2009-11-14: Nathan Seems Like a Tool



Date: November 14, 2009


Charlotte goes to visit Nathan, but finds Brayden. Brayden learns about Logan and more details about Nathan's life.

"Nathan Seems Like a Tool"

Brayden's Hotel Room/Caribbean Island

It's no wonder that following his night of partying, Helen essentially demanded Brayden stay in his hotel room. Fortunately it's a suite of sorts complete with it's own living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom —all of which are shockingly white. AND the mini-bar is stocked with all kinds of fun overpriced treats. What is there for a poor pseudo-politico party boy to do, but drink (and whittle)?

Brayden sits on the couch, whittling away at his latest project: a whistle in the shape of a train. He's dressed in his most comfortable clothing: his faded blue jeans and one of his many plaid patterned flannel shirts. On the coffee table in front of him are several small empty liquor bottles of various sorts, and one cup, half-full of scotch (no ice!).

Plaid? Whittle? This is a sight Charlotte never expected to see. But then again, she never really expected to lay eyes on Senator Petrelli again. And he probably never gave her a thought. They met a handful of times, and she wasn't exactly on his radar. HE was busy. With blondes.

And yet here she is, appearing magically behind the sofa. Her hair is down, she's wearying a loose, high-necked sweater dress and boots, with dangly earrings and chocolatly brown hair waving down to her shoulders. "Senator!" She gasps, aloud.

Looking up from his work, the only thing that escapes from his mouth is a very loud, "GAH!" as he drops his project and the knife involved. He immediately stands to his feet and glances around the room before hesitantly sitting down again. "Don't sneak up on people like that," he orders pointedly before looking her up and down while smirking. "I was in the middle of something that took my attention."

He leans forward and reaches for the cup, "I guess Helen sent you in to check on me." And then muttering under his breath as he picks up his project and knife he adds, "Kill joy. Never lets me have any fun." He glances up at Charlotte before returning to his work, flashing her his most charming smile, "Forget the Senator-crap. Pretty ladies call me Brayden." Yes, he went there.

Charlotte doesn't exactly notice the looks, or the flirtation. She isn't really the sort to fall for that, and she can't even notice when she's talking to a thought-dead Senator, who she has been looking for. Tentatively, the girl leans forward to peer over the man. "So….your name isn't Logan, right? I mean, it's technically supposed to be Nathan, but Brayden is better than Logan." She looks concerned for the man, overly concerned for a stranger.

Blinking a few times Brayden looks up from his work again with a pained smirk, "What?! Is there someone else I might be?!" He now leaves his project on the table and leans back against the couch. "All of these people telling me I'm Nathan when I could actually be some guy named Logan? Is Logan a politician? If not, I think I'm probably Logan. Not really the political type, you know? Would rather motorbike across Europe and smoke weed in the Netherlands. It's good crap there you know." He smirks again as he sizes her up.

Now the girl blushes, at the talk of drugs. The color perks, and is easily visible. "Um…I don't believe so. You really don't know?" She seems concerned again, walking around the sofa to perch herself on the edge on the sofa to look over the man. "Logan was….a very bad man, I'm sorry to say. Well," She blushes deeper. "I guess I shouldn't say bad. I mean, nobody's really bad. But he was terribly scary. I only met him twice, and he was terribly intimidating."

"Huh," Brayden shrugs at the comments about Logan. "Well, I don't know any Logan and I don't know any Nathan. But New York feels familiar." He grins. "But… I think we've talked enough about Logan. Come! Have a seat! We can talk about you! The mini-fridge has lots of booze to spare… we could toast me not being Logan!" He beams as he stands to his feet and strolls over the fridge. "Seriously, the thing is stocked —"

Charlotte blushes deeper, her hands clasped between her knees nervously. "Oh….n…no, I'm alright, thank you, Senator." She glances up at him, offering him a soft, dimpled smile as she remains perched there. "I hope I'm not intruding at all. We didn't really know each other well, before….this." She gestures to his current state. "I actually came looking for you, your brother was worried."

"Meh, no intrusion!" Brayden beams as he sits back down on the couch. "Honestly, I appreciate the company. Went out last night and was basically grounded here for awhile." He shrugs. He wrinkles his nose at the idea of a worried brother, "Must be some kind of fluffy pansy. Real men don't worry! We let things go! He probably has some kind of maternal job too, right? Well, I won't be running towards him in a field of daisies or anything." He sighs, "George said Nathan has a brother. I know we contacted Nathan's wife and children, but not really anyone else. The press just picked up my scent once I came here…"

Charlotte squirms a bit more, glancing down uncomfortably. "Peter, your brother, is an EMT." To Charlotte, a very manly, heroic job. "He may not have heard that you are back yet. He's…." She shifts again, growing more uncomfortable. "It's very complicated, Senator." She can't not call him Senator, even if the real Nathan isn't a senator anymore. It's who she knew him as. "Come to think of it, I only met the real you once, when we went to get you after you were kidnapped by that doctor." Wonder whatever happened to him.

