2007-04-30: Nancy Drew On The Wing


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Samantha Applebaum, exiting a subway station, witnesses something she doesn't see every day.

Date It Happened: April 30th, 2007

Nancy Drew On The Wing

Somewhere in Manhattan

Night in New York City, around the time hospital shifts change. The all black clad woman doesn't know this, however, as she goes about her clandestine activities. No, Erica's just out doing what she does, and being careful to escape notice in the process. She's not on the streets moving, so to speak, or burglarizing any building, however. She's instead above the streets, perhaps thirty feet up and near the subway station, moving at a pace no faster than a car following urban speed limits and staying out of lights against the sky which might give her presence away. That, however, doesn't guarantee no one below will look up at the right, or wrong, time.

Samantha is coming up the subway station steps, talking into what is seemingly air, though the perceptive will notice a blu-tooth. "He's just not the Shabbos kind, Ma. It would be uncomfortable for him, he's…a vegetarian. And with chicken soup? Gefilte fish? It'd be like the opposite of an I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur ralley. I just don't think it's a good idea."

Her path carries her along over the bluetooth using doctor. Erica continues along, although she starts to rise higher into the skies given someone is below her, aiming to use more distance in the hope and expectation of not being spotted, along with the avoidance of eavesdropping on the doctor's conversation. What she hasn't so much considered, however, is that motion can often draw the human eye, and the fact of her not being stationary may pull this into play. No, her focus is more on the streets ahead, looking for possible threats that might pop out along Samantha's path.

" -talk to you later Ma. No, really. Yes, I promise, I - what the hell?" Sam had been rolling her eyes, see - and when doing so, got a glimpse of, something. Which is to say, Erica. She mutters, "I'm fine. I'll call you later, Ma." She hangs up, and craning her neck back, looks up and stares.

Overhead, the all in black woman slows to a partial hover, moving now at no more than two miles per hour, as in the distance she spots what looks like a robbery about to happen. There's a big shape in an alleyway, waiting and watching the street from just inside it, and a smaller shape about to cross the first one's zone. It might be nothing, but it could be something too. Now, Erica doesn't operate like that Omega person she once encountered, no, but she also isn't about to let anything just happen. This is what police are for, after all. So she pulls out her phone from a pocket and calls 911. "Yes, police? Good. Send officers to the alley halfway between… 87th and Roosevelt. There's a guy getting mugged." Soon as the word is given, she ends the call and watches, hoping cops will show in time, and… entirely unaware she's been spotted from the ground. Her phone quite likely draws more attention despite the night sky matching clothes, a glint of metal catching light when used.

Samantha desperately wants to confirm if what she saw - what she thought she saw - is genuine, but entering one of the buildings and taking a ride to the roof will likely have it moved on from there. So she just keeps her eye on it, waiting for where she thought she saw movement to move again. Though in the back of her head, she's cursing because she looks like a tourist.

It does move, a short time later, at that same slow pace, as the situation she's tracking seems to be getting closer to happening badly and the police aren't yet on the scene. Erica thinks she might have to settle on a roof near the spot and do something subtle to prevent crime, like kick a stone or two loose and spook either robber or target away from the area. Her forward motion likely again catches Sam's eyes as she reaches the roof. And on that roof, her quarry is a bit closer. Maybe even close enough to speak with, at that level it can be discerned as a female shape, maybe 5' 10".

Samantha continues to follow the woman, until it leads her to…well, the mouth of the alley. Oh look, crime! New Yorkers have two reactions to crime. The first is to ignore it and go about one's business. The second… "Hey!" Sam shouts, bristling.

Just as the doctor is shouting, Erica's settling toward the roof. Her descent is slow, aimed to not get seen, she's not aware yet the jig is up with at least one person. As the sound rings out, she reaches with a foot to dislodge a loose brick from the roof's edge and send it to the street just as robber moves to grab victim, breaking his concentration in tandem with the doctor's voice. The potential victim spots the man, meanwhile, and runs off. Five seconds later, police turn up and make a grab for the mugger, while Erica quickly seeks to move back and not be seen after kicking the loose brick. This only brings her closer to Sam.

Samantha has to endure giving a statement, but she keeps gazing away, distracted. Of course, as it happens, she knows a few of the local beat cops (a few have come through her ER), and she's able to go about her business. That business, however, is to go into the building that Erica's settled on, and make her way quickly and quietly to the roof entrance.

By the time Sam's reached the roof, Erica's risen from the surface again, maybe ten feet up, and taking another slow scan of the city below. It doesn't occur to her she's been sighted and about to be approached, no, she's basking in the feeling of that which she craves, needs most. Adrenaline, her addiction that has her in the night skies to begin with.

Samantha makes it out onto the rooftop and now gets her full on good look at the floating woman. She lets out a low whistle, and wishes she had a camera phone.

"Damn." The black clad woman slowly turns around toward the whistle, and watches the doctor who watches her. Thankful for the ski mask, Erica speaks slowly. "What're you going to do, Miss? Take pictures, try to sell them to tabloids? I'd really rather you didn't do that, at all." Her voice is professional, the tone of a person not at all unaccustomed to authority and giving orders. She slowly descends to the solidity of roof, and tilts her head. "But… for some reason you aren't freaking out, Miss."

"The thought crossed my mind." Sam regards the woman expectantly, and of all things keeps an eye on the woman's upper body, rather than her dangling feet. "Both the picture taking and the freaking out, except really, the former would just annoy you and the latter is too much trouble for me."

"Interesting," Erica replies, letting out a quiet chuckle. "It doesn't surprise you to come across and talk with a flying person?" On solid roof now, she takes a step toward the doctor, then another. "I was hoping to catch sight of that… person involved with the Yankee Stadium suicides. No luck, though, then I saw the possible mugging and called it in. It isn't neccessary to be all dramatic and call attention on myself. But I guess it didn't work, you're here, talking with me, after all."

"Something like that. It's not every day you meet Nancy Drew with on the wing." Sam says. "But I'm afraid you'll have to puzzle me out another time, because I've got someplace to be. Don't get hurt." With that, Samantha turns and heads for the door, apparently wanting to muse on her latest find and converse with Namir about it.

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