2009-12-08: Nakey Time



Date: December 8, 2009


By the power of Greyskull (or the tabloids), Sydney has the power!!

P.S. The title and the summary have absolutely nothing to do with the log.

"Nakey Time"


It's mid evening, the weather is a little bit cold, but for some reason Hallis really just feels like relaxing with a milkshake. And so a town car pulls up in front of Orangeby's and the socialite steps out armed with a little supply of reading material. She's alone tonight, which isn't anything new lately. The black car speeds off after she has safely entered the glass door and she saunters up to the counter. Her knit skirt hugging what little curvature she has, her cashmere wrap wound tightly around her body, and her boots are a brand new pair of snake skin wedges.

Once she reaches the counter she peruses the menu and hums a little, "I'll have a child's meal with a large orange milkshake please." The order is processed post haste and soon she can be found at a corner table sipping the thick drink and ignoring the food in favor of reading the rags.

Bundled in her peacoat and red scarf, Sydney is prepared for the winter weather, and looks a little bulkier than normal as a result (underneath she has on a tank, a t-shirt, and a turtle neck). The door to Orangeby's opens as she enters the restaurant shivering ever so slightly. Her teeth chatter quietly as she hops to the front of the restaurant and orders a burger and chocolate milkshake. The food is given to her right away and then… Hallis comes into view. She presses her lips together as she contemplates whether to stay or go… she moved to make it easier to avoid her…

Lifting her eyes when the door opens, Hallis spots Sydney first. She was also sitting there first so when the same challenge passes through her brain, the socialite stays seated firmly in her seat. Though being a polite sort, she nods in greeting to the woman before flicking her magazine and holding it in front of her face to spare the other woman the 'pain' of dealing with her.

Like Hallis, Sydney nods in greeting, she sighs and knows she's been spotted. As her burger and milkshake are brought to her, she pads towards Hallis (although not to sit with her, just near her). And then the magazine catches Sydney's attention. Her eyes squint as she sees her own picture small on the cover. She thought the whole tabloid thing was behind her… what does it say? She can't make it out… not wearing her reading glasses.

Thats when the door opens and a new figure walks in. A tall man dressed to the nines in a business way, walks in as he shakes out a long dark gray coat before looking around. This is a side of Eric Lancaster that most people don't see, the businessman part of things. He raises on hand towards Sydney to wave lightly at her before striding easily towards her. However he notes the squint, and then slowly turns to see…

Someone with a magazine.

Ah well.

"Sorry I'm late," He adds towards Sydney as he gets closer towards her.

Exactly when Hallis became the paraiah of the building is something she can't exactly pinpoint, it happened though and it's something the woman has tried to weather with dignity. With a small sigh, she gives Sydney a tight smile and folds the magazine closed and holds it out to her. "Did you want to read it? I have more." Then she stretches her arm and places the magazine on Sydney's table before flipping open the next one in the stack and going right to the crossword.

As Eric strides in and makes his way to Sydney's table, Hallis lifts her hand in greeting but remains silent. It's very possible that she's not in his good books either. A little frown creases her features as she digs in her purse for a pen only clearing once a writing utensil has been found. Then back to the puzzle.

Sydney's attention is diverted as Eric strides towards her. "No worries," she smiles easily at him, "How're you…? Think I found a townhouse! Oh, and I passed my defense…" She's still distracted by her photo on the front of People and then Hallis reaches it over, "Tha —- " she sees the front and her jaw drops. The headline is enough to insult any non-pregnant-woman: MISTRESS PREGNANT: WHO'S THE DADDY GEORGE OR IVORY? But there are no words. Instead, the therapist just gapes in utter and complete shock.

"Hey Hallis," Eric seems to be cheerful still as he waves towards the blonde there with a bright enough smile before glancing back towards Sydney. "Good on both accounts then." He says with a nod towards the woman before he hrmms. "…wait…what? Whats wrong?" And he blinks a moment to follow Sydney's line of sight over towards the magazine in question.

…and he stares.

"…oh. /Thats/ whats just wrong."

Honestly, Hallis didn't even blink at the cover. It was one of those stories that was just too sensationalist to believe. Plus, they mentioned George so it couldn't be true. "What?" Then she just looks at the picture and purses her lips. "You can't believe a word they say, Sydney. Just laugh and ignore it and move on. It's what we all do." She's obviously talking about the tabloid set, of which Sydney has found herself an honorary member. "Seriously, it's what… the third one you've been in now? You get used to them making up horrible things." She's honestly trying to make the other woman feel a little better about the situation.