"What?!" Brayden doesn't understand any of what Charlotte has said other than Peter being an EMT. "I told you to call me Brayden, beautiful." Tightening his jaw, he crosses his arms over his chest. "I don't know any of this crap. None of those things happened to me, they happened to some guy I may or may not be." His defiant posture only lasts moments though, "Besides… I was interested in talking about you, remember?" There's a pause, "So… what's your name? Where you from? What do you do?"

Charlotte blushes again, deeper in color but higher up on her cheeks. She smiles an innocent, shy, dimpled little smile and glances down. So innocent, she seems! "My name is Charlotte. I'm not…really from anywhere. And I don't…really do anything. When I met you…I mean, Senator Petrelli, I was involved in Public Relations for a biotechnical firm." She can't say the name of that place, it's still bitter to her. "Now I….I guess I work at an orphanage."

"That's better!" Brayden smiles easily as he picks his glass of scotch from the table. "Although I have to say you were pretty vague on the answers there, Charlotte." He raises his scotch to his lips, "This is a proper introduction, the way to actually meet and talk to people. I guess it's my turn." He gazes at her with an even broader grin, "I'm Brayden Calvert. My first memory was in Ireland. After that I traveled through Europe on a motorbike and then found my way to California where I joined a Buddhist monastery." He reaches out to shake her hand, "It's a pleasure to meet you Charlotte."

Charlotte reaches out, offering her hand very gently to his. "A Buddhist monastery?" She asks, a little surprised. "You don't seem the type Sen - um - Mister Calvert. But did you like Europe? I've spent…most of my time abroad in Africa, but I have some time in France as well. And Germany." For some strange reason she blushes all over again.

"Brayden, please," he corrects her. "Yeah, I was in a monastery for several months when trying to figure my identity. It wasn't for me though. Not enough to do. Not enough to see. And not enough talking. People would be silent for hours on end. It was boring." It's kind of true, anyways. "Loved Europe though! I would love to be able to trek across it again. One day… after I figure out who I am maybe I'll do it." He grins. "Just travelling through Africa, France, and Germany or was it business-related? I met this gal yesterday who did business in Germany but never actually got to enjoy the sites. It's a shame, really."

Charlotte is unsuspicious - a lot of people do business in Germany. Besides, she has no desire to go into details concerning it. Really. "Well it sounds very peaceful," she murmurs, noncommitally, wringing her hands together again. "Do you know how you came to be without…memories? I was absent toward the end of….your previous personality, I guess is the best way to phrase it. And so I don't know where you were or what you were doing then."

Between the questions about Logan, the comments about meeting Nathan once, and the randomness of the conversation something clicks. "Wait, wait, wait," Brayden holds up a hand trying to get Charlotte to slow down. "Wait a second. Were Logan and Nathan the same person?" He narrows his eyes. Yes, he's slow on the pick-up, but he has picked up. "Geez," he stands to his feet and runs a hand nervously through his hair. "So… I'm like a crazy person then? With like multiple personalities or some shit?"

Wait, he wasn't up on that? "Well…yes. I met you, I mean, Senator Petrelli, at the doctor's, where he was holding you captive. After that, all I ever knew was Logan."She frowns a bit, standing as she sees she might have upset the man. "Senator, please. You're hardly crazy, you're a very brillant man." Pep talk! "And you aren't the first one to be….like this. Niki, do you…remember Niki? Probably not, but she was a f….fr…friend, of yours." Lets leave it there. "She had different personalities, memory loss." Gasp! "Peter can fix your memory!"

"What?! I really am crazy, aren't I? There's a party in my brain and apparently I wasn't invited!" This is quite upsetting news to Brayden as it really would be for anyone in his shoes. "I think you should go, Charlotte. And I… I should go blow off some steam." What this entails is left up to Charlotte's imagination. "I like who I am. I don't want Nathan or Logan or any one whose name ends in an 'an'" Of course, Brayden's name ends in a very similar sounds.

