2007-03-09: Networking With Noah


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Date It Happened: March 09, 2007

Summary: Contact is made and advice is sought

Networking With Noah

The Petrelli Mansion

Not for the first time in the last few days, Nathan is waiting. It's during a time when the house is empty… well, not empty. But Angela isn't around and that's the main thing. And despite the hour not being evening, Nathan is allowing himself a glass of wine as he awaits his… guests? Comrades? Both sound all kinds of strange. He glances at the clock, and takes a pull from his glass.

Noah Bennet has been a ghost, despite his purported current address of residence, temporary or no. He's never exactly clear on what it is he's doing, or why he brings the silent bald man with him sometimes. He comes and goes at odd hours, but seems to know the name of every member of the new security detail. Even when he shows up for this little meeting Nathan arranged, Noah has the air of a hurried man, temporarily diverted from doing something important.

She approaches the mansion, briefcase in hand, and as she reachees the door a deep breath is drawn. Her thoughts are a whirlwind, the twenty-four year old works to steek herself up and not show doubts. It has to work. It has to work. Jane Forrest comes to the door, expecting it'd probably be opened before she really even has a chance to knock, just like before. Given the nature of things, she's wearing lawyer's clothes, wanting to appear confident and professional.

In contrast to Noah, Nathan is unhurried, although anxiety makes itself known in smaller cues. "Afternoon," he greets Noah, and gestures towards the armchair in front of him. "Sit down. Would you like a drink…?" Before Noah can either refuse or accept either hospitable gesture, given despite the man's common occurrence around the estate, the front door is opened and Jane is directed through to the sitting room, and she's given a weary smile by Nathan. "Right on time. This is Jane Forrest, and, Jane, this is Mr. Bennet." A slightly guilty glance is tossed to Noah, as the detail of having a third party was omitted from Nathan's request.

The look that Noah turns on Nathan is first alarmed then accusing. At the use of Noah's last name his eyes narrow. He doesn't make a move for the gun under his jacket, but is suddenly more aware of it. "Make this fast, and make it good," he says to Nathan, mostly appearing calm.

She doesn't speak, her reply is simply a polite nod toward Nathan and toward the man called Mr. Bennet. Given that one's terse reaction, Jane doesn't speak. The woman simply remains standing, letting her eyes move from one to the other, and letting Nathan take the lead. It's a focused face she presents, a display of calm she doesn't neccessarily feel.

Nathan remains unsurprised by Noah's reaction, and unsurprised by the tension in the room, really. "Got somewhere to be?" he asks of Noah, with a touch of impatience. "This is important, Bennet. It's about Peter. We know he's alive and where he is, and now we need information on the Company, if we wanna negotiate him out."

Noah looks like he's starting to raise his hand or finger to attempt to cut Nathan off. He's said too much and Noah doesn't want to have to kill anyone today just yet. "Can I have a word with you?" Noah 'asks' Nathan, already moving towards the next room.

She doesn't move, doesn't flinch, when Noah 'invites' Nathan to speak in a room which doesn't contain her. Jane simply observes, mulling over the thoughts in her head, all the things she and Noah discussed before.

Nathan pauses, as if tempted to call Noah back, but instead, he lets out a sigh and rises from his seat. The glance he shoots Jane is bordering on apology, making a 'just one moment' gesture before following Noah out of the room. "Something wrong?" he asks the other man, not without a little sarcasm.

"Have you lost your mind?" Noah says in a harsh whisper once they're around the corner, glancing in the direction of the young woman he can no longer see. "She knows my name, about your brother, the Company?" Noah asks, incredulous. "What else…who is she?"

She doesn't move, still, Jane's holding the briefcase in front of her body with both hands, and studying a wall.

Nathan raises his hands as if to place them on Noah's shoulders like he might have done with a flaily Peter, but really, Noah might bite or stab him, so the gesture is aborted. "Would you calm down?" he whispers back, with less frustrated emphasis. "She's someone in the same boat as me, alright? She has a… someone she cares about taken by them too. Suresh mentioned you at a meeting Hiro Nakamura put together and, well, she's a smart cookie. Latched onto the name as someone we might need."

