2007-05-19: Needless Risk Taking And You


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Summary: Rianna and Nathan touch base (not like that) and discuss the next step. Nathan points out an obstacle.

Date It Happened: 19th of May, 2007

Needless Risk Taking And You

Midtown, NYC - Rianna's Office - Foundation Building

It's late in the afternoon when Nathan arrives at the somewhat familiar Foundation building. No smile is spared to any helpful employee. Someone just isn't in the mood. After clearing his identity and purpose through security, not a hard thing to do, Nathan moves directly to Rianna's office, only pausing to let someone helpful open the door for him and alert Rianna of his presence. He's dressed up for the occasion as he'd be want to do in the environment, a smart suit and rather muted, patriotically coloured tie.

Nathan is obviously holds VIP status at the Foundation, because when he arrives, the receptionist actually puts her bluetooth earpiece down and escorts Nathan upstairs to the Fifth Floor. Rianna is in her office with her secretary when the two arrive. "Mrs. Johannsen, Mr. Nathan Petrelli here to see you, ma'am.", the receptionist says, turning around and heading downstairs. "Nathan Petrelli.", Rianna says with a smile, standing up to meet him. "I was just talking about you. Please, come in and sit down. Is there anything that we can get for you? Water, coffee?", she asks, going back to her seat and sitting down.

"Rianna," Nathan greets, now a little warmer. "Thank you, I'm fine." He pulls out a chair for himself, glancing at the news that she was just talking about him with a raised eyebrow. "All good things, hopefully," he says, once settled, straightening out his jacket and leaning back. He has more to say, clearly, but leaves that comment as a prompt.

"Of course. I'll take a bottle of water, Alice.", she says, the secretary leaving the office and closing the oak double doors. "Very good things, Mr. Petrelli.", she says, leaning back in her leather chair and regarding Nathan with a smile. "Your statement to the press has been invaluable. My sources have told me that unless a miracle comes through for Senator Reed, he'll be recalled as of Friday. Which means that it is time for you to make your move. The public sentiment towards the Senator is poor, and your public commitment to the Senator's seat would be the final nail in his political career.", she says.

"Make no mistake, Nathan. This would have happened sooner or later. None of the charges against the Senator are false. I was simply able to provide the right people evidence that couldn't be contradicted.", she says, taking off her glasses. "This is your moment, sir. Remember, all I have asked is your dedication towards the cause of those like us. That will come with time. Small steps will lead us to a new world.", she says.

Announcing his candidacy. Nathan knew that this was, naturally, an inevitable step, but it had happened so seamlessly, while everything else is falling apart. At least, at the very least, he won't make a mistake here, and he nods to Rianna. "If we can arrange a press conference, I can make a statement, making public my intentions," he agrees. The formalised speech drops a little, and he shakes his head. "I don't know exactly what you did, and I don't think I need to," he says. "But it's worked out better than I could've imagined. Not often is this my game to lose, you know?" Another nod. "You have my dedication. Just know that it will take time, unless something drastic shakes the world."

"The only crime I committed was the invasion of Senator Reed's privacy, Nathan.", Rianna says. "There's nothing for you to worry about. The legal system would not have been able to deal with the Senator without someone acting against him who knew what he knew. When we have power, Nathan, we must use it for the good of our fellow man. My experience has taught me that."

Rianna shifts in her seat. "I know this might be happening quickly, but this is the time to act. I believe you have the integrity to do what needs to be done for the good of everyone.", she says.

A far cry from their last meeting, Nathan doesn't seem so sure, despite his words and agreements. And he's a little more uncomfortable about existing in the same room as a telepath, despite the initial bid for trust upon their first conversation. "Irrepressible moral fibre," Nathan says, quoting her with a mildly bland but still suitably warm smile. "I'm glad you think so. It'll give me something to work towards." He considers, for a moment. "My personal life at the moment probably won't hold up under scrutiny, right now. I don't want to delay what we're trying to do, here, but, fair warning."

"Talk to me, then.", Rianna says. "What is going on? Maybe I can help you."

"Maybe you could, but I think it might be a bad idea," Nathan says, with a slight shake of his head. "My wife and I are having an argument, she's taken it upon herself to take the kids and leave for a while. I'm in the process of finding her. Best thing for this is to keep it hidden until I can talk to her."

Rianna's lips remain somewhat expressionless. "You're having a marital spat with your wife now?", she asks, her eyebrow raising. "What did you do, go out sleeping with another woman?", she continues.

Nathan, too, ramains reasonably expressionless, gaze sliding away from Rianna, sweeping over the surface of her desk. "It's just an argument that I didn't handle as well as I should have," he says, firmly, skirting around the question. "She's upset, I'm… letting her have a few days to do that."

"Nathan, I'm sure that I don't have to tell you that if you aren't careful, you're going to end up getting stung.", she says. "Your wife is a beautiful woman, Nathan. She's the kind of woman that makes a wonderful politician's wife. Why risk that?", she asks gently.

"I don't intend to risk anything." Because not knowing where your wife and kids are for three days isn't risky, or something. Nathan visibly recognises the flaw in this statement, and sighs restlessly. "I've been married to my wife for almost two decades, Rianna. It'll get worked out. I just wanted you to know that my family might not be prepared for the limelight right now. But I am." He hopes, anyway.

"Alright.", she says. "I will see what I can do about finding Heidi and possibly having a talk with her. You arrange a press conference for… Thursday. Make the announcement then so it does not look like you are a shark in the water, but soon enough to make the people believe that you are committed to bringing change to the state and the country.", she says, pausing as Alice brings her the bottle of water. She takes a sip.

"I won't tell you how to run your life, Nathan. But this position is the next step. People are going to be going through your life with a white glove. Power, evolved or not, always comes with a price."

Nathan watches Rianna with a hint of wariness, starting from when she talks about finding Heidi. He shifts uncomfortably in his chair. "Let's just make it clear that between her and me, I'm the one that's got some making up to do," he says. "I know that. If you think you can help then by all means, but otherwise I'm guessing she needs space." He leans forward in his chair, moving as if to stand. "I know, I'm aware. I've dealt with this before and I can deal with it again." Even without Linderman taking control of the fly-aways. In a manner of speaking.

Rianna nods, taking a hard look at Nathan. "You are in the driver's seat, Nathan. I'm here to assist you in taking office and bringing you the assistance of my Foundation once you're in office. You lead, I will advise, but ultimately, I will follow. I'm trusting you to make the right decisions.", she says. "Your and my political career are at risk.", she finishes, standing up.

Understood. Nathan reaches out a hand as if to formally shake hers, but instead clasps hers with both his own. "Neither of us will regret this," he promises, before releasing that hand once more, stepping out from between desk and chair. "You'll hear from me on Thursday. I'll have the when and where sent to you tomorrow."

"I'll be looking to hear from you. You have my private line.", she says, shaking his hand. The secretary would come in at that point to walk Nathan out, a security guard offering to walk him to his car.

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