With a sigh, the young blonde tsks and shakes her head. "I've been in those things forever, no one really believes anything in them. We just try to look as good as we can for the pictures. Remember how badly I failed in your first one? That was a horrible picture, but I didn't make a big deal out of it." The sincerity of her words rings through every part of her little spiel.

Brain. Melting. Sydney's eyes remain wide, and her mouth open until she curses quietly under her breath. Finally springing her hands into motion she flips angrily through the magazine for the 'article' — which in fact is only a small blip of a page.

Her eyes scan the page quickly as she shakes her head. "What happened to good reporting?! TO fact checking?! And who is this on the cover?! Obviously not Ivory, and despite what People magazine says, I certainly never dated George?! And I have no interest in George, Ivory, or the President…"

There's a pause as she looks up at Eric and then Hallis.

"I'm not pregnant! It's a baggy shirt! It's supposed to fit like that!" Yes, she's outraged. And yes, her adrenaline is pumping.

She takes a couple of deep breaths as she tries to get a handle on her emotions, listening to Hallis' word with a nod, but her anger remains, "They shouldn't be allowed to print such slander. About anyone." Frown.

"It's not my fault they printed it!! Why are you getting mad at me?!" Hallis yells back at the woman, absolutely mortified that they are actually having an argument in public. The small woman begins to sniffle and choke up as she throws the rest of her magazines into her overly large purse. "What is wrong with you anyway?!"

Her sudden anger upsets her even more, escalating the emotions that are already coursing through her. Tears begin to stream down her face. "I was only trying to make you feel better about it. Of course it's just a baggy shirt. No one cares who you're interested in except the people that write these stories. I thought you were smart enough to know that!!"

"I'm not yelling at you!" Sydney quips back. "I'm… just yelling! I'm angry — I've never — I don't — I don't live in the spotlight! I do everything I can to avoid it!" Ahh! Emotions running away. Trying to focus. Breathing. Trying not to feel mortified at said article. Breathing. And then sometime makes sense in her own head: that's how Bryce must have found her. He mentioned Nana, but the magazines mentioned Hope Hearth, just enough detail to make her findable. Unbelievable. They screwed her over.

"You ARE!! You are yelling at me!! It's not my fault that any of this is happening to you!! I've got my own problems!!" Hallis cries back, "You have no idea!!" The tears are pouring down her face as she tries to come under control at the same time as Sydney, though in hers there is a great amount of fear. When Sydney gets calm enough to focus her anger, Hallis' almost melts away, but that fear remains. "What… what's going on? What's happening to me?" She just stares at her therapist, a bulb slowly brightening over her head. "What … what are you doing to me?"

Sydney sighs faintly as she raises a hand to her forehead, "Nothing. I'm not doing anything to you." That would imply it was on purpose. It's not. "Hallis, I'm not accusing you of everything. I never thought you were responsible for these stupid tabloids, and no, I don't take it seriously, but I'm a professional. And certainly not pregnant." She's got a handle on her temper now.

"Nothing's happening to you. Nothing's wrong with you…" she glances towards the people working the counter and lowers her voice. "You're okay… I promise…"

"But I…" Hallis sits down at her table again and rubs her forehead with one hand. "I was trying to make you feel better, then you got mad and I got mad for no reason." She's blinking rapidly as the thoughts flood through her mind, "I know there's nothing wrong with me. I've been good. Even after I almost got ki—" She drops the subject suddenly and purses her lips together. Her sharp blue eyes turn to peer at Sydney and she slowly gets up from her seat. "I should go." The young woman announces suddenly, not that she really needs to. Her phone is procured from a small pocket and she speed dials. "Yes, please meet me outside of the door. As soon as possible."

"Hallis… it's…" Sydney tries to soothe and then finally she sighs and shakes her head. "I'll tell you sometime… but not here. And not now…" She sighs and shakes her head a bit. "No… definitely not here." Her cheeks flush as she sips at her milkshake. "If you have to go…" she shrugs and offers a fleeting wave.

It's no secret at all that the young blonde is terrified out of her wits. Half of her things were left on the table. Her pen, a magazine, a newspaper with her picture and the picture of another woman on the front, a card with a phone number that she'd been using as a book mark. She won't really miss them, well not all of them. That card maybe. Sydney's words are practically lost in the noise of her thoughts and the phone call and the young woman is out the door before the wave is even given. The car arrives just in time to slide to a stop where she is standing and soon she is hidden by its black tinted windows.

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