheer Point A to Point B basis.

The sociopath remains perfectly still, ears open for any sound at all. Her breathing is easy to pinpoint, and though he has no idea that Claire is unknowing about his heightened sense of hearing, he doesn't strike. Not yet. When the chair falls over, his head snaps in that direction, his eyes searching in the dark. He isn't able to fully see her in the dark; in reality, he has a rather good idea of her location, but he isn't 100% sure. Close, but not completely.

It's only when the ex-cheerleader begins to run that he has a complete grasp on her location; with his heightened hearing, it's easy to tell where she is. He raises his hand in that direction, allowing her to make it to the door before flicking two fingers upward, intending to slam Claire into the ceiling, and should he succeed, keep her floating in the air just inside the small room.

Easily caught up by the older and infinitely more patient Sylar, it's with a hoarse cry that she finds herself being rapidly lifted upward. Her hand thrusts out, desperately searching for the door frame to stop the motion.

She fails. Miserably.

Instead, the blonde's back hits the ceiling with a resounding 'thud', and tiny pieces of the ceiling plaster fall to the floor. In the dull, barely present glow that chances in from outside, it's easier to see the stringy hair that hangs downward, framing her face. She pulls, desperate to get free somehow. She only looks at herself for a moment before letting her gaze drop as she looks for her would-be killer, blue eyes straining and wide in fear. Any attempt to look into the smaller room proves ultimately futile, particularly as her pupils resize for the tiny amount of light at the door. "Please. You don't have to do this!"

"Get there as soon as possible. I'll meet you on site. Noah out."

With his final words given to the pair of agents, Noah merely pulls out his gun as he reaches the front of the bunker. There is a swift but not necessary loud stopping of the car. Of course, Noah is being quiet as he gets out the tranquilizer pistol from his 'Bag and Tag' Bag, keeping it out as he locks up the car. He puts on his radio ear piece, putting it in. He has it turned down for the time being, not wanting to distract himself with random Company notices that are not nearly as pressing as current affairs. Moving slowly, Noah enters in as quietly as possible, trying his best to avoid giving his position away to what might be the final non-Sylar Level 5 escapee.

Tragically, Noah doesn't imagine Sylar being there. After all, with two villains taken in alive, it means that Sylar didn't know their location. Or at least so Noah concludes. That's the problem with plans… It's hard to factor in ALL the possibilities, just do the best with what you're given.

With a determined look in his eyes that almost covers up his concern and worry, Noah proceeds into the darkness, silently cursing his luck as he realizes he doesn't have IR goggles with him. Lesson learned for next time as he proceeds into the dangerous terrain. "Be warned, there is zero light in the bunker," he whispers. Once he sees there is no light, he finds himself forced to pull out his keychain, a small red LED light the only thing to guide him. Hold on, Claire… Daddy's coming.

Thanks okay, Noah. Not everyone can be Kaito Nakamura. Thankfully, however, some folks have somehow managed to be cheap knock-offs of his son, Hiro. Case in point? Mariska — the Amazing Mistress of Space (but not Time)! The Russian woman gives Niel one last rhetorical chance to chicken out of the job as she warns, "This might feel… strange." But, hey, he should already know what he's in for, having previously witnessed the reaction of one Vasili Babenkov after his impromptu six second round trip to Red Square while Mariska was still in Company captivity. She slips an arm around the man's waist and… hold on to your lunch, Youngblood…


Smirking, the killer twists his hand so that Claire twists as well, spinning the poor girl until she's upright in the air, and facing away from him. His steps echo off the wall, her pleas going ignored as he makes his way closer, so close that his lips are just millimeters from her ear when he whispers. "No, I don't. But I want to."

Then, suddenly, Sylar's head snaps to the left, his ear pointed towards the doorway. A whisper. Somebody is here. His eyes travel towards Claire, or at least the area of darkness he knows Claire to be in, and a smirk slowly crosses his lips. Moving his hand, he guides her across the room, turning to the left so that her figure blocks the just barely visible frame of the doorway. Knowing that the girl in front of him can survive any scratches or broken bones from a tumble through the door and the next room, he flicks his wrist and sends the girl flying, hopefully throwing her right into whoever has just entered.

