2007-03-08: Neigh


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Date It Happened: March 08, 2007

Summary: Scottie and Ling go back to Ling's apartment, as usual. Unusually, Vince is there. There is talk, most of which Scottie cannot understand, which is maybe a good thing.


The outside of the parlor doesn't look like much. The bricks are dingy and chipped, the paint on the door faded and cracking. However, the glass of the front window is clean, the parlor name along with the logo bright against it. The inside of the parlor makes up for the outside, though. Walls painted in a dark red and covered in various frames holding flash art, random awards and degrees, pictures of all the different piercings offered, the floors tiled in black, the space is adequately seperated by various leather couches. The front of the shop has many chairs and tables, the tables holding books filled with more flash or basic tattoos, tattoo magazines, piercing magazines, and occasional glass cases filled with various pieces of metal meant for different piercings. Past the line of couches, is the tattooing and piercing area, equipped with the correct items, along with a good sized stereo that is currently playing what sounds like Korn. It's here that Scottie is. He's not working, considering that it's a rare lull in business with no customers in the store. Instead, he's currently going over inventory, mentally making a list of various items that he needs to stock up on soon.

Well, she was rather bored, but after a long day of shopping with Candy, Ling needs to see her boytoy or rather check up on him. She's definitely out of place in the surroundings with her pinstripe two piece business suit, but she comes in anyway, walking in as if she owns the place. Yeah, that's how she rolls.

She winces at the choice of music however, and wrinkles her nose in disapproval of the music. But oh well, she doesnt think she'll stay here that long. "Heeeey, Scottie.." she says, trying to surprise him with a quick peck on the cheek.

Having been too engrossed in his work and the music - which will probably always be his favorite genre, no matter what Ling's opinion of it is - he turns his head, snapping out of his thoughts as the crime lord successfully manages to sneak up on him. However, the slightly shocked expression soon turns into a large smile, Scottie reaches towards the stereo to turn the music down to low volume. "Wasn't expecting to see you here, gorgeous." He murmurs. "What's up?"

"Boredom. I was in the neighborhood and thought I'd stop by..and oh…some police are checking over my penthouse. A couple of my things were stolen and they found it..or some crap like that.." Ling says with a slight shrug of her shoulders while idly running her fingers through her hair once more. "I'm not that familiar with the American justice system..I just hope they dont go through my things.."

Smile fading somewhay, Scottie's brow furrows. "Stolen?" He repeats. "And, no, that isn't really how it works. At least, that's not how it's supposed to work. Not real sure with cops. Never trusted 'em." The artist tells her, always one for honesty instead of a reassuring lie. "I'd check everything when you get back. Just in case." Running a hand over his shaved scalp, Scottie glances over another row of various supplies. "What exactly was stolen?"

"A Faberge egg, and a few paintings.." Ling says sounding rather disappointed as she doesnt want to delve into how the thief got in, especially with the thief's ability to meld in the shadows. "It just makes me feel..unsafe.." she says, hoping to appeal to the man's sense of chivalry.

Arm reaching out to wrap around Ling's shoulders, pulling her closer to him, Scottie nuzzles against her neck. "Can always go home with you, if it'll help any. Won't take me too long to finish up here, if you don't mind waiting." Yes, it certainly didn't take long for Ling to discover how to make Scottie her little puppet, did it?

Awwww. Just exactly what she wanted to hear and she pats him gently on the head, playfully ruffling his hair. "Of course..that would make me feel so much better.." Ling quips while waggling her brows.

Head tilting into Ling's hand like a puppy asking to get scratched behind the ears a little bit more, Scottie chuckles and grins, quickly pressing a kiss to Ling's neck. "I'll try and hurry then." He tells her, pulling away after a moment. "Feel free to look around. Only got one more shelf to do before writing it all down."

"Oh, take your time..I'm patient.." for the most part, Ling replies as she starts to look around the tattoo parlor, wrinkling her nose as she lets her fingers dance over things every now and then..

