2007-04-03: Never Get Papa Angry


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Summary: Ramon recuperates in Beth Israel hospital with Elena stopping by and giving him something decent to eat. He confronts her about the Company facility raid, and becomes seriously upset. Father and daughter promise one another full disclosure from here on in.

Date It Happened: April 3, 2007

Never Get Papa Angry

Recovery Room, Beth Israel Hospital

Ramon is in a recovery room, and he's restlessly watching an episode of CSI and poking at what passes for hospital food with a sour expression on his face. He's muttering in Spanish, because not only is it hospital food, it's low cholesterol hospital food.

When Elena arrives, she has with her some real food. In a tupperware she carries is warm, Mexican rice topped with chicken stewed in veggie salsa. All very healthy, but all very delicious. She even brought with her a bottle of the fresh squeezed orange juice she insists upon every breakfast. "Hi Papa," she tells him softly, walking over. "How are you feeling?" She says all of this in Spanish, and she wrinkles her nose at the stuff that the nurses are feeding him in the facility. If he allows her, she'll remove the offending stuff on the tray, and set the tupperware from home on it, as well as an actual fork.

Oh HELL YES. "I'm feeling like you've redeemed yourself," Ramon growls in Spanish, stabbing at the chicken and sticking it in his face like a fangy dog. Chomp. Food makes it all better. "You wanna tell me about the dog with the bullet?" Oh yes. "And the /first/ break-in at The Secret Lair?"

"…….what first break-in at the Secret Lair?" Elena asks, looking genuinely puzzled. "I haven't heard of anything like that. That's news to me actually." But the dog with the bullet, she knows. She was hoping it wouldn't come to this. With a sigh, she watches her father eat, pouring him a glass of orange juice from the bottle she carries. "As for the dog with the bullet…" She looks around, and abandons her father's side for a moment so she could close the door to his room with a quiet click. "That was Padfoot. Cass's ex-boyfriend's dog," she says quietly. "He got killed trying to save him from a Company agent."

She takes a deep breath, and starts the story slowly. Step one in saving the City from the tornado was to break out Peter Petrelli from a Company facility. While she didn't go to help in the actual breakout, she went as distraction….with Eric, who insisted who go with her, and Drake, who insisted that he be there to protect his best friend. She tells him about being successful, but that something happened with the other team. They all made the decision to get out of there in case something wrong happened in their wing as well. "Ironically Peter managed to break out on his own," she says quietly. "But the rest in the other team were captured….they completely wiped Jane's memory." A good chunk of her friends, and Cass's friends, looked to have been involved in those shenanigans.

"And why the /hell/ did you at any point not find it necessary to say something to me about your plans?" Ramon demands. His voice is rising. It's one of the few times that he's /furious/. "All that time, you get on me about trying to go it alone vs. the company over Benjamin, and you go behind my back and join some sort of damn /strike force/ and then start passing information around like a spy group and get yourself potentially on the radar of both the Company and some damn serial killer /besides/ the one we've already got shooting at you, and you at no point think this is important to mention?"

Oh god. She looks around frantically when her father's voice rises. Her eyes lock on the blood pressure monitor hooked up to him. But after his rant, there is a few more moments of silence. She's wincing inwardly, and she….well. She didn't have it in her to argue with her father. Because he was right. "I'm sorry," is all Elena says to that. "I really am sorry, Papa. All I thought about was trying to know as much as I could and I wouldn't be able to do if I was out of the loop. But you're right, I know you're right, and I'm really really sorry." Because her father is right, out of everyone else in her life, he was the one with the most right to know and she botched it.

Ramon lets out something like a hiss of breath and leans back. His blood pressure /had/ spiked. But then he leans forward and eats some more, letting it cool down. He just doesn't yell. Not often. He takes a few deep breaths and says, "Well it's in the past. But I think given we had to chase each other, we're going to need to stay on the same page. You're an adult now, well that means if you're going to plunge into these waters you've got to help me protect Manny, Luis, Grandmama, and Nita." He stabs more chicken. Stab stab stab. "Dumbest telepath on the planet."

