2007-12-13: Need For A Building


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Summary: Everyone says that Peter needs to get help for things, and he can't always go to his brother. This time he chooses to ask someone who happens to have a good deal of money and personal connections for something important, specifically a building.

Date It Happened: December 13th, 2007

Need For A Building

Eric Walker's Office

Its evening, most people in the massively tall skyscraper that houses Eric Walker's offices are on their way home. The young man himself though sits at his desk in his room. Its a massive thing of polished oak, and on it sits a pair of laptops. He sits behind it on a comfortable looking black leather office chair with a slight frown on his face. Sighing slightly he raises one hand to the bridge of his nose.

"…Mister Walker? Your appointment has arrived." The voice of his office assistant echos around the room as the pretty young woman sticks her head though the double doors. "I'm off for the day too, do you want me to stay till your done?"

"…no Karen, its fine." Eric replies as he looks up with a slight smile. "Show him in."

"Yes sir…and turn some lights on. You'll ruin your eyes sitting here in the dark!" She smiles and dissipears behind the doors.

Shaking his head, he reaches out to flick on some few lights, banishing the gathering darkness as Karen the Redheaded strolls out to show the waiting Peter into Eric's office.

Making an appointment ahead of time is polite— which would be exactly why Peter did so. They're not on good enough terms that he could expect to just walk in and get what he needs. Dressed nicely, he's short a tie to be truly business-like, but he does have a dress jacket and slacks on. The red head secretary earns a hint of a lopsided smile before he steps into the office. "Thank you," he also adds for the woman, waiting until she closes the door before he faces Eric Walker.

Inhaling tensely, he hesitates for a few moments, not moving further into the office just yet. "Thank you for accepting the appointment. Is everything okay with you and your family?" In some ways it could come off as a polite formality, but there's a genuine concern underlying that.

Eric's own outfit is tailored, and has to have cost thousands at the least. Deep blue with subtle pinstripes, the young man glances up as his appointment. A flicker of a few different emoitions cross his face for a moment before he shakes his head to clear his eyes. Those eyes are harder and somewhat sharper than they were the last time Peter and Eric met. His manner as he stands is more confident than he used to be. He's changed a bit it seems.

Biting back the first comment that rises to his lips, Eric sighs a moment before he smirks ever so slightly towards the older man. "Not really, but that's not really why you came here to see me is it? What do you want Peter?"

The changes are difficult to miss. But at the same time, the last time he really had a chance to talk to this man, he'd been a lot different. Older. Changed already. Peter's eyes drop as he calls him on his reasons for visiting, a hint of a wince showing on his forehead. There's no more smile or smirk when he looks up, instead giving an appearance of seriousness and tension. "I need a building. One that's not in my name. If it's in my name it's too easy for certain people to trace. I'll pay for it…" With what, he's not sure. He'll come up with something… somehow. He can't even really do his jobs right now.

Eric watches him for a moment and then sighs and shakes his head. "So much for hoping for a social visit," He mutters under his breath as he turns away from Peter. "…how big a building are you needing?" He asks as he spins one of the laptops around to face him, tapping out a few keys on the thing before he glances up towards Peter again. "Why? Or is it something you all are hiding again?"

"I wish it were— soon as the virus got cured, something else happened," Peter says softly, not sounding as if he's exaggerating, either. He found out about Claire's attack the day before the cure was even announced. No wait time. Moving closer to the desk, though not taking a seat. "It doesn't have to be too big, just as long as there's a couple rooms, at least one that can be securely locked, with room for a bed… Somewhere with smaller population would be safest." Something they're hiding? "It's a personal issue, but yes, there's some people that I don't want to get involved in this. People that might attempt to watch or bug anything that appears in my name."

A slight frown comes to Eric's face as he types something else into the laptop. "…well it always seems to be something around here doesn't it?" He asks idly as he scrolls a few more pages. "…lets see. Over near the warehouse area…there's a building that we own. Its scheduled to be demolished to make room for something new…but I can delay that for a few weeks and shift things over to something else. It used to be a small motel, not in the best part of town but at least there isn't alot of people near it anymore. No one should find you there."