Charlotte blushes a bit deeper. "Please, I didn't mean to make you angry." Tenderly, she reaches out to touch his arm, to try to be of some comfort. "Niki felt the exact same way when she lost her memories. And she used it as a chance to start over, to create a new person for as long as she wanted. I didn't mean to make you feel pressured, I just…I wanted you to know that the option was there." She lets her hand fall after a moment. "Besides, Peter can't…exactly fix you right now. He's…not around. Please don't be upset."

But the anger doesn't subside, not easily. He really was a horrible monk. Pulling away from Charlotte he enunciates, "I am not Logan or Nathan. And for the record, Nathan seems like a tool. Suits, ties, dress shirts, wife, children…" Brayden shudders. "He probably wouldn't have gone near a motor bike. No. I am better than he ever was." He swallows again and points to the door, "You should really go. I'm done talking about Nathan, his past, and his apparent relations. Clearly, we have nothing else to discuss."

Charlotte wrings her hands. "Please," she murmurs once more. "I really am sorry. If there's anything I can do….." She glances away a moment, then back to him. He's going through a hard time, she's seen someone through a time just like this. "Maybe…maybe there is some way I can help. Perhaps….I could show you?" She reaches out a hand toward him, as though she were going to lead him someplace. "It helped Niki."

"Show me what exactly?" Brayden sputters before turning away from Charlotte. Yes, he's upset and beyond that he's mad. Why hadn't anyone told him he was a nut-job? Dealing with the press isn't his strength; he doesn't remember having to do it before. He doesn't hold her hand, but he doesn't pull away like before.

"It's…the thing that freed me. What allowed me to be free, anyway." And how she got into his hotel room. She takes another step forward. "Niki called it Paradise, while her memories were gone. No one's been there but her and me, but I think she'd be happy to know that it might make you a bit happy too." She pauses a moment, in thought. "I think…this is something that Brayden would enjoy more than any of the others, anyway."

"Fine," Brayden concedes with a sigh, still obviously upset about the whole ordeal (don't worry, he'll drown his sorrows one way or another later). "Show me." He watches her intently, unsure exactly of what Charlotte plans to show him to make him feel better.

It's not so much a sight as it is a feeling, at least at first. Charlotte's fingers brush over the Senator's skin, and in that very touch, he'll suddenly find a tingle. In a few seconds, it's like he's melted away, his vision has blotted to black, his breath has suddenly become lacking. And then there's a warm breeze, a loud squack nearby. His vision blots again, but this time it comes into view. This time, he feels the sand beneath his feet, the wind through his hair, the waves on the water nearby.

And there is Charlotte, standing beside him, fingers still brushing over the back of his hand. She gives him a nervous smile. They've gone from the chill of New York to the warm, sunny tropics in a matter of seconds. "Please don't be frightened."

"Wh -" before Brayden can even get the word out, it's happening. The tingle. The black. The breathlessness. And then… the sand. As he takes in the beach, the beauty, the serenity, he finally manages the phrase caught in the corners of his mind, "What the hell?" He peers at Charlotte and then back at the water. "H-how did we get here? Where are we? Did you slip something in my scotch?!" Nathan knew all about abilities. Bradyen? Well, he only knows about his…

Charlotte smiles, wrinkling her nose. "Scotch is so strong, that anything I put in there wouldn't be noticed anyway. But I'd never do that," and she sounds so totally earnest in saying it, that it's likely very true, coming from her. "It's…my way of traveling. This is a little island, in the Carribean. It's small, uninhabited, too small to be of any use to anyone." She turns, breathing in the salty air. "Do you like it?"

Brayden smiles in return almost involuntarily, "It's beautiful. Phenomenal even. The kind of place I'd seek out." Whether Nathan would isn't even given thought. "So… you think of a place and you go there then? Huh." He presses his lips together before admitting, "That's why I cam to the US." He's expands, "I was in Ireland when I realized … I can fly. And then I needed to know myself. Like actually know who I am." He sighs again.

Charlotte tilts her head a bit, rolling up her sleeves and reaching down to take off her boots. It's impossible to walk in the sand in them. She tosses them aside, and urges the Senator to walk with her. "Maybe…you without your memories is the true you that you need to know. Not burdened with experiences, just…natural, you know? I mean, if you want to go back to the memories there are ways, but it might be good to just..be you and see what you discover."

He walks with her, that easy smile returning to his lips. "Yeah, that's what Charity said. That some part of me must want to be the way I am. There was nothing to keep me from just being me." His smile broadens. "But someone can actually heal my memory if I choose? That's at least good to know…" He offers her a half-smile. "I kind of feel bad for my family although… I don't think my wife likes me very much. Very distant on the phone…" He offers a fleeting shrug. "Was I jerk?" he asks rather abruptly. "If I was, I don't want that back."

