2009-12-09: Never Know What Hit Him



Date: December 9, 2009


Lena goes to find Dex and takes Syd along… turns out this was a bad idea… for Eric (who's not even there)… maybe…

"Never Know What Hit Him"

Central Park

It's chilly this morning but that doesn't bother Dex, the woman leaning against a rock. Dressed in a pair of dark jeans and a dirty white tank top, a tight fitted leather jacket keeps her warm and she's currently finishing a cigarette.

"I miss Uncle Fester." She says softly to herself but she knows with her not having a permanent place to stay that it's the best if they stay with Gene's people. The telekinetic is on one of the lesser traveled paths. Better for meetings like these.

"So, like, you wanna kinda be careful around her." Lena has just finished telling Sydney about Dex's antics of the previous night, walking beside the older woman down one of the park paths towards the assigned meeting place. "But I don't think she'll mess with you much, I guess she kinda likes harassing guys better." That is said with a gloomy sort of tone. The girl is looking a little peaky, as if she hasn't been sleeping well…and with a psycho's squirrel and beagle to tend, not to mention a crazy kitten and a grumpy ex-boyfriend all sharing the same living space? It's no wonder.

She has scrubbed off the emo makeup, however. Fresh-faced and pale, she's decked out in the same black on black gear as last night, her hands shoved deep into pockets to keep them hidden. "Thanks for coming with, Syd."

"OoooKay," is Sydney's rather hesitant drawn-out response. She tilts her head as they walk up the park path together. "What? What exactly does she do to guys?" Yes, she's feeling very cautious about the whole ordeal. Like Lena she looks worn — spread too thin, like too little butter on too much bread. With Hallis discovering Syd's ability, her apparent 'pregnancy' (her cellphone has been ringing non-stop with apparent congratulations … seriously!), and her appointment with Merrick yesterday, she's exhausted. Her eyes are encircled with dark lines, her hair is pulled into a loose ponytail, and her shoulders slump lazily downwards. "Uh… no problem, I guess…"

"Who.." a few rocks are levitated into the air as Dex sees someone new with Lena. "Is this." She tilts her head at the other woman and studies her intently. "She is a friend of my Titan?" Dex leans forward with a roguish grin, "Did he like the flowers? Do you think I stand a chance?" she asks with raised eyebrows before settling back against the rock and folding her arms. "Now.. Lena. No more talk of putting me down, understand? What is a teacher suppose to think when the student is trying to out do them? Hm?"

Dextris looks at Sydney, "You got a name lass?" she asks and her accent is particularly thick today, where is she from? "Saw Tiago yesterday.. he wants me to teach you how to turn your ability off.. are you not giving him any lately?"

"Jesus!" Dex really needs to stop trying to give the punk princess a heart attack. She jumps, then closes her eyes and breathes out slowly. "Christ, Dex…I swear to god, sometimes I think you're like…the devil or something. Be nice, okay? This is Syd, she's a friend, yeah. He…um. I dunno. I don't think getting it on with anyone's really his thing, you know? But we're taking care of your pets just fine. Uncle Fester's been playing with Chi's kitten."

It's a good thing Gene isn't around to hear this.

She tips a glance at Sydney, mustering a small smile of reassurance before her eyes lock on the kinetic again. W.T.F. "What, he told you about that? Damnit…he broke up with me, of course he's not getting any!"

"Titan?" Sydney asks towards Lena while arching an eyebrow. And then after a few moments, she offers Dex a quick wave, "Sydney. Call me Sydney. Or Syd, I guess." Shrug. Admittedly, Syd is feeling apprehensive, but she's working very very hard to keep this feeling to herself. Especially with Lena telling her to watch her step. Now would a very bad time to put anxiety into the air. She frowns a bit at the notion of Lena and Chi breaking up, this will certainly make the mood light in the house, won't it?