Even if he did take his time, it's not soon before Scottie stands, sliding one last cabinet closed and locking it shut. Grabbing a nearby notebook, and flipping to a clean page near the back, the tattoo artist places a foot on the back of one of the couches, stepping up and over it to sit down. "See anything else you want?" He jokingly asks as he starts writing things down.

Ling shakes her head as she says, "No, but a few of my associates might want something.." smiling warmly. Of course, if she can increase his business, she will, even if it means making the rest of the Tong start having mandatory tattoos.

"Really?" He asks, interested as he glances up from the list. "Well, you can always tell them where to find me." Scottie smirks, adding a few last things to the list. Flipping the notebook closed and tossing it on a nearby table, he stands. It's only a step or two until he's close to Ling, offering an arm and bowing low. "If the lady would honor me with her company?"

Another impish little giggle escapes from her lips as she bows her head as well. "Of course, of course.." She's quite surprised at the genteel manner, but it just goes to show that appearances can be deceiving. "So shall we then? I have my limo out front.." Ling says.

Eyebrow raising at that, Scottie repeats. "Limo?" He asks, before blinking out of his shock. "Again, why am I surprised?" Walking with Ling to the front of the shop, Scottie takes a key ring that has more than a few keys on it from his pocket. "Just give me a moment to lock up."

"I told you I was a patient woman, remember? Go on and take your time.." Ling says with a bright smile as she just waits and outside waiting is her stretch limo. The Tong has lots of resources for her afterall.

Turning all of the lights in the parlor with the flick of one switch, Scottie locks the door behind him, testing the locks before finally admiring the vehicle. "Damn, you weren't kidding, were you?" He asks, whistling low under his breath. "Would you believe me if I said I've never been in one of these before?"

"Actually, not many people have been, but that means we'll have to make this experience memorable, yes?" Ling says as she heads on out as her chauffeur, a rather tall and gaunt man opens the door for the both of them. She heads inside first, and it's HUGE. There's no pool or anything, but there's a full service bar with plenty of room to stretch, especially for Scottie. "So..care for a drink?"

"Scotch neat?" He requests, sticking to what he knows and likes. Legs stretching out in front of him, Scottie makes no try to hide the fact that he's looking around very curiously. What would be the purpose, considering he's already admitted this is his first time in a limo? "Do you always ride in this style?"

"When I feel like it. Most of the time I just take the subway.." Ling says, not afraid of being mugged as she can handle most potential muggers afterall. "I've been shopping most of the day, and I met with a few investors, so I can had to show them around in style..you know..business stuff.." she quips with an impish giggle. She motions towards the full bar, "Feel free to help yourself with whatever you want.."

Moving towards the bar, Scottie scans the selection before picking out a bottle of Johnnie Walker, pouring himself a glass. "Investors?" He parrots, carefully sliding back closer to Ling. "What exactly is it that you do?"

"VP of Operations for a pharmaceutical company. We're investing in companies here and they're investing in us. We're looking to expand after all.." Ling says matter of factly, as well, that's just one of the many covers for the Tong, at least it's main legal cover that is. "I guess i never told you huh.." she says while letting out an amused chuckle.

Shooting her a wolfish grin, Scottie shrugs. "Usually, we're a bit distracted by other things." He reminds her, before taking a sip of the scotch. "And I've never asked before, either. But again, distractions."

Ling laughs heartily, nodding in agreement, "But those were some rather fun distractions.." she admits ruefully, waggling her brows the entire time. "So..why don't you tell me more about yourself then.."

"Oh, where to start?" He asks, taking another sip from his glass. "Well, here's something you should get a kick out of… When I was 22, I was legally ordained as a minister via the Internet so I could marry a friend off." Scottie smirks, relaxing back against the seat as he continues with random bits of information throughout the rest of the drive back to Ling's apartment. By the time they arrive, night has fallen, and the police are finished checking everything out.