Weak from days without proper sustenance, Claire is hardly a challenge to move about for those that don't possess the ability to just flick wrists and send things flying. Think of how much easier it is for the man who does.

With her stomach and the side of he face pressed against that wall, the teenager breathes her ragged breaths as her chest seizes up in terror. And then there he is. His whispered breath hot against her ear, her eyes shut tight as she begins to brace for the worst. She barely restrains herself from the consuming desire to just cry out and have him get this over with. To be done with this. Sylar's sensitive ears might very well detect the pounding of her heart. And then, through gritted teeth, she offers the whisper of her resistance. "I hate you."

But, it seems, that she is not destined to die tonight! Pulled off the wall and thrown through the doorway, only her hand finally catches that door frame and a couple fine bones break in the process. A single pained cry is enough to express both 'AAAAH I'M FLYING THROUGH THE AIR' and 'AAAAAAAH I JUST BROKE MY HAND.' Congratulations, Noah. You just won a bloody Claire.

Sneaking along, Noah continues down the stairs. He sees a doorway. It's closed and he still doesn't hear anything. Wait, there was something and-Crash! A woman's body is thrown toward him and the experienced Agent acts within a moment. He lurches down and to the side, instinctively pulling out his gun and firing a shot a couple seconds after weaving out of harm's way. After all, there are only two sorts of powers that could do that: Super strength to pick up the person and throw them and telekinesis to do the same thing with one's mind. Sylar or Niki (if he knows has access to her file)… Neither are his daughter and so he has no qualms in shooting first.

Thankfully for Sylar, the round is a tranq gun and he's firing in the dark. While Noah's shot is steady and true He is shooting on general direction of a thrown woman into a darkened room. His mind thinking in Company mode, he doesn't think to look back at the woman yet. After all, if he can't save himself, he surely won't be able to save Claire. After the shot, he thinks about way the cry sounded. Softly, he whispers behind him an uncertain but concerned question. Distracted by his daughter's safety for a moment, he allows Sylar to know who he is dealing with… A critical error on Bennet's behalf.


As soon as he tosses Claire through the doorway, Sylar moves a foot back, waiting to see what happens. A satisfied smirk spreads across his face as he hears the crack of Claire's hand and her painful cry. The sound of her landing in the other room is enough to put Sylar in motion, instinctively moving behind the door frame. Noah's darts fly through the doorway, bouncing off the concrete wall on the other side of the room. His aim was true, but Sylar moved behind the doorway in time. In retaliation, Sylar turns again, this time into the doorframe as a small arc of electricity flickers over his hand, before erupting into a burst of huge electricity from his hand, directly through the door and into the next room, hopefully catching anyone who happens to be in it.

Feel strange? Yeah, that's a kind way of putting it. As the pair pop back into existence next to the highway, Niel gets the distinct feeling of having his insides jiggle about inside of him like some demonic Jell-O dish. Whugh. Good thing he has a strong constitution, and definitely a good thing they didn't teleport directly into a violent situation, because he's going to need a few seconds to get all his limbs to stop feeling a little weak. He staggers a little once they've arrived, but keeps his feet and his lunch. "Christ," is all he mutters before he withdraws the directions and takes a glance around the place. "It's this way," he states, pointing in the direction of the compound. Then, withdrawing the tranq gun, he starts to set off in that direction. His steps are a little wobbly at first, but quickly grow stronger. Moving helps.

Whipcracking through the third dimension isn't for everyone. Mariska's just glad to see that her tagalong didn't immediately boot and/or faceplant upon their arrival at whatever sort of rust-blooded, run-down, industrial hell-hole that appeals to the more villainous variety when looking for a place to hang their black hats. Once her weak-kneed partner has managed to make a masculine recovery, the Russian follows his lead and puts tazer in hand. Turning a corner, she spots a familiar sedan and takes a shortcut getting there; the noise left in her wake sounding not unlike backfire or muffled gunshots… would either be unusual for this part of town? Would anyone within earshot be inclined to care? In truth, what's going on overhead in likely of little concern, what with actual gunshots to be contended with down below. The teleporter pauses near the Nissan and waits for Niel to catch up.