"It's not your fault, Papa," Elena says softly. "You're trying to be honorable with your powers. The sort of thing you have….it's dangerous. Even more dangerous than my own abilities. The more you know what your boundaries are, and all that…you know?" She does look incredibly guilty over everything. "And I promise….I'll tell you everything from now on, about this. I just….I do feel bad about everything and I know you're right it's just that I wasn't thinking." She watches her father stab at his chicken, wincing every time. "And I will. I was up there when you were down and the doctors were still…" She pauses. "And Cass is worried about you. She wants me to call her as soon as there's a change in your condition."

"I'm fine. I probably just ate too many McDonalds." Ramon says, putting more chicken into his mouth. "Too many damn trips to Rhode Island." He rubs a hand over his face. "I'm surprised she still wants to talk to me. She found out about the break-in. Did Ms. Russo tell you she kept the puppet from stabbing my IV full of something?" Since he's lecturing about disclosure.

"Last I heard she was worried about you. I saw her when I got back from upstate to check on the other kids," Elena says, watching him eat. But at the last, her eyes widen. "WHAT?" she cries, shooting up from her chair like a rocket. "What do— she didn't tell me that! She just said you were fine!" She looks around, already trying to think of the best way to grab her father and get him out of the hospital.

"Calme, chiquita." Ramon rumbles. "She got the needle and sent it on to Nima, who I think has enough contacts with the policia to do something with it." He scrubs at his beard, which is filling out cause he hasn't shaved in the hospital. "I don't think he'll try again. But I haven't swept for either of them, not with a dozen monitors hooked up to my chest." Indicating the fool man would try while in surgical recovery anyway.

Elena slumps heavily back in her chair and buries her face in her hands. "Papa…..we need to get you out of here," she says softly. "I think the sooner we can, the better." She pauses, and she looks up at him. "The reason why I went to upstate New York to visit abuela was….she was getting phone calls. Really strange phone calls. She didn't think to mention them until I called her to ask how the other kids were doing. She only mentioned it because she was getting annoyed. You know how she is. It could be nothing but…."

Ramon leans over and pulls out the phone book. Then he dials the phone company, presses '2' for Spanish — pretends to be abelo and gives abelo's social, which he knows, and then has their phone service shut off for them. He then claims, in rapido Espanol, that he has been the victim of identity theft so to call Ramon's own cell number to shut service back on again. Hanging up, he says, "Go get someone who can get me out of here."

She nods, and shoots out of the chair, moving over to open the door and looks around for an orderly. She approaches a hispanic one with every intention to use the bonds of culture to get her way. It was a trick that she has seen her father do many times. Elena approaches him, speaking quietly, and he gestures for her to follow him. They vanish for a moment.

After perhaps half an hour or so, Elena arrives, bearing copies of several pieces of paper as well as a wheelchair. "I had to talk to your attending to check you out properly," she tells him. "Where are your clothes?" she asks, looking for the plastic bag that hospital staff put patients' clothes in. She also starts moving to shut off the monitors and unlink her father's body from them.

"I'm not sure. Over there, maybe." And sure enough they are over there in a cabinet. Ramon gets up and dumps them out. He steps into the bathroom and changes, then he comes out and sits in the wheelchair, not bothering to worry about it because he knows it's proceedure. He /does/ yoink his food.

Well good thing he was taking his food with him…because she wasn't going to leave it there. When Ramon gets on the wheelchair, Elena turns it around, and starts wheeling it away from the room. She drops her head so she could murmur to her father in Spanish. "I've been getting a little leery about hospitals these days," she murmurs. "Something happened to the hospital Eric was in after news of the miracle drug broke. He would've been caught up with it if his family's doctor apparently hasn't snuck him out, but people were being fired, and there was this investigation…..something weird is going on with that Dr. Gifford guy that we met."