"A meeting," Noah says, sounding absolutely stunned. "You people have no idea what we're dealing with," Noah whispers. Of course Suresh had a hand in it too. "They would pay money for that name, kill for it." Noah takes a breath. Damage is done, and he'll need his partner to undo it later. "Protecting Claire is my only priority," Noah says. "Tell me she doesn't know about her."

Nathan is now slowly starting to grow impatient, but he takes a drawn in breath and sets his frustration aside. "Of course I didn't mention Claire," he mutters. "In case you hadn't noticed, I'm doing my part in keeping her safe, Bennet. As for what we're dealing with, I'm getting told that a lot. That I have no idea. So why doesn't someone /tell/ me what we what we're up against." He steps back towards the room they came from, voice raising to a normal volume. "Tell us both, while you're at it."

It's not likely she'll move or speak unless invited to, being aware of the tension and sensing her silent course is the proper one. Jane simply waits, prepared to explain as best she can when and if invited to.

"Tell you?" Noah asks, following Nathan but somehow not making it look like he's following him. It's a tough trick. "For all you know this young lady works for them, unless you're childhood friends, and even then it wouldn't be a sure thing. What exactly is it you think you're going to accomplish?"

"Negotiating." Nathan says with with an almost chipper tone of voice, casting a bright smile to Jane as they enter back into the room. "Hopefully. Hiro is under the impression that the best way to get my brother back is to storm the place. Jane and I want to take a different approach and we believe we have something to offer them. But we need to get into contact."

Her head turns toward Mr. Bennet first, then back toward Nathan, and finally back to regarding a wall as the two speak.

"You want information? Advice?" Noah asks, raising his eyebrows. "How about you introduce me to your silent partner first and explain why she's here?" Noah suggests, turning his eyes on Jane.

Nathan throws himself back down into his seat, then kind of gestures towards Jane. "Perhaps 'my silent partner' can do all her introductions herself," he says, and looks to Jane.

Having the floor, she takes a step forward. "I'm Jane Forrest, sir. Yale '06. I asked to be here after hearing you mentioned at a meeting to consider desperate and reckless actions, which persons are prepared to undertake and aren't at all likely to be dissuaded from. It occurred to me later we've something to possibly bargain with, or more actually, Mr. Nakamura does. A number of paintings by Isaac Mendez." She takes another step and extends her hand in greeting to shake. "I'm pleased to meet you, and apologize for the disquiet my presence has caused."

Noah looks at Nathan after Jane's self introduction, a flat look, then back to Jane. "These people don't exactly operate within the bounds of law, Miss Forrest," Noah says in an entirely polite tone. He turns to address Nathan. "Nakamura has something to bargain with?" Noah says, raising his eyebrows and sounding just a bit sarcastic. "Would that be his samurai sword, or his father?"

"We know they're not playing to the rules," Nathan says, as patiently as he can. "We're not gonna expect them to. Hence our back up plan is a little more violent than just talking. Like Jane says, we have the paintings, not all of which they have records of. We also have promises to make. Unless they want to be at war, it'd be in there best interest to hear us out. And you can tell me who we can talk to."

She lowers the hand she'd offered back to her side, and replies calmly after she's been addressed by Mr. Bennet and Nathan has spoken. "I hold no illusions of their nature, sir. I've been the victim of it. Yet, I also know most who are taken by them are released. Mr. Evans hasn't been, and while I may be wrong, I believe it's his connection to the Mendez artwork. It's this that led me to approach Mr. Petrelli and suggest an attempt to trade them. I believe, in any case, it's a better course of action than the alternative. And we have to at least try."