"Pretty much… If it's not one big thing, it's twenty smaller things," Peter says in a whispered tone, still remaining on his feet. The description of the building seems to relieve some of the tension, even if the whole situation comes off all business-like. "I'll have to go and install locks, alarms, put in furniture and everything… make sure the doors are good enough, but I can handle that part, I think." There's a couple questions, "Does it still have electricity hooked up? Or water? And how much are you going to need in rent for those weeks your delaying?"

Its easier to keep things business-like. "…Mmmm…I think water is still there…" A few more keystrokes. "…and electricity." He adds after a moment before he snorts slightly. "Rent? On a building that should technically already be destroyed. Don't worry about that Peter." He pauses a moment before he glances towards the older man, then looks away. A long sigh before. "So how is she?"

…just because its /easier/ to keep things business-like doesn't mean that Eric ever does the easy thing.

It would have been easier to keep things business-like. Peter nods at the answers to his questions, though he hesitates at the mention of not having to pay. "I can at least pay for the electricity and water," he tosses out, to give something rather than… nothing. But the question that makes this less business-like makes him pause for a moment as well. Though the younger man is looking away, he looks at him, quiet for a moment. No need to ask who she is. "She's feeling a lot better. Got healed just in time to cram for finals and save her grades and scholarships. She's been busy with a lot of study sessions."

He shakes his head. "Just don't worry about it, its not like I need the money," Eric replies with something akin to a smirk. The smirk fades slightly before he nods once. "…well good. I'm glad she's doing better." He had to find out she was better from a friend of a friend. A shake of his head then to dispel anything bad before he smirks. "…make sure she sleeps. The idiot doesn't ever get enough sleep when she gets busy like that." He says after a moment with a slight smile.

"I guess you don't," Peter responds softly, the same whispered tone as before. The tension remains, especially on the topic of his girlfriend. There's reasons for it, specifically because… part of him wants to tell the man that at least he got to be with her in some way in one future. But then the other part reminds him he got infected in the future, probably infected her before he left, and got her killed because they didn't have a Cass to help come up with a cure. That part of him is why he rubs his hands over his face and looks overly stressed. "I'll do that." Assuming he can. While he worries about getting a serial killer out of Bat Country so he can make an honest try at reforming him. "Thank you, Eric."

"Your welcome Peter," Eric replies before he glances back towards the older man. He just watches him a moment, eyes quiet and unreadable before he crosses his arms over his chest. No. It wouldn't be good to tell him all that it wouldn't. On the other hand, that future never happened, since Peter stopped it right? At least thats the theory. Not that it would help either way now would it. "Peter…" He waits a moment, his voice hesitant before he sighs. "You look like hell." He adds after a moment. "…if you need any help Peter you can always ask me. Its not like I hate you or anything." He adds with a bit of a smirk.

In his mind, Peter would rather believe the future he's changing for them is different than the future he went to— that it didn't just cease to exist. Mostly because he met people that he cared about there. People that didn't die. People he wouldn't want to stop existing. He blinks at the mention he looks like hell. "I haven't slept more than a couple hours in over a week… but I have an ability that makes it so I don't have to sleep much." That's one consulation prize in his inability to sleep. He doesn't really need to, most the time. "I know you don't hate me. That's why I chose to come to you first." It's half true. "I just wish we had a chance to get to know each other in a more social setting…" When the fate of the world isn't at stake. "I can show myself out once you give me the address," he adds, somewhat awkwardly.

"Its not lack of sleep…" Eric smirks. "…even if you are superboy you still can't do everything yourself you know." He adds before he sighs and shakes his head slightly. "Alright then, just take care of yourself Peter." He pauses, reaching up to print out the address of the place and then rip the paper off, handing it to the older man. He pauses a moment then before offering his hand to him then. "…look Peter." He murmurs. "I'd like to be friends. The awkward stuff really isn't helpful for either of us, or to her. Just…take care of yourself…and call me if you need something. Alright?" With that though he lets the older man show himself out.

"I'm not trying to do everything myself," Peter affirms softly, before he takes the piece of paper and folds it up to put under his jacket. He'd teleport out directly, but he hung his coat up outside in the waiting area when the secretary pointed it out to him. "I will call, thank you, Eric," he adds, before turning and opening the door and going to find his coat, so he can get himself back to Bat Country— where he can watch Sylar. Again.

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