"Good girl, I convinced him to give you space for a while. But that's because I thought you broke up with him. Oh Uncle Fester! Momma will be coming to get you as soon as I find myself a place.. " Dex looks at Syd and dips her head, the rocks falling as she does so. "Hello Syd, I'm Dex. The Devil." She says with a dark grin towards Lena and then she's chuckling. "Now what is this meeting about, is Syd a new student for me?" she walks forward a little and tosses her finished cigarette to the ground, using her ability to rip it up into tiny pieces.

"What can you do, blondie?" Waves of.. well insanity must be coming from Dex.

"I didn't break up with him," Lena says, practically grinding the words out between her teeth. "Figures he'd fucking tell you that though." It takes her a moment to realize she might want to rein in the gloomy and angry vibes, however. Out of consideration for the therapist. Another deep breath is taken, slowly expelled, before she steps closer to Sydney to offer the support of proximity. "I wanted to ask you how long we're gonna be stuck with your pets? The squirrel gets in everything. Syd just came along to keep me company."

Is that a protective note that can be heard in her voice? Oh yes, yes it is.

Well that's a strange introduction. "Nothing of consequence," she smirks at the question. Eyebrows are furrowed at Dex as the blonde's skepticism surmounts. Her control over her emotions is slipping so she takes several deep breaths to soothe herself. She thinks on the list and mutters to herself, "… chocolate… drinking… eating… dancing… singing… laughing… remembering things that make me laugh…" Good. Emotions in check again. Her control gets better everyday it seems.

But Syd's newfound stoicism only increases her chances of reception. And reception attained… she feels her mood slipping into something akin to emo insanity. Oh dear.

Her expression turns wicked. Lips twitch into a devilish grin as her eyes narrow. Confidence is mixed with this grumpy insanity and it's got an odd flair to it. But it is what it is.

"I'm looking for my own place to stay, I'll collect them soon." She says to Lena and then holds her hand up to her student. "Little Frets loves to play." She says softly before she studies the therapist. Then her gaze slides over to Lena, "Practicing?" Then Syd is given a strange look and Dex moves forward and puts a hand on her face, "What is your talent dear?" she says softly, tilting her head with a wicked grin and then she moves away to perch on top of the rock.

"I like your friend, Lena." The telekinetic tosses a few branches into the air and juggles them with her ability, always practicing she is.

Lena darts an apprehensive look at Sydney's face when Dex calls attention back to the woman. Oh no. No, that is not good. "Oh, shit. Syd, snap out of it, okay? Concentrate! Fuck…" She reaches out in an attempt to take the therapist's arm. "I didn't do anything to her, I swear to god. I haven't touched her in awhile, been keeping my gloves on. She feels things…and makes people feel things. Cmon, Syd."

"I'm an empath of sorts," Sydney boasts all too confidently as she watches the branches int the air. "I reflect other people's emotions or give off my own," that wicked grin continues to play on her lips as she pads closer. She's no longer intimidated by Dex despite the warning and reaches for Lena's hand to pull her towards the other woman. "Let's stick around and play for awhile. Playing is good." Her grin turns toothy as she strolls up to Dex.

"So you move things with your mind then?" Her gaze shifts from one object in the park to another and she points to a nearby bench. "Betcha can't lift this?" she growls furtively. Oh strange mood that makes little sense! Pause. "While Lena and I sit on it?" It'd be like Disneyland in Central Park…"

Dex cackles loudly and the bench is ripped from it's place, a few pieces of wood falling down, then she's speeding it towards the back of Syd and Lena, it hovers. Waiting for the women to sit on it. "I bet ya I can teach you a thing or two about your little ability." She says with a wink and then she's floating in the air next to the bench, a wide grin crosses her lips. "Yes.. come play with us Lena." She says to her student and she pats the bench. "We're gonna have some fun, hey Syd! Give her some of what you're feeling yeah? It'll make her wanna play even more." She chuckles as she looks at Lena with a raised eyebrow.

"I dunno if that's such a good idea, guys…" Lena is such a hypocrite; it's only fun when she's being bad. When it's others (especially in broad daylight, in a public place), she becomes a total wuss. It's the coward in her. But she's pulled forward, stumbling and looking over her shoulder for possible witnesses as the other two women plot mayhem. "Goddamnit, Dex! Uh uh, don't you dare! Syd, I gotta get you home, G—Prometheus would kill me if anything fucking happened!" she yelps. A yank removes her hand from Sydney's, and then she's hastening to rip her glove off.

