2010-06-19: Nathan And Noelle's Period



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Date: June 19, 2010


Noelle wants to know and Nathan is grumpy. Oy.

"Nathan And Noelle's Period"


"No, you can't come in!" Noelle insists with a chuckle at Aedan. It's their third dinner date. Dressed in a short but reasonable black dress with shiny nice heels, the paramedic runs a hand through her hair and tilts her head up towards the Irishman.

Brown eyes stare into his eyes. "N-Bray might be inside and that's not okay." She snickers a little and licks her lips at Aedan. "Maybe one day." She promises with a wink, they are outside of Brayden and Noelle's shared hotel room. Everyone asks why they share a room and they just say that they feel safer that way. They are the ultimate partners watching each other's backs even in their sleep.

"Awww c'mon luv. 'E shouldn't be back from Ir'land yet." Aedan winks and leans against the door with a single hand. The smile grows however, as he sighs and shakes his head. "Ye're gist a tease, 'ren't ye? Always a tease…" The smirk grows into something a little more flirtatious. "Fine. Ye win, this time." He winks again before leaning in for a kiss. Yup, he's a sly fox that Aedan.

She meets his lips with a deep kiss but then she's pulling away. "Now go. I'll see you tomorrow." She says with a bright grin and then she's kicking the door open behind her and ducking in and shutting the door before Aedan can try and come in to change her mind. Because she's sure that he could.

Sighing in content, Noelle smiles as she unzips her dress as she kicks off her shoes and pulls the dress down. She hasn't turned around yet. Cracking her neck, Noelle stretches out and falls backwards onto her bed. Dressed in only her black bra and panties.

It really is unfortunate Noelle hadn't turned around.

For her, anyways.

The other occupant, who is supposed to still be in Ireland, sits at the desk which is, in fact, facing the door. When Noelle had entered the room, Nate opened his mouth to speak, only to shut it after gaping a moment.

Shaking his head, he forces himself back into reality. "W-where've you been?" his eyebrows furrow slightly as he peers at her a little. He's dressed in his usual Brayden fare— a plaid shirt, faded blue jeans, and today, because flying makes his ears cold, a little beanie hat.

A single eyebrow is arched before Nathan sighs rather heavily, "Have you convinced him to quit yet? He's gotta know by now that Roberto's bad news, doesn't he?" Nathan plucks the cap from his head and sets on the desk in front o fhim.

"I've been out, where have you been?" Noelle arches an eyebrow. He's seen it all before, nothing she's ashamed of. She did look a little startled before shrugging. As she settles in the bed and looks over at Nathan lazily her accent comes out thicker. "E' isn't going to quit. Nate, he fancies me and.. I don't know if I fancy him. I don't want to see him get hurt. We're bloody friend's at least. Nothing I say makes him change his mind.. unless I had sex with him. Said I was pregnant and then told him to move with me to Prague or something." She sighs.

The woman rolls over so that she's laying on her stomach and looking over to Nathan, still wearing her makeup. She still looks pretty good. "I've been a bitch to ya.. I'm sorry. But you deserved." That's an apology sort of.. right?

"What? I've been gone for the last month or something running around Ireland to deal with operations there. Man, why can't I persuade them just to go home and quit while they're ahead?" Nathan runs a frustrated hand through his hair. "They won't just listen to reason. They're smugglers. Small time crooks, none of this cloak and dagger stuff." Dark circles line his eyes. "I can't even convince Caitlin New York and Roberto are bad ideas. And the worst is all I remember hearing about him was how crazy he is and how he belonged in the psych ward— "

"Now? Everyone has this weird blind-loyalty. I don't get it." Nathan swallows and lets his forehead thud on the desk a few times before resting it there. Finally he looks up, "Why did I deserve it?"

"We'll convince them." Noelle says with a soft smile, hopeful. Optimistic. She's then propping her head up with her hands and swinging her feet from side to side. "What'd you do? What you'd do??" she asks with a raise of an eyebrow. She's obviously pissed off about something. And then she blinks.. wait..

"I can't actually recall what it was I'm pissed about. But I'm sure you deserved it." Nol says in a huff and she swings her legs over the bed so she's sitting up and facing Nathan. "What is this? What are we?"

Nathan isn't so convinced. "There's something… weird going on. They're not like this, Elle. They're not. You didn't know them in Cork. It's weird. Plain as day weird." He frowns, an all-too-familiar expression these days when he's not Frayden-ing it. But the comment about what she's unhappy about is only met with a lopsided smirk. Women. Who can figure them?

"Right now? We're co-conspirators trying to topple gang activity in New York. And not coming close to succeeding. Although— " His eyebrows furrow a little and he frowns again. "I can't imagine this plan working anymore. Something else is going on. And Aedan has been acting… weird." His eyes narrow and then he finally gets her meaning, and answers perhaps too-honestly, "I have no idea." Clearly not his most thought-out plan, but then he didn't plan on dying, did he?

"Maybe it's time to talk to Roberto ourselves." Noelle says as she studies Brayden opening. Her legs crossed before she leans back on her elbows. "And as for your pussy way of answering my que-." The Englishwoman is interrupted by a knock at the door, her eyebrows raise and she tilts her head at Nathan. Sliding to the floor and grabbing her a leather jacket and a gun. She looks over to Nathan and flicks her head towards the door. Visitor?

Nathan plucks a gun from his pocket. Yup, flying with a gun in his pocket, you can scold him about that later, Noelle before he slides towards the door. The gun is kept out of sight as he opens it just a squeak and peeks through the small crack allowed by the chain bolt.

The door is opened to reveal an unfamiliar face. "Ah, Senator. Good to see you alive and stuff. I'd like to talk to Noelle." The male's is said with too much certainty. Why would anyone want to see Noelle?

The girl blinks and then she runs her options through her head. Let Nathan shoot the gun, meaning they leave in a rush and go into deeper hiding or.. "I'm here." She says lightly, but loud enough for whoever it is to hear her. She steps into the light for the man to see her and she gets a glimpse at him.

Dressed sharply in a suit and sunglasses hanging from his open shirt, he tilts his head at Nathan. "See there Senator. She wants to talk." He says with a wide grin. "Name's Harley." He introduces himself. "And I need a huge favor from Noelle."


Nathan's gaze shifts to Noelle rather skeptically before he steps out of the way for her to speak to Harley. He peeks at the woman before closing the door. There's a moment's hesitation as he contemplates just leaving Harley in the hall and then, instead, he unbolts the door and opens it to let him in. "What's your favour. Just so you know… we're both armed." It's true, right?

Closes the jacket over her chest so her bra isn't showing but the panties and such can be seen. "Not wanting to fight, just need Noelle's help." Harley says as he walks in and leans against the wall. "Word from the Irishmen around here working for my uncle is that you," Harley says with a wide grin pointed towards Noelle. "Can do special stuff.. a wonderful talent. I need that talent." He says towards both people and waits for their answers.

"You want me to heal someone?" she asks with a tilt of her head. Feet crossing as she stands and studies Harley, a quick glance is given over to Nathan. She's not armed, but she's learned now that she doesn't really need to be. Noelle's learned to protect herself in other ways.

Screw Nathan and his bitchiness. Noelle will lend him one of her tampons later. "Yeah, who?" She folds her arms and shifts her weight to one leg slightly. Just wanting to know what's going on. Who the hell is this man?

And then Harley smiles at Nathan and Noelle and dips his head. "My uncle Roberto's brother. My father." He says and his eyes brighten with excitement. It would seem that the good guys are two steps ahead of the bad guys. Or.. at least for now they are.


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