"No way.." Ling says with a bit of disbelief as the limo arrives at the front of the rather swanky apartments that she owns a penthouse in. Her chauffeur arrives to open the door as she shakes her head. "You are a man of many surprises, Scottie.." laughing the entire time as she slips out of the limo..

Standing just a few steps off to the side of the entrance way, so as to not be in the way, Vince is looking rather unapproachable in his 'at ease' stance. A fancy silver-colored briefcase sits within reach by his left foot. His eyes follow the limo as it pulls up to the apartment building, but he is otherwise passive.

"I can show you the certificate for it for proof." Scottie laughs, following Ling out of the limo. "Besides, it's fun to fuck with random priests on Sundays and say I'm a member of the clergy as well. I just don't follow all the rules, is all."

"There's a clear difference between priests and ministers though.." Ling says matter of factly as she pauses upon recognition of a certain burly gentleman waiting for her at the door to her building. "Mr. Mancini?" seeming rather surprised to see him here. A warm smile forms on her lips as she heads on over for a quick hug.

Vince spreads his arms just a bit to return the hug and offer a quick peck to each of Ling's cheeks. "I know I'm a day early. Flight got bumped so I bought someone's ticket off of them. I hope my timing isn't," Vince glances over at the incredibly tall man that follows Ling with eyes envenomed with an almost fatherly protectiveness, "…problematic."

Viewing Vince with his own wariness and protectiveness, Scottie's hands are shoved into his pockets in a habitual manner as he leans back against a wall of the building entrance. "Take it you two know each other, then." He speaks, smirking slightly.

"A good family friend.." Ling explains as she smiles warmly and looks back over to Scottie. "Vince, this is Scottie..Scottie, this is Vince.." she says with a warm smile. "I didnt know you were coming, or I would've made sure that we went out and you could've enjoyed yourself around town..father really should have told me..and you should have told him.."

"Don't worry about it. I've got some other business to tend to." Vince reaches down and grabs his briefcase with his left hand. "Pleasure to meet ya, Scottie. Should I come back later or shall the three of us go inside for a nice cup of tea? Maybe a tune-up?" The last is said with the slightest of smirks, eyes on Scottie's piercings.

Giving a nod of greeting, Scottie chuckles, taking no offense from the remark. It's nowhere near the worst he's heard. "If a tune-up is what you're looking, for, I'd be a pretty poor chocie to go to. Haven't been a mechanic in years. If you want any ink or some metal, though…"

"He does very good work..he did a touchup on the one on my back.." Ling comments, giving approval of Scottie's touch after all, but she's leaving it at that. She doesn't need Vince to know about her love life after all. "But tea upstairs sounds like a good idea. Oh..and I've run into some trouble Vince..the Faberge egg given to me for my birth was stolen." And she pouts about it.

Hearing about trouble, Vince's left hand tightens slightly on his briefcase. He cuts off what seemed like was going to be a reply to Scottie and adresses it immediately. "From this place? Doesn't surprise me. Whoever hired the security was looking more for men that're good with a razor than men with an eye for trouble. But… why would they steal that? Surely you have things upstairs that're both worth more and easier to fence." Vince walks towards Scottie and offers a hand, "Vince Mancini. Security consultant."

Giving Vince a firm and solid handshake, Scottie nods. "Scottie Grant. Tattoo artist." He introduces himself, not even seeming to notice the level of difference in the two occupations. His may not be the best job, but it's his career, and he's got pride in it, damn it. "A couple of her paintings were stolen as well. She didn't tell me which ones, though."

"No, Vince..my security was there.." And when she says that, she's definitely referring to her men. "The thief..well..he's definitely a different sort.." Ling emphasizes different, but doesn't elaborate on it as well, there's company present afterall. Of course, she's hinting that she wants that thief offed, but Vince should know that.