"If you know that much about them Miss Forrest, the only reason you can still talk about it is because they haven't noticed you, since most people they take never even know it." A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. "Before you trust anything from Mr. Nakamura, I suggest you have a long talk with him about who his father works for." That is addressed to both of them. Bennet speaks next to Nathan alone. "It's time you consider the possibility that maybe your brother should be with them."

Up until this point, Nathan has been practically amicable, but his expression turns cold at this from Noah. "The fact that he's my brother, aside," he says, "do you really think it's a wonderful idea to allow these people to keep possession of someone who can blow all of New York City away?" The look he gives Noah is accusing. "You said you'd help me get Peter back from them. There was no 'if you think it's worth doing'."

She stiffens slightly, at the mention of never knowing being taken, which suggests Jane's experienced that. "I'm aware of that capability, sir. It's happened to me before, and I'll be honest, I carry their mark. But I also have enough contacts who've told me of things I no longer remember. Some even suggest there is internal discord among the Company. They are powerful, unmistakably, but I believe there's a growing number of people not willing to allow them their free activity. We may be able to convince them there are people who will oppose them, and they'd do well not to create martyrs, those numbers would continue to grow. That the only way they can have anyone believe they're not entirely evil is to work with us."

Noah narrows his eyes and studies Jane's face carefully. It's a searching expression, as he tries to remember whether or not this was one of his bag and tags. It doesn't matter. Noah takes a deep breath, glancing once at Nathan then back to Jane. He nods twice. "Can you get these paintings for us? Quickly."

Nathan relaxes a little, and glances towards Jane. "We only know that Hiro has them somewhere," he says, with a strained smile. "Not knowing their exact location sort of guarantees they can't take it from us, their way." Secrets guarding secrets. "But if this works, Nakamura will help us. You talked to him about this?" he adds, to Jane, prompting her.

"I don't know where they are, sir," she replies simply. "I asked not to be told, for the simple reason no one can make me give information I don't have. But I can call Hiro and tell him we need them. I've already told him he should photograph them all with a top quality camera, if that's done we don't need the actual art." She takes her phone out and turns to Nathan, asking "Shall I ask him to gather them all and bring them here, by his fastest means?" And, with her face being searched by Noah, it doesn't trigger any memory of being bagged and tagged by him. Her case is from well after his tenure.

"Not here," Noah says, holding up a finger and giving it a moment's thought. He folds his arms over his chest and paces, looking at the two present now as co-conspirators. "Nakamura can't be trusted. His father works for them. We need those paintings out of his hands as soon as possible, and I'll need at least photographs of some of them to negotiate, and set up a meeting with someone in authority."

Nathan raises an eyebrow at the whole 'Hiro can't be trusted' thing, but he's silent. Of Kaito, he knows nothing, of course, and this gives him pause. But he focuses on the issue at hand. "Either way, yes, Jane, contact Hiro and at least get the paintings from him as soon as you can. Where should we keep 'em? I don't see why here isn't fine."

She's already in motion, her fingers are dialing up Hiro's number on the phone and entering it, to send a text message. 'Hiro,' it reads, 'Plan is moving. Gather art now. Word will come soon. J.' And the text message is sent.

"Keeping them here is fine, but the less people that know it the better," Noah explains, still looking distracted as his mind races ahead. "Just…play it safe. Always assume you're being watched, don't tell anyone more than you have to. Suresh had an agent pretending to be his friend once, and any one of the people at your meeting could work for them."

"I'll tell him when he has the art to arrive here by his fastest means with them, sir," Jane states. "He'll hopefully appear here within minutes, only he and us will know where they've been taken. Thank you, sir."

"Fine," Nathan says, with a brisk nod, in response to both of them, before looking at Noah. "You can help us arrange the avenue in which we make this deal?" It's both a question and a statement.

Noah nods, still distracted, to Jane's statement. "I make the deal," Noah says, and he doesn't look fierce or angry. Almost relaxed and amused. This can be done. This can work. "You can come with me if that makes you feel better," Noah adds. "They'll give us a chance to talk before they kill us," Noah promises.

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