Things is about to get real!

"Oh c'mon Lena!" Sydney quips as she clambers onto the bench — definitely not something she would do in any light. Especially as she doesn't know Dex and her trust level is generally low. "Could you now? I could certainly do for some training m'dear!" she counters back to Dex. With a smirk she sits down and crosses her legs and then concentrates, trying to spread her odd mood to everyone around. Thinking. Focusing. Thinking. Sending out her odd vibes to the park isn't exactly easy, but with a dizzy little headache, she smirks, thinking she's done it. Maybe.

The bench sweeps Lena and Syd off their feet and they are rising a few feet into the air. "Hold on tight." Dex says as she tries to concentrate enough to push herself and the bench past a few feet. It would be easier with one or the other but not both, sweat breaks out on her forehead but they are steadily rising. "Hahahahahahaha! No you don't Lena!" she holds Lena's hands to herself, at least until Lena proves she is going to have fun with them. "Let's play!"

The only advantage that Lena has here is that she's been under the influence of Sydney's ability before. She knows what it is to feel feelings that aren't her own. That means the girl tries to fight it at first, shuddering violently as that dark whimsy sinks its claws into her brain and the bench lifts beneath them. "It isn't…there are people…oh christ…"

Then she's grinning, giving a child's squeal at the increased altitude. "Fine! Let go of me, already, I'm not going anywhere…what the hell, I always wanted to go to Disneyworld."

Eyes open wide as the bench rises steadily, but Sydney is virtually beaming now. "Wheeeeeeee!" Yup, Sydney's ability is in full force now and she's full of crazies at this moment. She clutches onto the bench as her lips spill into a fit of giggles.

"I love this!" Her eyes are then clamped shut with that same smile gracing her lips. "You need to teach me, I think!" At this moment this seems like a REALLY REALLY good idea….

"Oh hush, that's the spirit." Dex says as she lets Lena's hands go. "I'm not gonna take us high enough so people can see, I'm not nuts.." and then she's bursting with laughter, but she settles down on the bench on the other side of Lena. "Let's go to Disneyworld! But first, we must teach Syd a lesson." Dex's own crazy seem to be amplified by Syd's ability.. uh oh. "So.. can you feel out how many people are around you, by focusing in on their emotional energy? Like radar?" she asks with a tilt of her head, "Lena! What should we teach her! Give someone schizophrenia!"

"She could try making it so someone doesn't feel anything," Lena suggests. She would, too. Considering the emotional rollercoaster of her recent personal life, not feeling anything sounds pretty damn nice. "Just…cut the connections so nothing gets through. Hell, they'd probably thank you for it." It makes sense, in a sick and twisted sort of way.

Having said her piece, she leans forward slightly to squint down at the ground visible beyond dangling feet. "You know…this is a lot more fun when you don't have seatbelts on."

"Uh… I think I can. There was this one time that Gene was in the hall and I like knew someone was there… so it wasn't just a coincidence? AWESOME! I'm AWESOME!" Sydney closes her eyes and reaches out with her ability, focusing on the park. "Should I count or something? Lots of people here and huuuuuuge spectrum of feelings…" She smirks a little and then tilts her head, "I can only make people feel what I feel now, but… maybe… maybe I can do that? If I like practice more or something? Although that would be WICKED."

She hmmms and chooses a random in the park that she narrows her eyes at. "Him. He looks unusually angry. I bet he doesn't want to feel mad, anyways." She takes a deep breath and calms herself momentarily clearing her head and reaches out to the man in question and cuts his emotional tie like the fates cut peoples' threads of life.

"Woohoo!! Work it girl! Watch her go Le." She says to her student and then they peer down at the man, she takes them down just a little bit, so that they can see him, but they are still kind of hidden by some trees from view. "Titan wouldn't like us being exposed." She says as she does this. Dex snickers and hums as she looks at Syd.