Releasing Scottie's hand, Vince hmms. "Paintings and a fancy egg… definitely not your typical kind of criminal. If they were that good, they were likely hired by a collector, but…" Vince looks up at Scottie with an upreadable glance, then over to Ling. "You gonna invite us in? Could've been ripped off by a houseguest that didn't like your manners." Vince's eyes narrow slyly with the comment.

Eyebrow raising at the glance he's given, Scottie keeps his mouth shut about it. Also not the first time someone has accused him of being a criminal. Continuing to lean against the entrance wall, the artist says nothing, for now, simply watching the other two interact.

"No..Scottie couldnt of done it.." and then she switches to Vietnamese, which Vince should know if he's dealt with her 'father' afterall. «I know who didit..a shadow jumper..he merged with the shadows and disappeared..and he was there while I was discussing soma with Li Hao. Of course he has no proof though..» she says before smiling sweetly towards her boytoy. "Oh, it's okay..dont worry about it..I know you didnt do it.." smooching him on the cheek. "And oh yes..let's make our way up.." heading towards the elevator and sticking her penthouse key so it can be accessed.

Following along, Vince says, "Well of /course/ Scottie didn't do it. He's a fuckin goliath with more actual metal in him than my S2000. Criminals don't like to stick out." In Vietnamese, he adds, «Slow. Down. I swear you just blamed that shit on a… shadow… jumper.» Vince steps on the elevator with high eyebrows indicative of thoughtfulness.

Letting out a laugh, Scottie shakes his head as he follows last in the procession. "What he said. Considering I couldn't even get my locker in high school open on some days, I seriously doubt I could sneak out a few paintings." Not seeming bothered by the fact that he's being left out of most of the conversation, the artist instead again watches the other two and their body language, for now. He figures that if there's anything he needs to hear, they'll say it in English.

Ling mmhmms and just nods at Vince, as she knows there's plenty to explain later on. The elevator soon opens and she motions for the two gentlemen to come on in. "Sweetie, I know you didnt do it..it's just that I havent had anyone else over, and that's the rather strange thing about it.." she says, slightly annoyed in the end. "The police stopped by and I told them what I knew..so that's all..hopefully I can get it returned. Not many fabrege eggs are commissioned anymore afterall.."

Walking right in and setting his briefcase on the table, Vince wastes no time in opening it just enough for his hand to slip inside and pull out a strange device that somewhat resembles a miniature metal detector. Pressing a button on said device, he begins to point it under tables and in corners. This quickly takes him away from the entrance. He heads into the bathroom without a word.

"Aren't they only like seventy five of those in existence or something?" Scottie conversationally asks, taking a seat. Curiously watching Vince, eyebrows raising slightly, the tattoo artists teeth press against a lip ring for a moment. "Take your job seriously, don't you?"

"Vince is one of the best, if not the best at what he does.." Ling says, beaming proudly as she knows he worked for her 'father' multiple times afterall. "And I think there are only sixty three..not sure on the exact numbers, but it was given to me as a gift. I'm sure you understand why it's disappearance is so alarming.."

Vince doesn't respond to Scottie until he comes back out of the bathroom, just a couple seconds after the toilet flushes. He doesn't wash his hands after pissing, apparently. "Really? So that egg was priceless, eh? That puts a new spin on things." Walking back to his briefcase, Vince carefully slips his device back into his briefcase without trying to expose its other contents. As he closes it up again, he asks in his thickly-accented Vietnamese, «How much does our» 'Scottie' is heard in English, «know about the family business?» "Oh," he adds, "Who did the paintings? Were they priceless, too?"

Curious at the fact that he heard his name in the middle of what sounds like gibberish, the artist doesn't ask. Again, if it's important for him to know, he'll assume that he'll be told later, or it'll be said in English. For now, he tilts his head to look over at Ling, obviously curious about the answer to those questions.