Charlotte knows about what Logan did, at least where Heidi was concerned. Niki told her how the woman was in hiding. Should she tell all of that to Brayden, now? "I…" She sighs, looking down at her happily painted toes as they kick up sand during the light walk. "When Nathan became Logan, he made life very hard for her, I'm told. That wasn't you, that was just…something that happened. And I'm sure she doesn't think you would be so mean to her as Logan was to her, but she loved Nathan very much. She still does - it's probably very hard on her to know her husband is alive and walking around, just…not as she remembers him. I mean you probably didn't know much of what to say to her, she probably felt the same way."

Brayden sighs, "Well, I honestly don't remember her. I tried. More than once. And apparently I have two sons. I don't remember them either. Every now and then something will seem familiar, but then… nothing." He shrugs a bit. "I feel bad for her. The history is gone. I couldn't remember my own name. Or my alters name? Or that I had an alter…"

"It's confusing for everyone involved," Charlotte is quick to point out. "You and the people that knew you. It was the same for Niki. She had a husband, children she didn't remember. This isn't the first time this sort of thing has happened, and like with Niki, you should know there are people that will support you however you feel you need to go about finding yourself." Cahrlotte ducks her head, tries to catch his eye and give him a dimpled, opeful smile.

"I guess," is all Brayden can mutter. "Did I know Niki?" he finally asks. "All of these people, all of these holes. It's like I just forgot everyone." And then he adds, "And to answer your question I remember nothing before I woke up in Ireland. And the only conclusion me and Caitlin came to was… that I fell. Later I figured I probably fell after flying…" He shrugs again.

Did he know Niki? Oh god. Charlotte's blush is all-encompassing. She turns beet-red all over, in the forhead and down, vanishing into her dress. That along should answer the question. "I hope it wasn't too bad of a fall. But trauma can do that, that's what the doctors came to think of after Logan and Niki's memory problems. The important thing now is what you want."

"Hmmm," Brayden manages at Charlotte's body language. He narrows his eyes at her, but offers her that same dimpled smile, "I wasn't a very faithful husband, was I?" He shrugs a bit before adding, "I was actually shocked to learn that Nathan is married. I'm impulsive. Makes for a very unstable life…"

"From my experience, politics is unstable. But maybe it was his experiences that helped him settle down a bit. Maybe….oh I don't know." She blushes again, glancing up at the man. "I'm a waitress, you know. I mean, not now, I really do work at an orphanage now. But I was a waitress before that, and I'm not very smart. I really shouldn't be talking about all these things I have no idea about. I just think that…whatever you want to do with your life is right and okay." She glances down as the waves lap around her bare ankles. "And I hope I can help you in whatever you need in getting your life - new or old or a mix of both - where you want it to be."

With another sigh, Brayden just nods, "We'll see what happens. Maybe I'll be desperate to get my identity back once I meet them. The wife and kids, I mean." He offers her that same easy smile, "I just need to figure it all out I guess. Don't know what I want. I'm guessing my memory will just come back over time on its own. Seems to be the case for most with amnesia." He sighs again before stating, "We should probably get back. Helen will miss me if I'm gone too long…"

Charlotte nods, rolling down her sleeves and offering her hand to Nathan. "Of course, I'm sorry if I kept you too long." But she can't help it, and titls her head slightly to the side, hair falling over her shoulder. "Can I ask….who is Helen? And Caitlin? And George?"

Brayden nods a bit before he answers with a smirk, "Well, Helen's my keeper of sorts." He chuckles. "She's my publicist. Apparently she worked on my staff when I ran for Congressman. Now she makes statements to the press and tries to keep me out of trouble." He swallows as his face flushes slightly at Caitlin's name, "Caitlin found me in Ireland. She…" his lips twitch into a smile. "I stayed with her for almost a year. It was a very memorable year. But after I flew… I couldn't stay. I don't know myself. Couldn't be what she needed…" A fleeting shrug is offered. "And George… well apparently he used to work on my staff. He's a Congressman now. Managed to put me in contact with Heidi and the kids." Another shrug.

Silently, understandingly, Charlotte nods, and reaches out to touch Brayden's hand. That same feeling comes over him, where sight and breath and all the rest simply cease to exist for a moment. Like before, almost two years ago, the pair vanish, leaving only a few sets of footprints in the sand that will soon wash out to be.

Such seems to be the fate of this Island, that hosts only those with no past and no future and no footprints.

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