"His family has his very own doctor-smuggler? Maybe we need one of those," Ramon grunts in Spanish. "He okay?" Maybe Dr. Gifford is his man! Doctor Gifford told Eric to ARISE AND WALK and he did and…no, he never said to do anything. Ramon abandons this crazy theory.

No, Papa. Adam is not Jesus. "Apparently…" Elena murmurs. "I didn't really ask for details. He called me from his family's place and said that they got ahold of his physician and his family was able to pull him out of the facility before the crap hit the proverbial fan." She looks over at him. "It was odd though….I don't know who to believe. When we met Dr. Gifford, he said his drug was just approved, and then the article that I read the day after says it -wasn't- and people got fired and the hospital under investigation because of it." She wheels her father through the ER. "I'll call us a cab, and then we'll take you home," she murmurs softly.

"I'm going to introduce a new set of words to your vocabulary. These words are 'not your problem.' Gifford saved the boy's life. He's a hero as far as I'm concerned. I don't give a damn what drug he had, approved, not approved, the kid's walking. Maybe he's someone like us. Maybe not every one wants to be found and brought onto the save the world train. Maybe it's enough he saved Eric."

"I'm only worrying about it because Mount Sinai has Eric's file from that day, Papa," Elena murmurs. Though if she gets that 'NO MORE BREAKING AND ENTERING' look from her father, she gives him a small smile. No way. Not after her first experience. She will endeavor NEVER to have to do that again. "Though it's probably just…it's not like they'll know about that different side of him anyway. I was actually thinking of tracking down Dr. Gifford one of these days to buy a bit of his drug. Just in case." She smiles faintly. "But he's okay, Papa. He's worried about you too, he stopped by yesterday. He's….walking around like nothing ever happened to him."

"He's lucky he saved your life or I'd punch him for putting you in danger," Ramon grunts. "Is there any other bad news I need to know about?" He gives her a piercing look. I.E. Don't /make/ him come looking, chiquita banana. But it's a mild look, all things considered.

"Yes," Elena says softly. "Sylar….the powered serial killer I was telling you about. He teamed up with the fire-controlling woman who held me hostage that day in Central Park. Peter told me he lost his powers….his…ability to take other people's powers and absorb them into his body somehow. Now…something's happened. He has them back. I don't know how, but I think whatever we do for your training and stuff it has to remain in our house for now. Even if I know Cass is trying to get a facility set up for the purposes of improving control over our powers."

"Is there some sort of list on those papers on how much alcohol I can drink?" Ramon growls. "And if so, what?" He falls into muttering about the Company, incompetence, serial killers…"Too bad I can't turn both of the killers against each other. All three. Let God sort them the … " Enter mad plan.

"Alcohol is actually very good for the blood pressure, Papa," Elena lets him know. "But in moderation. No hard stuff for a while, but I'll let you have a glass of wine or two every day." Thank goodness wine came cheap these days, though the alcohol content is to be desired. "And no, too bad you can't—" She pauses, stopping at the curb.

Or could he?

Her father could invade minds. He can dive so deep that he could pluck a detail from a person's head that even -they- forgot. What sort of defenses does a person HAVE against something like that? And that hypnotist. The way he enters his puppets' heads. Maybe….

"Taxi!" she calls out, spying a yellow cab pulling up to unload a pregnant woman and her husband to the ER.

"I've already been pondering it," Ramon says in rapid-fire Spanish, under his breath. "As a way to free The Puppet. It occurs to me…maybe I can make them all fight to the death. Is that murder, chiquita, or is that merely justice? Does that count as playing vigilante? Taking the law into my own hands? Or is it simply…turning their natural desires in productive directions? Of course…somehow the person left standing would have to be dealt with, but…if I find them, send them each to a specific place…specific people can be sent out there."

