Nadia Carmina Isidore Gioia Selvaggi
Portrayed By Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Gender Female
Date of Birth April 1st, 1987
Age 20
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases None that she'll speak of
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation College Student, Mafioso daughter
Known Relatives Carmine Selvaggi (Father), Brandi Selvaggi (Mother), Francesca, reluctant stepmother, ties to the Moretti family
Significant Other Leo (Whether Carmine likes it or not.)
Known Abilities None
First Appearance The Ties that Tightly Bind

As far as anyone knows, Nadia is the only child of Carmine Selvaggi. Good luck boys. No pressure!


Brought kicking and screaming into the world (hopefully she won't go out the same way!) Nadia is as far as she knows, the only child of Carmine and Brandi Selvaggi. Her childhood was comfortable despite strained relations between her parents. One could say Nadia was a little spoiled by her father as a child and typically has no difficulty in getting her way with him. Her mother? That's another story. Brandi was less inclined towards caving to her daughter's whims. So when her parents divorced and Carmine lost custody and visitation, Nadia took that a little hard you could say.

There was the odd letter, but between the years from divorce on until Nadia hit eighteen, that was the only contact she had with the old man. Once she hit eighteen however, she braved her mother's wrath and contacted Carmine. Their relationship is friendly, even a little warm. Nadia thinks very little in her father's choice of a second wife however.. She and Francesca do /not/ get along at all.

Sometime after turning 18 and fleeing her mother's roof, Nadia got herself enrolled at Columbia U, kindasortastarting seeing Leo Moretti.. she's so not telling her daddy this. Not yet anyway. In her Sophomore year at Columbia, she hasn't /quite/ decided on a major. She just knows she is /not/ going to be some mafioso's wife. A legal degree is enticing, but Carmine would simply stroke out at the thought. (And he is paying for her schooling.) Maybe soon she'll declare her major.. then prepare to work at cousin Tony's strip bar to pay for her tuition.



  • "But daddy!"


  • The first of her middle names is for her father, which is Italian for song. Gioia for 'joy' and Isidore from the Greek name Isidoros which meant 'gift of Isis', from the name of the Egyptian goddess ISIS combined with Greek doron 'gift'. Saint Isidore of the 6th century was a historian and theologian from Seville.
  • Now has a tattoo, and no, only Leo gets to see it. Neener.
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