2007-08-17: DF: Neither Confirm Nor Deny


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Summary: Asked a question and engaged in conversation, Jane Forrest neither confirms nor denies anything.

Dark Future Date: August 17th, 2009

Neither Confirm Nor Deny

Central Park, NYC

She's headed for Central Park, with the gear she customarily carries across opposite shoulders. A loose fitting t-shirt is on her torso, dark jeans and sturdy boots the rest of her, with brunette hair tied back into a ponytail. Jane's right hand holds a few copies of newspapers she picked up to read for the comments on events reported the day before. Her facial expression suggests emotions normal to her in these times.

Just deciding to relax this afternoon, Claudine has setup a little blanket and is laying down in it staring up at the sky as the clouds roll on by. There's so much going on, she just wanted some 'me time' and hence by the big metal hunk she's usually with is not around. She's actually tuning things out..or maybe she's so tuned into the earth itself that she doesn't notice Jane's approach.

Her eyes settle on the Filipina as she passes, headed for somewhere inside the once glorious park. A brief nod of greeting is given, Jane doesn't slow her path to wherever she's headed for the purpose of sitting and reading the papers carried in hand.

"You wouldn't happen to know any of the Saints do you? I want to talk to them…" the words are firm and resolute as Jane passes on by, but Claudine still stares up at the sky. There isn't anyone else around that might capture them for uttering such a word, but hey, she figured that the lawyer might have some contacts.

Being spoken to makes her pause and turn back slowly. Eyes briefly look up into the sky overhead, then settle on the stretched out Filipina. Nothing is confirmed or denied, her expression doesn't change. "Interesting, Miss Salonga. What is it you want to speak with them about?" Jane's feet stop moving a yard or two distant from the other's position.

"Shouldnt it be obvious? The President? Derex's proclamation got the government pissed. They're now out for everyone's heads. I figured if anything, we should stick together for ya know..protection.." she says softly, her arms behind her head as oooh, that cloud looks like a bunny!

"I should think that was his goal, if it really was Jack Derex," Jane replies. "There are illusionists around who could've been used to frame him, to make that display. Anyway, if it was him, he quoted the Declaration of Independence for a reason. His way of signing it large like John Hancock. I personally would have to salute his giant brass balls for pulling it off if he did. And the government? They've been pissed for a long time, out for a lot of heads."

"Fine, let's assume that it isnt Derex. Whoever has the president is backstabbing every resistance organization out there with this stunt. If he or she actually kills Petrelli..what do you think that means for the rest of us?" Claudine asks curiously, slightly annoyed that Jane is actually supporting the madman.

Is that what she actually thinks, or is it something she says because she won't speak ill of Jack Derex? Either could be the case, or both. "If it's backstabbing organizations, Miss Salonga, isn't that evidence the whole thing was fake, staged by an illusionist, for exactly that reason? Of course, if it is real, well, what's the problem in that? Shouldn't the fight be taken right to the source, which is what was done? Take the man with the desk, the one Harry Truman decorated with a plate which said 'the buck stops here?' It was damned dangerous when the Continental Congress formed a rudimentary army and set about open conflict too." Jane pauses there.

When she breaks that silence, the words take a speculative tone. "The Constitution won't get restored without widespread public action, something and someone needs to inspire the people to take charge, and refuse to ever obey anyone in the current administration again. Of course, once the Constitution is restored, we seriously need to amend the thing and cut out that bit about suspending Habeas Corpus. That's a loophole so large a tank could drive through it."

"Illusionists' abilities are mental. They don't affect electrical equipment, so I highly doubt it's not Mr. Derex himself. People are going to die because of this. People have died already.." Claudine says with a renewed sense of conviction as she eases on up to face the woman. "He's no different than bin Laden now, making demands. He's tarnished the name of resistance fighters and their families, who I am sure never wanted to be part of this whole scheme. He just wants to make a name for himself, and it seems he has. IT's called Public Enemy Number One. If he kills Petrelli, all he loves and cares for will die… along with anyone associated with him."

"You've got an agenda, Miss Salonga," Jane replies after some moments of consideration, during which she calmly studies the Filipina. "You must have, to ask the question you asked and say you want to talk with someone. It's also true, while I cite the Founders, that Ben Franklin once remarked on a need to hang together, or hang separately. So, what's your agenda?"

"As much as Nathan has done, I do not want him to die. His death will have unforeseen consequences. I do not want those things to happen. My agenda is to make sure that human detainment camps do not become evolved death camps in other countries once they see what one self righteous lunatic can do with his abilities. So my agenda is? I want us to survive.." Claudine says firmly as she just looks over towards Jane while idly running her fingers through her hair. It seems time has made the young woman more pragmatic than anything else. "They can keep him, but I want to plead to show mercy on the President. It seems Peter isnt going to do a damn thing about his brother's captivity. I've already contacted him and no answer…"

"Assuming this is real, and not something staged, where is the Vice President? Why has he not spoken out personally, made assurances he's alive, present, and on the job. Miss Salonga? I've my skepticisms. But you do raise an interesting point. Consequences abroad could be truly dire." Again, Jane neither confirms nor denies knowing anything at all. She leans back to regard the sky above and goes silent.

"That's the problem. Everyone's too caught up with their heads stuck up their own asses to see any potential backlash this could have. Human detainment camps are bad, but they're still only DETAINMENT. If Petrelli is killed I'm sure there'll be evolved death camps.." Claudine says as she shakes her head and rubs at her temples in frustration, sighing softly once more. "The Veep isnt saying anything cause Nathan is with whoever took him. DUH."

"I think, Miss Salonga, the Vice President is silent because the President isn't really missing. If the President were missing, the twenty-fifth amendment gives the Vice President power to assume the presidency, a thing which hasn't happened. If the President was indeed captured, then the nation is leaderless. How can you, or anyone else, be sure this isn't a power grab made by some person or persons inside the administration? You keep presuming the President was taken as an accomplished fact, with no proof, refusing to consider all possibilities." Jane, still looking up at the sky, is starting to look a little bored.

"There are things I know that you dont." Claudine replies with a frustrated sigh as she shakes her head. Jane isnt the one constantly dealing with the aide to the most powerful man alive afterall, and she just leans down starting to fold up her blanket. "Just remember that on your conscience when this country goes to shit because Derex kills him.." she says with a bit of vitriol in her tone.

An eyebrow raises, she looks a little less bored as the Filipina starts to fold up her blanket. "What do you know that I don't, Miss Salonga?" Jane asks quietly.

"Lots." she says, keeping it to herself considering there's a lack of exchange of information after all.

"I see," is the woman's simple reply as she returns to watching the sky and lets the Filipina go on about her way. "Do enjoy your Sunday afternoon, Miss Salonga," Jane offers.

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