"I…." Elena pauses. "I don't know, Papa. But if you have them face each other…" Then God can perhaps sort it all out. It would be literally out of his father's hands if he caused it. Causation, legally, was a tricky thing. But leading them to the same place can hardly constitute as murder. Vigilantism, on the other hand…. "We already know police are way out of their league dealing with things like this," she says softly. "Before anything can be done however…" He needs to improve on his powers. She doesn't have to think at him for him to get that, he probably knows already. So when the cab wheels towards them, she'll open the door and help her father inside.
He gets in the cab and buckles his seatbelt. "Well. You and Cass will have to help me, then. And then perhaps…we'll see. It could all be resolved by the time I figure out how to do anything like that. I still haven't perfected that subconscious trick. I still haven't figured out how close I have to be to find anyone."

"We will," Elena says, closing the door next to her and telling the cab driver to take them back to Queens. "I might have had a breakthrough with Eric's….own situation as well. Something hit me, inspiration. But…" She pauses. "Well, I'll take that up with him the next time I see him." Which was that night. A small blush creeps up on her cheeks and she coughs. "We're going to dinner. I thought…after everything…I mean I asked him what I could do to make up for him getting shot and he said dinner, so….is that….okay?" she ventures hesitantly.

"Go on your date, chiquita." Pause. Beat. "I think I have a something-date-like with Cass. We're going to some black tie thing if she still wants to go. I think she's just looking to not go alone." He glances down at the wedding ring on his left hand, and twists it just a little bit.

Relief washes over her face at that. Elena smiles at her father, but when he brings up what he does, she blinks. "A black-tie thing?" she asks, whistling. "Wow….that sounds fancy. And it's Cass so, I'm sure you'll have a great time. I didn't know…" Yeah that's kind of weird, a friend of hers, going out in a night at the town with her father. But when she sees him twist the wedding ring around his hand, she reaches out to rest her fingers over his twisting ones. "Papa," she says softly. "Mama would want you to be happy. Even if it's just for a few hours. You can't worry about us all the time. It'll drive you crazy."

"May be too late," Ramon grunts, letting his hand fall. "It's only been three years and I haven't avenged her yet." He shakes his head. "I haven't brought justice to the others yet. I'm not even sure what I feel, and she's already been burned once. I'm not sure I have the right, but…I'm going."

"-Both- of you need the night off," Elena says with a small frown. Word spreads in this town. But with the cab speeding to Queens, she leans back on the seat. "Just try to have fun, Papa. And don't worry too much about the hows and whys and shoulds. Besides….it's one night. It's not like you're proposing to her." She nudges her shoulder playfully against his own, smiling faintly at him. "Come on. I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time you've done this."

"Enjoy your date. I should be giving you advice. My advice is if he touches you in a way you don't want, knee him in the balls whether he saved you or not. That said, I like the boy." Ramon snorts. "Private doctor. House in the Hamptons. I like him even if he isn't telling us everything."

"Come on, Papa," Elena says with a laugh. "-We- have our own doctors, it's not all that unusual. And his best friend in NYU is this loaded frat boy lacrosse player." She rolls her eyes skyward. "I've met Carson. Believe me, he'd have his own lake house." She watches their apartment building come up towards them, and she makes the cab driver stop. She opens the door, and helps her father out. "When should we make the trip up to Abuela's?" she murmurs. "Do you think we ought to move them again?"

Ramon rubs over his forehead. "I'm thinking of moving them to Mexico. Moving out of that apartment, finding something smaller, giving you some money to move into the dorms, where you'll be around people constantly and never in an empty house. I'm not keen on bringing them back anytime soon. There's no guarantee this will be over any time quickly."

"We can talk more about that later," Elena says, looking up at the apartment and being not so keen in leaving it. She unlocks the front door and ushers him in. "When you're more rested." She then leads him up the stairs, and that's all she wrote. For now. At least he didn't forget that she was 18 and grounded her, because tonight would be a bad night to stay home.

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