When Claire hits the ground, there's a deathly sort of cracking sound and then silence as the young woman lies there in a ragged, blood-stained, matted heap. That silence is broken by a loud gasp as Claire's body, again, begins to repair itself and the young woman cradles the arm that is already starting to right the nauseating angle at which it started after landing. There are a few coughs as she comes back to the unpleasant realization that, oh, yeah, still dehydrated and it still hurts.

Somewhere in that coming back to herself, however, her father's voice breaks through. Her voice is rasping and raw, but it's hers. For the first time in days, the dry sob that racks her body is one of sheer and utter relief. "Dad?" He is going to fix this. …Please, don't be a hallucination.

It's Claire. There is a brief sigh that is exhaled, even while danger looms from the darkness. The Family doesn't say anything at, focusing on the fight at hand as he stands back up, preparing to move to cover. He doesn't get the chance though, the blast of electricity flying through the air and slamming him in the chest. Thankfully, Noah is tougher than he looks, getting thrown back onto the stairs with only light burns covering his body. His non-lethal means drops to the ground, leaving Noah with only one recourse to defend himself and his daughter. His actual Company 'retiring' pistol. It almost leaps into his hand, Noah offering a couple of shots toward the man that is likely Sylar. After all, using telekinesis AND electricity means it is someone that can copy abilities… And if it's Peter? Well, he'll heal up anyway, no (permanent) harm done. Firing a few shots from as he lays back on the stairs, he calls out to his daughter after the initial couple of shots have been fired. "Claire, can you move?" Not really wanting for the answer to be given, he slaps his radio strapped to his belt to give orders; only to find that Sylar's attack has shorted it out. Damn it, that means his really nice Sprint phone is fried too.

Thankfully, the customer service at Sprint is warm and friendly, always ready to help a loyal customer like Noah Bennet out in order to keep him 'connected' to his friends and family.

If the team will try and contact Noah, they will find no response. Hopefully that will encourage them to move a bit faster.

Niel's in good shape, so it doesn't take him long to catch up. He doesn't stop to ask anything of Mariska, he just buzzes right on by and heads into the compound. Though he does speak into his radio — "Bennet, we're here." — there is no response from the other end. Noah is either dead, disabled, or has a broken radio. Either way, Niel's not going to stand around waiting for him. Motioning Mariska to follow, he starts moving — and then there's a gunshot. Damn. Soon enough, Niel can make out murky shapes ahead in the dark and calls out: "Bennet?"

The killer steps into the room, moving towards the side of it as he makes his way forward, ears open and eyes focused as much as can be on the room around him. Noah shoots again, and this time, Sylar isn't so lucky. One of the bullets grazes his left arm, just enough to take a chunk of skin out, but not deep enough to cause major harm. He grunts in pain, a hand moving up quickly to grab the wound, squeezing the area and gritting his teeth through the pain. His heightened hearing catches the sound of bullets outside, or at least what sounds like bullets, and he begins to move towards the direction he hears it from. He doesn't know if the bullet that just hit him was from the same shooter as the dart shooter, so he can't take any chances. That, and considering he just heard someone whisper Claire's last name, it's obvious he's outnumbered. Sure, were he in the light, he might be able to fend them off, but the last thing he needs is a bunch of Company agents popping off rounds into the room.

Hot on Niel's dapper heels, Mariska follows the man down into the depths of the gray darkness without so much as an acknowledging nod to signal her compliance. She seems to have the sense enough not to gun for a blind jump, especially given the apparently hostile situation they've come upon, and… honestly, she isn't in a great big hurry to earn another war wound for the sake of the Company so soon after having the last two all but erased at the hands of a man named Peter Petrelli. Niel can do the talking; she'll do the stalking.

"Yeah," Claire croaks, already starting to pull herself to her feet with a scrunched up face that screams 'ow'. And then there's electricity and bullets and lots of reasons for the teenager to instinctively duck down with her arms over her head. There's a surge of panic, and the only thing that she can think to do is to race to his side and throw her arms around his waist and bury her face in his side, like somehow that's gonna help. "DAD!"