«He knows nothing, but maybe one day, he could be brought into the fold?» Ling offers with a slight shrug of her shoulders as she looks back over to Vince. "And they were Monets..authentic Monets..I got them from Christie's auction house.." she says, before flopping over to the couch and flopping back. "Oh..and both of you should make yourselves at home..the cook should be arriving soon and I'll have him cook for all three of us. So..any suggestions on what I should have him make?"

Catching the tall man's curiosity in his peripherals, Vince replies to it without looking up. "Don't worry, Scottie, I just told her you must be hung like a horse." Without a break, he turns towards Ling and says, "I shouldn't be staying for dinner. I've been known to disruptive to that whole 'romance' thing. We still on for tomorrow? I'll be in town for longer than I suggested…."

Smirking, Scottie answers with a rather dry, "Neigh." before peering over at Ling. "Though if that's true, the fact that you shrugged sure as hell makes me feel good about myself." He tells her, jokingly pouting.

"What? You want Vince to have a reaction?" Ling says, choking a little as she laughs rather heartily. Once Vince decides to not stay, she pouts and nods, "Aww…well we can catch up another time. There's a lot that needs to be said..yes? And feel free to drop on by anytime..just call first, yes?"

Vince shows his teeth for the first time at Scottie's antics, broadly grinning. "Don't worry about it, kid. The size of your money-roll is more important than the size of your eggroll anyday." Still grinning, he looks at Ling, "About that. I got a new number. I'll text it to you from the cab. Roaming charges were eating my bank account." Vince picks up his briefcase after double checking that it is fully closed. "Care to recommend a hotel? I might be in town for a few weeks." Vince's smile drops at the last bit, jaw clenching in anger for so brief a time it may have been imagined.

Ling chokes a little as her eyes widen at the rather crass Vince, but then again, she knows Scottie can handle it. "Oh, his money-roll is quite adequate, thank you very much.." she says, winking towards the other mobster before hrmming for a few moments. "I've always been a fan of the Waldorf-Astoria or the St. Regis.." she says in the end.

Vince turns to offer a nod to Scottie. Heading towards the elevator, he half-says, half-mutters, «I have a…». Vince frowns in thought, pausing, "Not sure how to say 'whopper', but that's what I've got for ya. Tomorrow!" Vince heads out without another word.

"Well, he seemed… interesting." Scottie finally pipes up as Vince leaves. Reaching out to grab Ling and pull him into his lap, the tattoo artist nibble lightly on her neck, before smirking. "What did he /really/ say about me, babe?"

Ling lets out a little gasp as she's manhandled and pulled into his lap, giggling the entire time as he starts to nibble on her neck. "He just asked if I could trust you.." she says, rephrasing things and spin doctoring them to where it wouldn't seem so bad. "He knows I've been hurt in the past, and well..Vince is rather overprotective.."
"And do you think you can?" He asks, thinking on the little shrug she gave. Arms wrapping around her waist, Scottie rests his chin on the top of Ling's head. "Considering I'm not an alcoholic, my criminal record doesn't have anything /serious/ on it and I don't have to mug people for a living, I think I'm a pretty trustworthy guy."

"I think you are too.." Ling says as she reaches up and pats him gently on the cheeks as she sighs contentedly, just cuddling up to him the entire time. She chews on her bottom lip a bit at the criminal record, as hers is well..filled with lots of stuff. Well, not hers, but one of her aliases anyway. "So I told him not to worry about it, and that I'm a bit better judge of character than I was in my early 20s.."

Scottie chuckles, before teasing her slightly. "Well, I have been told that I have the ability to make women lose all their common sense… Not that I think you have, of course. Your a cougar, and I'm tasty cougar bait, it's the way things go."

Ling cant help but laugh heartily at that last little quip as she turns around and kisses him gently on the lips. "That you are, but you're my bait, and dont you forget it.." she says with a wry grin on her lips.

"Forget it?" He scoffs. "I doubt I could forget that if a bus hit me at full speed." Scottie reassures her with a grin. "So… Exactly how long is it going to be until the cook gets here?"

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