"No one wants to feel mad, it sucks. Like you got dunked in…uh…" But then Sydney goes ahead with the experiment, and Dex is praising the other woman, leaving Lena in the middle looking rather put out. That's a problem, as impulse control has been summarily dismissed by the combination of DexSyd rampaging through her head. "Pft, that's nothing! I could totally make him want to fuck you, if I wanted to," she remarks with a toss of her chin. "Or me. Or hell, even Syd. Except she's hot for someone else."

"Thank you!" Sydney beams proudly with triumph in her voice. "Who is Titan?" she asks again as she watches the man walk around completely and totally emotionlessly. Success is a sweet sweet thing. The tired looking therapist has brightened significantly with Dex's insanity and the ride on the bench.

"Eh," Sydney scoffs at the notion of being hot for someone. "He doesn't know I exist. Although… I bet I could change that, couldn't I?" wicked smirk. Pause. "Well you should make him want to fuck one of us." This is likely the first time Lena has heard Syd swear and doing it so casually might seem odd.

"Whose she hot for hmm??" she raises an eyebrow and looks closely at Syd and then to Lena. "Let's go dowwwwwwwn!" And with that the women are falling back to the ground where they came from with the help of Dex's ability. "That was fun, now when do we go to Disneyworld!"

"Let's make him want to fuck all of us, hmm?" she says with a snicker and she stretches from the bench, "What's next ladies?" She grins at her students. "What other lessons do we have to learn today?"
Lena squeals and scrunches her eyes shut at the sudden descent, unable to answer until they are safely on the ground again. "Oh, god…yeah…that's better than a roller coaster," She laughs, while hopping to her feet. "She's hot for this guy named Eric. He's, like, super hot. They already did it too, 'cause of me, but they haven't done anything since…" Pause. "Nah, he's not my type but you should, Syd. Seriously. You want some help? I could help you with that. Viagra's a drug, right?" She lifts one hand, fingers wiggling.

"Just once," Sydney wrinkles her nose and shrugs. "And we seriously had met like … once. In a coffee shop. With another friend and a crazy mom." She frowns a little, "If he actually was interested he'd have done something, but… maybe … maybe he needs some persuading… I swear I'm good in bed… empathy is good for that." Smirk. "What do you think, Dex, a good idea?" Almost anything seems like a good idea at this moment. Oh the insanity.

"Yes! Now it's time to seduce this super hot Eric, I'll hold him down, you ride." She winks at Sydney and strides forward, giggling. The woman throws her hand out and a loud impact can be heard as a tree is hit with some of her telekinetic energy, a large crack splits up the tree. "Whoops." She says and then is laughing with her head thrown back. Yes.. Dextris' insanity is contagious.

"Kinky." Lena grins, shoving her hands in her pockets. "That's pretty hot. You guys oughta like, tape it or something." When Dex does her best to ruin that tree, and goes off on a fit of cackling, a glimpse of envy shoes in the girl's expression. "I seriously gotta figure out a way to do stuff without needing to touch people, you know? Like you guys."

"Is viagra gonna cut it though? I mean, he's attracted to me — " Beat. " — I can tell." Emapthy's good for that too. "But… hasn't made his move. And I'm hot!" Dex's insanity only hits Syd harder. Pushing her into a fit of giggles and further un-censoring her thoughts. With a growing smirk, she giggles, "He'll never know what hit him."

"That would be really hot!" Griiiiin.

"That's easy.. just go ahead and try with all of your might. Use all your will to give one of us the feeling of euphoria or feeling really good." She says to Lena. "Eaiser said then done, but just try!"

"And we need to go and buy a camcorder or who has one!" she says before she is running away from the girls. "Come on!" Dex waves her hand, laughing all the while.

With a smirk Sydney hops of the bench after Dex. "A camera it is!" After jumping off the bench, she redirects her attention to the man whose anger she'd blocked and squints. He begins laughing hysterically. Beam. Her work is done here! Triumphantly she raises both hands into the air like she's completed a touchdown.

"Seriously, Dex. He'll never know what hit him." Wicked smile.

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