Sylar isn't attacking and right now Claire is almost plastered at Noah's side. "Company agents are coming, it's gunna be okay," HRG comforts without looking to the girl he so desperately get out of here. If Sylar happens to hear of Noah's plan, Noah won't mind that one bit as it will show that he is not along.

Reunited with his special girl and holding his daughter close with one arm as best he can, Noah still holds his gun and is aiming for the doorway. He's waiting for Sylar to come out or at least keep him at bay until back up comes. While he survived one attack from Sylar, the man has many more lethal weapons at his disposal. He hears people coming, but for now, he doesn't say a word. Please let it be HIS back-up and not Sylar's. For a few crucial moments… Noah waits.

Niel can't see a damn thing in here, but he does carry a small Mag-Lite on him. As he approaches the door, he reaches into his pocket with a free hand and withdraws it, twisting the head to turn on the small, but powerful beam. This is flashed onto the only two shapes he can really see: Noah and Claire. "Bennet," he grunts again as he approaches them. "What's going on?" He keeps his own eyes trained on the doorway, seeing Noah's focus on that particular area.

There isn't much else for Sylar to do. He takes a wild chance, hoping that the darkness and the sudden shove he's about to give whoever is in his way will add up to enough for him to get out of here. Again, he's foiled. Again, he'll miss out on the power. That's alright for the killer, though. There's always tomorrow.

With barely a shimmer, Sylar disappears from view (or rather, the lack of view.) Keeping his good side angled forward, he rushes the door, using his shoulder and torso to slam into anyone or anything that might be in his way, hopefully slamming into them hard enough to knock them down.

There's only a shuffling seven seconds or so between Niel's arrival and Mariska's; she's not quite so well-prepared with a flash light of her own to wield, and so she's forced to crane her head slightly as she steps off the last stair and squints into the darkness. She's still toting her tazer but it's not at the ready so much as merely in hand. "Did you find the girl? Is everyone alright?" Nothing like tossing a few extra questions onto the pile. "We heard shots," she adds in that slightly slurring, Soviet accent.

And then there's someone suddenly charging through the darkness and Mariska finds her still-bruised shoulder being introduced to the chipped concrete wall and she objects with a sharp shout. «HEY! What the—» Ow.

Similarly, Niel is so taken by surprise by the invisible battering ram that he's flung to the side. He whips around and opens fire with the tranq gun, however he's shooting blindly, only capable of firing in the mere direction of the unknown assailant.

Were Claire processing anything beyond 'it's going to be okay', she might be tempted to say something about her continued distrust of Company agents. Or try to make sure she's out before they arrive. In the end, she does neither. She simply clings tight to Noah's side — it's warm and solid, she notes, and helps to reduce her shaking — and concentrates very hard to not become a hysterical, sobbing mess. Everything's seemed to get fixed so fast, and she's entirely cool with that.

Sylar gets one last lucky break. The shots from Niel go flying over the killer's shoulder, the sounds of the darts bouncing off of the wall ignored by Sylar. He's so close to freedom, so close to getting away… and then he bursts out of the bunker into the light, squinting his eyes against the harsh change as his pupils readjust. His arm is still bleeding, causing droplets of blood to fall on the concrete, but he quickly rips the buttons off of the wrist of his shirt, pushing the sleeve up and bunching his shirt against the wound. It doesn't feel good, but it stems the flow of blood enough, allowing him to get some distance in between he and the bunker before it starts dripping on the concrete again.

"Sylar was here, but do NOT pursue I'm responsible for transporting this girl home and we don't have the man power to take him safely right now," Noah begins as he puts his gun away. "He just passed though" It would seem that Sylar can turn invisible if his hunch was right if he was able to breeze by and the two being pushed aside. Does that mean that Claude is No, don't even go there, not now. "Call in a couple other agents, sweep this bunker and see what you can find. There might be clues as to why Sylar was here." Of course, Noah knows EXACTLY why he was here. His daughter. Of course, for those not cleared to know, he doesn't share. Not yet. Using his newly freed hand to push himself up, he tries to stand up along with Claire. He winces a bit as he does, his muscles still aching from the shock treatment Sylar gave him. "You ready to go home?" Noah inquires to the young blond with a tender smile. "I'm sure your mother is worried sick about you."

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