Nathan Petrelli
Nathan Petrelli
Portrayed By Adrian Pasdar
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 23rd, 1967
Age 42
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases Flying Man (Hiro), Nate (most people), Poohbear (Heidi), Nate Dogg (Jack), Logan, Brayden, Nathan Petroski (Hallis)
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation U.S. Senator; Former Bookstore Employee (fired after five minutes)
Known Relatives Arthur Petrelli (father; deceased), Angela Petrelli (mother; still alive), Peter Petrelli (younger brother; immortalish), Hercules Petrelli (heir; in existence), MacGyver Petrelli (spare; in existence), Claire Bennet (daughter; also immortalish)
Significant Other Tracy Strauss (fling, current), Heidi Petrelli (wife, separated), Meredith Gordon (former fling; mother of Claire), Team Petrelli - lots of significant others…
Known Abilities Inescapable Charm
First Appearance Genesis





++The Continuation
April 2010

  • 1st - Brandy's Manly - Nathan and Tori get sloshed and while opportunity presents itself, Nathan exercises some restraint (for once!).
  • 2nd - A (Not So) Modest Proposal - KeLyssa, Tracy and Nathan discuss plans. And Lyssa proposes… to both of them.
  • 2nd - Sins of the Father - Tracy solidifies Nathan's resolve about his plan when she mentions how his father set up her ability. Nathan wants answers.
  • 3rd - SURPRISE, Dead Body - Cody calls Tracy's phone and Nathan picks it up — he heads over to the safehouse and finds Cody dismembering a dead agent (and ends up helping); the former agent warns him about KeLyssa's recklessness.
  • 4th - Resurrection - Tracy and Nathan visit George and ask for a favour (or two). George agrees to the bait and switch press conference, much to the pleasure of team Trathan.
  • 4th - We Have to Go Back - Tracy and Nathan discuss their plans and KeLyssa's sanity. After realizing the jeopardy she put Cody's safehouse in, the pair journey back to the one they live at.
  • 5th - Surprise Peter - Peter finds Nathan. And Tracy. Both in pyjamas. The latter in bed. He aims to bring Nathan back for Claire's birthday and the Natervention the family have planned.
  • 5th - Just Like Brunch - It's Claire's birthday! Angela, Peter, and Claire wait around the table for Nathan who promised he'd be there. He's later than expected because of Claire's present — a chocolate lab puppy — doesn't like flying much. The family try to talk Nathan out of his plans, but he doesn't back down. Another fight ensues and Nathan learns his parents intervened and gave him synthetic powers; he and Tracy have yet another thing in common.
  • 6th - Change of Assignment - Nathan meets one of his security staffers, daniel-mp, who he wants looking out for Claire.
  • 8th - Genetic Lottery - Neither Tracy nor Nathan can sleep so the pair talk and Nathan reveals they both have synthetic abilities.




  • Peter: "You didn't hear anything I said earlier today, did you?" Nathan: "What, about how you can 'fly'? Yeah, I'm going to pretend for both our sakes you didn't say anything like that." -Peter, Nathan (Genesis)
  • "I'm not a cargo jet, Parkman." (Fight or Flight)
  • "Most of what we are is what people expect us to be. I mean, if you take them away, nothing means anything." (.07%)
  • "I have an extraordinary younger brother," to Tracy in Uprising.
  • "A person can deny who they are, or they can recognize the past is what it is: the past. And then move on… Unlike those from my past, I spent the last two months wrestling my demons and denying some of them — only to realize they're still pieces of me… Obviously you already have formed your opinions of me. If you have a question, ask it… I don't have anything to hide anymore," to Tracy in Uprising.
  • "But if you're looking for remorse… I'm afraid you won't find that here. Not now. There's no time. Not when there are more Protocols and near-certainty the President doesn't know what's going on under his nose" to Tracy in Uprising.
  • "I joined the navy to defend this country. I worked as a DA to bolster my life into politics. And now Ms. Strauss, I would give up my very life to stop it," to Tracy in Uprising.
  • "But then are we ever really free? Like circumstance, family situation, genetic predestination, is there such thing as freedom?" to Tracy in Uprising.
  • "This blows," to Tracy in Uprising.
  • "We'll end it, Tracy. And we'll end it soon… Or die trying. We have allies. A lot of them. With a lot of unusual talents. If we can find out how they're controlling people there's no reason we won't win this thing… They'll pay for what they've done. But before they can, we need to know who's head should be on the block," to Tracy in Uprising.
  • "Now I'm willing to give up everything for those I lost. And that is key. Even though I don't have anyone left… they still have me," to Tracy in Uprising.
  • "I know we're doing what needs to be done, but I know my life won't be what it was. Not after this. It can't be. But then, what was it anyways? Fragments of lives past, all with different goals and dreams? Doesn't seem like much of a life," to Tracy in The Light of Day.
  • "Forget it. We're all just tools to you. That's all I've ever been. You know, when I was locked up, I sat around trying to understand why when I no expectations placed on me, when I could be anything or anyone I wanted I joined an Irish gang, manned an Irish pub, and became a thief… You know what, Ma, I'm done. I'm finished. I'm not your pawn. I'm not your rook. Hell, I'm not even your son right now. I am a Senator, the Senator for New York. Give Pete my regards. I'll stay somewhere else, thanks." to Angela in Blood Rift
  • "No. You know what, I don't want to discuss this. I don't want to know the supposed future. That would make me responsible for it. And apparently Petrellis aren't good at handling such things," to Angela in Blood Rift.
nathanvol4.jpg Nathan turns up as Brayden, an Irish thug who can't remember who he is. After receiving help from Peter, he returns to the government to fix the mess the Alpha Protocol has created.
nathanvol5.jpg To the world Nathan Petrelli appears dead. But then, the body went missing and Brayden seems to have reappeared.


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